Chapter 060

Together Chapter 060

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Flashback – Ben and George (the Butterbar) – Spotter training and other things.


The AC-130 started making circles around the hospital, small at first and then larger, and it wasn't long until there were no more insurgents attacking us. I looked around to find George and saw he was on the horn so I walked over and heard, "Yes, the area is clear and will continue to be clear if you don't waste too much time."


George saw me and asked, "Is the Captain ready for transport?"


I grinned at him, threw him a salute and replied, "Yes Sir! Most certainly Sir!"


He glared at me and swore, "Sgt. Blaine, what the fuck was that for?"


I continued the grin and said, "Sorry Lieutenant, but with the Captain indisposed I wasn't sure of our relationship."


He laughed and said, "Sgt. Blaine, you really do have a knack for annoying officers…"


To prove the point I interrupted, "…Yes Sir! Thank you Sir for the compliment."


George ordered, "Sgt. Blaine, please provide over watch for the incoming medivac chopper."


I suggested, "George, perhaps we should station a Marine on each side of the building."


George grinned at me and ordered, "Good idea Sgt. Blaine, now implement your plan."

Damn, George sure learned fast on how to be an officer. I walked over to the Marines who were kicking back and said, "I need three volunteers to watch the other three sides of the building."


I was shocked by the response I received: They looked at me and began to complain, "Why don't you go fuck yourself – Take a hike – Go watch the fucking building yourself."


I glared at them and demanded, "What the hell is wrong?"


One of them stood up and glared in response, "We saw you providing medical care for the fucking Captain, that's what's wrong."


I began to answer them when George walked over and said, "Sgt. Blaine, don't tell me you're having problems with the other Marines."


I looked at George and lied, "No Sir!" Then I pointed at the three that mouthed off and continued, "These three Marines volunteered to watch the other three sides of the building."


I could tell I made some points for not telling George the truth as they got up and headed to the sides of the building while I took up position on the side closest to the LZ.


Flashback – Jack – in the hospital


Colonel Maggie walked up beside my bed, smiled at me and teased, "Well this is a fine mess you got yourself into. What some Marines will do for a little vacation."


My voice was still bad so I croaked, "Sir! It's not my fault…"


Colonel Maggie, shushed me and said, "…Don't worry Jack, I know all about what went on with that asshole Captain. He's headed back here and he'll be lucky if I don't pull a 'General Donaldson' on him."


In confusion I asked, "What's a 'General Donaldson'?"


Colonel Maggie smiled and replied, "That's our slang for sending someone to Thule."


I began to laugh which made me cough, which brought the nurse over who said, "Good job Sgt. Reynolds, keep on coughing."


I complained, "But it makes my chest hurt when I cough."


The nurse handed me a pillow and said, "Just hug this to your chest, it should help."


Colonel Maggie said, "Jack, when you get released back to duty, I have a new job for you."


From the grin on her face I knew it was something I wasn't going to like so I asked, "Sir! I hate to say this, but I need to get back to Banzai as soon as possible."


Colonel Maggie smiled and ordered, "Sgt. Reynolds, it's going to be more than a month until you're fit for combat duty. So until then, you're going to be training the new arrivals."


My voice cracked when I tried to yell, "What the hell! Why me?"


Colonel Maggie laughed, "Because you were unlucky enough to get shot in the ass. And because I can't afford to waste this opportunity. Now get well quick as your recruits are waiting."


She left and I swore to myself - son of a bitch! I hated training green recruits and I think Colonel Maggie knew that. This was going to be one looong month of recovery…


Flashback – Masha – The evening


I was still in shock when Louise showed up after work and again she wasn't alone. Gwen and her son George followed along with Brenda and her daughter Tina and even Michael showed up again.


I met them at the front door where Louise noticed the new door and said, "Now that's a front door, I bet it cost you a small fortune!"


Linda couldn't wait to get into Louise's arms so I handed her to Linda as Michael said, "It didn't cost Masha anything, why don't you tell them Masha?"


I then told them how the building supply company donated the door and the delivery of the door and even paid John to install it.


Then I cried a little, "I… I… I don't know why people are treating me so well, it's embarrassing."


Louise hugged me and replied, "Not only is my aunt Masha a badass, she's a humble badass."


Then I remembered something and apologized, "Everyone I am sorry since I forgot to prepare dinner."


Michael laughed and commented, "Louise, you forgot to tell Masha. Masha you didn't forget to cook dinner - the store bought dinner for us tonight because you're a hero. Please tell me you have a barbeque around here."


I was shocked again, began to sniffle and replied, "I think there's something in the back yard."


Michael opened the back door, and remarked, "Hey, this looks great and it's charcoal not gas."


He went to the back yard and the children were on the floor playing as the other women surrounded me and Gwen asked, "Masha, how are you doing today?"


I looked at the ground, shook my head and said, "Not very well I am afraid. Last evening I killed a teenage girl and I just can't get that out of my mind."


The doorbell rang, I jumped like crazy and Louise said, "Don't worry Masha I will get it."


Brenda tried to comfort me, "Masha, please don't beat yourself up about this because those girls have been problems for years. Sooner or later they were going to kill someone or someone was going to kill them."


Gwen added, "Yeah Masha, you wouldn't believe what they and their boyfriends did to some women."


Louise walked in as the two friendly policemen followed her. They saw me and asked, "Good evening Ms. Reynolds, we're here to make sure everything is okay."


Louise said, "Masha is feeling badly about killing the girl last night."


I couldn't believe what the policemen did next.


Flashback – Glen and Jennifer – the next day


Jennifer was going to pay for her insubordination last night because there was no fucking way I was going to tolerate her looking like a vampire - this time she had gone too far! I talked to Daniela and had her pack some of Jennifer's things that were clean but still not put away, then I made some phone calls and arranged everything.


Morning came, I walked into her room and yelled, "Hit the deck, time to get up."


I fought back laughter because Jennifer practically fell on the floor. She complained, "Daddy, why did you do that?"


I ordered, "Jennifer, you have ten minutes to get ready then we're leaving."


Jennifer continued, "Daddy, what sort of surprise do you have planned?"


I said, "You will see, now get out of bed and get ready…"


I couldn't believe Daddy woke me up in such a mean way as I about had a heart attack. I went to the bathroom, took care of my morning business, got dressed in my normal (and now clean) pink camo outfit, then I went downstairs. I walked into the kitchen and said, "Good morning Daniela, where's my breakfast?"


Daniela gave me a funny look and answered, "Sorry Ms. Jennifer, your father said you we not eating breakfast today because you didn't have time."


I went to the cabinets, found some of the stash of food I had in my room, began to eat it, then Daddy came in and said, "Jennifer, we don't have time for that, now get in the car - we're leaving."


Daniela came over, gave me a strange hug and then even more strangely said, "I will miss you Ms. Jennifer."


I walked out to the car and got in the front seat beside Daddy. He opened the garage door, began to back out and I asked, "Okay Daddy, what's going on."


He shifted the car into drive, then said, "Jennifer, after your crazy vampire outburst last night, it became evident to me that I couldn't control you anymore…"


I interrupted, "…Daddy, what are you talking about. I just did that for fun because you called me princess."


Daddy continued, "Jennifer, I thought long and hard about this last night and I decided that Evelyn and I have been too indulgent and lax in your upbringing. You need more discipline in your life so I'm taking you to a military academy."


I fought back tears as I complained, "Daddy, why in the fricken-fracken heck would you do that???"


Daddy interrupted, "…Jennifer it's too late to change things since I've already made all the arrangements."


I… I… I couldn't believe it, Daddy was sending me away! The tears began to roll down my cheeks…


Flashback – Alexi – At the laboratory, his 'mother's' room


After I had trapped the devil cat Chow Mein in my 'mother's' room, there was the sound of a huge fight, then things got quiet. The veterinarian opened the door to my 'mother's' room and I couldn't believe what I saw: There was blood everywhere, 'mother' was holding Chow Mein, but Chow Mein was in two pieces! Yes, 'mother' had ripped the head completely off of Chow Mein!

She was petting the nude body of Chow Mein and said, "Now that's a good kitty, you are much nicer now."


The veterinarian quickly closed the door and apologized, "Sorry Alexi, you shouldn't have seen that."


I faked crying, "Why did 'mother' do that to Chow Mein, she loved that cat."


The veterinarian replied, "Alexi, we may never know the answer to that question."


'Father' came up, the veterinarian pulled him to the side and whispered something to him. 'Father' said, "Alexi, come with me back to your room."


'Father' took my hand, we walked toward my room and again I asked, "'Father', why would 'mother' do that to Chow Mein?"


'Father' replied, "Son, I think that's a question better left for the psychologist to answer."


We reached my room, 'father' hugged me and said, "Son, I will send one of the orderlies in with something to help you sleep."


He left, I retrieved my journal and documented what happened to Chow Mein…


Flashback – Mira and Ira – The escape


We continued to translocate, haste of post, away from the scene of the helicopter ruse, with my sister Ira setting a non-sustainable pace. She berated me, "Mira, why can you not maintain our momentum, are you infirm?"


I replied with a falsehood, "No my sister, my difficulty is due to the factuality that our activities as of late have negatively impacted my physical training."


Ira granted no mercy, "Well my lazy sister, this little run marks the initiation of your new training regimen."


I struggled to keep pace…


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


Once again I had to thank Liu’s excellent training for saving my life because I sure as fuck couldn't thank the company for whom I worked. Hell, if they had their way I would now be dead! I was sad when I thought about Liu, but pissed about the company and felt the need to do something about it. I wanted to leave, slip back to America and take out the fuckers, but first I had a job here to complete. Yeah, the bastard made a fucking mistake when he outfitted some of the women with suicide vests - he was going to pay for that.


I crawled back toward the compound, worked my way into the clearing and began to scan the area. My ears had recovered enough from the suicide vest explosion that I heard the chopper coming in. I hunkered down and waited as it flew in over the top of me.


It landed just inside the compound and lady luck smiled as the bastard target nonchalantly exited the chopper. I pulled my long range rifle out of the drag bag, flipped down the bipod, found the bastard in the scope and slowly squeezed off a round. It was satisfying as hell watching him die.