Chapter 062

Together Chapter 062

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Flashback – Ben and George (the Butterbar) – Out of the frying pan…


The AC-130 really worked the fucking insurgents over and had chased them back into their rat holes. Now I was making sure they didn't show up and try to take out the medivac chopper when it arrived for the Captain. I should have known better because things were too calm. The medivac chopper started down toward the LZ then all hell again broke loose. There was a massive amount of small arms fire and RPGs directed at the medivac chopper.


I began to return fire as George ran over and sputtered, "What… What… What the hell is going on?"


I kept taking out the fucking insurgents and replied, "The fuckers were waiting for something like this. It looks like we've got a new battle on our hands. Sir, we could use some more men here but you might also check the other sides of the building again."


George called for half the squad, they came over and we finally started to chase the insurgents back. George left to check the other sides of the building, then I heard George command, "One fourth of the squad stay on the north most side of the building, the other three fourths deploy to the other three sides."


Yeah, once again it was like I figured - the rat bastard insurgents were mounting a full scale attack from all sides again. Just when I didn't think it could get worse, one of the fuckers got lucky and blew the tail rotor off the medivac chopper.


I yelled, "George, the chopper's going down."


I looked at the partial squad working with me and ordered, "Come with me, we need to save the chopper crew."


I ran past George and suggested, "Sir! We're going to need some serious help here. Get on the horn and see what's available."


We dashed down the stairs, out the front door of the building and zig-zagged toward the downed chopper. The fucking insurgents weren't wasting time because they were also running toward the chopper. Thank God the chopper was closer to the building than to the fucking insurgents. I leveled my M4 and began to spray and pray that I could keep the fuckers from reaching it first. The other four Marines followed suit and it worked.


We reached the chopper first and I ordered, "Keep the fuckers off me while I check on the crew."


The chopper was a fucking mess! It hit so hard the landing skids had folded, the rotor blades had disintegrated on impact and tore the hell out of everything. Shit, one of them was even embedded in the side of the hospital. Fuel was leaking from the ruptured tanks and I was sure it was going to ignite at any time. I got to the side door, pulled on it and thank God it still worked (otherwise, I would have been fucked)! But I sure as hell didn't like what I saw inside the chopper: It looked like someone had attacked the crew with a fucking meat cleaver. I had almost assumed it was a total loss when I heard a voice croak, "Help me. Please help me."


I yelled, "Where are you?"


The voice responded, "I think I'm underneath the gurney."


I crawled into the chopper, taking care not to slip in all the blood and shit (literally) covering everything. I worked my way over to the gurney, unstrapped it from the floor and carefully moved it. The voice swore, "Son of a bitch! That hurts!"


I couldn't believe it: Somehow the flight nurse had survived, but she was definitely fucked up! Part of the landing skid had penetrated the cabin and was sticking through her upper leg. I realized that I couldn't take her out of the chopper without pulling her leg off the landing skid.  But if I did that she would probably bleed to death.


She bravely smiled and asked, "Well Corpsman, how bad is it?'


I corrected her, "Ms., I'm not a corpsman however I'm the closest thing to one there is for now. Let me examine you, then we will know more."


I carefully took off her shoe and sock on the injured leg, felt for the pedal pulse and found it (even though of course it was diminished). I checked the capillary refill in her toes and found it was also diminished. I finished my quick exam, looked at her and she said, "I can tell by your face, it's not good news."


I reply, "Your pedal pulse and capillary refill are diminished which probably indicates…"


She interrupted, "… Yeah, it indicates that this fucking piece of metal through my leg has compromised the vascular system of my leg. That also means that you can't just pull me off this fucking piece of metal…"


It was my turn to interrupt, "…Because if I do you will likely bleed to death."


I admired her when she forced a smile and said, "Well unless we have a torch to cut the metal, I guess I'm fucked."


I began to quickly think, then I smiled at her and said, "Ms., I don't have a torch, but I do have the next best thing." I pulled my sniper rifle out of my scabbard in my pack and continued, "I'm pretty damn sure I can shoot the landing skid in two which will let us get you the hell out of this chopper before it catches fire."


She blinked at me and expressed her doubt, "I highly doubt that you could shoot through the landing skid and even if you did, the shock from the bullet would be terrible."


I laughed at her and said, "I guess you don't know me, otherwise you wouldn't be doubting me. Since we haven't been formally introduced, I'm Sgt. Ben Blaine and I will get one of the squad in here to hold the skid while I blow it in two."


She said, "Hell I've heard of you and you just might be able to shoot the landing skid in two. If you can do that, then I will name my firstborn after you."


I was amazed when George appeared in the doorway and asked, "Banzai, is there anything we can do to help you?"


I said, "What's the situation with the insurgents?"


George laughed and replied, "Hell, you didn't hear? The AC-130 came back and cleared them out. Plus they will stay on station until we take care of the chopper."


I told George, "We can't move this flight nurse…" I paused, looked at her and asked, "…What's your name?"


She said, "I thought you would never ask, Cynthia is my name but you can call me Cindy."


I continued explaining to George, "We can't move Cindy without cutting the landing skid that's sticking through her leg because she will bleed to death. So I'm going to shoot through the landing skid beneath her leg while we have a couple of Marines hold each end of it to minimize the shock to Cindy's leg."


George volunteered, "Banzai, I will take the lower part, he ordered, "Someone get over here and hold the upper part of this landing skid."


I was shocked when four guys volunteered, George pointed to the closest one and ordered, "Do exactly what Sgt. Blaine orders."


I place George's hand on the skid right below her leg, put the other Marine's hand on the upper part of the skid and said, "It's going to be loud as hell in here, but you need to keep the skid as stable as possible."


They both affirmed they understood, I backed up a little, dropped down to the ground, put down the bipod on my rifle, took careful aim and squeezed the trigger.


The .338 Lapua round blasted the hell out of the landing skid! Hell, it was like a hot knife going through butter. The blow was too much for Cindy because she screamed and passed out. I ran over, wrapped some gauze around the skid through Cindy's leg to make sure it wasn't going to move then ordered, "Let's get her ass out of here."


We hauled her out just as another medivac chopper landed. The doctor and flight nurse rushed over. I said, "Cindy is ready for transport."


The doctor asked, "How in the hell did you cut through the metal?"


I held up my rifle and said, "I shot through it with this."


George reminded, "Don't forget, we have the Captain to transport too. Can you take both of them in one trip?"


The flight nurse said, "No problem, let's get going."


Cindy woke up as they were loading her onto the chopper and she gave me a big thumbs up. The Captain, well I gave him enough drugs so that he wasn't waking up anytime soon.


The chopper left and George congratulated me, "Quick thinking Banzai, how did you know you could shoot the landing skid in two."


I laughed and answered, "Hell that was nothing! I used to shoot metal fence posts all the time. My greatest concern was accidentally shooting you in the hand. "


George gave me a dirty look and complained, "Thanks a hell of a lot for telling me."


I laughed and teased, "No problem Sir, what should we do about the chopper."


George smiled at me and said, "Banzai, take some Marines, get the rest of the dead crew out of the chopper and then light it up with a WP grenade."


I gathered a couple other Marines, climbed into the chopper and hit paydirt!


Flashback – Jack – in the hospital


Hell you sure couldn't get any kind of rest in here! It was busier than a mall on black Friday! They kept hauling people in from surgery and the ones who had recovered were quickly carried out to someplace unknown. Finally a nurse came over and announced, "Sgt. Reynolds, it's time to move you to the ward. We need your space for the flight nurse just saved by your sniper."


I was surprised and asked, "What the hell did Banzai do this time?"


She smiled at me and replied, "Sgt. Blaine saved Cindy, our head flight nurse, from a medivac chopper that was shot down. He used his quick thinking to shoot through the landing skid that pinned Cindy into the chopper."


I bragged, "Yeah that's my boy - I taught him everything he knows."


My nurse laughed while she moved me out into the hallway and accused me of less than innocent intentions, "Sgt. Reynolds, are you trying to capitalize on what we're going to do for Sgt. Blaine?"


I didn't understand so I asked for some clarification, "I have no idea what you're talking about."


The nurse shocked me when she said, "Let me just say that Sgt. Blaine isn't going to have any shortages of 'dates' when he gets back to the base. He took care of Cindy and we aim to take 'good care' of him. Now if you would like some of the action, I'm sure that we can…"


I now totally understood from the emphasis she placed on the words that she meant sex. I interrupted her, "…Excuse me, but I'm a happily married man."


She laughed and offered, "Don't you know that what happens in Iraq, stays in Iraq?"


I countered this bullshit by announcing, "Listen, make sure you let everyone know that I'm happily married and do not want any of what any of you are offering."


She giggled and said, "No problem because that just leaves more of us for Sgt. Blaine."


My gurney stopped and the nurse said, "Time for you to get into your bed."


I was on my stomach so sliding into the bed wasn't too bad. I was tired of lying on my stomach, so I flipped over - which was a huge fucking mistake!


I quickly turned back on my stomach, then I glanced to the side and saw something I could really use. I climbed out of bed and headed toward the formed up line. I was shocked when even after they saw who I was, they let me right to the front of the line…


Flashback – Masha – The evening


The friendly policeman showed up and one of them asked, "Mrs. Reynolds, how are you doing tonight?"


I began to cry and Louise interrupted, "Masha's not doing very well. She's kinda broken up about killing the girl last night."


The policeman replied, "We sort of figured that might happen. Killing anyone, let alone a young girl is hard to live with. Masha we came in hopes of making you feel better."


I replied, "That is impossible unless you can turn back time."


The policeman handed me a huge folder and said, "We normally don't do this, but this should explain why what you did wasn't so bad."


I opened the huge folder: It was a listing of all the crimes the girl had committed - she had been a criminal ever since she turned ten years old. There were even social worker reports which suggested her father had raped her and then forced her into prostitution and that was what started her downward spiral into crime.


The crimes were extensive - everything from assault to actually killing old men and women. I looked at the police officers and asked, "I am dismayed that no one did anything to save this girl."


The policeman said, "It wasn't that we didn't try. But by the time she showed up on our radar, it was already too late. She was an accomplished criminal by then."


I swore, "Then the legal system in America is твою мать. I want to go back to my Russia!"


Louise, Gwen and Brenda came over and group hugged me. Louise said, "Masha, we are here for you and if you need to go back to Russia, we will understand. However Linda and I will really miss our badass aunt."


Gwen affirmed, "Yes Masha, I know we just met yesterday, but we would really miss you too."


Brenda even cried as she said, "Masha, please don't go! America needs strong women like you."


I jumped like crazy as my phone rang. Louise offered, "I will answer it Masha."


I kibitzed on her conversation, "Yes she's here. Oh me, I'm her adopted niece."


She held up the phone and announced, "Masha, it's Jack, your husband!"


I was not sure I wanted to talk to Jack at this time since I was still very emotional about killing the hooligan girl. I took a deep breath walked over, took the phone from Louise and my heart melted when the first words out of Jack's mouth were, "Masha! I love you so much! I'm so sorry about our last phone call."


I giggled and said, "Jack do not be silly. The bad last phone call was my fault. But I thought you were not certain when you would be able to call me again because you and Ben would be out in the field."


Jack paused for a moment then replied, "Well, Masha, things change all the time. It looks like I'm going to be back at the base for about a month."


I heard in the background, "Doctor Burns, please come to the emergency room."


I paused and asked, "Jack my love, are you in the hospital?"


Jack swore, "Dammit Masha, I didn't want to tell you, but yes I'm in the hospital but it's nothing serious."


I began to ask Jack what was going on when a woman complained, "Sgt. Reynolds! What are you doing out of bed. Get back to your bed immediately."


Jack said, "Sorry Masha, I need to go but I will call you again soon."


Jack hung up the phone and I realized I didn't really get to talk to him about anything. I slumped to the floor and began to cry. Louise, Gwen, Brenda and even the nice policemen rushed over…


Flashback – Glen and Jennifer – the military academy


Hell, perhaps I made a mistake! Jennifer hadn't talked to me since I told her about the military academy, all she did was sit in her seat, hug her legs to her chest and cry. We arrived at the gate, the guard let me in and I tried, "Jennifer, this doesn't look so bad, it's supposed to be…"


Jennifer interrupted, "…Yes Daddy, I know what it is, it's a prison! Yes, you are punishing me for not liking being called a princess by sending me to a prison."


I tried to counter, "Jennifer, it's not like that at all…"


Once again Jennifer interrupted me (probably because she knew how much I hated it), "… Whatever you say GENERAL DONALDSON."


I sputtered, "Jennifer stop that!"


We arrived at the office, Jennifer exited the car and said, "As you wish GENERAL DONALDSON. Do not bother to walk me in, I will take care of it myself because I sure do not want to be any bother to you ever again."


I tried to talk to her, but she shut the car door and was gone. I jumped out of the car, went into the office and was surprised that Jennifer was already gone. I began to talk to the commandant of the military academy, "Ralph, I'm not so sure about this anymore."


Ralph said, "Glen, this is a typical response that we see when parents drop off their children. Don't worry, you will see that you made the correct decision."


I sure as hell didn't feel very secure about my decision as I drove to the base…


I couldn't believe that Daddy, no that's not right, that General fricken Donaldson had imprisoned me in this fricken-fracken military school. Hecks Bells, it wasn't even my fault because the General Pain in the Rear kept calling me princess. How else was I supposed to act? Well, two could play this game. If General Pain in the Rear wanted a war, he was going to get a war!


I was immediately taken to my room, given the military school 'code of conduct' manuals which I was supposed to read and sign - fat fricken chance! I wasn't going to sign anything! In fact, I wasn't going to do any fricken thing.


There was a knock on my door, I answered, "Go the heck away!"


The door opened and I could tell it was the base commander by his gawd-awful tacky uniform. He walked into my room and ordered, "I guess you didn't get to the part in the conduct manual where it says that when I enter your room, you are expected to stand at attention."


I laughed, threw the manual at him and said, "Excuse me your royal fricken-fracken highness. I'm not going to stand at attention for you or anyone at this gulag."


He grinned at me and said, "Ms. Donaldson…"


I plugged my ears with my fingers, started tapping my feet on the floor to the drum beat and hummed the song from Hogan's Heroes. The gestapo commander waited until I stopped then he said, "We've had worse than you here, you are now confined to your room without meals."


I laughed at him and replied, "No problem Colonel Klink, don't let the door hit you in the rear on your way out."


I figured I was in for one long battle, so I put my clothes away in the dresser and was surprised when I found something I was sure Daniela put in my bag. This would certainly make life easier…


Flashback – Alexi – At the laboratory in his room


I finished documenting the best I could what 'mother's' room looked like with her holding the two pieces of Chow Mein. I even made sure to use red colored pencils to indicate the massive amount of blood which was everywhere. It was still a mystery to me what possessed 'mother' to kill Chow Mein since she had fostered all her love on that devil cat ever since she brought it home. There was a knock on the door so I quickly hid my book and inquired, "Who is there?"


The psychologist opened the door, looked in and asked, "Alexi, can we talk?"


I faked sadness and said, "Yes Sir! I am overwrought with questions, please come in."


He suggested, "Alexi, I think it would be better if you came to my office."


I didn't like this because when he called me to his office, it was usually very serious. I asked, "Sir! I hope I didn't do something wrong?"


He smiled at me and quickly affirmed, "Oh no Alexi! You didn't do anything wrong. It's just I need to rest after the attacks from the cat and I can't do that here."


On the way to his office, we had to walk past 'mother's' room. I used the opportunity to dramatically fall to the floor and to use the testicular trick to induce crying.


The psychologist called for the orderlies…


Flashback – Ira and Mira – Continued escape


I have grave concerns concerning my sister Mira: She used to be able to maintain pace with me and now I have to slow my vigorous walk to allow her to translocate in unison with me. When we locate a benign translocation point, I will need to perform a physical examination on her to ascertain if she is injured or ill.


Suddenly Mira stumbles and falls to the ground. I stop, reverse direction, run up to her and inquire, "Mira, is something the matter?"


I receive no reply because my sister is deprived of consciousness…


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


With my primary target eliminated, now my thoughts turned to the company! I had been setup twice and that pissed me off. They messed with the wrong mother fucker and I was going to prove that to them.


First I needed to get out of this God forsaken country, but that wasn't as large a problem as you would imagine. Before I came on this assignment, I took the precaution of transferring some funds to a local bank. Hell, even getting to the bank would no longer be a problem. With the primary bastard now dead, the now unemployed men who he previously paid took off with damn near everything. I guess none of them knew how to fly the chopper because they left it unmolested.


I simply strolled into the now deserted compound, walked up to the chopper, climbed inside, fired it up and headed toward the capital city…