Chapter 063

Together Chapter 063

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Present – Thom – Looking for Inga


Susan was pissed as hell at me but it wasn't totally my fault since she'd been flirting with me the whole time I'd been here. I was more than a little shocked that Jennifer fired her (damn prudish woman!) and something that Susan said bothered me when she questioned why Jennifer still let me stay at the cabin.


I took out my phone again, tried to call Inga and once again she didn't answer me. I left a voicemail, "Inga this is Thom, listen I'm sorry about the misunderstanding between us. Please give me a call when you get this."


I look at my watch and notice it is time for the Hogan's alley shooting contest. I wander toward the Hogan's alley and I'm shocked when no one is there. I decide I need to go find them and see if they're forfeiting the contest.


Present – Jens – In the control room


I'm rear and elbows deep in this fricken Trojan horse virus when Thom interrupts me, "Jennifer, I guess you forgot about the shooting contest."


I know what the old fart has done to Inga (remember she told me, plus I caught him with his pants down) so I glare at him and let him have it, "Thom! After what you've done to Inga, you're on my permanent fecal roster, so get the heck out of my control room. In fact, now that Linus is back, we don't need you as a liaison with the TSIFFTS so get the heck off my property."


Thom glares and swears, "That's fucking fine with me, but you're making a big mistake!"


I counter, "Not as big of a fricken mistake as you made with Inga. Goodbye and good riddance to your rubbish."


Thom leaves and I get back to work on the virus until I'm interrupted again.


Linus walks up and announces, "Jens, I talked to the sheriff and have some important information so we need to have a team meeting immediately."


I take a look at the Trojan horse virus, add a few more files to the computer that's infected with it, smile at Linus and reply, "Let me get on the intercom and gather the forces."


I make the call on the intercom, and Linus finally asks, "What are you working on?"


I grin at Linus and explain, "Stacy Summers placed a Trojan horse virus on our computer system, so I just uploaded pictures of our wedding and honeymoon to aggravate her."


Linus suggests, "Did you try to decompile it to change its function?"


I grimace and reply, "Natch, but every time I try to decompile it the blasted virus morphs."


Linus responds, "Too bad I'm going to be busy with the team otherwise I'd crack that virus for you."


I reply, "Well it will be here when you get back. Let's get to the meeting so we don't make everyone angry."


We head into the conference room where Linus takes the platform and begins…


Present – Linus and others – Team meeting


The sheriff was a wealth of information. I even discovered (more by accident than by intent) that Ben and he had been best friends in high school and I fathomed they were still good friends.


Everyone arrived, I took the platform and began, "Thanks for coming. I talked with the sheriff and discovered that some of the inhabitants of this house have been taken by a huge sex trafficking ring."


Liz immediately asks, "Linus, we're all here so who has been taken?"


I remind Liz, "Did you forget about, Mira, Ira, Alexi, Safia, Yasmeen and Zarika?"


Liz audibly gasps, "Sorry, I did forget about them. I wondered where they went."


Jens interjects, "With what they've all done, especially Miranda, Yasmeen and Zarika, I can't help but feel that they have gotten what they deserved."


I glare at Jens and counter, "Jens, I'm disappointed in what you just said. No one, not even that group, deserve the tortures they are currently enduring. If you don't have anything constructive to say then please keep quiet."


Jens sticks out her tongue at me and I continue, "Now Jens, this might interest you so pay attention. The sheriff accidentally let slip that he and Ben were best friends in high school and from what I gather they are still close…"


Jens interrupts, "Linus how do you know that?"


I continue, "Because the sheriff appointed Ben a deputy before Ben left to find the hostages…"


Jens practically explodes, "What in the fricken-fracken heck is he doing looking for those girls???"


I glare at Jens and declare, "If you'd stop fucking interrupting me I could finish. Now are you done or do you want to keep up with the interruptions?"


Maria moves beside Jens and they begin to whisper so I continue, "The sheriff assured me that Miranda's baby is not Ben's. He knows because Ben almost kicked his ass when he asked Ben about it. He told me Ben wants to find them to prove that Miranda isn't carrying Ben's baby."


I wait for Jens to interrupt but when she doesn't I resume, "So, if we can find these sex traffickers, we will probably find Ben."


Jens finally comes to her senses and apologizes…


Son of a sea biscuit! I feel terrible now for my actions toward Miranda, however I'm still not ready to forgive the two brats who burnt down the cabin.


I apologize to everyone, "Sorry about my attitude towards Miranda…"


Daddy (since he's now not around the bad influence of Hammer and speaks real English again) interrupts, "…Jennifer, no one can blame you for your reaction to what Miranda did…"


I silence him by holding up my hand and continue, "…No Daddy, you're not right. I had a chance to believe Ben and I didn't. Now I'm paying the price. Thank you Linus for your work to discover all this information without any help from the rest of us. Now that we know where Ben is likely to be, I would like for Linus to lead our team in finding the location of the sex traffickers and help Ben to take down the jerks."


Jack asks, "Linus, do we have any idea where these bastards are?"


Linus shakes his head and replies, "That's the one thing I haven't been able to figure out. The sheriff knew that Ben was hot on their trail but he has no idea where he is."


I reply, "Well, it makes sense they would be somewhere in Denver. Linus could you contact the TSIFFTS and have them watch for Ben's truck?"


Linus asks, "Hey, where's Thom, it would be better if he did this."


Even though I don't mean too, I blush and answer, "I fired Thom and now he's no longer part of this team."


Jack didn't notice my blush so he asks, "What the hell did you do that for?


Masha leans over, whispers in his ear and he continues, "Forget that question."


Linus says, "Well, with Thom being gone, I'd better renew my TSIFFTS contacts and get them looking for Ben's truck. Does anyone else have other ideas on finding Ben?"


Gretchen looks around the room, raises her hand and asks, "If Jens doesn't mind, I can see if I can access the traffic cams in Denver to look for his truck."


I know what Gretchen is doing isn't legal so I reply, "None of you heard Gretchen mention that."


Everyone quickly agrees that they didn't hear Gretchen make a sound and the meeting ends.


I do have hope that we can find Ben and I can help him rescue Miranda. My action would go a very long way in fixing the big mistake I made…


Present – Liz and Bernie – After the meeting


We were surprised when we discovered the baby we heard earlier was Maria's and Linus's baby. Now it made sense why we hadn’t seen them since they were off producing a new family. Bernie and I held Jennifer and hugged her. Maria asked when I was due but we let her know that we didn't really know for sure.


But the biggest shock was during the Team meeting when I discovered that sex traffickers had taken the twins, Alexi, Safia and the fucking teenage girls. After the meeting is over, I look at Bernie and say, "Bernie, I feel like shit about the twins and others. I want to be there when they take down these fuckers."


Bernie squeezes my hand, smiles at me and advises, "Liz of course you feel badly, but we didn't really know anything about the twins other than they were gone. Do you realistically feel that in your condition you should cover this story? It would be better if you let Samantha cover it."


Son of a bitch! Bernie is right - AGAIN! The last thing I want is to possibly lose our baby. I smile at Bernie and confess, "Even though I hate to admit it, you're right. Let me give her a call."


I call Samantha's mobile phone…


Present – Stacy and Samantha – heading to Denver


We arrive at the airport, Bill looks at me and says, "Sorry to tell you this Ms. Summers, but we don't have enough room in the chopper for everyone."


I swear, "Bill what the hell! Did you plan this just so Sam and I couldn't go?"


Bill gives me a sheepish look (so I know he planned this) and replies, "Not really Ms. Summers but that's the way it has worked out."


I smile at Bill, point at an object about 50 yards away and order, "Bill, there's a second chopper here, get your ass over there and see how much it will take to rent it."


We unload from the van and begin to get into my chopper. I pause and watch as Bill and the pilot have an animated discussion. Bill walks back over and says, "Ms. Summers, we're in luck, they will be happy to follow our chopper to the location Ben gave us. In fact they're not even going to charge us anything."


Bill and Vic board our chopper along with the totally unnecessary pain in the ass body guards Bill demanded. The rest of the team boards the other chopper as we lift off. My heart is fluttering as I hope for another chance to fight alongside Ben.


Samantha's phone rings as I pull out my phone to update Ben…


Present – Ben and Destiny – Waiting for Stacy's team


Stacy calls and tells us her team is on the way. As we wait for Stacy's team, I remember back to my times in the Marines - it seems like I spent half my time in the Corps waiting. I'm really counting on the element of surprise to help us take out these fuckers. What I saw in Destiny's vision raised my level of concern from mild to intense since these were bad mother fuckers and we needed all the help we could get.


Destiny interrupts my reminiscing by announcing, "Ben, we have problems."


My hand immediately reaches for my rifle as I ask, "What's going on?"


Destiny replies, "Ben, I hate to tell you this, but the truck is coming up the road to take the hostages."


I swear, "Son of a bitch! Well that ruins my plan of waiting for Stacy's help."


Destiny asks, "So what's the plan now?"


I pull up my M4 with the connected M203 grenade launcher and reply, "I'm going to take out the fucking truck while you keep the fucking sex traffickers busy."


As we both jump out of the truck I wonder what's going on when Destiny morphs into the wolf since I thought she was going to use her rifle. I walk out to the middle of the street as the truck rolls toward me. The driver lays on the horn as I level my M4 and touch off the 40mm grenade. It passes through the radiator and rips the fuck out of the engine, completely blowing the hood off the engine compartment while the driver hotfoots it out of the truck. I don't even regret shooting the bastard in the back because all fucking sex traffickers deserve to die and burn in hell.


I quickly move to cover across from the garage doors of the warehouse. I then reload the M203 with a M406 HE (High Explosive) round, take aim at one of the overhead garage doors and touch it off. The round blasts the door to hell, formally announcing my arrival. I don't wait for an invitation to enter the building. I reload the M203 with the potent M576 Buckshot round. The minute I see one of the bastards I fire and twenty 24 grain pellets rip the fucker and two others to shreds."


Gunfire erupts from the building and dances across the crates I'm hiding behind. I'd love to blow the fuckers all to hell, but I'm not sure where Mira and the others are located. So I reload the M203 with a M651 CS round and begin to fill the building with clouds of teargas. It effectively stops the gunfire from within the building, so I continue dumping CS rounds into the warehouse.


I had wondered where in the hell Destiny was when I hear what sounds like all the hounds from the moors of Baskerville. A massive pack of mangy looking dogs, numbering close to one hundred with Destiny in the forefront, flies into the building. I don't want her to have all the fucking fun, so I come out from behind the crates and hightail it into the warehouse.


Hells Bells, there's nothing for me to do but watch! The dogs are ripping new assholes for the fucking sex traffickers. I have to stop and laugh when a feral pack of Chihuahuas takes down one of the bastards and begins to gnaw on his crotch – yeah, it couldn't happen to a nicer bastard.


One of them raises a pistol to shoot some of the dogs, but he's too late. I drill him between the eyes, his head explodes, then his body falls to the floor and becomes more dog chow. Destiny rushes over in her human form, stops about ten feet in front of me and I remark, "I guess we didn't need Stacy's team after all."


Destiny begins to answer, then I see a waiting disaster and know I will be too late. One of the fuckers levels a rifle at her… Shit she's going to be shot! Then the mangy looking dog that she 'talked' to at the truck jumps between Destiny and the bad guy and takes the bullet meant for her. The dog, lets out a mournful cry and goes down in a heap. Destiny turns, figures out what's happened, flashes into her wolf form and in three leaps is on the bastard with the rifle. He doesn't stand a chance: Destiny jumps, her mouth finds his throat and he's dead.


She comes back beside me, still in her wolf form and I say, "We need to find the hostages."


Destiny leads the way to the back of the warehouse while the dogs continue to wreak havoc on the sex traffickers. It reminds me of the Shakespeare quote: 'Cry havoc and slip the dogs of war.'

I never understood the 'dogs of war' reference until now. Destiny stops at a door. I begin to reach for it but Destiny growls. I move my hand away and figure out the door must be booby trapped.


There has to be some sort of mechanism to disable the trap so I begin to search the area around the door. Destiny points her nose at a place in the wall, I check and determine that again she's correct.


I carefully disable the booby trap, open the door and MOTHER FUCKERS…