Chapter 064

Together Chapter 064

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Flashback – Ben and George (the Butterbar) – Working on the downed chopper


As I ordered, the other Marines started to move the dead crew out of the chopper. I began to search the compartments for medical supplies (mostly to replace what I had used already) and I hit fucking paydirt (thinking back, I shouldn't have been so surprised)!


There were more supplies on the chopper than Carter had Little Pills. I began to stuff as much shit as I could in my UOP until it got full, then I chucked the rest of the stuff out the door onto the ground.


George came over and stuck his head inside the chopper. I barely missed hitting him with some of the supplies and he sounded more like an officer than I cared for, "Sgt. Blaine what the hell are you doing?"


I replied, "George, waste not, want not! It's a shame to let all these supplies get burnt to hell, I was just trying to save some of them."


George began to complain when all hell broke loose and…


Flashback – Jack – in the hospital


Colonel Maggie approached me and complained, "Sgt. Reynolds, I heard you were out of bed and talked on the phone."


I gave her my best smile and answered, "Yes Sir I did. I called my wife back home to see how she was doing…"


Colonel Maggie interrupted, "Yes Jack, I know. So, how is she doing?"


I replied, "To be truthful Sir, something was wrong but I'm not sure what because I didn't get to ask her."


Colonel Maggie said, "Well Jack, let's fix that problem right now."


She escorted me over to the phone and the line for the phone parted for us like Moses parted the Red Sea…


Flashback – Masha – The evening a short time later


I was crying because, well for many reasons: Jack was in the hospital and I did not know why; I killed the hooligan teenage girl; and… and… and everyone was being so nice to me. Much too nice for a baby killer such as me.


Everyone was trying to comfort me, but it was not helping. My phone rang again and again it frightened me. I jumped and swore, "Tвою мать I want to shoot that phone."


Louise once again dashed to the phone (and my rescue), I kibitzed as she answered, and heard her as she angrily said, "You have a hell of a lot of nerve hanging up on my aunt Masha and now you call back! She's still crying from your last call, if you ever do that to her again I will kick your ass!"


I asked, "Is… Is… Is that Jack?"


Louise smiled and said, "Yes it is, and now that he's properly castigated I will let you talk to him."


She handed me the phone, Jack laughed and said, "Damn, who's that spitfire who keeps answering the phone."


I was determined this time to learn about Jack's injuries so I ignored his question and asked one of my own, "Jack my love, please truthfully tell me why you are in the hospital."


Jack replied, "Shoot Masha it's nothing. I caught a piece of shrapnel in my ass. And once again Banzai was there to take care of me. You ignored my first question, but you'd better tell me what's wrong?"


I took a deep breath and replied, "Jack my love, I killed a hooligan teenage girl who broke into our house."


There was a short pause and Jack sympathetically said, "Masha tell me everything."


I told him the whole story while Louise constantly added the 'badass aunt' comments. I was done and one of the nice policemen motioned for the phone. I said, "Jack there's a policeman here who wants to talk with you." I handed the phone to him and they had a conversation…


Flashback – Jack – in the hospital – conversation with the police


Hells Bells! I couldn't believe that Masha was forced to kill a teenage girl. She handed the phone to a policeman (what the fuck was he doing at the house?) and the policeman opened with, "Mr. Reynolds…"


I interrupted, "…Call me Jack, Mr. Reynolds is my deceased father."


He continued, "Okay Jack it is and you can call me Al. I wanted to assure you that Masha is in no trouble with the police department, in fact she did us a big favor when she singlehandedly captured a gang of teenagers that had been terrorizing the buses in this city. You have one hell of a woman."


I asked the question that had been bugging me, "So what the hell are the police doing at my house?"


Al replied, "We dropped by to express our appreciation to Masha and to show her the file on the little bitch she killed."


I was slightly shocked when he used that description of the girl so I continued, "So, she must have been trouble."


He laughed and said, "Hell, trouble with not just with a capital T but in all caps and even bold. That bitch had a gang that had robbed and raped the hell out of the bus riders for about six months and she was the ringleader. It was so bad people stopped using the buses."


I didn't like the sound of this so I asked, "What's happened to the other gang members?"


Al said, "The girls got out on bail and that's when they attacked your wife. After the attack, we captured them again so they are all back in custody but they aren't getting out this time."


I heard some man yell, "The steaks are done, come and get them!"


I requested, "Please let me talk to Masha again."


Masha came on the phone and I asked, "Masha, it sounds like you're having a party…"


Masha interrupted, "…Jack, it's not like that at all. Michael from the grocery store cooked steaks on the grill for dinner. You know about Louise, then Gwen and Brenda, two women who work with Louise are here. Every… every… everyone is being so nice to me, I don't understand."


I heard Louise as she shouted, "Masha isn't only a badass, she's a humble badass!"


I knew what I needed to do so I said, "Masha don't worry about a thing. I'm going to call some friends to help you. I love you and miss you so much!"


Masha finally sounded like her real self when she replied, "Jack my love, take care of yourself and thank you."


She gave me kisses over the phone, I hung up and Colonel Maggie asked, "It sounds like there are some problems at home?"


I relayed the story to her and watched as she became more pissed off than I had ever seen. She practically spit when I finished, "Jack, let's take you back to bed, then I'm going to make some calls and make sure nothing like this ever happens to your wife again."


I thanked her, "Thank you Sir! If you could do that it would mean the world to me."


She walked me back to my bed and said, "Don't worry Jack, we're Marines and we take care of our own."


We arrived at my bed, a nurse came up and motioned to Colonel Maggie so she moved over beside her and they had an animated discussion. Colonel Maggie came back over and informed me, "Well Sgt. Reynolds, looks like you're going to have some company. Sgt. Blaine is coming in to be checked out."


I was shocked and asked, "What the hell happened?"


Colonel Maggie said, "The chopper they were working on was hit by a couple RPG rounds. He was knocked unconscious so they are bringing him in to make sure it's not serious."


I asked, "Any chance we can bunk together?"


Colonel Maggie laughed and said, "How about we let the two of you get back to your private suite."


I smiled and said, "That would be great."


Colonel Maggie said, "I will send the corporal over to help you. Make sure to tell me if that cute wife of yours has any more problems."


Colonel Maggie left and I waited for the corporal…


Flashback – Glen – At the base


On the drive to the base, I couldn't shake the feeling that I had made a terrible mistake and overreacted by putting Jennifer in the military academy.


Once I was in my office I called the base and talked to the commandant, "Ralph, I'm still not sure about leaving Jennifer at your school."


Ralph laughed and said, "Glen, I sure don't have any doubt about it, not after the way she treated me when I went to her room."


I asked and Ralph gave me all the details, then he finished and said, "Don't worry Glen, a few missed meals and PT will whip her into shape in no time."


He hung up the phone and I felt even worse…


Flashback – Jennifer – the military academy


If I ever got back home, I needed to seriously thank Daniela: She packed a huge amount of the food which she took out of the hiding places in my room, in my bag. I figured some idiot in this gulag would come and inspect my room, so I frantically searched for hiding places for the food, I noticed a slight gap in the baseboard molding so walked over, pulled on it and discovered a huge hiding place that had some papers in it. I removed the papers and replaced them with my food, after first taking a few pieces for my own consumption.


I began to read the papers and was shocked! It was a diary of a young girl who was forced into the school by her parents (the story really resonated with me). At first her writing was angry and defiant. She was subjected to the same torture by Colonel Fracking Wilhelm Klink that he inflicted on me, no meals and intense PT. From what I understood, this poor child was overweight and the PT practically killed her. I was engrossed in the diary when there was a knock on my door. I hid the diary under my pillow and yelled, "Go the fricken-fracken away!"


The door opened and two slightly obese girls walked into my rooms, I could tell by all the stupid stripes on their uniforms they were upper class beotchs. I figured Colonel Klink sent them here to try to whip me into shape.


I continued, to sit on the bed, they looked at each other and one of them said, "I guess you didn't read the conduct manuals yet. It's customary for you to stand when upper classmen walk into your room."


I glared at them and started the insults, "I didn't stand for Colonel Klink so what makes you think I would stand for Sergeant Schultz?"


The mouthy one continued, "We heard you called the commandant Colonel Klink, but which one of us are you calling Sergeant Schultz?"


I dismissively waved my hand and said, "It doesn't matter, you both are practically as fat as John Banner."


I could tell I hit a raw nerve when they looked at each other and the mouthy one announced, "That does it, we're going to kick your ass!"


I jumped off the bed, dropped back in a defensive position and taunted, "Come on you fat mouthy beotch!"


She yelled then charged me as I did a snap kick and caught her in the stomach. She went down like the tub-o-lard she was. My door opened and I was concerned at first I would have more girls to fight as they shuttled into my room until one of them said, "Look, she kicked Marcie's ass. You go new girl!"


The other girl was smarter and didn't charge me as she slowly tried to work her way close to me. But some well-placed kicks kept her from getting close enough to strike me. I waited until I had an opening, then I kicked the heck out of the side of her knee, it made a terrible cracking sound as she fell to the floor. On the way down, I hit her in the nose with my palm then her head snapped back as blood exploded from her broken nose and splattered everywhere.


I was shocked when the other girls in my room began to cheer. The noise attracted more people, unfortunately some of them were the minions of Colonel Klink. The oldest battle axe looked at me, looked at the two girls on the floor and demanded, "What's going on here?"


I sat on the bed (yes I figured out this irritated them) yawned and said, "These two fat cows came into my room and attacked me so I was forced to defend myself."


The other girls giggled when I called them 'fat cows'. The battle axe however glared at me and replied, "Jennifer Donaldson…"


I interrupted her (yeah, I'm being really bad), "…Excuse me but I didn't give you permission to use my first name, you may call me Ms. Donaldson."


She snidely remarked, "Well, it looks like we have a real little princess here."


Hecks Bells! What was it with everyone calling me a princess? I reacted without thinking as I jumped off the bed and decked the battle axe. The other minions quickly rushed to her defense, they swarmed over me and restrained me as the battle axe ordered, "Put her into one of the cells, we'll see if they help straighten her out."


I struggled like crazy but it was no good, these minions were really strong and I was outnumbered. I was hauled down into a nasty smelling basement where they stopped in front of an impressive looking steel door. The door was opened, I was shoved inside (I did land a few good punches as they pushed me inside), the battle axe came over to a grate in the door, laughed and said, "You can stay here until you die for all I care."


I was glad I ate a few pieces of the food Daniela gave me as I settled into the corner of the cell and shivered as night fell…


Flashback – Alexi – Meeting with the psychologist


When we passed 'mother's' room, I fell to the floor, squeezed my testicle and cried. The psychologist called the orderlies, they came and one of them carried me to the psychologist's office.


He placed me on the couch, the psychologist came over, touched my head and said, "Alexi, we are all very sorry that you saw what your mother did to Chow Mein. Please realize that she's not in her right mind."


I sputtered, "But…But… But why sir would she do that to Chow Mein, she loved her more than she loved me?"


The psychologist answered, "Alexi, our science isn't exact so we may never know for sure what possessed your mother to perform such a heinous act."


I played my trump card when I asked, "Sir, do you think that 'mother' would do that to me?"


He waffled, "Well Alexi, we don't really know…"


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


The flight to the capital city proceeded without trouble. I guess the local air traffic controllers recognized the chopper as they came on the radio and gave me landing instructions.


I followed the instructions to the letter, set the chopper down and figured I needed a diversion to get away from the airport - so I dropped a WP grenade in the chopper as I exited. I quickly walked away as a couple of security men rushed toward me. When the chopper erupted in flame, I ran for my life…