Chapter 065

Together Chapter 065

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Present – Liz and Bernie – After the meeting


I decide that Bernie's correct (and no I'm not putting this in writing) and I don't want to endanger our baby. I pick up my mobile phone and call Samantha. When she answers the phone I can barely hear her because of all the noise so I ask, "Sam, what's going on?"


Sam simply says, "Sorry Liz, we're on our way to a story right now and I can't talk."


She hangs up the phone so I look at Bernie and say, "Bernie, Sam's already heading to a story so that only leaves me to handle Ben's story."


Bernie puts his foot down, "Liz, there's no way I'm letting you cover this story…"


I shush him, "… Bernie don't worry, I guess we will miss this one."


Present – Thom – Leaving the cabin.


I hate like hell to leave this place: It's been nice living in the cabin and not even half bad living in the tunnels. Hell, I've never eaten better in my life than feasting on Mabel's cooking - yeah I'm going to miss this place but Jennifer is intent on me leaving. I sadly pack up all my shit, start to leave the cabin when my TSIFFTS mobile phone rings. I answer it and I'm surprised at what I'm told because this could go a long way in smoothing things over with Jennifer. I heard the announcement earlier for the team meeting so I slip back to my room, stow my bag and head for the meeting. I arrive at the meeting room but it's empty except for Liz and Bernie. I walk up and ask, "Do you know where Jennifer is?"


Liz glares at me, which tells me that Jennifer told her about Inga and then verifies that assumption when she says, "Thom, we thought that you were fired from the team for what you did to Inga."


I shrug my shoulders in a nonchalant manner and say, "No problem, I guess you all don't want to know where Ben is."


Liz practically falls off her seat and exclaims, "What the hell, how do you know?"


I play it cagey by answering, "Oh no, I'm not telling you so you can take all the glory. If you don't tell me where Jennifer is, then I'm leaving without telling anyone."


Liz bites her lip and says, "I think Jens and Linus are in the equipment room getting ready for a mission."


Damn that last phrase has me worried since perhaps the TSIFFTS also called Linus. If so my plans of getting back in Jennifer's good graces might be torpedoed. I hightail it to the equipment room, arrive and note it's a flurry of activity. Linus and Jennifer are gearing up all the security forces. I saunter into the room, Jennifer sees me and explodes, "Thom, what in the heck are you still doing here…"


I interrupt before she can get up a full head of steam, "… Jennifer, I thought you might want to know where Ben is."


Jennifer remarks, "Thom if you know tell us."


I thought about having her grovel some but decide not to make her beg so I continue, "We got lucky. A TSIFFTS chopper was at the Leadville airport when Stacy Summers' team arrived and apparently Ben contacted Stacy for help in taking down the sex traffickers. The Summers' chopper wasn't big enough to haul their whole team so the team leader told our pilot what was happening. He was more than happy to fly the rest of Stacy Summers' team to Ben's location."


Jennifer practically jumps up and down with joy and berates the security team for not getting ready faster.


I push my luck a little when I suggest, "Look Jennifer, we might have had some differences, but if you're going on a mission, I would sure love to help."


Linus overhears my request, looks at Jennifer and suggests, "Jens, Thom's an experienced operator and we could use the help."


Jennifer looks at me and says, "Okay Thom, you're temporarily forgiven. But after the mission, we need to sit down and have a serious talk."


I begin to gear up and Jennifer asks…


Present – Jens – The equipment room


We continue to prepare for the mission, then I think of something, stop and shout, "Son of a sea biscuit! Thom please tell me there's another TSIFFTS chopper at the Leadville airport that can take us to Ben's location."


Thom looks at me and admits, "Sorry Jennifer, it was a fluke that the one chopper was there."


I switch my gaze between Linus and Thom and ask, "How long would it take to get another chopper here?"


Thom says, "Probably too long."


Linus agrees, "Yeah, by the time a chopper gets here the mission would probably be over."


I get another idea and almost plead, "Linus, since you and the Sheriff seem to be on such good terms, could you ask if he would escort us down the mountain and into Denver with a patrol car?"


Linus asks for clarification, "I assume you mean with lights and sirens?"


I nod and Linus leaves to make the phone call.


Thom comes over closer and even though I'm still angry with him, he did give me the information to find Ben. He honestly asks, "Jennifer, do we have a mission plan?"


I want to glare at him but I soften it some and answer, "Thom, we have no idea what we're walking into. Without that information, there's no way to create a mission plan."


Thom provides more information, "The chopper pilot said Stacy's team was going in not just heavy, but very heavy. It makes me believe that this is some serious shit, especially for such a green team. When we get back, I would love to help you train them better."


I begin to reply, when Linus comes back into the equipment room and I can't believe what he tells me…


Present – Stacy and Samantha – heading to Denver


We're halfway to Denver when my mobile phone rings and I see it's Ben's number. I shake as I answer it, and Ben simply announces, "Stacy, there's no sense in coming - it's all over."


I stutter, "But… but… but, I thought you needed a team?"


Ben laughs and my heart flutters, then he says, "Well, we ended up with a rag-tag team of sorts. There's nothing left here except for cleaning up the mess."


I request, "Ben give me a minute."


I mute the phone, look at Bill and give him the news, "Bill, Ben says they took care of the sex traffickers and all that's left is cleaning up. Do you think that we could help with that?"


Bill smiles and replies, "That's your call Ms. Summers."


I unmute the phone and tell Ben, "Ben, we're still coming to help with the cleanup."


Ben worries me when he says, "I hope you all have strong stomachs because you're going to need them."


Samantha asks…


I look at Stacy and ask, "Stacy, did he say it's all over and we're too late?"


Stacy smiles and says, "Yes, I guess Ben and some mystery team took care of all the sex traffickers." I bite my lip and add, "He did say we needed to have strong stomachs so I'm not sure what he meant."


Bill interjects, "Ms. Summers, if it's anything like what I saw in the Leadville building, I would highly caution you about viewing it."


I reply, "Well even if we're late it sounds like there's still a story for us. If it's as bad as Ben implied, I'm not sure how much can be aired."


I motion to John, he brings up the camera and I begin my report…


Present – Ben and Destiny – The aftermath


After opening the door to the sex trafficker's prison, I back out and call Sheriff Jim and say, "Jim, it's all over except for the cleanup and that could take some time."


Jim asks, "Ben, what do you mean?"


I grind my teeth and answer, "I haven't done a count, but just offhand I would say there might be close to one hundred hostages in the holding cells. Jim it's a fucking mess like I've never dreamed in my worst nightmares."


Jim says, "Ben, remember this is an active crime scene and will need to be thoroughly investigated. Stay safe and I will contact the local authorities to help you."


I reply, "Jim, I don't fucking care about it being a crime scene. I'm getting Mira and the others out of here as soon as possible. If you don't like that, you can fire me."


I hang up the phone, call Stacy and try to talk her out of coming but she doesn't listen.


Okay, here goes nothing. How in the hell do I explain the vile and filthy mess that awaited my eyes when I opened the door into the room housing the hostages when I couldn't even believe what I saw! I will attempt some of it, but parts of it I will have to censor.


There were rows of cages, which were more like prisoner cells, along both side walls jammed full of hostages. But that wasn't the worst. The worst was the retched smell which I could only describe as a mixture of human excrement, urine, and unwashed bodies. I instinctively cover my nose with my gloved hand to reduce the stench and attempt to avoid the nausea.


Destiny gives me a very sad look and says, "Ben, I cannot stand this smell. I am going to check on the dog who was shot saving my life."


I caution, "Destiny stay alert in case we didn't get all of them. And make allowances because Jim is calling the local authorities to come and help."


Destiny replies, "Thanks for letting me know about the authorities coming, I will need to get all the stray dogs out of here before they shoot them."


I don't understand so I ask, "Destiny, why would they shoot the dogs, they're just strays."


Destiny replies, "Ben, sometimes you are so naïve. They are strays that killed people, albeit bad people, but they still killed them and the authorities won't tolerate that kind of action."


I remember, "By the way, Stacy and her team are still coming to help us clean up this mess."


Destiny amazes me when she says, "Ben, I will make sure to keep Stacy out of here because after her rape, it would traumatize her to see what is going on."


I was shocked that Destiny knew about that but then she seems to know almost everything. Hell, I had hoped Destiny would lead me to the girl's cages, but I certainly understand why she can't. So I decide to find them the 'old fashioned' way. I bellow, "Miranda and Irina! Where the hell are you?"


Unfortunately, my yelling causes many of the hostages to start crying. I guess the fucking sex trafficking bastards had tortured them incessantly. Finally I hear, "Ben, we are here."


I announce with a softer voice, "Please continue to talk so I can find you."


Mira complies, I head toward her voice and can't believe what I see when I find them…


Present – Mira, Ira, Safia, Alexi, Yasmeen and Zarika – Rescue


Our life has descended into a worse hades than Kostia ever inflicted upon our corporeal selves. We are trapped like Rattus rattusin cages and our treatment is even worse. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to rest because men are constantly invading all our orifices with their training tools. Even Alexi, who has become very unresponsive, is continually brutalized. The extremity of the torture is such that I long for death to come and free me.


Today has exceeded the terrible norm so I sit on the floor and beg my sister Ira, "Ira, I cannot further tolerate this life, please eliminate my corporeal self."


Ira glares at me and replies, "Miranda Sedankina control your corporeal self. I will never eliminate you because unlike you, my hope is not dashed."


I translocate adjacent to Safia and perform the same entreatment. Ira translocates beside my corporeal self and threatens, "If any of your corporeal selves attempt to assist Mira in her stupidity, I will trounce firmly your cranial carapaces."


Beatings are frequent so all the other corporeal selves inhabiting our cell cower. Safia looks up from the floor and asks, "What… what… what is that noise?"


Ira replies…


My sister Miranda has acquitted herself of all hope so I am forced to threaten the inhabitants of our cell to keep them from hastening my sister's departure from this world. Safia (whose hearing is superior to ours because of her minimal exposure to weapons fire) asks about a strangely different sound emanating from behind the prison doors.


I listen carefully and reply, "If I did not know better I would swear Sherlock Holmes' Hounds of Baskerville have invaded the premises."


Safia further adds, "I have also heard weapons fire."


Mira causes consternation when she proposes, "Ira, please eliminate me before they allow the dogs to attack us with their training tools."


This entreaty frightens Safia, Yasmeen and Zarika. They press back into the posterior corner and Safia swears, "I will not allow a dog to defile me."


Alexi (whose mind seems to have taken a vacation) laughs and says, "Doggies, good doggies. Better than devil cats."


We hear someone yell, "Miranda and Irina! Where the hell are you?"


Mira raises up, begins to cry and says, "It's my Ben! My Ben has come to save us!"


Mira whose façade is now covered with a grin, replies, "Ben we are here!"


Ben requests, "Please continue to talk so I can find you."


Mira begins to jabber, "I knew that my Ben would come for us!"


I counter, "Miranda Sedankina, less than ten minutes past you requested to be eliminated so do not try to nourish me with that bovine excrement."


Alexi sits up and says, "Where are the doggies? I want to see the doggies."


Mira moves beside him, hugs him and says, "Alexi, it's my Ben Blaine! He is here to free us."


Alexi pulls away from Mira and says, "I have been a very bad boy and do not deserve to be rescued."


Safia and Zarika (currently they have dispelled their differences in an attempt to cure the greatly dysfunctional Alexi) move beside Alexi and begin to soothe him.


Mira continues to babble, "Ben is here Ira. He truly loves me. Unlike your Todd who is obviously absent."


I cannot tolerate Mira's attitude so I simply present a question, "Miranda, are you presentable for your Ben?"


Mira looks down at her accoutrements, which are a disarray of filthy rags and remarks, "Ira, you are correct, I cannot let my Ben see me this way."


She runs to the posterior of the cell while I continue to vocalize so Mira's Ben can acquire our location.


He walks up to the cell and swears, "Shit! Look at what they did to all of you… Wait, where is Mira? Please tell me Mira is still here."


I inform our Shining Armor of Knight, "Ben, she has translocated to the posterior of the cell because she does not wish you to observe her current condition."


Ben orders, "Ira, please move to the back of the cell so I can blow the lock."


I comply, Ben loads the grenade launcher on his rifle, places it close to the lock and pulls the trigger. The round decimates the lock then all hades happens…