Chapter 066

Together Chapter 066

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Flashback – Ben and George (the Butterbar) – Working on the downed chopper


The last thing I remembered was talking to George as I chucked medical supplies out of the chopper… I slowly began to wake up and realized I'm strapped to a fucking stretcher in a different chopper. I tried to sit up and yelled, "My rifle! Where the hell is she?"


The flight nurse came over and reassured me, "Don't worry Sgt. Blaine your packs and rifles are here because the lieutenant made sure that we took them with you. Now sit back and relax because we're going to take extra special good care of you."


I was still a little woozy but the last part of her statement sounded weird so I asked, "What the hell happened?"


The flight nurse smiled at me and said, "The chopper you were in was hit by two RPGs, they knocked you out so you're headed back to the base for a full check-up."


I was sure something was implied by the 'full check-up' but I sure didn't understand why. I was shocked when the flight nurse checked to make sure no one was watching, then she leaned over and gave me a hell of a kiss. When she finally let me up for air I sputtered, "What the hell…"


She shushed me, "… Just enjoy it Sgt. You saved our head flight nurse Cindy and we take care of our own." To emphasis the point, she kissed me again and her hand traveled to my…


Flashback – Jack – in the hospital


I was deep in thought about the shit that happened to Masha when the corporal finally came and interrupted my thoughts, "Colonel Maggie says you can stay in your own room. I'm here to help you to your room."


I began to get of the bed but my back felt like shit so I said, "Damn, I don't think I can move right now. How about you find a nurse and ask her if I can have something for pain."


The Corporal replied, "Yes Sgt. Reynolds, I will find her immediately."


He left and my mind instantly went back to Masha. I remembered a couple of retired Marines who owed me some favors and decided I would make some calls once I got settled in.


The Corporal came back with the nurse and I asked, "My back hurts like hell, how about something for pain?"


She checked my chart and said, "Sorry Sgt. Reynolds, you're not due for any pain pills for another two hours."


I really was suffering so I tried another way, "Well, how about a shot then."


She said, "If we return to giving you shots, then we can't let you go to your room."


I thought about it, remembered the close proximity of the phone and made a decision, "If I can't have any pills then I will stay here and take shots."


The nurse left to get the shot and the Corporal remarked, "I will tell Colonel Maggie that you're still not able to return to your room."


He left and I decided to make those calls to my friends. I was disappointed this time when I had to stand in line.


Colonel Maggie walked up and asked, "Jack, what's this I hear about you still needing shots for the pain?'


I replied, "Sorry Sir! But that's correct, the pain is still severe and I can't have any more pills for the pain."


Colonel Maggie asked a hell of a question, "Well Jack, perhaps if you would rest instead of standing in line for the phone you would feel better."


I explained, "Sir! I was going to call a couple of retired Marines and ask them to keep an eye on Masha for me."


Colonel Maggie went into 'officer mode' and scolded me, "Sgt. Reynolds, didn't I tell you I was taking care of this."


She paused and I realized it wasn't a rhetorical question so I replied, "Yes Sir! You did but…"


Colonel Maggie interrupted, "… Sgt. Reynolds, there are no buts. I've already made the phone calls. Your cute young wife isn't going to have any more problems with those damn teenagers."


I asked, "Sir! What did you do?"


She laughed and replied, "Jack, I called in the 'big guns'. The city relies on income from the base so I had the base commander call the local police department and give them a load of shit about what happened to Masha. He told them that if they didn't get their heads out of their asses that all passes would be suspended. The chief of police promised to have patrols stationed at your house twenty four hours a day and also swore he would make sure none of the teenagers were released from jail until after the trial. So how about you get your ass back to bed so we can get you off the shots for pain."


I saluted and said, "Yes Sir!"


She laughed again and replied, "It's good to see you feeling better. Now I need to go and check on Sgt. Blaine since he should be arriving soon."


I went back to my bed, but still had some concern for Masha…


Flashback – Masha – Bedtime


We had a very nice meal but I still couldn't help feeling guilty for killing the teenage hooligan girl. Everyone tried their best to cheer my feelings but I was still sad. The policemen were the first to leave but not before they informed me, "Thank you very much for the meal. Ms. Reynolds, we would like to inform you that your husband's officer in Iraq has arranged for a patrol car to be stationed in front of your house twenty four hours a day until after the trial is over. We will make sure that you have no further problems with the teenage gang."


I forced a smile and thanked him, "Thank you very much for your concern."


They apologized, "No Ms. it's our fault for letting it happen in the first place. Now we're going to take up our position for the night."


Brenda and Gwen were the next, "Masha, thank you again for welcoming us into your lovely home, but we need to get home to prepare for work tomorrow."


They left with their children then Michael said, "Masha thanks for all you've done for Louise and this community, but I also need to leave."


Louise said, "Well Masha, it's time for us to get ready for bed."


I was thankful that Louise and Linda were again spending the night. Even with the police in front of the house, I didn't want to be alone tonight.


Before we began to get ready for bed Louise suggested, "Masha why don't we finish the open bottle of wine."


We finished the wine, got ready for bed (with the same sleeping arrangements as last night) and this time I thankfully fell asleep…


Flashback – Glen – At the base


I couldn't shake the feeling that I had made a huge mistake and possibly over reacted putting Jennifer in the military school. Daniela had made a great meal again tonight, but I wasn't hungry and picked at the food.


Daniela said, "Señor, do not worry about Señorita Jennifer, I am certain that she is fine. Besides I gave her a little help."


I blinked, looked at Daniela and asked, "How did you do that?"


She smiled and said, "I included many of the food items that I took out of her room in her bag because I was not sure how well they would feed her."


I replied, "Thank you Daniela I am sure that will help some."


Then Daniela ruined it all by asking, "Señor, with Ms. Jennifer gone, how do you plan on getting your wife to return."


I silently swore. Daniela was correct. Jennifer was going to do another ballet in hopes that Evelyn would return but with Jennifer in the military school that wasn't going to happen.


I looked at Daniela and replied, "I have no idea how I'm going to get Evelyn back."


Flashback – Jennifer – the military academy


It was cold in my cell, so cold I couldn't sleep because of my shivering. Since I couldn't sleep, I decided I would move around to try to stay warm. I stood up and paced of the longest wall of this fricken prison. One, two, three, four big paces on the long side - that would be about twelve feet. Now for the other side: One, two, three big paces, that was about nine feet.


I began to look at the fricken cell and noticed the walls were really rough so I decided to try something, I went to the corner closest to the door, wedged my hands and feet against the wall then pushed up. Heck yeah, it worked great, I was able to climb the wall! This could come in handy when the gulag beotchs came back.


I heard a soft knock on my door, quickly moved to it and heard, "Hey new girl, are you okay?"


I replied, "It's cold as heck in here and I can't sleep."


Suddenly a blanket began to be pushed through the window in the cell door and the voice adds, "There's some food in there for you too."


I remark, "Thanks whoever you are, but aren't you concerned you're going to get in trouble?"


The voice laughed, "Not really, that blanket is from Marcie's bed."


I asked, "Marcie? Was that one of the girls I took care of?"


The voice replied, "Yes she was the fattest of the two. You're a big hero to the whole school because the two girls you beat up were terrible, they even forced me too…"


The voice faded away so I had to guess it was something terrible that was more than embarrassing. I asked, "What's your name?"


The voice replied, "My name is Rachel. What's your name?"


I said, "I'm Jennifer but my friends call me Jens."


Rachel said, "Thank you Jennifer for everything. Now I need to get going and tell everyone else about you. If they catch me out of my room I will be beaten."


I said, "Rachel, please call me Jens and tell everyone else as long as I am here, things are going to change. No one will force you to do anything you don't want to do again."


Rachel began to cry and replied, "Jens that's the best thing I've ever heard, but I'm not sure that one person, even you, can fix this terrible prison."


Rachel left, I opened up the blanket and found a treasure trove of food inside. I wrapped myself in fricken Marcie's blanket, began to eat some of the food and made up my mind that…


Flashback – Alexi – Back in his room


After my talk with the psychologist, the orderlies escorted me back to my room. On the way, I asked, "Would it be possible to see my 'father'?"


One of the orderlies replied, "Sorry Alexi, your father is speaking with your mother. The psychologist asked him to discover why she… well you know what I'm talking about."


I sure knew what he was talking about. I still couldn't believe that 'mother' ripped the head off Chow Mein! I needed to analyze what caused her to perform that act. Perhaps 'father' would discover the reason. So I asked, "Well, when 'father' is finished talking to 'mother' will you ask him to see me?"


The orderly agreed, I arrived at my room, opened the door and was surprised…


Flashback – Ira and Mira – Escape temporarily terminated


My sister is without consciousness! I knelt beside her and begin an examination. Hades Carillons! There is blood on my sister's side and as I pull up her shirt I realize Mira had been wounded and did not inform me.


I examine the wound, realize that it is not life terminating and began to staunch the sanguineous flow.


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


The chopper flambé distracted the security guards well enough that I slipped past them and into the terminal. I walked out the front door, hailed a cab, wrote down the address for the bank and climbed in the back seat.


The drive to the bank wasn't half bad and didn't take long. I got out of the cab, paid the driver what was probably too much money and walked into the bank where everyone stopped talking and began to look at me. Then I realized a possible problem with my plan: I looked like a militant bank robber and that wasn't a good thing to resemble in this country. Not only that, I couldn't speak to explain myself. I made a frantic decision and began to sign to the people looking at me. One of the tellers actually said, "Don't worry everyone, the man signs that he was working in the jungle and that's why he looks the way he does."


It must have calmed everyone because they went back to their business and the teller that translated said, "Sir, I can take care of you here."


I was thankful as hell since I could only imagine what would have happened if I walked up to the window and began to write a note. I signed, "I have some money in an account here and would like to withdraw it."


She smiled and gave me a withdrawal slip. I filled in the account number and the amount I wanted to withdraw.


She signed, "I need to see some form of identification."


I handed her my passport and signed, "How did you learn sign language?"


She checked the passport and remarked, "In those clothes, with your longer hair and scruffy beard you barely look like your passport picture. My little sister was born deaf so that why we learned sign language. Why can't you speak?"


I pulled the shemage away from my throat so she could see the wound and I signed, "Is there some place around here that I can get my hair cut, a shave and some suitable cloths?"


She handed me my money and signed, "I get off work in thirty minutes and would be happy to help you?"


I grinned at her and signed, "I guess this really is a full service bank."


She giggled and suggested, "Why don't you take a seat in the lobby so you don't scare anyone else."


I mimed a laugh, took a seat in the lobby and began to formulate a plan for my retribution…