Chapter 067

 Together Chapter 067

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Present – Liz and Bernie – After the meeting


After things are over with Thom, Bernie asks, "Do you have any idea where Samantha was going to get the story?"


I smile at Bernie and reply, "I don't even have a clue, and to be truthful, I don't really care."


Bernie grins and says, "So, is this what it's going to be like now that you're pregnant?"


I return his grin and reply, "Sure, why not? With Samantha back on board, shouldn't I be allowed to take some time off for our baby?"


Bernie laughs and asks, "Whatever happened to the Liz I used to know?"


I give Bernie a dirty look and reply, "You knocked me up, that's what happened." I stand up and continue, "Bernie, how about we do some of those new exercises that Jens gave us?"


Bernie agrees, "Yeah that's a great idea, especially if it's outside. Then we can take a shower when we're done."


I was sure the shower was going to be long, hot and especially steamy.


Present – Jens – The equipment room


I sent Linus to see if the Sheriff would give us a high speed escort to Denver, so that we could help Ben. Linus comes back into the equipment room and declares, "Jens, it's over."


I look at Linus and ask, "Linus, what the heck is over?"


Linus explains, "Jens, the mission to capture the sex traffickers is over."


I practically explode. "What in the heck! Don't tell me that beotch Stacy got there before us!"


Linus continues and quells some of my outrage, "No, Stacy didn't end up helping Ben, in fact the Sheriff didn't know who helped. From what I understand, there are no sex trafficker survivors and close to one hundred hostages. Jim, the Sheriff, is heading down there himself and has called in the local police to help."


I get an idea, "Linus you don't suppose…"


Linus grins and interrupts, "…Yes Jens, I asked the Sheriff if you and I could ride with him. He should be here in a few minutes. However we don't want to look as paramilitary as we do."


Thom asks…


Present – Thom – gearing up for the mission


With the mission being scrubbed, I'm going to lose the chance to get in better graces with Jennifer, so I ask, "Jennifer if you don't mind, I would like to tag along?"


Jennifer glares at me and I'm sure she's going to kill the idea but then Linus surprises me when he stands up for me, "Jens it's probably a good idea for Thom to come since he's an experienced operator and might be able to help."


Jennifer asks, "Why would we need any help? I thought it was over?"


Linus replies, "Well, you never know, so I'd rather be safe than sorry, especially since Maria can't come."


 I ask, "Why can't Maria come?"


Jennifer fills in the blank, "Because she's taking care of her and Linus' baby."


I congratulate him, "Linus, I'm glad to hear your great news."


Then I begin to formulate a new plan…


Present – Jens – The equipment room


I suppose I can't avoid taking Thom with us, not after Linus stood up for him in such a demanding manner. I am still angry at him for insulting Inga in such a terrible manner, however I do realize that some of my anger toward Thom might be because of Ben. In the end, I decide to cut him some slack.


We dump most of our tactical gear, keeping some pistols just in case, and the intercom announces, "The Sheriff's vehicle is in the garage."


We walk into the garage and Linus says, "I hope you don't mind if we all tag along."


The Sheriff says, "No problem, just make sure you can follow orders."


I want some time to talk to the Sheriff so I loudly call, "Shotgun."


Linus swears, "Damn Jens, you beat me to it."


The guys pile into the back, I take the front seat, notice a laptop computer and ask, "Do you have real time Internet on this?"


The Sheriff replies, "We sure do. Anymore it seems like we spend half our time on the computer and the other half bored as hell."


I continue with the questions, "Sheriff…"


He interrupts, "…Please Jennifer, feel free to call me Jim…"


I continue, "Okay Jim, then feel free to call me Jens. Do you have any idea when we can start rebuilding the cabin?"


Jim replies, "Jens is normally a man's name, but if you're comfortable with it, then so am I. I will talk to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and see when they are ready to release the cabin. However you do realize insurance won't cover the fire."


I want to explode about the two little beotchs who burned down our cabin, but I bite my tongue and say, "Thanks Jim, I am aware of that. Do you know if Yasmeen and Zarika were with the others that Ben saved?"


Jim says, "Sorry Jens, I have no idea who Ben has rescued. To be truthful, I didn't ask and Ben didn't tell me."


I continue with the 'third degree', "I heard a rumor that you and Ben were friends in high school."


Jim laughs, "Jens, that's putting it mildly. Ben was the only friend I had and I was his only friend."


This is part of Ben's life that I have no idea about so I ask, "Jim, why's that? Ben seems likeable enough now."


Jim gets serious and responds, "Jens, from looking at you, I would say that you never grew up half Indian in a small Colorado town because you look like the quintessential cheer leader."


I blush slightly at the comment and reply, "Jim, I didn't fit in as much as you think. I was always several grades ahead of others my age and some problems came with that. If you don't mind, tell me more about Ben's problems."


Jim continues with the serious countenance, "I don't know how many times I heard Ben called a half-breed. Plus his father was – well excuse my French - a real son of a bitch and beat the shit out of Ben all the time and practically killed him a few times."


I think for a moment and ask, "So his father is responsible for the scars on his back?"


Jim nods his head, "That and even more – shit I forgot! Congratulations on your marriage, if any two people in the world deserve happiness, it's you two. By the way, I am certain that Ben didn't get that other woman pregnant."


Wow, did Jim's last sentence resemble a mine field or what. I fight back my anger, ignore most of what he said and reply, "Thanks Jim, for the congratulations, I just hope I haven't ruined our marriage."


Jim makes me feel better when he assures me, "Jens, I wouldn't worry about that. I've never seen Ben more in love than when he talks about you."


Darn it to heck, I want to find out what Ben said to Jim when he talked about me but Jim, says, "Well, it looks like we're here."


Present – Ben – The aftermath


I open the cell that housed Mira, Ira, Zarika, Yasmeen, and who I can only assume is Mira and Ira's brother and one other girl I recognize from my wedding with Jens.


Ira says, "Ben, your Mira does not feel she is adequately presentable for you to occulate."


I command, "Mira get your ass up here! I'm getting all of you out of here."


The minute I announce some were being rescued there's a huge cacophony of shouts from the other cells, demanding to be freed. I ignore the noise, Mira finally steps to the front of the cell where I can see her and I want to swear: She's been treated worse than an animal. Those fucking sex traffickers got off too damn easy - I wish I could go back and torture them!


I command, "All of you come out since we're getting you out of here before the local police arrive."


They begin to follow me, all except the boy as he has to be helped by Zarika and the other girl.


I order, "Mira, Ira, Zarika and Yasmeen get into the cab of the truck.'


I hit my first snag when Zarika complains, "Ben, I need to ride where ever Alexi is riding."


The other girl mirrors Zarika's statement, "As do I…" Then she drops a fucking bombshell, "…because we're both carrying Alexi's babies."


I glare at Alexi and ask, "What the hell is wrong with him?"


Ira responds, "Ben, Alexi was abused by many men's training tools. His cerebrum was not able to tolerate the torture and he has retreated to a place none of us can enter."


I exasperatedly order, "Get the fuck in the truck so we can get the hell out of here before the police show up."


Alexi and his two 'girlfriends' pile into the back of the truck, Mira takes the passenger seat and Ira and Yasmeen take the back seat. I fire up the truck and finally leave.


Once I'm sure we're safely away from the area, I look over at Mira and complain, "Mira, what the fuck are you doing telling people that you're carrying my baby. We never had sex so there's no way in hell that's possible."


Ira interjects, "Ben, there are other ways of achieving a pregnancy than coitus. I acquired a large quantity of your male procreation component and my sister Miranda was inseminated artificially with it."


I swore, "Like hell you did! Where the fuck did you find my semen?"


Mira responds, "My Ben, the teacher with whom you performed many acts of coitus when we were together at the training facility actually worked for us and acquired your male procreation component."


I remember that time, however I do not remember the fucking teacher 'collecting' my semen. So I counter, "Mira and Ira, I will not take responsibility for this baby without a DNA test."


Mira too confidently replies, "Of course my Ben, and once you discover it is our baby then we can start our life together."


I have no idea what to say when thankfully Yasmeen changes the subject by asking, "Ben, where are you taking us?"


Hells Bells, I knew there was something I forgot.


Present – Stacy and Samantha – heading to Denver


The choppers land, we bail out and head into the warehouse Ben mentioned. I look around for him but can't find him. I do see a woman, the one who was on the video at my building in Leadville, who is holding a mangy looking dog and is crying.


I walk up to her and introduce myself, "Hello, I am Stacy."


The woman looks up and replies, "Yes Stacy, I know who you are. Ben has talked about you many times. My name is Destiny."


I smile at her and ask, "Is Ben around somewhere?"


Destiny shakes her head answers, "Sorry Stacy, I know you wanted to see him, but he freed Miranda and the others and took them away. Please make sure you do not enter the back room - it is terrible."


I want to ask where Ben took them but Samantha comes up and interrupts…


This is almost worse than the scene at the building in Leadville. If it was anyone other than the sex traffickers, I would feel badly for them. It looks like they were all attacked by wolves: Their throats are ripped out, their genitalia are virtually non-existent, and some of them show signs of being partially eaten.


Stacy is talking to a woman when I walk up and interrupt, "Excuse me, I am Samantha Stevens with the Truth Network, would it be possible to interview you about what happened here?"


The woman stands up and says, "I'm sorry, I don't do interviews."


We hear sirens, then the police show up. They rush into the warehouse, see us and command, "All of you drop your weapons and get on the ground."


Bill, sets his rifle on the ground, raises his hands and says, "Sorry officers, but you have the wrong men. We are the legally deputized SWAT team from Leadville."


The police officer orders, "Well let's see your paperwork, then perhaps you can tell us what happened here."


Bill walks toward the officer and says, "I'm going to reach inside my vest for the paperwork and we don't have any idea what happened here because we just arrived ourselves. Perhaps that woman…" Bill looks around and continues, "…She was here when we arrived, now where the hell did she go?"


Stacy says, "Bill, she walked out the door."


The officer looks at the paperwork and says, "Well the paperwork all looks in order, but what a hell of a mess we have here, it looks like the sex traffickers were attacked by wild animals. You say some woman was here when you arrived."


I verify, "Yes Sir, I'm Samantha Stevens from the Truth Network. I asked her for an interview but she rudely replied she didn't do interviews. We do however have some video of her."


The officer orders, "Ralph, take a look at the video and then see if you can find her."


Ralph comes over, we show him the video and her remarks, "She shouldn't be hard to find."


He leaves and I ask, "Sir, if you don't mind, we would like to video the back room where the hostages are being held."


He agrees so we head to the back room with him and I can't believe how wretched it is…


Present – Jens – At the warehouse


I sure as heck didn't like seeing the two choppers when we drove up because that means the beotch Stacy is here already. Sheriff Jim and the rest of us jump out of the car and head into the warehouse. It's a big fricken-fracken mess. Decimated bodies are scattered everywhere and it looks like they were ripped up by bears.


We follow Jim, as he walks up to a man, shakes hands and says, "Thanks for all you did Bill, but what in the hell happened?"


Bill says, "Hell if we know, things were like this when we arrived. There was a friend of Ben's here, but I guess she slipped out the door in all the excitement."


He notices me, smiles and says, "It's good to see you Ms. Donaldson."


I correct him, "I think you mean Mrs. Blaine."


I hear the beotch say, "No, I do think from what we've heard that Bill is correct."


I spin, glare at her and practically swear, "Well, you've heard fricken-fracken wrong. We're still married."


She taunts me, "Oh really, from what I understand Ben has taken Mira, Ira and the rest of them somewhere away from here. I'm sure he's going to start a real family with them. Especially once Miranda delivers their baby."


I lung toward the beotch Stacy but Linus and Thom both restrain me and I command, "Let me the heck go, I want to kick her rear."


Linus whispers in my ear, "Jens calm down, she's just baiting you because they are official members of Jim's SWAT team. If you do anything to her, you will end up in jail."


I can't resist hurling a threat, "Don't worry you worthless beotch, someday I will kick your rear."