Chapter 068

Together Chapter 068

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Flashback – Ben – Back at the base


After I almost got raped by the flight nurse, the pilot announced, "Prepare for landing."


She pulled away and assured me, "Don't worry, I will see you later."


The chopper landed and as they began to take me off the chopper, I had a slight problem in my pants: The flight nurse got me so excited I had a world class tent. And it wasn't funny! It hurt like hell because my hands weren't free so I couldn't position him in a more comfortable position.


They slid me out of the chopper and SHIT! There to meet me was Colonel Maggie. I could clearly see where her eyes traveled as they went from South to North - she noticed the tent. She scolded me, "Sgt. Blaine, what the hell did you think you were doing?"


I wasn't sure what the hell she was talking about and since I worried her comment was about the tent in my pants, I decided to play dumb, "Sorry Sir! I'm not sure what you're referring to."


I mentally breathed a sigh of relief when she continued, "Your foolishness for trying to save the supplies out of the downed medivac chopper damn near cost the Marines one of their best snipers. Sgt. Blaine, do you have any idea how much money the Marines have invested in you?"


I decided to yank her chain a little and teased, "Oh I don't know, five or six dollars?"


Her eyes softened, she laughed and said, "Sgt. Blaine, it's a hell of a lot more than that! So don't go getting yourself killed because you'd be hard as hell to replace."


I changed the subject, "Is the Captain going to be okay?"


Colonel Maggie's smile continued and she said, "Don't worry Sgt. Blaine, I have a complete report on his actions and you're not going to work with him again. By the way, the surgeons said you did a hell of a job on Jack."


I asked, "Where is he?"


Colonel Maggie said, "He'd be in your room if we could get him to stay in bed long enough that he could get off the shots for pain. I never realized he was such a pansy about pain."


I quickly thought and replied, "Jack can be funny: Some things don't seem to bother him at all, but when his 'prides' been hurt he always complains."


Colonel Maggie laughed, "'Pride', now that's a funny name for his flabby ass."


The Corporal came up and remarked, "Sgt. Blaine I'm going to take your rifles and packs to your room."


I smiled and thanked him, "That would be great, I was wondering what I was going to do with them in the ER."


The corpsmen came up and hauled me into the ER, Colonel Maggie tagged along and started on the ER doctors, "I know you all are busy but don't you dare let this Sgt. languish in the hallways forever."


One of the nurses came up and confirmed, "Don't worry Colonel, Sgt. Blaine is going to get the best care anywhere." The nurse gave me a smoldering look as she continued walking.


Colonel Maggie said, "Well, I need to get going and give that Captain some shit for harassing you. Hell, I might even give him a General Donaldson."


She left, but it took me a couple minutes to figure out what a 'General Donaldson' was. I started to laugh, then the nurse returned to wheel me into a room…


Flashback – Jack – in the hospital


I really wanted to call Masha again to make sure she was okay, but I looked at my watch and realized she'd be asleep. Of all the crazy assed things to have happen to her: She was forced to kill a teenage girl - what's the world coming to? I was thankful as hell that Colonel Maggie took care of the situation so at least I could relax some.


The Corporal came up and announced, "Banzai is here, I took his rifles and packs to the room along with yours."


I asked, "How's he doing?"


The Corporal replied, "I'm not a doctor, but he seemed fine to me. Banzai and the Colonel had a long conversation."


I asked, "Do you know what happened to him?"


He leaned closer and whispered, "From what I understand, he was trying to save medical supplies from the downed medivac chopper when the towelheads hit the downed chopper with two RPGs."


I chuckled because knowing Colonel Maggie like I do, she must have given Banzai a huge load of shit about that.


The Corporal asked, "Is there anything I can do for you Sgt. Reynolds?"


I looked at him and said, "Yeah, you can start calling me Jack instead of Sgt. Reynolds."


He smiled and said, "Okay Jack, I will be back later to see if you need anything else."


Hell, I could get used to having an aide at my beck and call.


Flashback – Masha – The next day


I jumped like crazy when someone touched my shoulder. Louise jumped back and said, "Don't kick my ass Masha, it's just me. I thought you might want to join us for breakfast."


I sat up, my head ached then I remembered the wine from last night and realized the source of my ailment. I sputtered, "Y… Y… You made breakfast?"


Louise laughed (which made my head hurt even more) and replied, "Yeah, I'm sure it won't be as good as one of your meals, but I can boil water without burning it and cook eggs."


I figured out the joke, forced myself to laugh and said, "Please give me a minute in the bathroom and I will be right there."


Louise left, I rushed to the bathroom and vomited into the toilet. Then I splashed some water on my face, rinsed my mouth and headed into the kitchen. Linda saw me and began to coo and goo and suddenly my headache was gone. I walked over, gave Linda a kiss on the cheek and said, "My, are you a happy girl today?"


Louise remarked, "She sure is, she likes staying at Auntie Masha's house."


Louise had made some coffee, which I grudgingly accepted, she put some eggs and potatoes on my plate, sat down and said, "I hope you enjoy it."


I was glad I vomited earlier, because the food looked greasy enough that I knew I would have vomited again after I ate it. I took a fork full, put it in my mouth and remarked, "Thank you, this is really good."


Louise suggested, "Try some of the potatoes."


I took a big fork full, put it in my mouth and to my surprise found it was excellent. There were some onions, and green peppers in it, plus one other taste I couldn't place so I asked, "These are even better, what did you put in them?"


Louse laughed and replied, "So, you're trying to steal my cooking secrets? These potatoes are like my mother made when I was a child, she always added a little maple syrup to them when she cooked them."


I commented, "I didn't know I had any maple syrup."


Louise laughed, "Don't worry, I brought some from the store last night, along with a few more things for Linda. Well, it looks like it's time for me to leave."


Louise kissed Linda, walked out the door and for once Linda didn't even cry. I finished the eggs and potatoes, checked my cabinets and noticed they were practically full. Louise brought much more than a 'few' things.


I did the dishes while Linda played in her chair and then prepared her for her bath. I really enjoyed having Louise here with me full time…


Flashback – Glen – At home the next morning


I slept like shit last night! I called the military academy I put Jennifer in to see how angry she was at me and I was promptly told that Jennifer couldn't come to the phone because she had rebelled and they removed her privileges. I wondered all night long what the sort of fucking place I put Jennifer in and quickly came to a decision.


I walked down for breakfast, Daniela made another great meal but I looked at it and said, "Sorry Daniela, I'm not hungry this morning."


She stared at me and argued, "Señor, what is wrong? You must eat."


I returned the argument, "Like hell I do, Jennifer is always telling me I'm getting fat so missing a meal or two sure won't hurt me."


Somehow Daniela figured it out and replied, "Señor, if you are so worried about Señorita Jennifer, then you should bring her back from that school."



I tried to explain, "Daniela, I'm not sure that I can since I signed a contract with the school and they don't like things like this."


Daniela thought for a moment then suggested, "Señor, if it is only a matter of the money, wouldn't it be worth having her back at home so you would not be a crab in the morning."


I chuckled and protested, "Daniela I am not crabby."


She shook her spoon at me and scolded, "Señor do not try to lie to me, I can tell."


Daniela did have a good idea. If it was only a matter of the tuition, paying it and bringing Jennifer home would be worth it.


I left the table and said, "Well, I'm going to the school to get Jennifer."


Daniela applauded, "That is the spirit Señor."


I made a call to the base and told them I would be in later…


Flashback – Jennifer – the military academy next day


I heard the gulag beotchs coming before they even got close, and I sure as heck didn't like what I heard, "We need to get her cleaned up because her fucking father is here to take her away. It's a damn shame he's taking her out of here. I couldn't wait to break the little bitch – I say we still have some fun with her."


That was all I needed to hear, and now those gulag beotchs were going to rue the day they messed with me. I grabbed the weapons I made when I destroyed the bed and tucked them into my pants, tossed the blanket on my back, scampered up the wall like a spider and waited for them.


They stopped at the door, one of them looked in and said, "Hey, the little bitch escaped."


They opened the door and stepped into the cell in a large group (big mistake!). I pulled the blanket in front of me, landed on top of them covering them with the blanket, pulled the metal bed parts out my pants waist and began to beat the heck out of them. They began to cry, "Quit beating us! We're here to take you to your father – he's waiting for you in the Commandants office – Please stop you're killing us."


I beat them harder and replied, "Don't you ever lie to me again or I will kill you! I heard you coming down the hallway where you said you were going to 'have some fun with me'. Well, now I'm having my fun with you." I kicked some of them as a good measure.


I couldn't believe it when I heard…


Flashback – Alexi – Back in his room


I couldn't believe it when I walked into my room: Everything concerning Chow Mein was gone. I guess they cleaned everything while I was with the psychologist. I looked at the orderly and asked, "Where are Chow Mein's things?"


He said, "We were told to destroy everything belonging to that… that… that cat."


I knew he wanted to call her a devil cat since that was what everyone had started calling her.


I complained, "So now I have nothing of hers as a remembrance?"


He shook his head and said, "No, there's nothing left."


I sat on the bed and felt very mixed emotions…


Flashback – Mira and Ira – A pause


I slowly waken to find my sister Ira working on my wound. Ira sees my eyes open and scolds, "Miranda! Why was I not informed of your injury?"


I smile at her and respond, "My sister Ira, we were obligated to depart the area post of haste and I did not want to be an encumbrance."


Ira surprises me when she lightly slaps my cranial carapace and complains, "Well, my sister, your plan has now rendered our escape intentions inoperable."



Flashback – Todd – On the mission


It was lucky that I found a teller in the bank who signed. I needed to remember that from now on - taking notes to tellers in any bank wasn't a good idea. True to her word, in a little over thirty minutes the teller showed up. The first thing I signed was, "Please forgive me but I never asked your name."


She smile and said, "Don't worry about it, I could see that you were upset. My name is Maria. Now you wanted a place to get cleaned up and then some suitable clothes?"


I nodded in affirmation so Maria took my hand and said, "I know just the place."


She took me down a few blocks, over a few more blocks and down to a 'Russian Bath House'.


I knew that in some countries, bath houses were places where the gay men met, so I looked at her and signed, "Is this place safe for men?"


Maria giggled and answered, "Of course it is. I would never take you to one of 'those' places. Now if you don't mind, I want to pick up my little sister to meet you. It will take me about twenty minutes."


I nodded again in affirmation then Maria took me inside, introduced me to the owner and got me setup for a steam bath and the showers. She squeezed my hand and left.


This place was nice as fuck - I had my own private sauna. I cranked the heat and the steam up until I couldn't stand it and I sweat out what I was sure was a gallon of water. When I came out of the sauna, in true Russian tradition, a shot glass of vodka was waiting for me. I took a sip, it was smooth and sweet, then it hit my stomach and I felt some fire - very nice.


I went to the showers and damn the shower felt great and I must have washed off half a ton of dirt. I really wished my hair was shorter and I had a shave since I never did feel totally clean with long hair and facial stubble.


I finished and realized I had a problem. All I had were my dirty old clothes to put back on - shit why didn't I think about that earlier?


The manager came back with a bag and said, "Maria brought this for you."


I took the bag from him, opened it and inside was a clean change of clothes. I needed to do something serious to thank her for all she had already done. I slipped into the new clothes, put my BDUs into the bag and left it in the corner.


I walked into the waiting area where Maria was there as promised with a younger girl I could only assume was her sister. I walked up and signed, "Thank you for the clean change of clothes. Please introduce me to your sister."


Maria smiled and said/signed, "No problem, I figured you would want something clean to put on. Todd, this is my little sister Gail (she pronounced it Hail because of our location)."


Gail began to sign at such a frantic pace I could only catch the drift of what she said but I did notice when she signed that she said she was happy I was Maria's new boyfriend.


Maria gasped and scolded, "Gail, Todd is not my boyfriend. He's just a friend that needed help at the bank."


I signed, "Gail, please slow up because I can't keep up with you."


Gail got a twinkle in her eyes and slowly signed, "Maria, Todd is a boy, therefore he is your boyfriend."


I countered, "Gail, I am much too old to be called a boy, therefore I am Maria's man-friend."


They both laughed and Maria suggested, "Todd, let's get your haircut and the shave."


We all three held hands and walked over a couple blocks to a barbershop, walked into the shop and the barber said, "I should finish in a few minutes so take a seat."


We sat down and Gail signed, "Why is it they never have any good magazines in barber shops?"


I asked, "What's wrong with them?"


Gail signed, "They are all about cars and sports."


I teased, "Would you rather they have Playboy?"


Gail gasped and rapidly signed, "Gross! Those girls in that magazine aren't even real."


I laughed, the barber announced, "Okay it's your turn."


I sat in the chair, and Maria translated what I wanted and the barber went to work. Damn it felt good to get rid of all that hair and the shave was perfect. There's something about getting a shave at a barbershop that seems so much better than having one anyplace else.


He finished and said, "Okay that will be three fifty."


I pulled out a five dollar bill and the barber said, "I don't have any dollars so I can't give you any change."


I signed and Maria translated, "Don't worry about it, keep the change as a tip for a job well done."


The barber grinned and tucked the bill into his pocket.


We left the barbershop and Gail complained, "I'm hungry."


Maria signed, "Gail, you're always hungry."


I suggested, "Well, how about I take you two out for dinner, do you know a good restaurant?"


Maria replied, "Yes, but we will need to take a taxi to get there."


She hailed a cab, we jumped in the back and Gail kept pushing me up against Maria as the driver took us to the restaurant, it was interesting…