Chapter 069

Together Chapter 069

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Present – Liz and Bernie – Later


We might have overdone some of the exercises Jens gave us as I really worked up a sweat and felt light headed a few times.


Bernie looks at me and says, "Liz, you don't look well."


I answer, "Bernie, this altitude is really kicking my ass."


Bernie scolds me, "Liz, you know better than to exercise too hard. I’m sure you remember what the doctor said. Besides I'm the only one that gets to kick that ass!" To emphasize the point he slaps the hell out of my ass!


I laugh and taunt, "Oh yeah old man, you know I can take you any day of the week." And then, I  kick him in his ass (in a loving manner of course).


Bernie suggests…


Hell, I might have opened a real can of worms playing with Liz since she looks worse than ever now. I back down, "Liz you're right - you could take me any day of the week. How about we head inside, take a shower and then rest until dinner time."


I figure Liz is going to complain but she surprises me when she says, "Bernie, that sounds great to me, but I don't want the shower too hot tonight."


We hold hands, head inside and I worry about Liz…


Present – Ben – Solving the problem


Yeah I knew I was forgetting something! Damn, where in the hell am I going to take them? This fucking mess with Jens and Mira has my head spinning in ten different directions at once. Hells Bells I married Jens because I love her and have for some time. But if Mira's baby is really mine, I have to do the right thing and take care of them. I know I never had sex with Mira, but I sure as hell wasn't sure about my semen: Could they have really recovered some of it? Did they have any left? If so could I use it with Jens? Fuck no, if they did have any left that would mean that I would have to take care of Mira and the baby!


Yasmeen again asks, "Ben, where are you taking us?"


I make a command decision and answer, "Well seeing as you two little shitbirds burned down the cabin, I'm going to find the cheapest and worst hotel I can to put us in."


Mira insults me when she answers, "Ben that is fine because I could not abide to live in that cabin with your ex-wife."


Ira includes, "Anyplace will be better than that prison from which we were heretofore liberated."


I angrily correct Mira, "Mira! Jens is my wife! You and your family were at the wedding and watched me marry her."


Mira confounds me with her response, "Ben, we did observe the farcical ceremony. Because it was not performed by a Russian Orthodox priest, it is therefore not valid."


I swear, "Mira, I don't care which fucking priest performed our wedding, we also have a marriage license that says it's legal."


I knew I had been baited when Mira laughs, "Ben, has that document been filed with the government?"


I sputter, "Well…well…well no - I didn't file it yet."


Mira smiles at me and says, "Then your marriage isn't legal and we can get married."


I profusely bitch, "Like hell we can get married! Mira if that is my baby, which I highly doubt, then I will take care of it but there is no way in hell I will marry you."


Mira begins to cry and I feel like shit. But I do know what I must do after I find a motel…


Present – Thom – At the warehouse


Stacy Summers has insulted Jennifer in some of the worst possible ways that she could. I decide to enhance my plans with Jennifer so I loudly announce a gigantic lie, "Jennifer, don't waste your energy on that piece of trash, I knew her grandmother and coming from that lineage Stacy Summers is not worth it."


Stacy takes the bait and asks, "You knew grandmamma?"


I laugh and continue the BS, "Hell yes but not in the way you're thinking. I meant in the biblical sense of the word."


I could tell I hit a home run when she lunged toward me but her body guard stopped her. She swore, "Bill, let me go so I can teach this old fart a lesson."


Her body guard whispers in her ear, she begins to calm until I throw gasoline on the lie, "That's right, me and many men knew your grandmother. Hell she needed a sign over her bed that said, 'millions served'."


This time she broke free and began to attack me. She fought well, but didn't fight dirty. I feigned an injury, she pressed the attack but let down her guard so I bloodied the hell out of her nose and knocked her on her ass.


Her body guard moved toward me when we heard, "What the hell are you all doing?"


It was the Sheriff. I was glad as hell he stopped the fight because I wasn't sure I could handle the bodyguard. The bodyguard walked over to Stacy, helped her up and complained, "Jim, he assaulted Ms. Summers. We want to press changes."


I hold up my hands and counter, "Jim, I was just defending myself since Stacy Summers attacked me first." Jennifer and Linus come to my defense and the next thing you know everyone is trying to talk at once.


Jim has his fill of it, blows his whistle, we all stop talking and he orders, "Stacy Summers and her crew, move to that side of the building. Jens and her crew move to the other side of the building. If there is any more fighting, I will arrest all of you."


We move to the different sides of the building specified by the Sheriff while I practically laugh as Jennifer and Stacy glare at each other.


Jennifer asks me…


Present – Jens – At the warehouse


I was impressed that Thom stood up for me and it was great to see him bloody the beotchs nose. I wish I could have done that.


I ask, "Thom did you really know the beotchs grandmother?"


Thom laugh and crows, "Hell no I didn't, but I can trash talk with the best of them."


Linus interjects, "Thom that was a sneaky move you used on her, pretending to be injured."


Thom continues the crowing, "Well, when you're my age you learn that if you're going to fight, never fight fair."


I ask, "So what was it like hitting the beotch in the nose?"


Thom smiles at me and says, "I'm sure you will find out yourself someday."


My phone rings, I look at it and see it's Gretchen so I answer, "Hey Gretchen what do you need?"


Gretchen informs me, "Jens, we might have a hit off the traffic cameras."


I get excited, "Where did you see Ben's truck?"


Gretchen answers, "Several cameras on Colfax Ave. caught his truck. Unfortunately, we're not sure exactly where."


My excitement wanes a little as I say, "Well good work, let me know if you can give me a more accurate location."


I look at Linus and Thom then say, "Gretchen saw Ben's truck on several of the traffic cameras on Colfax Ave. so we might have his location soon."


Thom shoots down my meager hope when he says, "Colfax Ave.! Hells Bells Playboy called that street, 'the longest, wickedest street in America'. It's like 26 miles long and finding Ben there will be almost as bad as looking for a needle in a haystack."


Linus further depresses me when he says, "This information won't do us any good because we don't have a vehicle to drive."


Thom then tries to cheer me up, "Jennifer, don't be so sad, at least we know that Stacy isn't having any luck at finding Ben. In fact we now have information that she doesn't have."


Present – Stacy – At the warehouse


I couldn't stand what the mouthy old fart said about Grandmamma and thought I would teach him a lesson. I was doing well until I thought he was hurt. I went in to finish him off and the old fart hit me square in the nose.


Bill begins to work on my nose, he holds an instant icepack to my face and says, "Ms. Summers the good news is your nose isn't broken. However, you're going to probably have a couple of black eyes from this."


I swear, "Bill, that old fart tricked me."


Bill laughs, "Ms. Summers, you need to learn that most people, especially older people, don't fight fair. I do apologize to you since we've been too lax on your training and that needs to stop. Also it wasn't wise to antagonize Jennifer Blaine…"


I interrupt, "Bill, don't you dare call her that in front of me again."


Bill asks, "What do you want me to call her Ms. Summers?"


I reply, "The bitch is a good name for her."


He continues to work on my nose…


Present – Samantha – At the warehouse


I can't believe how bad it is in this back room. There are rows and rows of cells packed with women and some men, but the worst part is the smell. It begins to bother me when Vic, who is following me, hands me his shemage and suggests, "Ms. Stevens, cover your nose with this, it will help to fend off the stench."


I gladly accept as he helps me wrap it around my face while the police begin to order us to video specific parts of this prison. I double check with John my cameraman, "Do we have enough extra batteries and tape to take care of the needs of the police and also shoot a report for the Truth Network."


John assures me, "Don't worry Samantha, I've got you covered."


Things are going well when the two officers from the CBI who I know and some other men in suits arrive. They walk over to me and say, "Samantha Stevens from the Truth Network, these are agents of the FBI. I told them that we can again count on you to film this crime scene."


A tall FBI agent walks up, shakes my hand and says, "Ms. Stevens, I'm SSA Aaron Hotchner and we do appreciate the use of your cameraman. However we are going to ask you to not do a news report because this is an ongoing investigation."


I quickly decide to play hardball, "Agent Hotchner, I will only agree to film this for you if I am able to run some sort of report. Otherwise we will pack up our camera and leave."


The CBI agents come to my rescue, "Let us talk to Agent Hotchner and see if we can come to some sort of compromise."


I motion to John to kill the camera and he does so while the agents talk things over. They come back over to me and Agent Hotchner says, "Okay, you can do a report, but it can't contain too many details."


I know I can't push him any further so I agree and we begin to document things for the FBI and the CBI.


The images of the prisoners are haunting and I'm not sure how I will ever get them out of my mind. I never dreamed I would ever see depravity of this magnitude.


Present – Liz and Bernie – Later that night


After a cool refreshing shower and a great dinner from Mabel, Bernie and I are relaxing in the main room watching TV when we hear, "We interrupt your normal programming for a Special Report."


Bernie looks at me and says, "I wonder what's going on."


Samantha comes on the screen and says, "Greetings America, this is Samantha Stevens from the Truth Network. Sorry to interrupt your normal program, but this will be a short and sweet report. We just witnessed the release of close to one hundred prisoners, mostly women, who were destined to be sold into sexual slavery. I would love to show you video of their prison cells, but it would be too graphic for most of you. I am with Sheriff Jim Freeman from the Leadville Sheriff Department who was instrumental in ending the captivity of these women. Sheriff Jim, could you tell me how you accomplished this when other agencies had failed."


Sheriff Jim replies, "Thank you for the praise Ms. Stevens, but I do have to say it was more luck than anything else. We came across a crime scene in Leadville which started everything. I was then able to assign the right man to handle the job."


Samantha asks, "Who did you assign the case?"


Sheriff Jim says, "I was lucky because an old friend of mine showed up, I'm sure most of your viewers know Ben Blaine."


Samantha continues, "Yes, I'm sure most of America knows him, especially after I covered their wedding. Could you tell me where he is now so we can ask him some questions?"


Sheriff Jim continues, "Sorry, but he's off on another assignment."


Samantha comes back on and closes, "Thank you Sheriff Jim for your time, we will now return you to your scheduled program."


The show continues, I look at Bernie and comment, "Well I guess we know where Sam's been."


Bernie answers, "Liz, did you get a look at her clothes? She looked great."


I grumpily reply, "I sure did Bernie and I'm not too happy about it."


Liz and Bernie weren't the only ones who watched the report with great interest…