Chapter 070

Together Chapter 070

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Flashback – Ben – Back at the base


At least my hands were free this time, so it didn't feel like I was being raped. But the nurse sure did her best to wear me out. When we were done she said, "Get used to it hero, I'm the first of many nurses who want to thank you for saving Cindy."


She left and the doctor came in, began to check me over and complained, "Damn, it smells like hot sweaty sex in this room, sorry about that. I will get the janitorial crew to take care of it after you leave."


I asked, "So doctor, when can I leave?"


He replied, "You had a hell of a concussion, so we'd like to keep you on the base overnight just to make sure there are no complications but you can return to your quarters right away. By the way, you did a great job on Sgt. Reynolds, thanks for not closing the wound."


I asked another question, "How is Sgt. Reynolds doing?"


The doctor said, "We're a little concerned about the level of pain he's having, it should have subsided by now. But he needs to stay here for about a month."


The Corporal came in and asked, "Can I take Banzai to his room?"


The doctor said, "Yeah, get him out of here, but if he has any symptoms make sure you bring him back immediately."


We began to walk to my room and the Corporal asked, "What symptoms am I supposed to be looking for?"


I replied, "Nausea, headaches, dizziness - those are the big symptoms."


The Corporal suggested, "Would you like to see Jack before we head to the room?"


I replied, "That's a great idea."


We took a detour…


Flashback – Jack – in the hospital


I was damn near asleep when I heard, "I should have known you'd be goldbricking."


I opened my eyes and countered, "At least I have a real injury!"


Banzai smiled and asked, "Jack you look worried, what the hell is wrong?"


I replied, "Banzai, I'm damn worried." Then I told him about what happened to Masha and when I finished Banzai said, "Jack, I'm going to make some calls…"


I interrupted, "…Banzai, Colonel Maggie already took care of it. She had the base commander call the police department and arrange for better coverage in the area. But I still worry about Masha since she sounded like hell when we talked."


Banzai apologized, "Sorry about this Jack, it's partially my fault. If I hadn't given her a map of the city and bus routes none of this would have happened."


I countered, "Now Banzai, don't go tying yourself up in knots over this. Hell you've done so much for us already – we wouldn't even be married if it wasn't for you."


Banzai shook his head and I could tell my words fell on deaf ears, "No Jack, I have to share some of the blame for this."


Colonel Maggie walked up just in time to hear Banzai's reply and said, "Sgt. Blaine, what did you do this time?"


Banzai replied, "Sorry Sir, but I am partially responsible for Masha's problems. I gave her a map of the city and the bus routes."


Colonel Maggie chewed his ass, "Sgt. Blaine I will not have you taking any responsibility for this! Especially because Jack's wife was certainly in the right place at the right time." She looked at both of us and continued, "Jack and Ben, you don't have all the details. I talked to the base commander and he told me the girl that Masha killed was the ringleader of a ruthless teenage gang which had terrorized the city for months. They targeted buses and if they didn't get what they wanted, they raped and killed some of the passengers. Hell, we had several Marines who lost family members to them. Jack, you should be damn proud of your wife! If Masha is having problems with this, I will have the base chaplain stop by and talk to her. If that doesn't help, then she can go to the base for psychiatric care. Damn you two are worse than a couple of old women, so stop worrying about a situation that's been taken care of."


I replied, "Sorry Sir, the next time I talk to Masha I will tell her about your offers."


Banzai looked down and said, "Sorry Sir! You are right, I didn't have all the information."


Colonel Maggie asked, "And now that both of you are informed, how do you feel?"


I said, "I feel much better, Sir."


Banzai replied, "I feel better about what happened, but I'm sorry that Masha had to go through the ordeal."


Colonel Maggie left and Banzai said, "Jack, I'm still sorry about this and that Masha has to face this all alone."


I slapped my head and replied, "Damn Banzai, I forgot to tell you, she's made a crap load of friends so she's not alone. Hell they were having a little party at the house when I called."


Banzai looked at me and smiled, "Jack, you wouldn't be pulling my leg would you?"


I swore, "Dammit Banzai, I'm not lying to you."


Banzai leaned close so the Corporal couldn't hear and told me, "Jack you need to get off the damn shots because the doctors are starting to worry about you. If they do an examination on your back…"


I interrupted, "…Banzai, don't worry, the real reason I stayed here was to be close to the phone to call Masha."


Banzai relaxed, turned to the Corporal and said, "Well, I'm ready to head to my room and get a shower."


I teased, "I wasn't going to say anything but you do smell like sex."


Banzai shook his head and replied, "Jack, if you only knew the half of it."


I grinned at him and said, "Banzai, I heard what's in store for you, enjoy yourself."


They left and I did feel much better. Shit, I should have asked Colonel Maggie to go to the room too…


Flashback – Masha – The next day


I made up my mind! I needed to talk to Louise when she came back to the house. Taking care of Linda certainly helped today to take my mind of the terrible act of killing the teenager. However the day still seemed to pass interminably slow. I was concerned over what Louise's answer would be and if she said no, I would be very sad.


I made dinner tonight - chicken breasts, a Russian salad and a lettuce salad. Finally the time arrived and I heard the car pull into my driveway. I double-checked to make sure it was Louise and it was. She grabbed several large bags out of the back seat and I met her at the door with Linda. Linda saw Louise and began to coo while Louise said, "Please take these bags, while I take Linda." We exchanged what we were holding, Louise kissed Linda many times and asked, "Were you a good girl for Auntie Masha today."


I replied, "She was great, we had so much fun today. I will tell you all about it over dinner."


We sat at the table, Linda in her high chair, and I served dinner. Louise commented, "Masha, I don't know how you do it. You take care of Linda all day and still have time to make a great dinner."


I bit my lower lip and replied, "Louise I sort of wanted to talk to you about that…"


Louise interrupted, "…Masha don't tell me you don't want to take care of Linda anymore?"


I shook my head and said, "No Louise, what I wanted to ask you is that since Jack is gone and we have an extra room, if you would like to move in here full time?"


Louise smiled and said, "Masha, I was hoping to do that but was afraid to ask. But where are we going to put the furniture from my apartment?"


I asked, "How many things do you have?"


Louise said, "Not too many and some of them aren't even worth bringing here."


I said, "There's room in the garage, let's see if they will fit in there."


We walked into the garage and Louise said, "Oh yeah, my stuff will fit in here just fine. So when can I move in?"


I suggested, "How about this weekend, perhaps Michael will help you move?"


Louise said, "This will be great and will save me lots of money, heck I can even walk to work now."


I felt much better knowing that Louise would be staying here with me.


Flashback – Jennifer – the military academy next day


I'm thoroughly kicking the gulag beotchs rears after I heard them threaten me coming down the hallway. Then I suddenly hear, "Jennifer, what the hell are you doing?"


I recognized that voice - it's Daddy.


I heard another voice yell, Ms. Donaldson, stop beating up the staff."


The commandant rushed into the cell but made the mistake of grabbing my arm. I broke free and began to whale on him with the metal parts from the bed.


He yelled, "Glen, call her off!


Daddy ordered, "Jennifer I've come to take you home."


I yelled, "Daddy, there's no way I'm coming home! There are too many terrible things happening to the students here and I'm going to get to the bottom of it."


Because I was distracted beating the commandant, I didn't notice that the gulag beotchs escaped the blanket until one of them grabbed me from behind and pinned my arms to my side. She spun me around and another one of them began to punch me.


Daddy yelled, "No one punches my daughter and gets away with it!" Then Daddy rushed into the fray past me, and knocked out the beotch who was punching me. The commandant spun to fight Daddy, but it didn't last very long since Daddy knocked him on his rear while I went back to inflicting blows on the gulag beotchs. Without the blankets I could see the welts which raised on their faces and arms where I hit them.


Daddy motioned toward the doorway with his head, I understood what he wanted to do, we slowly worked our way into the hallway then Daddy slammed the cell door closed.


They began to yell, "Let us out of here – you can't do that to us – Glen be reasonable!"


Daddy yelled back, "I am being fucking reasonable since I didn't kill any of you for what you've done. Don't worry, I'm calling in the police to get to the bottom of what's going on here."


We turned down the hallway and were surprised when the students were there and began to cheer.


Flashback – Alexi – Back in his room


Yes, I had mixed emotions about Chow Mein: I felt badly that she injured so many people but I never dreamed, in my wildest flights of imagination, that she would become insanely violent. It made me question what the pills I diverted from myself to Chow Mein had been doing to me!


'Father' came into my room and I asked, "Were you able to determine why 'mother' killed Chow Mein?"


He shook his head, "Sorry Alexi, your mother wouldn't talk about it."


I further asked, "'Father', do you have any supposition of what caused 'mother' to kill Chow Mein?"


He smiled at me and responded, "Yes Alexi I do, however I was asked not to talk to you about it."


I questioned, "By the psychologist?"


'Father' confirmed my thoughts when he said, "That's correct Alexi. He is recovering from his injuries and wants to put this whole incident behind us."


When 'father' told me this it gave me a new idea for creating mayhem…


Flashback – Mira and Ira – continuing


I began to rise and my sister Ira complained, "Miranda, what is it that you are accomplishing to attempt?"


I smiled at her and replied, "I will not terminate our escape."


Ira informed me, "Miranda if you continue to writhe, you will undo the work I've done to staunch the bleeding."


I fight my way to my feet and order, "Ira we must continue our escape." I began to run and then…


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


The restaurant to which Maria took us appeared wonderful and it served a variety of local dishes. Maria smiled at me and asked, "Todd, do you trust me?"


I signed, "Of course I do."


Gail teased and signed, "Oh boy, you are in trouble now."


We got a nice table, away from the kitchen and Maria ordered for all three of us and included a bottle of wine. The waiter came out, poured us each a glass of wine and it was my turn to tease, "Gail seems young to be drinking wine."


Gail quickly signed, "There is no age limit on drinking wine here, besides it's safer than drinking the water."


I continued to tease, "Well if you get drunk, I don't want you throwing up on me."


Gail mimed throwing up and we all laughed.


I had a surprise when the food came as it was served 'family style'. Maria took a plate and served me, then Gail and finally a plate for herself.


I started to eat and Gail scolded in a flurry of hand waving, "We did not pray first!"


We bowed our heads and Maria said the prayer then I took my first bite - it was some of the best food I have ever eaten…