Chapter 071

Together Chapter 071

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Present – Bernie and Liz – Later that night after Sam's report


Wow, I never realized that Liz felt so threatened by Samantha. Hell, I always thought that she was sort of like the kid sister Liz never had. Now I feel like I am in the middle of a mine field with very little chance of escape. I try my best to put a good spin on things when I say, "Come on Liz, if Sam has updated her look then it's even better for the station."


Liz looks at me and replies, "Bernie we need to go to Denver tomorrow and go shopping because I need some maternity clothes that won't make me look like a cow."


I know better to say anything else so I reply, "Liz, that's a great idea."


Present – Ben – Solving the problem


The one thing about Colfax Ave. in Denver is that there is no shortage of places to stay, even if most of them catered to prostitutes. I pulled into one of the many 'no tell motels' and ordered, "Everyone stay in the fucking truck. I'm going to check the rooms to make sure they aren't infested with bed bugs."


I head into the front desk, notice the desk clerk ogling room cameras, turn around and immediately march back to the truck. I climb inside, start her up and Yasmeen asks, "What was wrong with this place?"


I shook my head and said, "The fuckers had hidden cameras in the rooms."


We drive a short way further when Mira points and asks, "Ben my love, how about there?"


I bark at her, "Mira, I'm sure as hell not your love so get that through your hormone addled brain." I continue, "However I do think this one might work. Again, stay in the truck and I will check it out."


We had lucked into what was probably the only chain hotel on all of Colfax Ave. I walk into the lobby, the concierge smiles at me and asks, "How may we help you today?"


I return the smile and request, "I was hoping to rent some rooms." I did some quick math and continued, "Do you have four rooms available?"


She replies, "You're lucky because we have a large group checking out this afternoon."


I answer, "That's great. Let me pay you for the rooms now. What time will they be available?"


She begins to get my particulars, and says, "Come back about three and they will be ready for you."


I ask, "Is there a Ross or similar clothing store around here?"


She gives me excellent directions for the store then I return to the truck and tell them, "Our rooms will be ready at three, so until then we need to get some clothes for you to wear."


Mira, Ira and Yasmeen all complain, "Ben, we can't go into a store dressed like this."


Shit! I hadn't thought of that but they were right - not only did they look like refugees, they smelled even worse. I thought for a moment and decided, "You're right, I will go into the store and get clothes for you."


Yasmeen reminds me, "Ben, if we change into our new clothes before we shower, we will get them dirty."


I say, "Okay, change of plans. I will get the clothes and you can wait to change until after we're back at the hotel."


Yasmeen continues pestering me, "Ben, I also need some feminine products." Ira interjects, "Yes Ben, I also need some products to remove the filth left inside my orifices."


I put my foot down, "There's no fucking way I'm buying that shit for you. Once you're cleaned up, I will take you to a store and you can buy it yourself."


I drive to the clothing store, stop the truck and again order, "Don't fucking leave the truck!"


I grab whatever I can that I figure will fit them, pay what seems to be an exorbitant sum of money, grab one more thing that I know will help, head back to the truck and thank God everyone is still there.


I check my watch and see that it's close enough to three that I can head back to the hotel…


Present – Thom – At the warehouse


So far my plan is working great! With Maria tied up with their brat and Linus busy with helping her, I figure I might be able to come up with a sweet arrangement of working for Jennifer. My fight with Stacy 'The Bitch' Summers went a long way in establishing me in Jennifer's good stead. Now all I needed to do is come up with a way for us to hunt for Ben. I ponder the idea and come up with a hell of a solution.


I walk over to Jennifer but since she's on the phone, I wait until she's finished and announce, "I've solved our transportation problems."


Jennifer gives me a questioning look and asks, "How did you do that?"


I smile at her and reply, "Well, one of the choppers out there is a TSIFFTS chopper, so we simply reallocate it to finding Ben."


Jennifer jumps up and down for joy and says, "That's great because Gretchen finally found a potential location for Ben. Let's go!"


Linus calms her down by saying, "Jens, we can't be leaving until we check with Sheriff Jim."


Jennifer orders, "Linus, you go take care of that. Thom, please go talk with the chopper crew."


Present – Jens – At the warehouse


I can't believe our incredible luck! Gretchen got the general location of Ben's truck from the traffic light cameras then Thom (the old fart) figured out we could use the TSIFFTS chopper and Linus is going to clear leaving with the Sheriff. When I do find Ben again, I have a plan that he won't be able to refuse…


Present – Stacy and Samantha – At the warehouse


What the hell is that bitch getting all excited about? Shit! She's jumping up and down like a kanga-fucking-roo! One of her men heads toward the Sheriff and the other sneaky old fart that punched me in the nose heads outside towards the choppers.


I begin to move and Bill complains, "Stacy hold still!"


I reply with an order, "Bill, something the hell is going on. The bitch got all excited about something, one of her men headed toward the Sheriff and the sneaky old fart that punched me in the nose acted like he was heading toward the choppers. Please find out what's happening."


Samantha returns and asks, "Stacy, what happened to you?"


Bill interjects, "Sam, since you and Vic are back, can you take care of Stacy while I go do some things…"


I reply, "Certainly," and begin to hold the cold pack against Stacy's face.


Stacy comments, "Nice shemage, it goes well with your outfit."


I smile and say, "Vic gave it to me because the smell in there was terrible. Then… then… then you wouldn't believe what the prisoners started doing! They were throwing their shit at us and Vic shielded me from it."


Vic comments additionally, "It's probably a good thing you can't smell anything because some of them had wicked good aims. They were upset we wouldn't let them out. It mostly reminded me of a bunch of monkeys at the zoo."


Samantha continues, "Stacy, I'm not sure if some of those women will ever be sane again. The description of what was done to them by the trafficker agents – well I never believed there was that sort of evil in the world."


I've finally stopped Stacy's nose bleed and continue to hold the instant ice pack against her face and ask, "You never did tell me what happened to you?"


Stacy answers as well as her stopped up nose lets her, "I got in a fight with one of the bitch's men when he insulted grandmamma. I was doing great until he acted like he was hurt and when I went in for the kill, he got my nose."


Vic asks, "Don't tell me, it was the old Special Forces guy?"


Stacy responds, "Yeah, he's the one. How did you know?"


Vic smiles and says, "Those old guys never fight fair and almost always use the 'they're hurt' trick."


Bill comes back and interrupts, "Stacy, one of Jennifer's…" Stacy gives Bill a very dirty look and he quickly corrects his statement, "Sorry, one of the bitch's minions hacked into the Denver traffic cameras and they have an approximate location on Ben Blaine. The old fart is Thom, he's with the TSIFFTS and that was their chopper we used. They are setting up to go find Ben Blaine…"


I jump to my feet and order, "Bill, choose your best men and get them out to our chopper and tell the rest we will figure out a way to get them back to Leadville. There's no way in hell the bitch is going to beat me to finding Ben."


Samantha asks, "Stacy, can we tag along?"


I look at Bill and Bill answers, "I don't foresee there being a firefight or anything so there shouldn't be a problem. If there is one, Vic and I can probably handle it."


I look over and the bitch and her crew is already gone. I expound, "Let's get the hell to out chopper!"


Present – Liz and Bernie – Later that night


My phone rings, I look at it and see it's the station calling. I answer and say, "Yes I saw Samantha's report and she did a hell of a job."


The station manager says exactly what I don't want to hear, "We've gotten more calls on her outfit than you could believe. Man it was wise to update her clothes."


I ignore his comment and ask the million dollar question, "How were the ratings?"


He laughs, "Liz, they were through the roof. Hell, all the other stations are clamoring for us to share her report. What the hell do you want us to do?"


That is good news! I think for a moment, realize this will be a real coup for our network, put aside my childish behavior and reply, "Let them have it but make sure they have to run it with our bylines and get promises of future sharing from them."


He says, "Great idea, I will get right on it."


I hang up the phone and begin to cry while Bernie holds me…


Hell, I could tell that was the station and I figured out that Samantha's new look was part of the conversation. Women and their damn competitive streak over looks! It was enough to drive a man to drink – hell, too bad I gave up drinking when Liz got knocked up.


I continue to comfort Liz and say, "Liz, this is going to be really good for the Network and will probably boost our viewers."


Liz cries even harder and complains, "Bernie shut the hell up!"


Present – The 'others' – Later that night


Yes, Samantha's report was a success in many ways, however it started something that everyone thought had ended years ago.


There was a meeting in a dark warehouse late that night and plans began to formulate…