Chapter 072

Together Chapter 072

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Flashback – Ben – Back at the base


The Corporal took me back to my room where there's a nurse waiting at the door. She gave me a wicked smile complained, "It's about time you got here - I've been waiting for almost an hour."


I glared at her and asked, "Don't tell me, you're next?"


The Corporal innocently asked, "Next for what?"


She laughed and added, "That's for Banzai Ben to know and for you to not find out. Thank you Corporal for bringing him here to me but now you need to make yourself scarce."


He leaned close and whispered, "Banzai, I think you're going to get really lucky."


I didn't have the heart to tell him that all I really wanted to do was sleep. I unlocked the padlock, opened the door and she barely waited until the door closed…


Flashback – Jack – in the hospital


I finally got hold of a nurse and asked, "Hey, I'm feeling better so can I get out of here and head to my room?"


She grinned at me and said, "Sorry Sgt. Reynolds, but your room is occupied right now so you have to stay here until tomorrow."


I complained, "Occupied, what the hell do you mean?"


She teased, "Come on Sgt. you know what's going on in your room. Don't play dumb with me."


Then I realized what she was talking about - Banzai was getting 'taken care of'.


I continued the complaints, "Damn, can't you all find some other place to do that?"


She laughed and said, "Not really since private rooms are in short supply around here. Now is there anything else I can get for you besides your room?"


I admitted, "I am a bit hungry???"


She interrupted, "… Your dinner will be here in about an hour. However, I could bring you some Jell-O until then."


I figured what the hell so I said, "That would be good."


She came back in a few minutes with the Jell-O. When I looked at it, it didn't look right: It was all cloudy and had some chunks in it, so I asked, "What's wrong with this?"


She clued me in, "I guess you didn't hear but our cook isn't very good."


I added, "Not very good! If he can't even make Jell-O then he must not be a cook. Shit, I was making Jell-O when I was a boy."


She laughed and asked, "So do you still want your Jell-O?"


I replied, "Fuck no! Get that shit away from me."


She threw it in the trash as one of the other men came up and said, "You're smart not to eat that shit. I ate some of the Jell-O and was sick for a week."


This was going to be a long month if I couldn't even eat the food here.


I decided I needed to find the Corporal and see about getting an MRE…


Flashback – Masha – The evening


We had a great time at dinner as I was so happy that Louise and Linda were going to stay here with me. After dinner Louise announced, "Well, if I'm going to live here with you I need to earn my keep. Auntie Masha you take it easy tonight and let me do the dishes and clean up."


I complained, "Louise, you worked all day. Why don't you get reacquainted with Linda while I clean up the kitchen."


Louise smiled at me and said, "That would be great, but I'm making the popcorn tonight for the movie we're going to watch."


I was surprised and responded, "Louise, I hate to tell you this but I have no idea how to run the television and disc player."


She replied, "Masha, it can't be that hard to figure out. I'll look at it when we're ready."


I quickly cleaned up the dishes and the kitchen, we went into the living room and Louise began to mess with the television and stereo. She asked, "Masha do you know where the remotes are for this?"


I opened the drawer on the coffee table and handed four remotes to her. She looked at them and complained, "What the heck! Four remotes?" She then studied them and continued, "Well, this one is for the TV." Looked at another and remarked, "This is for the stereo." She looked at the other two remote controllers and surrendered, "I have no idea what these are for."


She pointed the remote controller for the television toward the large set, pressed the power button but nothing happened. I grinned at her and said, "That's what happened when I tried to use the television. You might as well give up because none of it works."


Louise acquired a look of serious determination on her face and said, "Give up heck! I've just begun to fight!"


She crawled behind the television and remarked, "Well it's unplugged! No wonder it didn't work."


She plugged everything in then came around the front of the television, pointed the remote at it, pressed the power button and this time it came on. However, there was a very grainy picture and no sound.


Louise complained, "Where in the heck is the sound?"


She looked at the stereo, noticed the speakers around the room and postulated, "Perhaps Jack has this setup for surround sound?"


She turned on the stereo, there was a click and then a massive volume of noise came out of all corners of the room. It scared Linda who began to cry. Louise asked, "Masha, can you take care of Linda while I figure this out?"


I scooped up Linda and comforted her while Louise still played with the television and stereo. She turned down the sound, punched some more buttons on the remote and said, "Hey, I think I finally figured this out. Now how do we turn on the DVD player?"


I suggested, "Perhaps one of the other remotes?"


She picked up the first remote, pointed it at the television pressed a button and everything turned off, then she swore, "What in the hell!" She looked at the remote controller and said, "Well, I think this is a master remote which controls everything." She pressed the same button again, everything came back on but this time there was a picture and sound which was really loud! Once again Linda began to cry so I suggested, "Louise, I will take Linda into the other room while you play with the television."


Louise agreed, "Thanks Masha, I need to figure this out and I don't want to be scaring Linda the whole time."


We moved into the spare room, which soon would be Louise and Linda's room, sat on the floor and began to play with some toys while the noise and swearing continued in the living room. I did need to talk to Louise about swearing in front of Linda, but not now while she was battling with the television and stereo.


About thirty minutes later Louise stuck her head into the room and announced, "Okay, I've figured it out and we're ready to watch the movie. Let me make some popcorn and then we can sit down and enjoy the rest of the evening. By the way, your husband must be some sort of genius to configure your home entertainment center so well."


I informed her, "Oh Jack didn't do that, it was Ben."


Louise asked, "Who's Ben?"


I replied, "He's the sniper who Jack spots for and has done more things for Jack and me than you could ever imagine. In fact, if it wasn't for Ben, we never would have been married! And not only that, he was the one who made sure I got my green card so I could come to America."


Louise smiled and said, "Well he's a genius. He provided one master control that does everything, once you figure it out." She paused bit her lower lip and asked, "Hey, have you ever seen Jiffy Pop popcorn?"


I shook my head no and Louise continued, "Well bring the kid and come and watch, it's amazing."


We followed Louise to the kitchen where she pulled this little frying pan looking thing out of the cabinet, took a cardboard cover off the top and said, "Now watch this." She turned on the stove, put the pan on top and began to shake it back and forth. Linda was fascinated with it and soon we heard the unmistakable sound of the corn popping. The silver top of the pan swelled and resembled a silver pregnant belly. The popping slowed, Louise pulled it off the stove, set it on an oven mitten and asked, "Where do you keep your big bowls."


I handed Linda to her, went to the lower cabinets, pulled out a big bowl and then placed it on the counter.


Louise handed Linda back to me, then she took the Jiffy Popcorn, tore the silver pregnant belly open and dumped delicious smelling popcorn into the bowl. She smiled at me and confided, "Now for the secret ingredient."


She went to the refrigerator, opened the door, took out the parmesan cheese and dumped some on the popcorn. She picked up the bowl, grabbed a bottle of wine with two glasses and we walked into the living room.


I asked, "What movie are we going to watch?"


Louise replied, "Have you ever seen Monty Pythons In Search of the Holy Grail?"


I shook my head no and Louise said, "Oh boy! Are you in for a real treat!"


We sat down, Louise started the movie and I jumped like crazy because the sound came from behind me. Louise giggled and said, "Masha, that's called surround sound, so don't have a heart attack."


I was ashamed to admit but I didn't understand some of the movie, especially the opening credits that talked about a moose and were in fake Swedish? However, the part with the rabbit and the Holy hand grenade from Antioch were very funny. The best scenes were the French insults from the castles.


By the time the movie was over, the popcorn and wine were gone. Louise asked, "Masha, the same sleeping arrangements as last night?"


I yawned and said, "Yes Louise. At least until we get your furniture here from your apartment."


Louise and Linda got ready for bed first, then it was my turn. By the time I finished in the bathroom and came back into the bedroom, they were both asleep. I laid on the bed and thanked God for finding friends like Louise and Linda…


Flashback – Jennifer – the military academy next day


Daddy looked at me and asked, "Jennifer, what in the hell is going on?"


The girls began to shout, "Jennifer! Jennifer! Jennifer!"


Then one of them stepped forward and said, "Jennifer, it's me Rachel. Thank you for saving us."


I told Daddy, "Daddy, this is the girl who gave me a blanket and food last night."


Daddy looked at her and said, "Thank you Rachel for helping my daughter last night. Jennifer was telling me about some bad things happening at this school?"


Daddy no sooner finished than we were practically accosted by the other girls as they all began to talk at once - the stories they told were sick and frightening. I realized how lucky I was that I didn't become another one of the stories.


Daddy said, "Don't worry girls, the administration is all locked up in a cell and I'm calling the police to come and investigate this school. If even half of what I've heard is true, then the whole staff will be going to prison."


It surprised the heck out of both of us when many girls began to cry and ran up to hug Daddy and me.


Daddy pulled away and said, "Jennifer, I need to call the base and call the police, please stay here and help these girls."


I saluted and said, "Yes Sir! General Sir!"


Daddy glared at me, then his face softened as he said, "Sorry Jennifer, I did deserve that."


Daddy left while I continued to talk with the girls…


Flashback – Alexi – Back in his room


I gave 'father' a very dejected look and replied, "But father, how can I put this behind me without being able to talk about it?"


'Father' looked at me and replied, "Alexi, that's a great question and I'm sure the psychologist will love to answer it. But for right now, I do not feel comfortable talking to you about it."


I laid on my bed, feigned depression and began to cry, this time for real…


"Father' comforted me, "Alexi, don't be so upset, it really was for the best."


I complained, "Father how could you say that, Chow Mein was a member of the family, and now she's gone."


"Father tried to justify all that happened, "But Alexi every family loses a member occasionally…"


I interrupted, "…So what is going to happen when you lose me?"


'Father tried to justify around that, "Alexi that will never happen."


I fought, "I do not believe that. 'Father' please leave my room."


He left and said, "Alexi, I will send in the psychologist."


Good, my plan was working better than ever.


Flashback – Ira and Mira – continuing


My sister Mira is akin to a jackass! When I finally staunch the sanguineous flow from her wound, she fights to her feet, attempts to locomotivate and promptly loses consciousness again. I drag her corporeal derriere into the bushes to conceal our corporeal selves and then began once more to administer aid to her wound.


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


Gail signs, "Do you know what would make this meal perfect?"


There's a mischievous twinkle in her eyes so I intentionally fall for the bait, "I have no idea Gail, please tell us."


She grins and suggests, "I was thinking champagne to toast our new friendship."


I grin and sign, "That's an excellent idea! Too bad that you're too young to drink."


She pouts and signs, "But I drink all the time at home."


I continue with the teasing, "But this is not your home and I don't want to get in trouble with the local law for getting a young girl drunk."


She sassily signs, "Oh you don't have to worry about me, Maria's a cheap drunk."


Maria complains, "Gail you take that back, you know it's a lie." She turns to me and continues, "Sorry Todd, Gail has it in her mind that we're a couple."


I grin at both of them and sign, "Well, we are a couple…"


Gail begins again with her crazy fast signing, Maria blushes, while I hold up my hands and sign, "Yes Gail is right, we're a couple of adults and one crazy girl…"


I do suggest, "Champagne wouldn't be right with this meal, however I could go for a nice wine."


Maria calls over the waiter, he brings a bottle of wine to the table begins to place a glass in front of Gail and I motion him away, Gail throws a huge pout and Maria and I laugh…