Chapter 073

Together Chapter 073

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Present – Bernie and Liz – The next day


Liz whistles in the shower this morning - compared to last night she's in an excellent mood. She even comes over, gives me a hell of a kiss and grabs my ass. I smile at Liz and carefully comment, "You're in a great mood today."


She grins at me and says, "Why shouldn't I be since we're going out for retail therapy today. I searched a little bit online last night and they have the cutest maternity fashions ever. After I'm finished I’m going to look so much better than Samantha." I want to caution her this isn't a fashion show but know better than to spoil the day.


I take a quick shower, we get ready to leave, head out to the Jeep and start toward Denver. The closer we get to Denver the better Liz's mood becomes. She reaches over to the GPS, programs in the first address and it starts giving me directions on where to go…


Present – Ben – Solving the problem


We get back to the hotel, I take a room for myself, put Mira and Ira in one room, and planned on putting Alexi in one room and Zarika, Safia and Yasmeen in one room. As it has many times been said, 'the best laid plans of mice and men, often go awry.' Alexi, is totally dysfunctional – no it's worse than that, he's a babbling idiot who pisses and shits himself. I'm not sure what the fucking sex traffickers did to him, but he's in no shape to take care of himself, and I'm certainly not going to take care of him. Thankfully both Zarika and Safia demand to stay and 'take care' of him. I figure since he's knocked up both of them, (I have determined that the little shit raped Zarika) he can't cause too much more damage to either of them. I have carefully observed both of them and while there is some animosity, it's much less than I thought it would be. They both seem intent on improving Alexi's mental health.


We get our rooms and I order, "You have twenty minutes to shower and change clothes, then we are taking a trip to get your fucking feminine supplies."


They begin to complain and I nip it in the bud, "If you don't like my orders then we will just forget the feminine supplies and stay here." They grumble as they head into their rooms.


I dash to the front desk and inquire, "Do you by any chance have underground parking?"


The concierge replies, "We certainly do, and at no additional cost. Let me assign you a parking place."


She comes back and says, "Just place this on the dashboard of your truck. Might I say that was an interesting group of people you brought into the facility."


I smile at her and admit, "They have had a very rough and bad time so I would appreciate it if you forgot that you ever saw them in their previous condition."


She smiles and says, "Well, they sure look better now, except for the pregnant lady whose clothes are too small."


I look out the window, see that everyone is ready to go and that I seriously misjudged the size of clothes Mira needed. Her stomach sticks out of her shirt like a beach ball.


I prepare to leave and the concierge asks, "Are you planning on staying here awhile?"


I think for a moment and reply, "Yes, I would like to stay here for a week if that's possible. Would you like me to pay now?"


The concierge replies, "It looks like you're going somewhere so why don't you pay when you get back."


I remember something and ask, "Can we turn off the pay per view television for each of the rooms?" The last thing I want is the little shits running up a fucking huge bill watching pornography.


The concierge replies, "Certainly, I will do that immediately. Would you also like us to disable the gaming functions on the televisions?"


I sure as hell didn't know they had that so I answer, "Hell yes."


I get ready to leave and the concierge says, "By the way, I really loved your wedding. Will we be seeing Jennifer here anytime soon?"


Shit, she recognized me! I should have known it - hell most of the world watched our wedding. I quickly come up with a plausible lie, "Our cabin was destroyed in Leadville and my lovely bride (I really meant this when I said it) is taking care of getting it fixed."


The concierge replies, "Yes I saw that on television, it was such a shame."


I walk out the door and say, "You don't know the half of it."


Everyone gets into the truck, Alexi and his two bitches in the back, the others in the front and of course Mira complains, "Ben, my…"


I stop her immediately, "…If you continue to say what I think you're going to say, I will cancel this trip."


Yasmeen whines, "Mira please! I really need some supplies."


Ira even surprises me when she orders, "Mira stop annoying Ben. I also need my supplies."


I state, "I know Mira, your shirt is too small. We will get one that fits when we get the supplies."


She smiles at me and says, "Thank you Ben. While I like the world to know I am gestating our baby, this shirt causes extreme discomfort."


I fume at the comment about my baby so I can't wait to find out the real truth. But I wisely keep my mouth shut.


We arrive at a local store, I look at Ira and say, "Ira, I trust you with the cash to purchase everything because you're not hyped up on hormones."


I hand her a huge wad of cash and Ira replies, "Have no concern Ben, I will control the hormonally challenged hoard."


They all leave the truck, placing Alexi inside a shopping cart, and walk into the store.


I lean my head against the steering wheel and am simply overwhelmed. Dammit all to hell! A few tears trickle out of my eyes. How in the fuck did things ever get so messed up. I pull myself together and begin to search for a paternity clinic on my mobile phone. I can't fucking believe my eyes when they head back to the truck with five full shopping carts.


Zarika and Safia begin to complain, "Ben, Ira wouldn't let us purchase the things for Alexi that he needs."


I've about had my fill of those two.


Present – Thom and the crew – At the warehouse


The TSIFFTS crew had no problem transporting the four of us to whatever location we requested. I asked them to slowly spool up the rotors and prepare to leave. If we can sneak out of here without that Stacy bitch knowing, all the better. But if she does find out I’m not too worried since our chopper is much faster than hers.


I go to the door where only Jennifer and the crew can see me, notice the Stacy bitch is still busy getting her nose fixed and motion for them to come quickly and silently. Linus understands my hand commands and they slowly slip out of the building. We hightail it to the chopper and we're off…


The pilot asks, "What's the destination?"


I reply, "Ben's truck was seen last in the 300 block of West Colfax Ave. If we could circle the area perhaps we can locate his truck."


The pilot responds, "We can get to the 300 block of W. Colfax, however because of the Denver Mint, the Denver capital building and Denver county courthouse the airspace is restricted. Also there are no known viable landing areas in the vicinity."


Rats! Double rats! And triple rats! Leave it to my Ben to find someplace that's not easily accessible. I ask the pilot, "Is there anywhere close we can set down?"


We began to circle the area around the 300 block of West Colfax and my heart skips a beat when I think I see Ben's truck. I say, "I think that's his truck, can you land this thing?"


He orders the copilot, "Bud, find us a landing zone that won't get us tossed in the slammer."


He begins to consult the charts and says, "The closest place I can see is an open field at the Bennett Community center, it's at 1100 West Colfax. We could get in trouble for this."


 I am worry like hell until the pilot says, "Just watch me. He calls on the radio, connects to Denver Police and says. This is flight 4592 declaring an emergency, we seem to be having fuel issues and I'm going to attempt a landing in the field at the Bennett Community center 1100 West Colfax."


Denver police dispatch replies, "Emergency situation acknowledged, with all the historic places in your area please try your best to make it to the field."


The pilot grins and says, "That works every time, sorry I can't get you closer than 8 blocks but we're lucky as hell to find anyplace to land."


I answer, "Thank you for getting us this close, we will run the rest of the way."


The copilot announces, "We've got company."


The pilot swears, "Shit, it's the chopper from Stacy Summers outfit and also a KUSA news chopper. Strap yourselves in, I'm going to need to make this look more realistic than I really wanted to."


We strap ourselves in, the pilot makes it over the field, cuts the engine and says, "Time to autorotate this landing."


We get close to the ground, the pilot flairs the chopper up, we hit the ground hard enough to rattle my teeth and even bounce a couple times.


Thom is out of his gear and says, "Let's haul ass and find Ben."


We jump out of the chopper and I can't resist giving Stacy's chopper the finger as we take off running…


Present – Stacy and Samantha – Following Jennifer


Our pilot announces, "The TSIFFTS chopper just declared an emergency and is requesting permission to land in a place called Bennett community center."


I ask, "can we land their too?"


The pilot replies, "Sorry, most of the airspace is restricted around here so there's no way we can land."


Our pilot continues, "Damn, he's lost his engine and it's going to be a hard landing."


We watch as the chopper hits the ground and bounces a couple times. The bitch and her crew jump out, she smiles at our chopper and I can't believe it when she flips us the bird, then takes off running toward the East."


Present - KUSA News report


"Hello, this is Adele Arakawa in the KUSA news chopper, what you have just witnessed is an excellent display of piloting skills by the pilot of the helicopter carrying Jennifer Blaine and her entourage. We still don't know if there are any survivors, wait, we see them coming out of the chopper and, and  - well I can't believe it! Jennifer Blaine looks directly at the Summers Industry helicopter and shows them the inappropriate digit. We have heard rumors that Jennifer and Stacy Summers did not get along, especially because Miss Summers wore a wedding dress to Jennifer and Ben's wedding, but we had no idea the feelings ran this deep and were this volatile. 


Jennifer and her crew begin to run east on Colfax Ave. while Stacy seems to be looking for a place to land."


We will continue updating this story.


Present – Bernie and Liz – In Denver


We're flipping the radio dial and find KOA news just in time for special report: Jens' helicopter crash lands in a field and thank God no one appears injured. Bernie chuckles when the reporter talks about Jens flipping off Stacy's helicopter and remarks, "There sure is no love lost between those two."


I frown at Bernie and answer, "Bernie that's going to mess up Jens' good girl image. We need to forget about the maternity clothes for right now and check in on Jen." I change the GPS coordinates and we begin heading toward Jens.


Bernie complains, "Damn, you can't get anywhere in this city in a reasonable amount of time, the traffic is terrible." He's correct, we're not making very good progress…


Present – Jens and the crew – 'Ben's' truck


We haul rear to the parking lot where I saw Ben's truck while Stacy's damn helicopter is following us like an annoying fly. I wish I could shoot it down and be done with the problem.


We arrive in the parking lot, I look around and son of a sea biscuit! It's gone! I take out my phone, call Gretchen, and hope and pray, "Gretchen, we found what I think was Ben's truck in the Big Lots parking lot, but it's gone now. Please tell me you were able to track it."


Gretchen apologized, "Sorry Jens, but all the traffic cameras were reallocated to observe your crash landing and not a single one of them picked up Ben's truck. I have no idea where he is."


I sit on the ground and began to cry. Thom (of all people) comes over and comforts me, "Don't worry Jennifer, if he was here, that probably means he's staying someplace close and we will find him."


I begin to stand up then we're accosted by a swarm of police cars and even a SWAT van. They pull into the Big Lots parking lot and order, "Place your weapons on the ground."


Thom suggests, "Let's do as they say and I will smooth things over."


We place our rifles on the ground, the officer orders, "All your weapons, including your handguns."


We comply while Thom hold up his hands and walks toward the officers. They order, "That's close enough old timer."


Thom says, "I'm going to reach inside my pocket and remove a piece of paper - don't get itchy trigger fingers and shoot me."


Thom holds up a piece of paper and announces, "If you read this piece of paper, you will see that we are legal Deputies of the Leadville Sheriff Department. Not only that, I know Denver is still open carry as long as it's not inside a vehicle. It looks to me like you have some fucking explaining to do."


The officer comes over, looks at the paperwork Thom held, calls the SWAT officer over and they have a huge discussion. Thom forces the issue, "Listen, I'm tired of this bullshit, I'm picking up my pistol and rifle so shoot me if you dare to."


He walks back, winks at me, begins to pick up his pistol and rifle and the police and SWAT types don't do a thing. He walks past me and says, "Watch and learn…"


He walks back to the officer and SWAT member and says, "Okay give me our affidavit."


The hand the affidavit back to him and he says, "You don't really expect me to let you get away with the bullshit you pulled, I want names and badge numbers immediately. Your actions placed us and our mission in extreme jeopardy. Hell one of the sex traffickers might have escaped because of your foolishness."


He pulls out a notebook and pen from his pocket, records the information on the officers, then he orders, "Now get the fuck out of here and let us do our job…"


I'm impressed as hell! The police and SWAT leave like scalded dogs as Thom walks back to me and says, "Now that's the way you handle those bullies."


I give Thom a quizzical look and ask, "Bullies? What do you mean, bullies?"


Thom explains, "Jennifer, most police are ex-military and many of them were the bullies you dealt with in school. They went into the military thinking they would be generals and washed out of basic when they found out they had to obey and not give orders. They moved onto police jobs so they could continue to pretend to have authority."


A Jeep I recognize drives into the lot and begins to honk its horn. I run toward it, Liz rolls down the window and complains, "Jens, they got a picture of you flipping Stacy's helicopter the bird."


Jens laughs, "Good! Too bad I didn't moon them!"


Liz continues, "Jens, this is going to hurt your image."


I reply, "To heck with my fricken-fracken image - all I want to do is find Ben again. Liz his truck was here but now it's gone."


Liz asks, "Jens, how can you be sure it was Ben's truck? There must be a bunch of white Dodge Ram 3500s with the dual wheels."


I reply, "Liz, I had a feeling it was Ben's and I think I recognized a couple of the bumper stickers on his truck."


Bernie begins to play with a thing on the dash and says, "Jennifer, there are not that many hotels around here so it won't take long to check them."


I smile and ask, "You got room for three more?"


Bernie unlocks the door and says, "Jump in."


Liz continues, "By the way, what were all the police and SWAT doing leaving the parking lot as we pulled in."


I explain, "Liz, it was great! Thom kicked their derrieres so hard they won't be able to sit for a week." I continue with the story as we look for Ben…


Present – Ben – Solving the problem


The girls and Alexi get to the truck and I complain, "What the hell is all of this fucking shit?"


Ira pulls me over to the side and calms my anger when she hands me most of the money and replies, "Ben, these are the essential things we need. Much of it is nappys for Alexi so he won't continue to soil his clothes. It is a travesty to ruin clothes as they are very expensive. I promise you I will repay you when we are able to rectify his condition."


I sputter, "What… what… what the hell is wrong with him?"


Ira replies, "The sex traffickers immensely enjoyed violating his formerly virgin alimentary canal, with their training tools and other items because it elicited noises akin to aSus scrofa domesticus. They would laugh and order, 'squeal like a Sus scrofa domesticus' and continue with multiple violations. Alexi had never had his alimentary canal violated before so finally his cranial carapace absorbed an excess of trauma and all his logical function escaped."


That was certainly too much information but I did have a question, "A Sus scrofa domesticus -is that a pig or a hog?"


Ira nods her head in affirmation and continues, "We do not know how to rectify this situation without professional help." Ira looks down at the ground and continues, "Ben, I am offering my corporeal self as payment for the professional assistance which Alexi requires. I will willingly perform whatever acts you desire or if you do not desire me, you could even sell me."


My mouth drops open and I sputter, "Ira… Ira… Ira! Hells fucking Bells, I'm a married man!  There's no way I want anything from you or your sister. If Alexi needs professional help, I will make sure he has the best. Now what about the rest of you, do you also need professional help?"


Ira whispers, "Ben, I have concerns about my sister Mira and also Zarika. Unfortunately Alexi forced himself on Zarika and while things may seem proper between Zarika and Safia, it is a timed explosive device waiting to detonate."


I check my watch and say, "Ira, we have an appointment with a paternity lab and will need to finish this discussion later. And tonight I will find the best clinic for them."


Ira kisses my cheek and says, "Please remember Ben that my offer has no expiration."


I have noticed a quasi-military helicopter flying around the area and I want to get the hell out of here. It finally heads West on Colfax, which is perfect because I need to go East.


I get everyone into the truck we leave and head east. Yasmeen (the smart little shit) says, "Ben this isn't the direction of the hotel."


I announce, "Yasmeen, you're correct. First we are stopping by a paternity laboratory."


Mira vehemently objects, "Ben Blaine, if you think I will let them take amniotic fluid from my baby you are demented."


I calm her by saying, "Mira, this is a non-invasive prenatal test. All they need is some of your blood and some of my blood. So shut the fuck up."


Ira once again makes herself useful by ordering Mira, "My sister, this will dispel any doubts about the parentage of your progeny. You will submit to this test."


We arrive at the paternity clinic, watch a short presentation on how the procedure works using only the mother's blood. They take Mira and I into the back room, Mira sticks out her tongue and says, "Ben Blaine, prepare to consume your words when you discover this child is ours."


They finish taking the blood and the technician announces, "Tomorrow after three we will have the results."


I worry because Mira is gloating as we head back to the truck. We drive to the hotel and into the basement parking. I let the girls take everything out of the truck to our rooms while I cover the truck with the tarp I bought earlier.


Zarika and Safia begin to argue again about Alexi, I've had my fill of them so I look at Ira and demand, "Ira, is there some way to restrain them?"


Ira smiles and responds, "No problem Mr. Blaine." I watch with interest as she grabs them by the hair, yanks the hell out of it and commands, "Continue to combat me and I will extract your locks from your cranial carapaces." She then begins to braid their hair together.  When she's done she takes an old broomstick I had in the back of the truck, places it through their arms, looks at me and asks, "Is this suitable?"


I laugh at them and reply, "Hell yes."


Then we all head into the hotel.


Present – Stacy and Samantha – Chasing Jens


Our pilot is doing a great job keeping the bitch and her fucking crew in site but he is skirting the edge of the restricted area and finally we hear over out headsets, "Unknown helicopter in the restricted area, this is Buckley Field. Be advised that we have scrambled F-16s to escort you from the area."


The pilot replies, "Buckley Field, order received and acknowledged. An escort will not be necessary, we are leaving the area."


He looks down at the parking lot and swears, "Damn! Did anyone see where they went?"


Vic replies, "They got into a bronze colored Jeep Grand Cherokee and headed east out of the parking lot."


The pilot relayed a message, "Buckley Air Command, we plan on travelling East on Colfax Ave. do you have a problem with this?"


Buckley Field replies, "Remember to follow the safe flight height, maintain at least 1000 feet above any structures. We certainly do not want a repeat of the Blackhawk making an emergency landing earlier today."


The pilot complies and we head east on Colfax Ave., hoping to find the Jeep.


I praise our new man, "Good job Vic, keeping your eyes on the target."


Samantha also praises his actions…


"Yes Vic, I need to thank you for so much today, especially shielding me from the poop. That was certainly beyond any expectations."


Bill added, "I wondered what smelled so bad."


Vic asked the million dollar question, "Well, how did I do today, do I have a job?"


I look at Stacy, she motions me close and says, " If you want to hire him, offer him $1500 a month plus room and board for his whole family."


I reply in a whisper, "Stacy he really did a great job today, I never felt safer."


I look at Vic and reply, "Vic I would like to hire you, however all I can give you right now is $1500 a month plus room and board for you and your family."


Vic asks, "I was hoping to get at least 20K a year."


I look at Stacy, she smiles so I continue, "It's a deal, and don't forget you also get access to vehicles and weapons."


He asks, "So when can I move my family out?"


Stacy says, "Vic, right now we're transitioning offices, but if you all don't mind living with a little mess then the sooner the better."


Bill suggests, "Perhaps he can also help me with some of the items on Samantha's to-do list."


Vic volunteers, "Sure, whatever you need."


Bill begins to explain things to Vic and I ask Stacy, "Do you think I will have the money to pay him?"


Stacy answers, "Without a doubt, you got a real good deal with Vic and you will need to make sure to give him raises when you can."


I ask, "When will I know to give him a raise?"


Stacy smiles at me and says, "I will let you know so don't worry."


The pilot announces, "I see a bronze colored Jeep."


We all look out the windows and follow the Jeep…


Present – Liz and the crew – Later that night


Bernie announces, "I think that one helicopter is following us."


Jens looks out the window and answers, "Not just Stacy's helicopter, we also have the KUSA chopper following us. I should get out and moon them."


I caution Jens, "Do you really want the whole world to see your ass? I thought you were saving that for Ben."


Jens fakes a pout and says, "Shoot Liz, you're no fun anymore."


Thom offers, "Hell, I don't care if they see this wrinkly old ass so pull over and I will moon them."


Bernie looks at me, I laugh and say, "Go for it Bernie!"


He pulls over, Thom jumps out and moons the hell out of both choppers. Then he stands back up and gives them the finger as an extra measure. He climbs back in the Jeep and suggests, "You know, if you stop under that overpass you might lose them."


Bernie pulls over to the side of the road, while we're under the underpass and we wait. Finally Thom suggests, "I think that's long enough."


We pull out but it obviously wasn't long enough because both choppers are still there.


Jens remarks, "How about I take a shot at one of them?"


Thom cautions, "Jennifer, you know better than that. We've already had one incidence with the law today and they are still following us."


Bernie sputters, "How…How…How did you know?"


Thom answers, "I've been watching them out of the rearview mirror."


Jens leans over to me and says, "Thom has been such a help on this mission, I'm glad I didn't throw his ass out.


I caution, "Jens you need to verify his motivations before you get carried away in gratitude."


Present – The 'others' – Later


Yes Samantha's report and Sheriff Jim mentioning Ben Blaine reactivated something that should have never been reactivated. Plans were being made, and they weren't good plans…