Chapter 074

Together Chapter 074

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Flashback – Ben and Jack – Back at the base


This was getting fucking insane! No sooner than one nurse finished than another took her place! I was too fucking tired and becoming majorly sore. There was a knock at the door and the current nurse yelled, "Wait your fucking turn!"


The door opened and in walked Colonel Maggie - she complained, "Wait my turn for what?"


The current nurse slid off me and apologized, "Sorry Sir, I thought you were the next one in line?"


Maggie grilled her, "The next what in line?"


She sputtered, "Well… well… well the next nurse for Sgt. Blaine."


Maggie really laid into her, "Nurse, aren't you an officer and isn't Sgt. Blaine is a non-com? Do your supervisors know about your fraternization with a non-com?"


The nurse was dressing hurriedly and admitted, "No Sir, they don't know about it. We came up with this plan to thank Sgt. Blaine for saving Cindy's life."


Colonel Maggie saves my butt when she says, "Well, I would say Sgt. Blaine has been thanked enough. Now get your ass out of his room and let him rest."


She began to slink out of the room like a dog with its tail between its leg and Colonel Maggie added, "And tell everyone else to leave Sgt. Blaine alone, the poor man needs his rest."


Colonel Maggie apologized to me, "Sorry Sgt. Blaine, I just caught wind of what was going on or I would have put a stop to it sooner. I couldn't believe they were physically fighting over who got to be with you next."


I profusely thanked her, "Colonel Maggie, thank you so much for saving me from this. I wasn't sure how much longer I could stand it, especially since all I really want to do is sleep."


She smiled at me and said, "Well, I'm sending Sgt. Reynolds back to your room so that should put the kibosh from any more of the nurse's shenanigans. However, if I were you I would take a shower before you go to sleep."


I ask, "I smell that bad?"


Colonel Maggie laughed and said, "No, you smell worse."


Colonel Maggie left, the Corporal came in with Jack and Jack immediately complained, "Damn! It smells like a French whorehouse in here."


The Corporal announced the obvious, "Banzai got lucky - many times over."


I asked, "Corporal, find me some new sheets while I go take a shower."


I began to leave and Jack teased, "So did you get your fill of sex?"


I teased right back, "Hell yes, I had more sex than you and Masha ever dreamed of having. It must have been ten or fifteen women."


Jack laughed and corrected me, "The running count I heard was twenty, but there's some question whether the last one counted because Colonel Maggie interrupted her."


I walked out the door and swore, "It sure as fuck counted…"


Damn, I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing my ass off - Banzai was rode hard and put away wet. Hell, he's probably lucky Colonel Maggie put a stop to the sex otherwise the nurses might have killed him. From the reports I heard, he was a sexual machine that the nurses couldn't get enough of.


And he was right, Masha and I had sex like a couple of rabbits but never came close to twenty fucking times.


The Corporal had taken the nasty sheets off Banzai's bed so the room smelled better. I hated like hell having to sleep on my stomach but with this ass wound my only other choice was my side. I rolled on the non-shot side and no sooner drifted off to sleep when I was rudely awakened. Banzai flew into the room and bolted the door on the inside. Someone banged on the door and yelled, "Sgt. Blaine, it's time for your treatment."


Banzai complained, "Jack, the fucking nurses caught me in the shower and tried to screw me to death."


I laughed because this was better than a three ring circus and teased, "Just remember, no good deed goes unpunished."


There was a different knock on the door and the Corporal said, "Sir, I have your new sheets."


Banzai asked through the door, "Are there any nurses around?"


The Corporal replied, "Not any that I can see."


Banzai unbolted the door, yanked the Corporal into the room, slammed the door and bolted it again. It was just in time because the banging on the door from the nurses began again.


The Corporal asked, "What was all that about?"


I laughed and answered, "Banzai saved the head flight nurse so now he's their hero and they are repaying him with sex."


The Corporal's eyes got big and he said, "Wow are you ever lucky!"


Banzai was making his bed and doing a half assed job but I would give him shit about it in the morning.


I didn't have the heart to tell the Corporal that too much of a good thing is bad but I did ask, "Hey, I never got supper do we have any MREs in the room?"


Banzai had finished making his bed, fell into it and was 'dead' to the world as the Corporal answered, "We sure do, would you like for me to fix one for each of us?"


I asked, "You didn't eat yet?"


The Corporal laughed, "Hell no, tonight's meal was turkey surprise: The surprise is that you're sick for the next two days after eating it. Do you think Banzai would like an MRE?"


I looked at him to see he was tossing, turning and moaning, 'no more'. I said, "I think he needs sleep more than anything else."


The Corporal made us a couple of MREs and doctored them up some similar to how Banzai made his. They were good, but not as good as his…


Flashback – Masha – The next day


The alarm sounded, Louise practically jumped out of bed and asked, "What the hell is that for?"


I replied, "I always get up a little early, do some light exercises and have breakfast."


Louise complained, "Well, since I'm already awake, I might as well join you."


We both got out of bed Linda began to coo and Louise said, "I'd better change her first."


I smiled and said, "Please take your time, I will get ready and wait for you."


I waited in the living room, finally Louise and Linda arrived I said, "I only have one yoga mat so you use it and I will use the floor."


We started off with the sun salutation.1 The first asana2 is tadasana (arms freely to the side), moving to urdhva hastasana (arms overhead with the palms together), then you raise your head and look at your hands. The first obstacle was Louise's breathing so I instructed her, "Hold each asana for two full yoga breaths." Then I had to give her instruction on what a yoga breath was. I had to slightly correct Louise's posture in both poses (typically most people slouch forward in the shoulder area, this comes from sitting too much and the generally poor posture of the American people). Then we moved to uttanasana (exhale and bend forward trying to touch the floor) and then to Flat Back ardha uttanasana (inhale move all the way down and try to touch your head to your knees). Louise struggled with both asanas while I easily touched my forehead to my knees. Louise commented, "Wow you're really flexible." I delivered two corrections, "Louise yoga is not a competition, you do your best on each asana and you also never speak while doing yoga."


         1 Sun Salutation, the beginning basic set of movements in yoga, used in most classes.


         2 Asana – A yoga pose or posture


We continued with a jump back lunge. I jumped back into a lunge position with my right foot at the back and my fingertips on the floor. Louise tried to mimic me and fell over on her side. I helped her up and said, "That is a normal beginner's mistake." Once again I corrected her position because she wasn't in a straight line from the rear foot to the shoulders. I slowly brought my left foot back to match my right foot and was in the plank asana (it looks like the top position of a push up). Louise struggled to get her foot back because of her inflexibility but she finally made plank asana and complained, "Wow, this is really hard!" I shushed her with a smile and replied, "The next asana is too advanced for you so here is what I want you to do. I drop my knees and my chest to the floor, Louise easily performs this asana while I do chaturanga dandasana (a bottom push up position, with my arms held tightly against the side of my chest held for several breaths). We both drop to the floor/mat and then I push up with my hands, forcing my shoulders apart into cobra (upward facing dog). We take a couple of breaths to rest then push back into downward facing dog (feet on the floor, arms extended straight, bent at the waist, it looks like the letter A without the cross bar).


We do another lunge forward this time the left foot stays back and once again Louise has issues getting her foot forward but finally does. We bring both feet together, back into urdhva hastasana and then slowly roll up, one vertebra at a time to tadasana.


I do several deep cleansing breaths which Louise mimics and she says, "Wow, what a workout."


I looked at the clock, realize we had more time and asked, "We have time for some Taebo, then you could shower while I made breakfast."


Louise asked, "That sounds sort of like martial arts? I would love to."

I provided Louise with more information, "Tae Bo is a portmanteau of tae kwon do and boxing. Furthermore, it is a bacronym for:

·        Total commitment to whatever you do

·        Awareness of yourself and the world

·        Excellence, the truest goal in anything you do

·        (the) Body as a force for total change

·        Obedience to your will and your true desire for change"


We headed out to the garage, put Linda in a rolling baby walker, I handed Louise my Taebo gloves and asked, "See if these fit you."


She tried them on and they didn't fit as they should but it would be better than nothing so I said, "Just make sure you're careful not to injure your hand." Then I spent about five minutes showing her how to correctly strike with the hand so she doesn't injure her wrist and finally suggested, "Since you're a beginner, most of your strikes should be palm strikes." I demonstrated a very hard palm strike on the heavy bag."


Louise asked a very good question, "Masha, I only see one bag here, how can we do this together."


I laughed, moved to the corner, pulled out a Taebo dummy and said, "This is Major Mike, he's named after one of my nemeses and you will use him while I use the heavy bag."


Linda was having a great time rolling all over in the garage while I put on some music and ordered, "Try to keep up."


We started off with some basic punches, moved into combinations, then included knees and kicks and then combined everything.  Ten minutes later Louise dropped to the floor and complained, "Mercy Auntie Masha! I'm exhausted and still have to work today. If this is what you do every morning, no wonder you're such a bad-assed aunt."


I smiled at Louise and said, "To be truthful, that was just my warm up. But I can tell you're done for the day. Why don't you take a shower and I will make breakfast."


Louise gladly agreed, proceeded into the shower as I scooped up Linda, brought her in the house and began breakfast…


Flashback – Jennifer – the military academy next day


As I continued talking with the other girls, the stories they told me were shocking! So shocking I will not repeat them here, in fact just getting them out of my mind will take all my concentration and I'm sure I will have nightmares tonight because of them.


One of the girls began to yell, "FIRE! I smell a FIRE!"


There was screaming and crying from down the hallway so I dashed down to the prison cell they had me in and I couldn't believe it: Someone set the cell on fire (which was shocking because I didn't think there was enough material to start a fire in the cell). What was even more shocking was the commandant and the gulag beotchs weren't even trying to escape. They were hugging in the middle of the cell, surrounded by the fire.


Some of the girls began to cheer (which was very morbid), while I hunted for a fire alarm. I finally found one, pulled it and a huge siren went off.


Daddy ran back and asked, "What's going on?"


I replied, "Daddy, the cell is on fire but I… I… I… think they might have done it to themselves."


Daddy looked through the window and agreed, "Jennifer, they aren't even trying to escape so I think your right."


Daddy ordered, "All girls go outside immediately so you don't impede the firemen who will be coming." Then he whispered to me, "Jennifer take good care of them."


I waved my arm and said, "Okay you heard the General, we need to move outside follow me."


I was amazed when they fell in behind me and began to march. Things were fine until someone began to sing, "Ding dong the witches are dead, witches are dead, witches are dead. Ding dong the wicked witches are dead."


I was upset, stopped, turned and said, "That's enough of that bovine excrement song! I don't give a rat's derriere what they did to you, rejoicing in the death of anyone is morbid and I will not tolerate it. If you don't like it then I will personally kick your rears!"


That shut them the heck up and we continued to march outside.  We made it outside and under a big tree as the firetrucks showed up. I directed them, "The fire is contained in a cell in that building."


I no sooner said that when the fire broke through the roof of the prison area and the firemen rushed toward the conflagration.  They called in more trucks and more firemen. Then the main person, I guess he was the fire marshal, came up to me and inquired, "Miss, do you know what happened?"


I began to answer when the police arrived…


Flashback – Alexi – Back in his room


I waited for the psychologist and he finally came to my room. I began to cry (for real) and asked, "Sir, I don't understand why mother killed Chow Mein. Now I worry that someday she will try to kill me (I added the last statement to make things more interesting)."


The psychologist said, "Alexi, your mother is very unstable, when Chow Mein turned on her, she couldn't handle it. I'm sure that would never happen with you."


I continue with the tears and add, "But Sir, I am always a disappointment to her…"


He interrupted, "…Alexi, I don't want you to worry about this because you might not ever live with your mother again."


I question, "But will I ever live with my father again?"


He avoided the question when he said, "Alexi, perhaps in time after your father has healed. Remember he has suffered as large a shock as you."


I wasn't so sure about that, but I was tired and said, "Sir, I think I would like something to help me sleep."


He replied, "I will send the orderly in immediately. And don't worry, we will talk many more times in the near future."


He left and I waited for my sleeping pill…


Flashback – Ira and Mira – continuing


I finally staunched the sanguineous flow from Mira's wound again and postulated what I must accomplish to keep her from attempting to locomotivate. After reflection, I removed some strips of my clothing and bound her extremities. That should rectify the situation…


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


Gail tried her best to sneak some wine from Maria or myself, but we both deftly avoided it. In fact, it became sort of a little game we played. Gail tried to distract us and sneak from one of our glasses, however, we never set the glasses down and confounded her plans.


The meal over, I yawn and sign, "Do you know of a nice hotel that's close?"


Gail offers, "Todd, you can spend the night at our place, we have a great couch."


Maria blushes and apologizes, "Sorry Todd, we do have a nice couch but I would not be comfortable with you spending the night at our small apartment."


I sign, "Don't worry, I have no intention of spending the night in your apartment." Then I tease, "Because Gail might try to attack me."


Maria laughs and Gail quickly signs, "You only wish I would attack you! You're the perfect age for Maria, but way too old for me."


Maria says, "Yes I know a great hotel, let's take you there now."


We call a taxi, Maria gives them directions and once again Gail is forcing Maria against me.


On the way Gail signs, "Todd, what are your plans tomorrow because Maria is off work and I don't have any school?"


I rub my chin, consider the offer and suggest, "Well if you two aren't busy I would love to see more of the city before I leave." I decide that if I delay my trip back to go after the company, it's to my tactical advantage.


Gail signs, "Good, it's a date!"


Maria says, "Todd, you don't have to do this if you don't want to."


I sign, "No I think it's a great idea."


We're at the hotel and the girls exit the cab with me. I hold Maria's hand and kiss her on the cheek, then I shock Gail by giving her a kiss on the lips (without tongue of course). She begins to pretend to choke while Maria and I laugh.


I sign, "What time should I expect you tomorrow?"


Maria questions, "Would nine be too late?"


I reply, "That's perfect, see you tomorrow."


I walk into a very nice hotel, take a room on an upper floor, take off my clothes and immediately fall to sleep…