Chapter 075

Together Chapter 075

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Present – Ben and the rest – The next morning


The only reason I slept at all last night was the help from my liquid sleeping aid – bourbon.  I kept worrying that Mira could be right and that her baby was ours but I finally got drunk enough that I passed out. The damn wakeup call rang the phone and I knew I drank too damn much because my head felt like Thor was hammering on it with Mjölnir.


The empty bottle I knocked off on the nightstand when I reached for the phone reaffirmed my assumption. Damn, a whole 750 ml of Knob Creek - no wonder I felt like shit. I finally pick up the phone and the concierge much too cheerfully announces, "Ben Blaine, this is your wakeup call."


I mumble and remind her "Thanks, please don't forget the other rooms."


She cheerfully answers, "Do not worry Ben Blaine, I called them first."


Then I hang up the phone and fight my way out of bed. I have the sheets wrapped around me four fucking times, but after I free myself I head into the shower. I crank up the hot water, slip off my underwear and step into a damn hot shower. I let the water flow over my body, and no sooner begin to relax when someone starts to bang on the door. I bellow, "I'm in the fucking shower and will be out when I'm done. Now leave me the fuck alone…"


Mira occulates me and inquires, "My sister Ira, I do not believe that my Ben feels well this morning. Perhaps I should enter his room and appease his appetites…"


Has my sister Mira totally lost all of her logic due to rampaging hormones? I glare at Mira and icily reply, "Miranda, if you were to forcefully enter his room now, Ben would interpret it as an attack and you along with the dreaded fetus could be injured."


Mira pauses for a moment to contemplate my assertion and thank God agrees, "Yes Ira, I do believe your wisdom here is appropriate. Besides, Ben and I will share a bed many times later today after he discovers it is our fetus I am carrying. Ira, I did not realize that gestational processes would so greatly increase my desire for coitus."


Now I understand Safia's multiple copulations with Alexi more completely, they were hormonally inspired.


We are interrupted as still bound Safia and Zarika shuffle to Ben's door. Safia immediately complains, "Ira, you must release us from this cruel and unusual punishment." Zarika reaffirms, "Yes Ira, going to the bathroom was a terrible ordeal and I did not know that much stench could come from one person."


Safia moves her head in such a way as to pull Zarika's hair. Zarika pulls back as they both continue to argue. I smile at both of them and counsel, "From your actions I have determined you have not yet discovered your lesson. Therefore you will remain bound."


Ben finally opens his hotel room door, sees Safia and Zarika, which are still bound, and laughs, "Hell that's a trick I need to learn."


I offer, "Ben, I will gladly teach you this trick…"


Ben obviously teases, "Perhaps I could use it on you and Mira the next time she talks about that… that… that… thing being our baby." He points at Mira's enlarged stomach.


Mira complains, "You will see today Ben whose baby I am carrying! And when you discover it is yours I expect many hours of compensational copulation. Gestation has made me greatly desire copulation."


Safia and Zarika affirm, "Yes, we both need sex in the worst way, but Alexi ignores us."


I can tell Ben wants to say some immoral words so I suggest, "Perhaps we should partake of the free breakfast before our trip this morning?"


Mira questions, "This morning? I thought the test results were this afternoon…"


Ben says, "They are but I found a clinic for treatment of Alexi, Zarika and Safia."


The girls begin to complain but Ira silences them by grabbing their knitted together hair and marching them toward the restaurant. We arrive at the restaurant, walk inside and everyone stops and stares at us.


I lean over and threaten, "One word from either Zarika or Safia and I make sure you stay in the clinic for years."


I smile at everyone and tell a whopper, "Sorry for the surprise everyone, we are practicing for a movie. And these two young ladies are pretending to be captured."


The crowd accepts the whopper and even begin to clap and cheer.


I lean over to Ira and order, "Get them out of this ASAP."


I am amazed because it doesn't take Ira any time at all to free the girls. She frees them and adds a threat, "If you two do not behave, you will never see our brother Alexi again."


I ask, "Where is Alexi?"


Ira replies, "He is not suitable for human contact at this time since his mind is totally occupied with his alimentary canal. I have to keep his hands restrained otherwise he continually disobliges it. I will prepare a plate of food and feed him myself."


I'm impressed as hell with Ira since she's been such a great help, unlike her sister Mira who has basically been a huge (not just figuratively) pain in the ass.


Ira takes two plates of food and leaves with them. Mira picks at the food and I threaten, "Don't you dare complain about the food or you won't eat."


Safia and Zarika load up their plates and I inform then, "Girls this is a buffet which means you can come back for seconds."


Safia remarks, "That is excellent news because I did not get anything to eat last night."


I get some eggs, a couple pieces of ham and some yogurt with fresh berries. I choose a table, the rest of the entourage follows me, we sit down and thank God eat in silence – the silence reminds me of one of the many meals I had at home while I was growing up.


Present – Jens and the gang – The next day


Quadruple rats! What should have been an easy task, finding Ben, turned into an impossibility. We finally gave up for the night, pulled into a motel which didn't look too seedy and took rooms for all of us. I made sure to triple check the rooms for hidden cameras and bed bugs. I didn't find any but I still didn't trust them so I planned on sleeping in my clothes tonight. The last thing I want is for my nude body to be posted all over the internet.


I called Gretchen and asked, "Gretchen, anymore sightings of Ben's truck on the traffic cameras?"


Gretchen very crabbily replies, "Hell no! Not only that, they caught my hack and shut it off. So now we're flying blind."


That gave me a possible idea so I ask, "I've seen a hell of a lot of drones around, is there any chance we can hack into their video feeds?"


Gretchen answers, "That's a good idea. I will see what I can do."


There's a knock on the door so I answer, "Come on in."


Thom walks into the room, holds up a scanner and assures me, "I swept the rooms for bugs and cameras and didn't find anything."


I reply, "I checked my room and didn't find anything either but I'm still sleeping with my clothes on."


Thom scans my room and announces, "No need to do that unless you want to since your room is clean."


Thom informs me, "Did you know they have smart TVs here with internet access?"


I point to the table and reply, "I already have my laptop setup."


Thom suggests, "I have a few ruminations to follow if I can use your laptop."


I say, "Go for it."


He sits down at my laptop, pulls up Google Maps and begins to mark off the hotels we've already checked with big red x's He stares at the map and the red x's and swears, "God dammit! How did we miss that?"


I dash to the computer, look over his shoulder and ask, "Missed what?"


Thom laughs and says, "Well, I sure as hell know how we drove past that hotel since it's a little off Colfax Ave. But it's a chain hotel and my best guess is we will find Ben there."


I ask, "What's your thinking on this?"


Thom replies, "Well, they have underground parking for one thing and the second thing is he could be sure there weren't any cameras in the rooms. Both of those would be a big priority to someone trying to hide."


I jump up and say, "Let's get going!"


Thom shoots down my plan, "Jennifer, I would love to do that now. However, we exhausted Liz today and because she's pregnant she needs her rest."


I think for a moment and agree with Thom, "Thom thanks for everything, you're right. If Ben's there tomorrow we'll join him soon enough. We do need to let Liz have her rest."


But there was no rest for me tonight because all I could think of was meeting Ben again tomorrow and what my actions would be. I only hoped and prayed that my plan worked…


Present – Stacy and Samantha – Following Jennifer


We watched as the bitch checked more hotels than I even knew existed and thank God she drew a blank at each one. They finally pull into a crappy looking hotel and went in. I worry that she found Ben.


Bill says, "Don't get your hopes up Ms. Summers, they have stopped searching for the night and will continue tomorrow."


The pilot informs us, "Ms. Summers, we are bingo fuel."


I ask, "What does that mean?"


Bill explains, "It means we have just enough fuel to return to Leadville."


I ask, "Can we refuel at one of the local airports?"


The pilot affirms, "Of course we can. In fact, it would be preferable because the flight back to Leadville would put me over my operational hours for today."


Bill adds additional information, "Ms. Summers, he is limited to eight hours of flight time every twenty-four hours. He will need at least eight full hours of rest to be able to fly us tomorrow."


I smile and order, "Well, that settles it, find us a nice little airport that can refuel the chopper and has a decent hotel."


The Pilot replies, "Why not use the best, because I would like to get the chopper serviced? We'll head for DIA"


I giggle and ask, "Dead In Action?"


Everyone laughs and Bill explains, "Denver International Airport."


We get the clearance to land and begin to approach the airport. I'm looking out the window, see a monster and swear, "What the fuck is that?"


I point out the window to this ugly huge blue horse with red shining eyes, it looks like some sort of devil horse from hell.


The pilot laughs and replies, "That's Blucifer! Denver's football team is the Broncos and they built him as a motivation for the team."


Bill continues, "That fucking horse is a killer: In 2006 a piece of it fell on the artist creating it and killed him. Its official name is Blue Mustang but everyone I know calls it Blucifer for killing it's artist."


I complain, "That's the ugliest thing I've ever seen, please make sure that you keep us as far away as possible from it."


The pilot laughs and says, "No problem, even the hotel we're staying at isn't close to it. By the way, they are sending a limousine to pick us up."


The damn Blucifer horse keeps me distracted but I finally realize what the pilot said and I praise his actions, "Thank you for setting all of this up."


Vic asks, "Is there any chance we have a change of gear in the chopper."


Bill replies, "Of course we do. It will be good to have you smelling like a man again."


Samantha defends him, "He… He kept all that shit off me so you'd better not give him a bad time."


I interject, "Here are the sleeping arrangements for tonight, Bill you and Vic share a room, the pilot gets a room of his own and Sam and I are sharing a room."


We land without problems, the hotel limousine is waiting for us and takes us to the hotel. We check in and I mention to Sam, "You shower first then we need to send your clothes and shoes out for cleaning."


Samantha asks, "Do I smell that bad?"


I shake my head no and explain, "Samantha, when you are forced to wear the same outfit two days in a row, you want to make sure it looks fresh. The hotel will make sure that happens."


Samantha asks, "What can I wear while my clothes are gone."


I walk into the bathroom, pull out an expensive luxury robe and ask, "Will this do?"


She answers, "You bet, I'm going to shower."


Samantha heads into the shower while I look at the map and try to figure out where Ben might be…


Present – Ben and the rest – The next morning


Ira returns from feeding Alexi and says, "Alexi is ready to travel. I stand up and order, "Everyone load up in the truck because we're headed to the clinic for Alexi, Safia and Zarika." Safia and Zarika begin to say something but one look from Ira and they shut the fuck up. I continue, "I need to take care of things at the front desk."


I head to the front desk and pay the concierge for the rest of the week. I have no idea what I'm going to do after this week because I'm playing this fast and loose. If I am the father of Mira's baby… well, I guess I will need to contact a lawyer – hell no, there's no fucking way I'm going to divorce Jens, fuck I just married her! To be truthful I have no fucking idea what I will do and just want to hear all my options. The concierge asks, "When will you return?"


I reply, "We have an appointment this morning and another appointment at three. So sometime this evening, how's your restaurant?"


She makes a face and says, "There are better and cheaper places to eat, I will give you a list when you come back."


I smile at her and reply, "Thanks you've been a great help."


She grins and asks, "I was wondering if we could take a selfie together."


I shrug my shoulders and answer, "Why not?"


She comes beside me, then puts her phone on a selfie-stick, moves it away from us and says, "Smile real big."


She takes the picture and I don't think anything about it as we head to the clinic.


Yasmeen asks, "Ben, I was wondering if I might need some therapy too?"


I reply, "Other than myself, I planned on having everyone checked."


Ira comments, "I do not feel the need for therapy for myself, however it is a wise plan Ben."


Mira complains, "Ben, I will not tolerate therapy until after we retrieve the paternity test."


I didn't feel like opening this can of worms so I don't say a word.


Present – Jens and the gang – The next morning


I did drift off sometime late last night. I wake up early, look at myself in the bathroom mirror and realize how terrible I look today. Crap, if we do find Ben today, I will probably scare him away!


This was one time I wish I had some makeup. I go to Liz's room, knock on the door and hear, "Just a minute."


Bernie comes to the door and I say, "Bernie, I have a little emergency."


He looks closely at me and says, "I would say that you do, you look terrible. Come on in Liz will help you."


Liz sits up in bed and remarks, "It's nice to be away from the cabin so the 'slave driver' doesn't wake us up at the crack of dawn." Liz then blinks her eyes and remarks, "Jens what the hell is wrong with your face."


I cry and answer, "Liz, I couldn't sleep all last night. Thom and I figured out where Ben is probably located and we must have driven past the hotel at least a dozen times."


There's a knock on the door, Thom walks into the room and says, "The breakfast here is shit, I wouldn't feed it to a dog."


Then he sees me and asks, "Damn, what happened to you?"


I begin to cry and say, "I couldn't sleep last night."


Thom hugs me and apologizes, "Sorry about that comment."


Liz orders, "All the men get out of the room now so I can work on Jens. While you're gone you can find a MacDonald's and bring back some better food."


I bite my lip and ask, "Liz, can we fix this?"


She laughs and says, "Of course we can - it won't be hard at all. When I'm done with you, you will look like you did on your wedding day."


Liz quickly goes to work on me. She frustrates me because she won't let me see what she's doing. Finally she's done, holds up a mirror and asks, "Well, what do you think?"


I smile and say, "Liz, you're a miracle worker."


The guys show back up and from their wolf whistles I can tell they appreciate my make over. Thom suggests, "Well, let's see if I’m right about Ben's location."


We all climb into the jeep while eating our food and Bernie cautions, "Don't make a mess out of my…"


Liz corrects, "…Our new jeep."


Thom programs the hotel location into the GPS and we don't take any time at all getting there. I jump out and run into the lobby. The concierge sees me and shouts, "Jennifer! We didn't think we would see you."


I question, "Why is that?"


She replies, "Well, your husband Ben told us you were busy fixing up the cabin." This confirms to me that Thom is correct and Ben is here.


The concierge blushes and asks, "Jennifer, would you mind if we take a selfie together. I already have one of Ben and me."


I smile and answer, "Only if I can see the selfie of Ben first."


She pulls up her camera, flips through the pictures and sure enough, there he is - MY BEN! I worry some because he looks angry.


She stands close to me, puts her phone on one of those selfie sticks and says, "Smile!"


She takes the picture and I ask (and lie a little), "We wanted to surprise Ben, is he here?"


The concierge shakes her head and says, "Sorry, they left about an hour ago for two appointments and he said he wouldn't be back until tonight."


I smile and ask, "Do you have a room that we can temporarily have? My friend is pregnant and I don't want to leave her in this heat."


The concierge answers, "Sure, then she grins and says, "But I bet you and Ben will stay in his room tonight."


I don't have the heart to admit to her that's my hope too. I get the key for the room, head back to the jeep, open the door and say, "Thom you are amazing! Ben is here but he's out doing some errands until tonight. So I got us a room to wait in."


We pile out of the jeep, pile into the room and turn on the AC until Liz is comfortable.


Thom asks, "So what are the plans when Ben returns?"


I smile at him and answer, "That's for me to know and no one else."


The wait seems to be interminable…


Present – Stacy and Samantha – The next day


Samantha's clothes come back perfect, she puts them on and says, "Stacy, I think I'm going to mess around on the Internet some."


She begins to search for news items on the Internet, then she rapidly announces, "Stacy, I've found Ben and Jen… the bitch."


I dash to the computer and ask, "Where."


She pulls up the search and says, "A concierge posted selfies with both of them. She goes to the girls' webpage and sure enough, there's Ben and the bitch."


I ask, "Do we know which hotel?"


Samantha smiles and says, "Of course, but we're going to need a car, not the helicopter."


I call Bill, "We've found Ben and need a vehicle to take us to the hotel."


Bill replies, "I will get one from the rental counter and we will be ready to roll in ten minutes."


I'm worried crazy because the bitch is already at the hotel. What if she already sunk her claws into Ben.


Present – Jens and the gang – Waiting


Thom is making me nervous by constantly looking out the window so I complain, "Thom, a watched pot never boils."


Thom replies, "That's true however sometimes it's good to see a shitstorm like I've just seen before it comes."


I question, "Thom, what the heck are you talking about?"


Thom turns and announces, "Jennifer, Stacy and her team just pulled into the parking lot in a rental car."


I muffle a scream and say, "What the hell! How did they find Ben?"


Thom asks, "Didn't you take a picture with the concierge?"


I swear, "Son of a sea biscuit! She put it online and they found it. Come on, let's go, I'm ready to kick this beotchs rear."


Thom cautions me, "Jennifer, let's think before we rush off half-cocked. Stacy knows that you're here and also knows that Ben was here and I'm sure will find out that he's going to return."


I ask, "Thom, what do you suggest?"


Thom says, "Well, I don't suggest an all-out knock down drag out fight in the parking lot." He looks at Linus and asks, "Linus, you made friends with that Sheriff from Leadville, right?"


Linus replies, "Yeah, we seem to be on okay terms."


Thom suggests, "Linus, give him a call and all the details and ask if he can come to the hotel."


Present – Ben and Ira – That evening


Damn what a hell of a day - I don't even want to talk about it. I just want to polish off another bottle of Knob Creek and pass out. We easily admitted Alexi, Safia, Zarika and Yasmeen to the clinic. Then we went and picked up the paternity test and had to take Mira back to the clinic.


In an interesting turn of events, Ira has begun to act like some sort of personal body guard. A man went to touch my hand at the liquor store and she damn near broke his arm. Oh well, I can deal with her later.


I pull into the hotel parking lot, see Sheriff Jim's truck and mention to Ira, "Something's going on."


Ira becomes instantly hypervigilant and says, "Do not worry Ben I will defend you with my life."


I explain, "Ira, my best friend from high school is here; he's now the Sheriff of Leadville."


Ira confesses, "I slightly damaged one of his constabulary freeing my sister and Safia. He might not be happy to see me."


I watch Jim get out of his truck, Ira and I exit my truck, I walk up to Jim and say, "Fancy meeting you here."


Jim says, "Hell it's not fancy at all! I'm here to avoid World War III."


I shrug my shoulders and say, "Jim, I have no idea what you're talking about."


Jim becomes The Sheriff by first asking, "Where are the others you freed from the sex traffickers?"


I reply, "Jim, they were all a fucked up mess. I put them in a psych clinic here in Denver which I'm paying for."


Jim smiles and says, "Thanks for taking care of them, now we have a highly volatile situation here to deal with."


I shrug my shoulders again and say, "Jim, I still don't have any idea what you're talking about."


Jim points at one of the hotel rooms and says, "Jennifer is in that hotel room and is in all sorts of hurt for what she did to you. Hell, I could barely keep her from crying."


He points to a different hotel room and says, "Now Stacy Summers is in that hotel room and she says she will do ANY-FUCKING-THING for you and to you."


Ben, you have a decision to make and you need to make it soon, because I don't want this erupting into a gun battle in the middle of this hotel parking lot. Both sides are armed to the teeth.


I smile at Jim and say, "Jim, this is the easiest choice in the world to make. Ira and I begin to walk toward Jens room."


We take about four steps when the door to Stacy's room opens and she threatens, "Ben, if I can't have you, then no one can have you."


I'm in shock when she raises a one of the damn Colt pistols (which belonged to my Dad) I gave her and I don't even react. Ira however has no problems reacting: She dashes toward Stacy, Stacy fires the gun, then I hear Ira let out her breath and I know she's been hit. She gets about five feet from Stacy, launches into the air, catches Stacy with her extended foot in the solar plexus and Stacy goes down like the bitch she is. Stacy's two men finally react and one of them points a rifle at Ira. Ira promptly puts him on his ass and takes his rifle then aims it at the other man.


I rush over to check on Ira and she says, "Do not worry Ben, Stacy is a terrible shot she only grazed me."


Jim hauls ass to Stacy's room, arrests everyone and says, "That, young lady is going to cost you."


Stacy laughs, "I'm not worried. My lawyers will get me out of this."


I help Ira up, check her and she has a big nasty grove on her right arm. I bandage her arm with my bandana and we continue toward Jens' door. We reach the door, which is already open, and Jens says, "Ben, please come in."


I walk into her room and she looks more beautiful than I have ever seen. She shocks me when she falls to the floor, crawls to my feet, begins to cry, kiss my boots and says, "Ben I am so sorry for being such a beotch, I should have believed you. I don't care if Mira's baby is your child, we can adopt it if you would like…" I'm shocked and I can't stand my wife acting like this so I pull Jens to her feet, embrace her and give her a hell of a kiss.


Ira interrupts, "…Ms. Blaine, do not concern yourself. Mira's child is not Ben's and we can prove it with this paper. Mira's child was fathered by a disreputable administrator at the fertility clinic. He has fathered a huge number of children."


Jennifer continues, "Ben, all I want is to grow old with you. I don't care about Mira or Ira or Stacy or anyone else."


Ira sees Liz, approaches her, kneels and asks, "Ms. Morgan, for years my sister and I have served as your body guards, I now request a release from that commitment."


Liz looks relieved (which I question) as she says, "Ira, you and your sister are released."


Ira falls at Jens and my feet and says, "Ms. Blaine, your husband performed such an unselfish act for my family by getting treatment for all of them. I feel that I must repay such kindness with my life. I am now your slave."


Jens laughs, pulls Ira to her feet and says, "Ira, you put yourself in harm's way for my Ben so you don't owe us anything. In fact, we would love it if you continued to stay at the cabin because I consider you part of our family."


For the first time ever, I see tears trickle out of Ira's eyes.