Chapter 077

Together Chapter 077

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Present – Ben and Jens and the rest – The next morning


Of course Jens and I spent last night together in my room, much to the chagrin of Liz and Bernie in the next room. They kept banging on the wall all night long and complaining about the noise. Jens banged on the wall and complained right back, "Hey I had to put up with this from you two so just shut up and enjoy the show." There reply was to run up the television which was fine with me.


It was sure good as hell being back with my wife! I did have a shock when I opened the door in the morning since Ira had brought a chair and was sitting in front of our door. She sees me and says, "My tympanic membranes informed me you and Ms. Blaine have reconciled. I am thankful for this because Mira was not correct for you."


I ask, "Ira what are you doing here?"


She smiles and answers, "I was making sure no one, especially Stacy Summers, tried to attack you during your reconciliation."


It finally registers on my mind what Ira said about Mira so I ask, "Why wouldn't Mira be correct for me?"


Ira replies, "Mr. Blaine, Mira simply wanted you because you did not want her. Once you wanted her and copulated with her, she would have discarded you like outdated footwear."


In a little shock I declare, "Ira, you didn't need to spend the night outside the room…"


Ira interrupts, "… Mr. Blaine it was something which I needed to do because it is my mission. Perhaps after breakfast, might we travel to the clinic to check on the welfare of my sister and Alexi?"


I respond with a question, "What about Yasmeen, Zarika and Safia?"


I go in further shock when she replies, "To Hades with them! Their dalliances with Alexi precipitated our capture by Boris the sex trafficker."


That reminds me of a question which had bothered me, "Just how exactly was Boris able to capture skilled operators like you and Mira."


Ira scoffed, "Mira was so great with the 'illegitimate child dreaded fetus' that she was no longer a prime operative. Mr. Blaine, I am ashamed to say they simply divided us and conquered us. They forced us to strip off our body armor and come through the door one person at a time. Upon our entry they Tazered us. I was able to defeat the first Taser attack but not the second. That does remind me that I believe the sheriff has our Katanas. Would it be possible for you to reclaim them for us?"


I smile at Ira and reply to everything, "Of course we will check on Mira, Alexi and the others after breakfast. Let me give Jim a call and see about getting the Katanas back but you might have to face charges for what you did to his deputy."


Ira simply replies, "Mr. Blaine, we have diplomatic passports and therefore will face no criminal charges."


Jens comes to the door wrapped in the sheets from the 'well used' bed and asks, "Ben, who are you talking to?"


I look at her and marvel that she looks so beautiful in the morning and reply, "Ira spent all night in a chair outside the door to protect us."


Jens asks, "Ira, aren't you tired?"


Ira replies, "No Ms. Blaine, I require very little sleep."


I inform Jens, "After breakfast Ira would like to go to the clinic and check on Mira and Alexi."


Jens gets some fire in her eyes as she says, "Yeah, I would like to have a little talk with Zarika and Yasmeen about the cabin!" Jens then suggests, "Ben my love, if you don't mind I would like a shower before breakfast."


I order Ira, "Ira, please go to your room and get some sleep."


She complies, Jens and I head into the shower and I never realized showers could be so much fun…


Present – Liz and Bernie – The next day


Liz rolls over in the bed and complains, "Bernie, those two practically drove me crazy last night."


Bernie laughs and says, "Yeah, it was sort of like us before the doctor told us no more sex."


Liz pleads, "Bernie, I know we can't have sex but couldn't you at least?"


And Bernie certainly did…


Present – Samantha – New stories


It was terrible doing the video on Stacy as she shot Ben - thank God Ira was there and protected Ben. I wasn't sure how Stacy's craziness was going to affect our relationship, but there were other concerns for me right now. I needed to cover Ben and Jennifer getting back together.


We stayed in the room Stacy rented, once the Sheriff and Denver police searched the room to make sure law enforcement had all the weapons. I had no idea, but Bill and crew had a small arsenal of weapons in the room. I was able to convince the police and Sheriff Jim that Vic had no idea what Stacy was going to do, so he wasn't arrested with Stacy and Bill but they did take all his weapons. Vic assured me, "Ms. Stevens don't worry. Since they didn't take my hands. I can still protect you."


It was a good thing we kept the room because all the other Denver news crews took every remaining room. I wasn't worried about them because Jennifer adored the way I covered her wedding so I was sure she would pay more attention to me.


I had John take some pictures of Irina as she sat outside of Ben and Jennifer's room in a chair all night. It seemed strange until Vic explained she was their bodyguard and bodyguards do things like that.


The door opened briefly and Ben, Irina and even Jennifer had some discussions then Irina left and went back to her room. I looked at John and asked, "Are we ready for this?"


John says, "Of course, I'm just not sure how we will get close enough to interview them when there are already so many reporters standing around."


Vic replies, "Don't worry about that - that's my job."


I check my clothes and makeup and say, "Okay guys, let's make our way to their door."


We leave the room toward the throng of reporters waiting by the door. Vic leads the way and loudly announces, "Move to the side, official business!"


Amazingly it works until one reporter from KUSA refuses, "Hey, I know you - you're Samantha Stevens from the Truth network. What's this official business we need to move for?"


Vic growls, "Ms. Steven's is the official reporter for Jennifer Blaine. Don't you remember how she was the only reporter allowed at her wedding? Now please step aside and we might let you share our video."


I was shocked that Vic knew so much about things but I guess he must have studied some before he came to work for me. The KUSA reporter talked with the rest of her crew and agrees, "Okay, we will move if we get second rights to the video."


I get ready to answer and…


Present – Bernie and Liz – The next day


Bernie looks out the window and reports, "Liz, every news station in Denver must be here."


I hopefully ask, "Is Samantha and the Truth network here?"


Bernie says, "Yeah, they're arguing with that Arakawa reporter from KUSA."


I decide it's time for me to make my grand entrance. Yes, we had time yesterday to visit several boutique maternity shops so I looked (and from what Bernie did earlier) felt great.


I forcefully open the door, step out into the frenzy and announce, "Pregnant woman coming through!" That statement works almost as well as Moses parting the Red Sea. I walk up to where Samantha and the KUSA bitch are arguing and demand, "What the hell is going on here?"


Samantha blinks a few times (I can tell she is impressed with my outfit) and says, "Ms. Arakawa wants second broadcasting right to our report."


I smile at Adele and say, "Sorry Adele, but you've refused to play ball with us a few too many times to make that sort of demand. Everyone knows that Jennifer Blaine is part owner of the Truth Network and that she gives us all the exclusives. So if you want to even see the video, move out of the way."


Adele begins to get huffy. I see a Denver police officer and motion to him. As he comes over, I explain the situation to him and he orders, "Everyone except the Truth Network move back from the hotel door."


They begin to complain that the officer can't do that. Thom walks out of his room and says, "While he might not have the jurisdiction to do that, I certainly do. You have two choices, either move back the required distance or vacate the premises."


Someone asks, "And who the hell are you to tell me to do that?"


Thom has a side discussion with the Denver officer after which he takes the man into custody and in a surprise move Thom announces, "I work for the US Marshal's service. Now does anyone else have problems we need to deal with?"


Everyone quickly moves back so I stand beside Samantha and say, "Do your best."


Samantha asks, "You aren't doing the report?"


I smile at her and reply, "No, this is your baby. You do all the reports on Ben and Jennifer."


I argue, "But Liz, you look great…"


Liz interrupts, "… Thank you, after seeing your updated wardrobe I figured the Truth Network needed a little more professional look."


Present – Ben and Jens – Coming out of the room


Ben looks out the window and says, "Jens, it's a fucking zoo out there. The whole parking lot is full of reporters."


I giggle and ask, "Do you see the Truth Network?"


Ben answers, "Yeah, they are the closest to the door."


Jens says, "Just a minute more and we can meet our adoring fans, but we're only talking to the Truth Network."


Ben takes a big swig of Knob Creek and I suggest, "Now you need to brush your teeth." He takes another swig and says, "NOW I will brush my teeth."


I take one more look at me in the mirror, decide I like what I see and say, "Come on Ben, this isn't going to hurt."


Ben is beside me as I fling open the door, see Samantha and say, "Sam, it's so good to see you and everyone else here today." Many reporters are yelling at us but I just ignore them.


Samantha begins the interview, "Good Morning America, this is Samantha Steven's from the Truth Network, we are here with Mr. and Mrs. Blaine. Tell me please, is there any truth that you two are already having marital problems?"


I laugh and reply, "Well, we're here together talking to you this morning after a great night, so what do you think?" I see Liz smirk at the great night comment.


Samantha continues, "So the report of you cutting your honeymoon…

I interrupt, "…Sam, as you know our cabin was destroyed in a maliciously set fire. That caused us to cut our honeymoon short so we could get to work on its repair."


Sam asks a hard question, "And the report of Ben fathering a child with another woman?"


I prepare to answer but don't need to...


Present – Ira and Thom – The defense


When I hear the question about Mira's baby, I walk forward and announce, "My sister Miranda never carried Mr. Blaine's child. And because we are twins I know they never even copulated.  I will physically challenge anyone that spreads this false rumor."


I fall back into a defensive martial arts position while the crowd of reporters start to mumble among themselves.


Thom shocks me when he walks over, places his arm around me and says, "I also personally know that to be true."


He leans over and tells me, "Ira, in America you never threaten a group of reporters, no matter how idiotic they are."


Present – Samantha and Liz – The interview


I continue with the interview, "So, what are your plans now?'


Jens looks at Ben, Ben looks at Jens and Ben blurts, "I thought we might finish our honeymoon in Disneyland."


Everyone laughs, Ben holds up his hand and says, "Sorry, but we're really hungry so we're going to eat now. Samantha can we finish this interview later?"


The crowd of reporters yell questions after them as they walk toward the dining room and Samantha finishes, "There you have it America, Jennifer and Ben and their marriage are fine. And the many terrible rumors of Ben fathering a child with another woman are false."


However there are some men who are watching that could care less about the report and are more concerned with Ben Blaine. As the reporters leave, they leave in a different direction.


Liz comes over to me after the report and praises my work, "Excellent job Sam, how did you know about the 'other woman' question?"


I smile at Liz and say, "Liz, you must have been out of touch since it has been all over the news how Ben broke the women out of the sex trafficker's prison because one of them was carrying his child."


Liz smiles and says, "Well, I guess Ira and Thom put that question to bed forever."


Thom walks over and says, "I sure hope so."


I reach in my bag, pull out a tabloid hand it to Liz and say, "Possibly not."


Thom looks over Liz's shoulder as she reads it and sees the picture on the front page: It's Ben with the whole group of women that look like refugees. She swears, "Which son of a bitch took this picture?"


Thom says, "Yeah! I want that son of a bitch!"


I say, "I think you mean daughter of a bitch, look at the tagline on the picture."


I read it and swear even more, "That little slut, I think it's the hotel concierge. Come on John, we have our own interview to perform."


Thom says, "I want in on this too!"


John, Liz and Thom head into the hotel lobby as I tag along to watch. Liz walks up to the desk and the concierge asks, "How may I help you?"


Liz motions to John, John turns on the camera and Liz rips into her, "Vanessa, are you by chance the same Vanessa that took this picture?" Liz holds up the tabloid?"


Vanessa has yet to realize she's in deep trouble and brags, yes I took that picture the very first day Ben Blaine came here with that huge group of women who looked like refugees."


I wait and Liz drops the bomb, "Vanessa you're being interviewed for the record. What is the policy of this hotel on the video disclosure of information about its paying guests."


Vanessa realizes she's in trouble and tries to backpedal, "I was just letting America see the sort of man that Ben Blaine really is."


Thom begins to talk, John tracks him with the camera as he says, "I notice you have the television on and it's on the Truth Network. So that means you saw Samantha's interview along with Irina and my proof that the accusation is false. How do you feel about it now?"


Vanessa makes the mistake of saying, "Well then what was he doing with all those women? It had to be something scandalous."


Thom continues, "They are all friends of his whom he freed from the sex trafficker's cells. He didn't want them to face the media scrutiny the others did so he took them and placed all of them into a rehabilitation clinic. Now hold out your hands, you're under arrest."


Vanessa fights, "What! You can't arrest me, I didn't do anything wrong!"


Thom laughs, "Like hell I can't. I'm a US Marshal and to begin with I'm arresting you for invasion of privacy for the picture. I will probably add to it, inciting a riot for the commotion you've caused in the parking lot and hotel today."


Thom pulls out some handcuffs, walks up to her and says, "We can do this the easy way or the hard way." She holds out her hands as he puts the cuffs on her.


Liz clears her voice, John pans the camera back to her and she says, "Not only that, once your superiors see this report, I'm sure you will lose your job and never work in the hotel industry again."


Thom walks her outside and the Denver police are still there. They see him with her in custody so one walks over to him, they exchange a few words and Vanessa is taken away in a police car.


Liz laughs, "We have yet one more exclusive all the other stations have missed. They so are busy trying to talk to Ben and Jennifer they missed it all. By the way Samantha, good catch on the tagline."


We head into the hotel dining room and find total mayhem. The other news teams are trying to talk to Ben and Jennifer and they are totally oblivious to everything except each other. It's so damn cute: Jens is sitting on Ben's lap, they are looking deep into each other's eyes, feeding each other, with lots of giggling and a bit too much sexual innuendo on Jennifer's part (especially when Ben would feed her a sausage, she pretends – well I don't need to explain). Thom looks at them and says, "Now that's a couple that belongs together! I almost hate to do this but it's my duty.


Thom walks over to the table and shows the tabloid with its picture to them. John has our camera rolling as do all the other stations. Jennifer looks at the tabloid and remarks, "Ben did such a good thing getting our friends and family out of the sex trafficker's prison, I'm so glad we were able to get them into a great rehabilitation clinic." She pauses for a second then continues, "It's a shame that all the women and the few men that were in that terrible prison can't receive the same care. She looks at the camera and continues, "Perhaps someone could set up a page to fund their treatment?"


Thom announces, "Ben and Jennifer, just so you know, the hotel concierge took this picture and has been arrested for invasion of privacy and whatever other charges I deem proper to add to it."


Jennifer surprises the hell out of us when she says, "Poo, poo on that Thom! She was just trying to make a quick dollar or two. I would appreciate it if you released her since it's good to have documentation of how bad everyone looked so we can reflect on it someday and see how far they've come."


Ben notices Ira and says, "Jens the love of my life, we have a promise to keep."


Jennifer gives Ben a huge kiss and says, "Whatever my love, shall we go?"


Ben looks at Thom and requests, "Thom, it would be nice if you could keep the news crews, other than the Truth Network from annoying us."


The other crews begin to complain and Liz says, "Any attempt to follow them or any continued complaints will eliminate you from receiving our reports."


They shut the hell up! Ben, Jens and Ira walk out of the dining room while no one attempts to follow them, and they are gone.


Liz turns to me and says, "Samantha, I think it's time that we make some changes in the station."


I ask, "What are you thinking about Liz?"


Liz grins at me and says, "I sort of thought that we should talk to the other owners and see about making you a part owner of the station."


I gasp, "Liz please don't tease me."


Liz hugs me and says, "Samantha I'm not, but it's going to take the agreement of myself, Bernie, Ben and Jens. I don't see there being any problem at all. We'll get started on it this next week."


I bite my lip and say, "Liz there's a report that I'm not sure how to air. For right now, it's just a video."


Liz declares, "Where's John, let's take a look at it."


We find John and I ask, "John, can we see the video from last night?"


He asks, "Are you really sure you want to see that?"


Liz replies, "John, show us the damn video!"


I watch as Ben, accompanied by Ira, walks toward Jennifer's room. Stacy opens the door and yells, "Ben, if I can't have you, then no one can have you!" She raises a pistol and points it at Ben. Ben stands there like he can't believe what is happening as Ira runs toward Stacy. She fires the gun and obviously hits Ira but Ira continues and takes down Stacy along with the two other men with her.


Liz looks at me and says, "Wait, isn't this guy who's been following you one of the two men taken down by Ira?"


Vic looks down and confesses, "Yes Ma'am, I am ashamed to say I am and even more ashamed that a woman took me down."


Liz laughs and says, "Hell, you're lucky she didn't kill all three of you! She used to be my body guard. She and her sister were known as the Angels of Death."


Vic looks up and comments, "I have heard legends about them and you're right Ma'am I seem to be very fortunate."


Liz asks, "So why have you been following Samantha all day?"


Samantha replies, "Well Liz, before Stacy went crazy, I sort of hired Victor as my body guard. But with Stacy gone I'm not sure…"


I interrupt, "… Samantha, you know having a body guard for you is a great idea. I've always been concerned about your safety."


Liz looks at Vic and asks, "How much is she paying you?"


Vic says, "Room and board for my family and myself and $20,000 a year.


Liz thinks for a moment and then offers, "Victor, how about you continue working as Samantha's body guard but we put you on the Truth Network payroll which means you also receive health insurance. Oh, and we're going to increase your salary to $30,000 a year."


Vic looks down and says, "That's a generous offer, but I'm not sure I can live on that in New York."


Liz laughs and continues, "Vic, that was a test and you just passed. Of course you can't live on $30,000 in New York but we're moving some of the operations to Leadville, Colorado seeing that's where Bernie and I are going to raise our little one. So how about we make it $40,000 a year and a house in Leadville."


Vic actually has tears in his eyes as he asks, "You would do that for me?"


Liz answers with a question, "Would you protect Samantha with your life?"


Vic looks at her and instantly replies, "Of course, that's my job."


Liz says, "Then you're hired!"


She turns to me and says, "Samantha, I realize the position this puts you in with Stacy since she's your best friend and you don't want to do anything that would jeopardize that friendship. But this report needs to be shown, so I will do the report and you can tell Stacy it was my decision."


I ask, "Do you think she will go to jail for this?"


Liz laughs and says, "Samantha, rich people never go to jail."


I feel much better that things have been settled with Vic and with the video of Stacy.