Chapter 078

Together Chapter 078

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Flashback – Ben – leaving the base


Even though it was hotter than hell, I pulled my military skull mask up over my lower face in hopes that the nurses wouldn't recognize me. It worked like a charm and I safely made it to the SURV docks without being accosted. I walked up to the officer in charge of the docks and reported, "Colonel Maggie sent me here. I'm supposed to be taken back to Lieutenant George and I believe he's still at the hospital.


He took one look at my mask and laughed, "Hell that will scare the shit out of the towelheads."


I offered, "It's yours if you want it, I was just wearing it to avoid any complications with the nurses."


He laughed even harder and said, "Hell you're Sgt. Blaine - let me shake your hand."


I asked, "What the hell did I do?"


The officer of the dock leaned closer and said, "We'd been trying to get the nurses in bed for months with no luck. You show up, give – I can't believe the number – twenty of them a good banging and now it's like they're all hot to trot. So, you're a fucking hero on this base. You want dock number three and thanks for offering, but why don't you keep the mask."


I headed over to dock number three, climbed in the SURV and it left immediately. I was happy as hell to be off the base again and hoped to not return anytime soon…


Flashback – Jack – Office work


I couldn't fucking believe it. For being such a great officer, Colonel Maggie's office was a fucking disaster zone! It looked like Dorothy and the tornado landed in the middle of her office and took up permanent residence. Colonel Maggie ordered, "Start on the pile over there and put them in the first file cabinet."


I came up with what I thought was a brilliant idea: I began by picking up an armload of files and acting like they slipped out of my hands. Colonel Maggie didn't even look up from her work as she continued with a new order, "Jack, you're going to have to try harder than that to make me think you can't do this work. Now pick up the mess you made and make sure each file is in the proper folder."


 Son of a bitch! How did she know? This time Colonel Maggie looked up at me and said, "Jack, I know you hate the idea of filing, that's how I know you did that on purpose. Now don't try that shit on me again or I will put you on latrine duty."


Hell, latrine duty was the worst duty of all! I continued filing with a much better attitude. Colonel Maggie looked at her watch and said, "Good, the Corporal will be here with our lunch soon."


About ten minutes later the Corporal showed up with three MREs. He began my apologizing, "Sorry, I tried to do everything Banzai did but they didn't turn out the same."


Colonel Maggie said, "Don't worry son, anything is better than what that so called cook made today."


The Corporal said, "Yes Sir, some of the Marines were already puking in the garbage cans."


He handed out the MREs, I took a taste and praised his work, "Hey this is pretty damn good!"


Colonel Maggie tasted hers and added, "Yeah, I like what you did to this, good job Corporal."


The Corporal looked at the ground and shyly asked, "Colonel Maggie, I really enjoyed making the MREs so I was wondering if it would be possible for me to try to cook a whole meal?"


I added, "Hell, he only has to do as well as the current cook and that’s not much."


Colonel Maggie wisely suggested, "Corporal, why don't we send you back to HQ and let you apprentice as a cook?"


He smiled and said, "Gosh Ma'am, you'd really do that for me."


Colonel Maggie looked at me and asked, "Okay Sgt., where are those transfer orders?"


I knew right where they were, pulled one out of the filing cabinet and handed it to Colonel Maggie. She filled it out, handed it to the Corporal and ordered, "What are you waiting for? Get moving and make sure they don't fucking keep you because I want you to come back here."


He thanked her multiple times as he walked out the door, then she looked at me and said, "Well Shit! What are we going to do about an aide for you and Sgt. Blaine?"


I suggested, "Do you have another Corporal handy?"


Colonel Maggie replied, "Yeah, I have almost too many of them. I will figure one out for you and let you know who it is."


I liked the hell out of this Corporal and I sure hope she found someone just as good.


Flashback – Masha – The next day


I was happy with the way Linda responded to the change in diet as the largest problem was the 'hidden' sugars in most of the American foods. I taught myself to be an expert looking for them. The easy part was that most of the 'hidden' sugars ended in 'ose': Fructose, Sucrose, Dextrose Maltose, but the tricky one was HFCS – High Fructose Corn Sweetener. The more I read about it, the less I liked it. While some scientists even claimed it was just like sugar, if you looked at the studies which found beneficial effects, they were funded by the people who grew corn that made the HFCS.


I went through the cabinets of food that Louise brought how and came up with two big bags of groceries for her to return to the store, I hoped she could get a refund. While it was convenient for her to do that shopping, until I could wean Louise off her sugar addiction I would need to do all the shopping. One of the things that amazed me the most was the baby food: No there wasn't sugar in most of them, but the first and primary ingredient in most of them was water. I loaded up another whole bag of nothing but baby food. Linda would eat what we ate or I would teach Louise how to can our own baby food.


I decided to start dinner. Tonight we would have a roast with potatoes, carrots and little onions. Jack called it 'Yankee Pot Roast' and it was one of his favorites. Linda was down for her nap so it was the perfect time to start the meal. I cleaned and lightly seasoned the meat, put it into a big pan, cleaned all the vegetables placed them nicely around the meat, added some hot water and put it in the oven. In a few hours it should be great.


Louise should be coming home just about the time the roast was ready. I wasn't sure if she was bringing Brenda and Gwen but if she did there was enough food for them also. I hoped she asked Michael today to help her move out of her apartment and into the house.


Linda began to coo so I knew she was awake. I slipped my head around the corner, she saw me and I said, Бу (boo in Russian). She giggled so we played this little game for a few minutes. I finally picked her up, changed her diaper (which was not nearly as bad now that she didn't eat sugar) and took her into the living room. She pointed to the television and cooed but I replied, "No television for you, not until we read some books."


I brought out some of her favorite books and we began to work on her language skill. Even though Louise had not given me permission, I had decided to teach Linda both English and Russian.


Finally we heard keys in the front door, Louise walked in and commented, "You two look like you're having fun. Linda points at Louise and said, Mama." Louise dropped everything on the floor, ran over and said, "That was her first word."


I didn't have the heart to tell her that Linda had been talking for about a week. Louise picked up Linda and smothered her in kisses, then she remarked, "What smells so good?"


I replied, "Dinner, we are having one of Jack's favorite meals: Yankee Pot Roast."


Louise looked a little guilty and asked, "Masha, I hope you don't mind but Brenda and Gwen are coming over. I told them about the Taebo and they wanted to try it after dinner.


I smiled at Louise and said, "That's great, I made enough food for all of us."


Then Louise noticed all the bags on the counter and asked, "What's all that?"


I replied, "Food that I want returned to the store, I hope you can get a refund."


She laughed and said, "No problem with that since I work there. What's wrong with the food?"


I replied, "Too much sugar or fat and did you know all the baby food's primary ingredient is water."


Louise sounded amazed and answered, "I had no idea! So, what will we feed Linda?"


I presented my solution, "We can put everything into the blender and she can eat our food since that's what we did in Russia."


Gwen and Brenda showed up, I greeted them and looked forward to more Taebo tonight…


Flashback – Jennifer – the military academy next day


Colonel Clark asked, "What forced your father to enroll you here?"


I told him the whole story. He laughed when I got to the part about Vampira and then commented, "It sounds like you two have a few issues to work on."


I confessed, "I really hate being called a princess."


Colonel Clark suggested, "Jennifer, I think that someday you really will be someone's princess."


He made me think of Ben so I began to daydream. He quickly brought me back to reality with a request, "Tell me about the fight you had with the two upper class girls."


I explained everything to him about how I was really just defending myself and how I was sure they were forcing some of the other girls to perform disgusting sexual acts on them.


Colonel Clark asked me next about the cell, "Tell me about the cell they locked you in."


Again I explained everything to him, even how I could climb up the wall and how I dismantled parts of the bed for weapons. He became extremely interested when I told him, "I heard the women coming to get me and they were laughing about how they were going to 'teach me a lesson'. It scared me so I climbed up the wall, waited for them and then attacked them when they entered the cell."


Colonel Clark asked, "So they didn't attack you first, you initiated the attack?"


I replied, "Yes, because I was frightened by what they said they were going to do to me. Sir, am I In trouble for this?"


Colonel Clark answered, "Probably not since they immolated themselves. Who in the hell could sue you? Besides, once the activities at this school are exposed, my guess is you will become some sort of hero."


I cried a little and sighed, "All I want to do is go back home."


Colonel Clark said, "Let me go interview your father and I’m sure you will be going home today."


That was the best news I had heard in a very long time. Now, if Daddy would just stop calling me princess, life would be great.


Flashback – Alexi – Back in his room


It was early morning and it sounded like there was a fight outside my room. I slowly slipped to my door, cracked it slightly open and looked into the hallway. The two night orderlies were acting crazy and fighting with each other.


Many other orderlies arrived and they all begin to fight each other. Some were yelling about seeing rainbows and others were just angry as Hades. I closed my door and locked it as the noise of the fight grew worse. Finally the klaxon that signals to exit the building sounded but there was no way I was leaving my room…


Flashback – Ira and Mira – continuing


How in Hades did my sister Mira receive her injury and why did she withhold that data from me? My sister had been acting most peculiarly lately - not at all like her normal sane self.


I received fortune of good and located a Leporidae Lagomorpha drinking at a stream. I launched a stone at the Leporidae Lagomorpha thereby terminating it. I cleansed it at this location instead of inside the cave then discarded the entrails into the stream knowing the fish will enjoy them. With a flash of insight I then formulated another good notion.


I retrieved some of the entrails, fashioned a hook from a safety pin, tied it on a string and began to fish. Give a woman a fish and she will eat one meal, teach a woman to fish and she will never go hungry. It did not take long until I had procured a fine bunch of fish.


I locomoted back to the cave, approached it with care, made sure there were no unknown boot prints (which there were not) and slowly slipped into the cave. I was surprised by the actions of my sister Mira…


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


The fact that Maria and Gail lived in such an unsafe neighborhood, where they could be mugged and possibly killed for a silk scarf, has put a damper on today's festivities. Gail, being the more sensitive one, picked up on it and signed, "Todd, are you not enjoying yourself?"


I lied and signed, "No, I'm having a great time." Then an idea finally comes to me and I continued, "It's so nice here I was just considering buying a place of my own to live. I could go and do my work, then come back and live in this idyllic place."


Maria laughed, "I would hardly call this place idyllic. You haven't seen the bad areas."


I replied in sign, "No I haven't but I'm sure there are neighborhoods that are nice where mostly Americans live."

Gail signed, "Of course there are but we sure couldn't live there."


I grinned at her and signed, "Why the hell not? If I bought a place I would need someone to look after it while I was gone."


Maria complained, "Todd, is this some sort of plan for you to get sex from me?"


I grinned to show I was teasing and signed, "Gee, I didn't think it would come with that amenity."


Gail giggled and signed, "I knew it! Sooner or later you two were going to do the deed."


Maria blushed and said, "Todd, I'm not that sort of woman."


I grinned at her and signed, "Maria I know that, but I am also a serious man. I am considering buying a place here and I would need someone to watch it while I was gone. However, if you and Gail don't…"


Gail grabbed my hands, stopped me from signing then signed her reply, "…Todd you're crazy! Of course we would love to watch a place for you if you bought it. Well at least I am. If my sister is too afraid then I will watch it for you."


Maria complained, "Gail, you're too young to take care of yourself."


Gail stuck out her tongue and signed, "Well, I've made up my mind so you can either stay in our old crummy apartment by yourself or stay with me at Todd's new place."


Gail giggled and continued, "…And Todd, if Maria is too much of a prude for you, I might consider having sex with you. You are kind of hot in an older sort of way."


Maria turned red and actually swore, "Dios Mio! Gail, I should spank you for that! You know that you've never…"


Gail held up her hands, Maria stopped and Gail signed, "Never what? Are you sure about that?"


I needed to get things back on track so I asked, "Maria, do you know a realtor?"


Maria answered, "Yes, we have one at the bank. Todd are you sure about this?"


I smiled at her and signed, "I've never been more sure of anything in my life."


Maria called the realtor, described to her what I wanted and said, "We are going to meet her in an hour at the bank."


I inwardly smiled knowing I had a good solution for this problem…