Chapter 079

Together Chapter 079

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Present – Ben, Jens and Ira – Visiting the Clinic


Jens is practically sitting in my lap as we drive to the clinic while I ask Ira, "How is your arm this morning?"


Jens asks, "What happened to Ira's arm?"


Ira replies, "Ms. Summers grazed my arm as she shot at Ben last night."


Jens practically goes ballistic as she complains, "Why in the fricken-fracken heck wasn't I told? Ben can they treat her arm at this clinic?"


I reply, "I suppose they can."


Jens orders, "Irina, never hide an injury, even a minor one from me again."


Ira responds, "Yes Ms. Blaine."


We arrive at the clinic, rush inside and Jens takes charge. She rushes Ira up to a desk and asks, "Can you treat the wound on this woman's arm?"


The nurse begins to waffle until I walk up and ask, "How are our patients doing today? If possible we would like to consult with the doctor and see them."


She recognizes me and apologizes, "Sorry, I didn't know who this woman was."


I inform her, "This is my lovely wife Jennifer Blaine. Now can you treat this woman's arm and can we consult with the doctor?"


The nurse again apologizes, "Sorry Ms. Blaine, I didn't recognize you. Yes we will treat this woman's injury immediately and I will call the doctor and inform him you are here."


Jens looks at me and whispers, "How do you rate?"


I laugh and answer, "Money talks and for what we're paying for the treatment here, we're entitled to substantial respect."


As Ira's arm gets treated, I watch and see it's not too bad and is already healing some. The nurse remarks, "This looks like a gunshot wound."


I confirm her observation, "That's correct. You are welcome to call the police however they already have the perpetrator in custody."


Ira directs our attention, "Look, there it is on the television."


We watch as Liz reports on Stacy going crazy. She shoots at me and Jens gasps, "Ira you really saved Ben's life."


Ira quietly replies, "Yes Ms. Blaine that is my duty."


The doctor finally arrives, calls us into an office and Ira asks, "How are my sister Miranda and brother Alexi?"


I feel uneasy as the doctor shakes his head and says, "Miranda has decided she wants an abortion. She looked over the DNA results more closely and noticed the fetus has some genetic abnormalities. Alexi is gradually responding to the treatments, but is still anally fixated and his hands must be restrained at all times."


Ira asks, "Doctor, do you recommend the abortion for Miranda?"


The doctor frankly says, "Normally I would not recommend it, but after looking at the DNA results and Miranda's extreme loathing of the fetus, I feel in this case it's justified and will help in her healing."


Jens asks, "Doctor, how soon can the abortion be performed?"


The doctor answers, "We can do it today if you would like."


Ira says, "First I would like to converse with my sister. If she feels strongly about this, I would like it done immediately."


Jens surprises the hell out of me when she requests, "Doctor, would it be possible for me to watch the abortion?"


The doctor appears taken aback and answers, "Ms. Blaine, I thought you hated this woman because of the problems she caused in your marriage."


Jens laughs and confesses, "Doctor, Mira didn't cause the problems in our marriage, I did. This is going to be traumatic for Mira so I would like to be in the operating room so I can lend her my support."


Ira says, "Ms. Blaine that would be a wonderful act and might even aid in my sister's healing."


The doctor suggests, "Ira should be in the operating room too."


Ira states, "Of course doctor, my sister will not face this trial unaccompanied."


Ira leaves to talk with Mira while the doctor asks, "Are you concerned with your other residents here?"


I know better than to let Jens reply so I quickly say, "Yes we are. How are Safia, Zarika and Yasmeen doing?"


The doctor answers, "Zarika is doing the best, but then that's to be expected because of the past life you saved her from. Yasmeen is dealing with the trauma of not only the sex traffickers, but the fact that she was previously drugged and raped. Safia's main concern is Alexi, but right now we can't let the two of them interact."


Jens pipes up, "Doctor, I would like to have a very frank discussion with Yasmeen and Zarika about the destruction of our cabin."


The doctor refuses, "Ms. Blaine, we cannot allow that. So far we haven't even discussed that issue with them. To force it on them in their mental state would be like torturing them. They are like fragile flowers which must be cared for."


Jens explodes, "Fragile flowers my derriere! Those fragile flowers burned down our cabin, stole my picture of Ben and left a turd on my pillow. I'm still not sure whether to make them work it off our just let them go to jail."


I attempt to bring reason to the table, "Jens my love, please trust me there will come a time when they pay for their sins."


Jens calm down, smiles at me and says, "Of course Ben, I trust you totally and always will."


There's a knock on the door, Ira returns and says, "My sister Miranda is eagerly awaiting the abortion."


The doctor looks at me and asks, "Mr. Blaine, would you care to observe?"


I, perhaps too vehemently, refuse, "No thank you! I will sit out in the waiting room!"


Jens squeezes my hand and says, "Don't you want to practice for when we have our babies?"


I sputter, "Our babies, I… I… I… thought that…"


Jens shuts me up with a kiss, then winks at me and says, "…Ben, you never know what miracles can happen."


I am practically in shock as I head for the waiting room…


Present – Mira, Jens and Ira– The procedure


I cannot wait to have this vile creature removed from by body! To have been so duped by the administrator of the fertility clinic peeved me to the extent that my only enjoyable thoughts were the memories of his demise.


The doctor comes into the room and announces, "Miranda, we are going to have two observers helping you today."


My sister Ira walks in, then I cannot believe it when Jennifer Donaldson walks into the room behind her.


I start to complain and Ira interrupts, "My sister Miranda, we have terminated our contract with Elizabeth Morgan and now work for Mr. and Ms. Blaine. Ms. Blaine is here to show her support during your time of stress."


Ira gave me a stern look and ordered, "My sister, please do not obliterate this opportunity of golden."


Jennifer Donaldson takes over…


I look at Mira and say, "Mira, your sister Ira saved Ben's life when Stacy Summers shot at him. I would like to return the favor by being here to help you."


I look at the doctor and ask, "Doctor, is it agreeable if I hold Mira's right hand while Ira holds Mira's left hand?"


The doctor asks, "You two aren't squeamish about blood are you?"


I reply, "I'm fine with it."


Ira answers, "Doctor, women are never squeamish about blood since we deal with it monthly."


I take Mira's right hand, Ira takes her left hand and the Doctor motions to the anesthesiologist. He begins to put Mira to sleep and now it's my turn to do my work. I'm not sure if I still have any power but now is a good time to find out…


Ira feels somewhat strange…


I am undergoing a strange feeling that I have never experienced before. I look over at Ms. Blaine and she appears to be in a trance while she mouths words which I cannot comprehend. The strange feeling seems to be an energy which I have never felt flowing from Ms. Blaine, through my sister and into me. A peace I have never previously felt washes over me and I relish embracing the total peace and relaxation!


The next thing I know the doctor announces, "We're finished. I've never had one of these go so smoothly and easily." He also adds, "It's a good thing she decided to have the abortion because the fetus was very malformed."


Ms. Blaine asks, "Can we stay with Mira in the recovery room?"


The doctor approves so we move into the recovery room with Mira, we take her hands and once again I have the feeling…


I slowly wake into a feeling of calmness, peace and relaxation. I ask, "Is it over?"


My sister Ira says, "Yes Mira it is over."


I stutter, "Ira… Ira… Ira… I feel…"


Ira interrupts, "…Yes my sister Mira, I feel it too. She leans over and whispers, "I think it is emanating from Ms. Blaine."


I whisper in reply, "Ira could she be a…?"


Ms. Blaine shushes us, "I need to concentrate so please stop talking."


A nurse realizes I am awake, comes over and asks me, "Miranda, are you in pain?"


I honestly reply, "No ma'am I experience no pain whatsoever."


She shakes her head and says, "That's strange because usually there is an extreme amount of pain."


Ms. Blaine finally opens her eyes, smiles at me and says, "It's all over Mira. I am sorry for your loss but from what the doctor told us, the fetus was much damaged." She continues, "Well now that I'm done I need to see Ben since he is worried about you Mira."


Ms. Blaine leaves, the nurse comes back over and again asks, "Miranda, do you have any pain?"


I again reply, "I have no pain."


She presses on my stomach, which is now smaller and wrinkled looking, and says, "How about if I do this?"


I reply, "No, I do not experience any pain."


She shakes her head and says, "Well, you must be the luckiest woman in the world because usually the patients are screaming for as many pain medications as we can give them."


Ira leans over and says, "We have to express gratitude in the direction of Ms. Blaine for this."


I agree, "Yes we must thank Ms. Blaine." When I call her Ms. Blaine, it is as if a light illuminates above my cranium and I finally understand: Jennifer and Ben are meant to be together!


The doctor comes in and asks, "Mira, the nurse tells me you don't need any pain medication, are you sure?"


I smile at the doctor and reply, "Sir, I am not experiencing any pain."


He writes in his notes and comments, "This is one of the strangest procedures I have ever done. I know we did it correctly but you should be feeling some pain."


I smile at him and request, "When might I return to my facility domicile."


He begins to check my peritoneal area and declares, "Now that's even stranger, you're not bleeding."


I reply, "Doctor I feel better than I have in months. When might I return to my domicile?"


The doctor calls the nurse over and asks, "How many times have you changed Mira's pad?"


The nurse replies, "She didn't bleed so we didn't change it."


The doctor shakes his head and says, "Well this is one for the medical journals to figure out! Mira you are released back to your room, just avoid doing anything strenuous for a few days. And notify us immediately if you start to bleed or have any other drainage."


Ira smiles at me because we are co-conspirators to what has really happened!


Present – Ben and Jens – The waiting room


I was thankful I still had some power left and was able to help Mira. And I meant what I said earlier, Mira wasn't the cause of any marital problems with Ben, I caused all of them by not believing him.


I take off all the stupid medical garb they had me wear and walk toward the waiting room. I sneak a peek around the corner and find my Ben just like I knew I would find him. He's pacing the floor like an expectant father (someday I hope he is one).


I walk in, he rushes over and asks, "How's Mira?"


I smile at him and tease a little, "If I wasn't so sure of your love for me, I might worry."


Ben looks scared but I giggle and continue, "Don't worry my husband, I totally trust you and Mira is doing well."


The doctor walks in and says, "Miranda is doing fine, in fact she's doing better than fine. It's almost like she didn't have the procedure performed at all."


Ben questions, "Doctor what do you mean?"


He says, "Well for most women the procedure is painful and there's lots of bleeding. Mira didn't bleed at all and has no pain."


Ben asks, "Are you sure you did everything correctly?"


The doctor says, "Yes, I went back and checked the machine. We did extract a very deformed fetus and the placenta."


Ben says, "I guess Mira was just lucky."


I ask, "Ben do you want to go and see her?"


Ben hesitates when he says, "Jens, are you sure about this? It won't cause you to…"


I shut my husband up with a kiss, pull away and reply, "…Ben, I will never again make a stupid mistake of not believing you since I trust you totally."


Ben says, "Well then I guess so."


We head to Mira's room finding Ira is still there. They smile at us and Ira says, "Thank you Ms. Blaine."


Mira echoes, "Yes thank you very much Ms. Blaine."


Ben asks, "Do both of you feel okay? You seem – well sort of strange."


Mira says, "Yes Mr. Blaine, we both feel great."


Ben shakes his head and wonders aloud, "When did I become Mr. Blaine?"


Mira giggles and says, "You've always been Mr. Blaine, but in the past I haven't called you that."


I take Ben's arm guide and him out of the room. Ira follows and motions me to the side of the hall.


I go beside her and she asks, "Ms. Blaine, is there anything that you can do for Alexi?"


I touch Ira on the arm and reply, "Yes but not today, I'm too tired from helping Mira. We will come back tomorrow and we will see what I can do. Take your time with your sister while Ben and I go to the cafeteria for some lunch."


I walk back over to Ben and complain, "I'm hungry. Do they have a cafeteria here?"


Ben answers, "The hell if I know, let's ask someone."


We stop a nurse in the hallway and she gives us great directions which really amount to just follow the signs. We get into the cafeteria where I realize that the residents all eat here along with the staff and visitors.


I see a couple of folks that I want to talk to. We go through the line and I load up my plate (hey doing what I just did makes me hungry enough to eat a horse). Ben complains, "Damn Jens, that's more food than I have."


I tease him, "Well, when you're eating for two…"


Ben practically drops his tray and has a coronary so I confess, "Don't worry honey, I'm just teasing you."


Ben stutters, "Jens… Jens… Jens… don't ever do that to me again!"


I order, "Ben follow me, I see two seats that are just perfect for us."


We walk over to sit across the table from Zarika and Yasmeen. The shock on their face is priceless! Heck, Yasmeen even drops her fork. I smile at them and say, "Hey girls remember us. We're the ones who took you in and then let's see, oh yeah, as payment for our kind deeds you burned down the cabin. And because it's an arson fire, the insurance won't pay to have it rebuilt."


Ben looks at both of them and says, "I am so disappointed in the two of you that after all I did for you this is how you repay us."


I see tears form in the corners of their eyes but I ignore it and begin to eat. I comment, "Hey this is pretty good food."


Yasmeen laments, "I miss Mabel's cooking."


Zarika says, "We are both so sorry for what we did…


One of the doctors comes over and interrupts, "… You shouldn't be at the same table."


I smile at him and agree, "You're right, come on Ben, let's find a nicer table to sit at." However I can't avoid being just a little bad as we leave.


As we leave, Zarika and Yasmeen begin to scream, "Get them off us, they're crawling all over us."


The doctors rush over and of course don't find anything.


We find a table all to ourselves and I comment, "Now that was fun."


Ben asks, "But the doctor said…"


I interrupt, "…Ben doctors don't know jack about anything. They don't even know you still have a small piece of shrapnel from the bullet in your elbow."


Ben asks, "Jens how did you know? It does bother me from time to time."


Jens smiles and replies, "I'm your wife and it's my job to know about my husband. Don't worry, we're going to have it removed so it doesn't bother you anymore."


Ben surprises me when he says, "There's only one doctor I trust to cut on this arm and he's in Moscow Russia."


I smile at Ben and ask, "So what's it like in Moscow this time of the year?"


Ben gets a faraway look in his eyes and answers, "It's colder than hell!"


I get excited and ask, "Beeennnnnn, will you buy me a fur coat?"


Ben laughs, hugs me and says, "Of course, all the women in Russia wear them." Then he teases, "What should it be, rabbit or squirrel."


I fake a pout and suggest, "How about silver fox."


Ben becomes practical and says, "We will see if we have any money left after repairing the cabin."


Ben doesn't know it, but we're going to have plenty of money left since we have all the gold recovered from the jet that was shot down (you do remember that don’t you?).


We finish lunch, Ira comes in and Ben suggests, "Why don't you get something to eat, we will wait for you."


Ira smiles and answers, "As you command."


She comes back to the table and Ben asks, "How's Mira doing?"


Ira smiles and says, "She couldn't be better except she wants to get up and exercise to lose the flabby abdominal region she gained during pregnancy but the nurses and doctors won't let her."


Ben continues with the questions, "Well the doctor was amazed with her recovery."


Ira begins, "I was not surprised because of…"


I kick her in the leg so she doesn't spill the beans to Ben. Ben asks, "Because of what?"


Ira tells a plausible lie, "Because of our constitutions, we heal very rapidly."


Ira finishes her lunch and says, "Are we driving back to the hotel?"


Ben looks at the time and suggests, "Why don't we head to Leadville and recover your Katanas?"


Ira states, "First we need to stop at the tunnels so I can recover our passports."


I ask, "Why do you need your passports?"


Ira explains, "I slightly damaged one of the Sheriff's deputies when I freed Mira and Safia. He will attempt to press charges over my exploit, however Mira and I have diplomatic passports."


I'm impressed and say, "Wow, those must come in handy."


Ira agrees, "They have been useful many times."


I wish, "Gee I wish that Ben and I had diplomatic passports." I had no way of knowing what chain of events I set in motion.


We leave the clinic, never knowing that we are being watched. Ben does mention, I think I've seen that car behind us before.


I turn to look at the car but it turns the corner so I ignore Ben's comment.