Chapter 080

Together Chapter 080

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Flashback – Ben – On the SURV


The pilot of the SURV suggests, "You might want to get on the M2491."


1 M249 – Light Machine Gun formerly called the Squad Automatic Weapon.


I asked, "Why is that? I thought the towelheads didn't shoot at the SURVs."


He replied, "That used to be the case, but then they got smart and figured out that was how we were moving a hell of a lot of forces. Now we're lucky if we don't get strafed with AK fire and have at least one or two RPGs launched at us each trip."


I jumped up and manned the 249 just in time because all hell broke loose. The fuckers were firing AKs at us from the bridges. The M249 made short work of most of them.


The pilot ordered, "Make sure you check our six because some of the sneaky motherfuckers wait until we pass and then jump up to fire."


I checked our six just in time as one of the fuckers jumped up with an RPG. I nailed him just as he fired and caused the rocket to spiral off course and slam into the bank of the river. It was a stroke of luck because it blew the fuck out of a bunch of hidden towelheads waiting in ambush. I spun the M249 around and cleaned up what was left.


We started taking a buttload of fire from both sides of the river and the bridges. The pilot juked the SURV around like a drunk trying to walk home from a bar at night. I was getting concerned until an AH-1W Super Cobra gunship came down and strafed the shit out of both banks of the river in addition to the bridges. I continued to help with the M249 and together we shut down most of the towelheads.


The pilot complained, "It's about fucking time he showed up."


I recognized the number on the AH-1W and asked the pilot, "You got a radio you can contact the chopper with?"


The pilot replied, "Of course, do you want to talk to him?"


I answered, "Affirmative, I know the pilot and I want to give him some shit."


He handed me the mike, I keyed it and squawked, "Shit, it's about time you stopped RABFO2 and did some real work for a change."


2 RABFO – Riding Around the Base Fucking Off


The Cobra pilot replied, "Shit if this is who I think it is, I just wasted good ammo. Hell you didn't even need my help."


I teased, "So you still ARMY3?" I emphasized ARMY in such a way he knew what I meant.


3ARMY Ain't Ready for Marines Yet.


He replied, "Better than one of Uncle Sam's Misguided Children."


I asked, "Then what they hell are you doing flying one of our AH-1Ws?"


Sam replied, "Something 'terrible' happened to my AH-64 Apache and they couldn't fix it."


I was sure that Sam was the one who did the 'something terrible' because he loved the AH-1 series choppers and hated the Apache.


I laughed and closed with, "Thanks again my friend, I owe you a beer."


He said, "I'll take you up on that if we can ever keep you away from the nurses. By the way, I'm with you until you reach your final destination."


I laughed and the SURV pilot asked, "Who the hell is that?"


I replied, "That's my good friend Sam. We've bailed each other out of some difficult situations in the past."


The pilot said, "Well it looks like he's going to escort us to the landing point and then continue with you to the hospital."


I asked, "So what's it like at the landing point?"


The pilot said, "There's still a hell of a battle going on for the hospital so it's going to be bad. You're going to have to break through enemy lines and then hope you don't get shot in the ass getting to the hospital."


I felt better knowing Sam was around and figured he would clear a path to the hospital for me.


Flashback – Jack – Office work


I finished off lunch and went back to work. I cleared up the first pile of folders and Colonel Maggie praised my work, "Damn, I might have to keep you as my aide."


I pretended to be horrified, "And deprive Banzai of my excellent spotting?"


Colonel Maggie laughed and replied, "Jack, you and I both know that Banzai is so good he doesn't really need a spotter."


I countered, "Ma'am I do other things besides spotting for him. I help to keep him out of trouble and from making bad decisions."


Colonel Maggie laughed and said, "Don't worry Jack, I was just yanking your chain. But remember after this week you're going to be training the green Marines."


I sighed, "Yeah, I remember."


Colonel Maggie scolded, "Jack Reynolds, get your head out of your ass! You're perfect to train the new Marines! If you don't believe me, just look at how well Sgt. Blaine turned out. Hell, if you weren't so dead set against it you would be a DI4 by now."


4 DI – Drill Instructor


I laughed and said, "No way! I'm not ever going to wear one of those stupid campaign hats."


Colonel Maggie laughed, "I think you would look great in a campaign hat, besides you are getting a little old to be out in the field."


Colonel Maggie worried me with her last comment. Hell, what if she was serious?


She began to laugh and I felt better until she said, "Damn Jack, I've got the perfect Corporal to be your aide."


I didn't like the sound of her laughter at all so I asked, "So, who is it?"


Colonel Maggie continued, "Well, he's a bit more than a Corporal, he's an E5 (Sergeant).


I gave her a jaded look and she continued with the laughter, "I'm going to make the old cook your aide."


I started to complain but Colonel Maggie held up her hand and said, "Jack, it's going to be great! I want you to give this bastard so much shit he hates the day he was born. Hell, run his ass ragged all day and night."


I asked, "I suppose I don't have a say in this?"


Colonel Maggie laughed, "You supposed right."


I had one more hope, "What about when Banzai comes back since they are the same rank."


Colonel Maggie said, "We will deal with that when it happens, but get used to it Jack - starting tonight he's your new aide."


Flashback – Masha – That evening


We sat at the table, Louise helped with the plates and silverware while Gwen remarked, "Something smells wonderful?"


Louise said, "We're having Yankee Pot Roast tonight, but more important than that, Linda called me Mama today when I came home."


There were congratulations all the way around, especially for me teaching her so well. Once again Brenda asked, "Masha, couldn't you watch our children too?"


I smiled at her and declined, "Sorry but with Louise moving in, I'm not going to have as much free time and I know I need to reserve some free time for myself."


I distracted them from further asking by setting the roast pan on a trivet on the table and opening the lid. There was a chorus of Ah's and Louise remarked, "I still don't understand how Masha can watch Linda all day and still make a meal like this."


Gwen asked, "What about food for the children."


I replied, "I almost forgot - they are eating our food." I grabbed the blender container off the counter and put a mixture of vegetables and meat in it. I then walked over to the blender base and pureed the food. I came back, put a little on some small plastic plates for the children and said, "Let's see how they like this."


Linda was doing her best to eat as Louise helped her. The other two children weren't so sure about the food.


Louise informed her friends, "Masha discovered that the main ingredient in most baby food is water and felt we were paying a high price for water. She said this is how they did things in Russia and I think it's a great idea."


Brenda said, "Masha I hate to tell you this, but Tina only eats fruits."


I was concerned about this, but hid my concern and replied, "There's a full bag of baby food on the counter and you are welcome to find some fruit for her in there."


Louise asked, "No wine tonight?"


I smiled and answered, "That's correct, we are doing Taebo and because of that, we will not have wine."


Dinner was over and I hated watching Tina eating just fruit for dinner. I could no longer tolerate it so I looked at Brenda and asked, "Brenda, aren't you concerned that Tina only eats fruits? It's not a balanced meal."


Brenda passed the buck, "Yes I am, but my stupid babysitter started it and I can't find a way to stop it."


I began to think of some possible solutions and changed the subject, "Okay, it's time for a workout."


Gwen said, "After a meal like that I hope I don't throw up."


I had noticed she'd eaten too much but didn't say anything because she would learn. I replied, "Well if you do then you can clean it up."


We all laughed, I took them to the garage and Louise asked, "With three of us learning, which practice dummies will we use?"


The children were all in the rolling baby chairs and having great fun in the garage (I had made sure before I ever let Linda into the garage that anything dangerous was out of reach).


I replied, "Louise you will use Major Mike as always, Gwen and Brenda will each take opposite sides of the heavy bag, once I put on the floor strap. I placed the floor strap on the heavy bag, so it wouldn't swing, put Brenda on one side and then spent some time showing her how to punch so she didn't hurt her hand. Then I did the same with Gwen.


Louise was ready so I looked at the women, started the music and ordered, "Keep up."


Ten minutes later Gwen's self-assessment came true: She vomited on the garage floor. I stopped the music, handed her a rag and said, "Next time you should eat a little less." She cleaned up the mess and we continued for another five minutes. I could see that both Gwen and Brenda were having issues so I stopped the workout and said, "That's all for tonight."


Gwen and Brenda actually sat on the floor they were so tired and Gwen said, "Louise you weren't lying, this was an incredible workout."


Linda rolled up to Louise babbling, "Mama! Mama! Mama!"


Both Brenda and Gwen complimented, "Louise, you are so lucky to have Masha."


Louise made me blush when she said, "Yeah, I love my badass aunt!"


I walked over to Brenda and said, "Brenda, I have been thinking about your problem with Tina only eating fruit. I think that I can cure this problem if I watch her for one week – but it will only be for one week and you have to promise to throw all the baby food fruit out of your house and never buy any again."


Brenda asked, "How much will you charge?"


I dismissively waved my hand and said, "Nothing."


Brenda smiled in obvious relief and said, "It's a deal."


I looked at Louise and asked, "Louise, I need you to go to Brenda's house to make sure she doesn't keep any of the baby food fruit."


Louise saluted and said, "Yes Sir!"


Brenda looked hurt so I squatted beside her and said, "Brenda, this is for Tina's health so don't feel badly."


Gwen changed the subject and suggested, "Masha, you should teach Taebo classes."


I smiled and secretly wondered if I could possibly do that to earn some more money for our family. I said, "I will consider it."


Louise adds, "And yoga classes."


The women remarked, "You do Taebo and yoga?"


I replied, "Yes after a good Taebo workout, I like to finish with yoga to keep my muscles from getting sore."


Brenda practically begged, "Masha, my muscles are getting sore already, can we try yoga tonight?"


I hand both women a rag and say, "Please clean your bottoms so you do not bring the garage dirt into the house."


They both apologized, "Sorry Masha we didn't think anything about sitting down on the garage floor since it looked so clean."


I requested, "Please do not do it again and also make sure you sit on a rag tonight if you sit in a dining room chair or on the couch."


Since yoga is done in the living room, we headed into the living room and I began the yoga lesson…


Flashback – Jennifer – the military academy


Things were crazy here! Parents were coming to the military academy and trying to take their children away, while the police are stopping them from doing it. Colonel Clark left to find Daddy, so I was by myself and the next thing I knew, a big rock hits me in the head so hard I almost passed out. I turned and noticed one of the fat cows from my room last night. She threatened, "I'm going to make you pay for ruining our school."


Despite the headache I laughed and replied, "The school was ruined the minute they let a lezbo fat cow like you enroll."


She picked up another rock and started to throw it at me but a policeman stopped her. He looked at me and said, "Ms. did you know you're bleeding?"


I reached behind me, felt where the rock hit me. When I brought my hand back around and it was covered in blood.


The policeman grabbed the girl and said, "You're under arrest for assault." The lezbo fat cow laughed, "My parents are lawyers so I will be out before you even get the paperwork done."


I wandered over to the fire trucks where a paramedic saw me and asked, "What happened to you?"


I said, "One of the girls threw a rock and hit me in the head."


He began to treat me and said, "Ms. I hate to tell you this, but we need to get you to the hospital as soon as possible. I'm concerned that the rock has possibly caused a cranial fracture and could have caused a concussion."


I argued, "I'm not going anywhere without my Father."


The paramedic said, "Well, who is your father and we will find him."


I replied, "General Donaldson."


The paramedic called over some other firemen and asked them to find Daddy, while he continued to treat me.


Finally I see Daddy running towards the ambulance, then…


Flashback – Alexi – Back in his room


There was frantic knocking at my door and I heard the psychologist yell, "Alexi, let me in before they catch me again."


I quickly unlocked the door and viewed the psychologist in an extremely disheveled condition. His clothes were torn and dirty and he was bleeding from his mouth and several other places. He flew into my room and I locked the door again. I asked, "Sir, what happened to the orderlies?"


The psychologist replied, "Somehow they got into the clinic's supply of LSD and now they are all hallucinating and angry at me."


I further questioned, "What is LSD and why are they angry at you?"


The psychologist answered, "LSD is Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, also known as acid, which is a psychedelic drug known for its psychological effects including: Altered thinking processes, closed- and open-eye visuals, synesthesia, an altered sense of time, and spiritual experiences. We kept some here as a treatment for some of our more severe cases. They are angry at me over the whole incident with Chow Mein and they blame me for that cat killing some of them."


I realized now what was in the 'sleeping pill' they adulterated. If the amount of LSD I put in the orderlies coffee did this to them, I realized it would probably have killed me. The logical conclusion was that the orderlies were trying to kill me. I needed to develop a way in which to stop them…


Flashback – Ira and Mira – continuing


I slipped into the cave and discovered my sister Mira had freed herself from the restraints and had even started a small fire. I complained, "Mira, you should be resting."


Mira replied, "Ira, I feel much better and I knew you would arrive shortly with sustenance. Therefore, I started a small fire on which to cook the aforementioned sustenance."


I asked, "Would you prefer Leporidae Lagomorpha or fish?"


Mira finally occulated my bounty and said, "I would like for us to divide them betwixt ourselves and enjoy a veritable feast."


I proceeded to clean the fish while Mira put the Leporidae Lagomorpha on a stick and placed it over the fire. I found enough other sticks for the fish and we also placed them over the fire.


Mira asked, "What is your opinion on the situation with Kostia? Has he abandoned the search for us?"


I replied, "We have rendered to Kostia a serious sanguineous olfactory appendage. Given his embarrassment over his failure, he will not easily terminate the search for our corporeal selves."


Then Mira provided an insightful idea…


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


We took a taxi to Maria's bank and met the realtor. Because I couldn't talk, I signed and Maria interpreted for me.


The realtor asked, "Todd, what sort of place are you looking for."


I signed, "A gated community which provides a safe haven from the more undesirable parts of the city. Three bedrooms, a family room, a nice kitchen and easy access to public transportation. Do you have anything like that available?"


The realtor answered, "I think I know exactly what you have in mind and one just came on the market. Shall we take my car and look at the place?"


We walked toward her car where a large man (obviously a body guard) opened the doors for us. She gave him the address and he began to drive the car."


I signed to Maria, "The driver is also a body guard. Because his jacket is too small I could see the outline of a pistol under his jacket."


Maria signed back, "Yes, it is normal for a woman of importance here to travel with protection."


The part of the city we drove through was certainly different than some of the other parts I have seen with Maria and Gail. If I had not known better I would have sworn we were back in America. We finally arrived at the gate where Maria's body guard talked to the security guard and we were admitted to the complex.


We drove up to a small (by American standards) single family home and the driver stopped the car. We waited until he opened the doors for us and before we could walk into the house I signed, "Maria, I would like to walk around the outside of the house first."


Maria spoke to the realtor and we walked around the outside of the house. I noticed the reinforced bars on the windows. I looked closely at a window and signed, "Are the windows all bulletproof?"


The realtor replied, "Yes, they are all bulletproof but how did you know?"


I played dumb and signed, "The glass looked very thick."


I was satisfied with the exterior of the house so we walked to the front door. The realtor unlocked the steel reinforced door, rushed into the house and deactivated the security alarm. She explained, "I didn't get the alarm turned off fast enough one time and I thought I was going to be shot."


I signed and Maria translated, "How long did it take security to arrive?"


She replied, "They guarantee a three minute response time."


So far this place looked great! Gail was signing crazy fast to Maria but I couldn’t understand. I really liked this place and two additional features made it even better…