Chapter 081

Together Chapter 081

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Present – Ben, Jens and others – a couple months later at the cabin


How time flies when you're having fun! Other than Yasmeen and Zarika we're all back at the cabin. The two girls keep having problems with formication which baffles the clinic doctors. They were shocked at the recovery made by Mira, Alexi and Safia, but even I am still not totally convinced that Alexi is cured. Jens assures me he is and I do trust her.


The rebuild of the cabin is going great! Since I didn't know about the gold from the jet, Jens explained it to me so I'm not as concerned about money as I was.


Jens playfully pokes me in the side and says, "Time to wake up for PT old man."


She knows I'm not ticklish but she's ticklish as hell so I grab her sides. She begins to fight but not before I get in a few good tickles. Jens complains, "One of these days you're going to make me pee in my pants by tickling me before I get a chance to use the bathroom." Jens dashes into the bathroom.


I laugh and answer, "Don't complain to me, you're the one who started it. Now hurry up or we will be late for PT."


Jens teased, "Well if you didn't want 'that' this morning we'd have more time."


I countered, "Me want 'that'? If I remember correctly it was you that wanted sex."


Jens comes out of the bathroom, smiles and says, "That's because you're so damn sexy! Now hurry up or we will be late for PT."


I rush my morning bathroom duties, come out already dressed in a pair of BDU's and Jens complains, "Hey you're already in uniform and you know I like to watch you dress."


I swat her ass as I head out the door and say, "Last one to PT has to run the obstacle course."


We run through the tunnels where I hit the door first, fly outside and easily beat Jens to the PT field. Jens complains, "Hey, no fair."


I kiss her and say, "All is fair in love and war."


She laughs, "That's okay I will just have to kick your ass on the obstacle course."


Ira and Mira run up as Ira states, "Today is my turn."


Ira begins the PT while we and the rest of the security team try to keep up. Jens breathlessly says, "I do like having the twins lead the PT."


I chuckle as much as possible while sucking wind and agree, "Yeah, they're worse than any DIs I ever had."


We finish the PT and now it's time for a run.  We all load up our gear as Ira leads the run while Mira drops beside us and remarks, "Very good job this morning."


Jens replies, "Thanks Mira, how are you feeling?"


Mira says, "I feel fine. I have almost vanquished the belly from the pregnancy. I will be thankful when it is gone because it's a constant reminder of the huge mistake I precipitated."


I'm still not used to the new Mira - the Mira who isn't interested in me. I have some concern that it will come back, but Jens assures me it won't. I'm taking the opportunity to daydream because I’m living the life I've always wanted.


Suddenly I see Mira's Katana flash out of the saya as she announces, "Someone approaches."


Almost instantly Ira is back beside us with her Katana out when Destiny runs up and says, "Good morning girls, it's wise to keep an eye on these two because they have attracted the interest of others."


I greet her, "Good morning Destiny, I gather this isn't a social call? I hope you can spend some time with us."


Destiny shakes her head, her hair rustles like leaves quaking in an aspen tree and she says, "Ben I am much too busy right now for a social visit. Unfortunately, because of your past in Iraq and Afghanistan, and because of the news reports that Samantha Stevens has done, you've attracted the attention of some very undesirable men."


Jens is standing beside me holding my hand and asks, "Do you mean Muslim men?"


Destiny confirms, "That is correct. There are still valid fatwahs for Ben. They have had you under observation and are trying to come up with a plan to execute you and Jens."


Mira challenges, "Over our deceased physiques will they will harm the Blaines."


Destiny says, "These men are terrible and do not care who they hurt or kill. If they had their way, they would destroy all of you, including your whole cabin and tunnel complex."


Jens swears, "Son of a sea biscuit! Do you know where they are staying, perhaps we could do a preemptive strike?"


Destiny disappoints us by saying, "Unfortunately, I have been unable to determine their dwelling place." Destiny turns and points, "However, one is observing you even as we speak."


I see the telltale flash from a scope or binoculars and suggest, "Let's go get the fucker."


We take off after the fucker but he jumps up and runs away. We reach the top of the hill just in time to see a car – the same car I saw following us at the hospital – speeding away.


I ask Destiny, "Can you pick up their trail?"


Destiny says, "Unfortunately, I cannot without an item of their clothing. However I will be taking your runs with you in the mornings."


Ira says, "We need to constantly vary our routes and our schedules."


I agree, "That's right, I'm going to talk with Sheriff Jim and see about getting deputized again so we can legally carry weapons."


Mira requests, "Mr. Blaine, please see if he will provide the equivalent credentials for my sister and I."


I reply, "I will check and see, but he's still upset at the two of you so I'm not sure he will do that."


Destiny suggests, "With the spotter gone, you can now continue your run."


Ira sets a blistering pace that I can barely keep up with. Jens looks at me and says, "Don't worry Ben, they aren't going to get us."


But I am concerned. Why the hell did this have to happen now? Life is going so well…


Present – Samantha, Inga and Thom – Stacy's places


Liz was correct when she said that rich people don't go to jail. Stacy's lawyers got her off on a temporary insanity plea. This almost never happens to anyone so I'm not sure that some judges weren't paid under the table. But I sure wasn't going to open an investigation into it - just knowing that Stacy would be out in another week made me happy.


They did let Bill out because he didn't do anything wrong so all the work continued. The biggest surprise I had was when I came back and a woman named Inga (she did some work with Jennifer and Thom) had talked with the chef and together they had opened a small restaurant in the brewery (which was almost functional again). She was the waitress and the chef did the rest. It did crazy good business with people lined up around the building to eat and marvel at the progress on the brewery. It was great because since I worked for Stacy I had priority and could take a seat when one became available without all the standing in line.


Vic and I sat at the table and Inga asked, "Would you like wine with your meal today?"


This was a change. I was shocked and Inga explains, "That's right, you haven't been here since our liquor license came through."


Vic replies, "None for me since I'm on duty." I ask, "What's on the menu for today?"


Inga smiles and answers, "Beef Bourguignon, I would recommend the house red wine with it."


I smile at Inga and reply, "Just a little bit. I have some work to do this afternoon and I don't want it to affect me."


Vic says, "I never dreamed I would eat so well in my life. I've had to start working out more so I don't gain weight."


I ask, "How's your house and is your family getting settled?"


Vic says, "It's a great house, the perfect size. My wife loves it up here but is still getting used to the altitude."


I remind him, "Make sure she drinks enough water each day because that's one of the keys to adjusting to this altitude."


Vic looks a little worried and asks, "Samantha, would it be possible for you to eat dinner with us one night?"


I smile at Vic and reply, "Of course I would love to, but being a reporter I can sense there's something else."


Vic confesses, "Mallory is jealous that I work with you and is sure that we're fooling around. If she could just meet you and see the two of us together it would really help."


I say, "Just tell me the night, I will be there and we will dispel all her fears."


Inga brings my wine, a cup of coffee for Vic and two plates of Beef Bourguignon. Vic comments, "This looks incredible." Inga smiles and says, "It's almost to die for…"


We watch as Inga's smile disappears when she sees who sits down next. Vic looks at him and says, "Hey, that's the old fart who almost broke Stacy's nose."


Inga walks over to his table where she and the man begin to argue. Inga begins to cry and runs back to the kitchen and Vic says, "I think I need to go and have a talk with the stranger…"


Damn, I heard Inga the traitor went to work for Stacy Summers. She talked Stacy's chef into opening a snooty assed restaurant - hell it was all the people in Leadville talked about, so I decided to visit it and see if I could make up with Inga.


My talk with Inga didn't go as well as I hoped: She ran to the kitchen crying and a big assed guy got up from Samantha's table and headed in my direction. The smart thing to do would have been to get up and leave, but hey, I never claimed to be smart. He came up to my table and said, "Sir it might be better if you left."


I grinned at him and snapped, "Don't call me Sir! I work for a living."


He smiles at me and said, "Special Ops from Nam unless I'm wrong."


I smile at him and reply, "Good guess now it's my turn. Army Spec Ops, someplace in Iraq or one of the 'stans'."


He smiled right back at me and said, "And you could call me Sir because I outranked your ass. Now you and I could mix it up here and bust up the restaurant, or you could leave and we can remain on speaking terms."


I laugh and introduce myself, "By the way, my name is Thom and I agree if you do one favor for me."


He asks, "What's that?"


I confess, "Look I was a jerk and insulted the hell out of Inga. If you could give her this note from me I would be in your debt."


He glares at me and says, "Can I read the note first?"


I reply, "Sure, why the hell not! It's a huge apology to her and an offer to take her on a date."


I give him the note, stand up and say, "Nice meeting you… uh, I didn't get your name."


He gruffly replies, "My name is Victor but you can call me Sir!"


I wave and offer, "Goodnight Sir!"


I never did meet an officer I cared for and I sure as hell didn't care for him. But I was sure he would keep his word and deliver the note. With my mission accomplished it was time to head back to the cabin and give my report. I arrive back at the cabin and found a hub of excitement…


Present – Inga – in the kitchen


Victor comes into the kitchen and says, "Don't worry Inga, I chased that man away. However he did ask me to give you this note."


I was shocked to see Thom and even more shocked that he wrote me a note. I opened the folded paper and read,




I need to apologize to you. I was a real horse's ass when we were last together. I can't help but feeling that you're too young for me.


However I am willing to give it a try if you are. Let me know if you would like to get a cup of coffee sometime.




Shoot, just when things were going well, Thom shows up again and messes up my life. But he did apologize and I still have some feelings for him…


Present – Ben, Jens and others – that evening


Thom walks into the situation room and asks, "What the hell is going on? It looks like we're preparing for a war."


I reply, "In ways we are. I have attracted the attention of some fucking towelheads who want to collect on the many fatwahs on my head. From what we understand they are willing to do practically anything to get me."


Thom notices Jim the Sheriff swearing in people and suggests, "Perhaps it would be better if I swore them in as deputy US Marshals?"


Jim says, "Yes, if you could do that it would give them more freedom to operate. While we're talking about it, we'd like the Marshal Service to help get the FBI domestic terrorist unit involved in this."


Thom asks, "How did you get this information."


I reply, "Destiny stopped us during our PT this morning and we chased one of the fuckers who was observing us on our run off my land today."


Thom replies, "Let me head out to my car and get some badges."


Thom comes back a few minutes later, swears us all in, hands us each a badge and then instructs us, "Now this doesn't give you the right to go crazy - you still need to operate within the realm of the law." He looks at Mira and Ira and says, "Especially the two of you, I don't want any international incidents here."


They both give Thom the most innocent look I have ever seen - it's all I can do to keep from cracking up. They pull Jens to the side and have a huge discussion…


Ira and Mira pull me to the side and Ira asks, "Ms. Blaine, isn't there something you could do?"


I smile at the girls and reply, "Mira and Ira, sorry but I'm not that sort of witch, I can only use my powers for good."


Mira reminds, "But didn't you cause Yasmeen's and Zarika's formication?"


I reply, "Yes I did, but that was different, that was sort of a joke I played on them."


Ira starts to ask a question and then interrupts, "Mr. Blaine is approaching."


Ben walks up and asks, "So what are all the secrets you three share?"


I smile at Ben and lie a little, "Ben it's women things - would you like to know about them?"


Ben grimaces and refuses, "No thanks, I'm leaving."


He leaves and Ira repeats her question from before, "Ms. Blaine could you perhaps cause them to have formication?"


I think for a moment and reply, "I need to see the person to make it happen. Then I say, I did see the man today so I can give it a try but there is no way of knowing if it worked."


I do the spell but again I have no idea if it will work…


Thom takes the podium and announces, "Today I discovered that the rumor of Inga working for Stacy Summers is indeed a fact. She talked Stacy's chef into opening a restaurant at the brewery and she is the waitress. I tried to make things right with her but was asked to leave by Samantha's body guard."


I ask, "Thom, how does this impact the TSIFFTS."


Thom answers, "We all sign NDAs when we join the TSIFFTS so I think we should be fine because I feel Inga will honor that agreement."


I order Gretchen, "Please remove Inga's access to the tunnels."


Gretchen says, "I already put her access on hold, now I will delete her from the system." I can tell she's not finished when she suggests, "Jennifer, it would be trivial to setup drone surveillance of the cabin and surrounding area."


I ask, "Gretchen, is there a way to tie them into a motion detector?"


Gretchen replies, "They already have drones with that function built in so yeah it's doable. The problem becomes all the animals up here that might interfere with the drone."


I reply, "Let's talk later to see if we can figure this out."


I look at the security team and inform them, "Even though the doors are monitored by the computer, I want armed guards inside twenty four hours a day. Work out the shift to keep both entrances covered."


Thom suggests, "Jennifer, we will need some way to verify each employee working on the cabin as they arrive, otherwise the bastards could come in as workmen."


I ask my security officer, "What would it take to bring the gate blockhouse back online and control the traffic as it enters."


He smiles and says, "Don't worry, we'll start manning the blockhouse after this meeting is finished."


I remember the last time the cabin was attacked and pray that it doesn't happen like that again.


Then Ben comes up to me and suggests, "Jens, since the fuckers are after me the best thing to do is for me to drop out of sight for a while."


I glare at Ben and set him straight, "Ben, there's no way in heck I'm letting you disappear again! Especially since we're finally back together again." I think for a few moments and come up with a plan…