Chapter 082

Together Chapter 082

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Flashback – Ben – On the SURV


The radio squawked and Sam ordered, "Kill your speed – there is some sort of big barrel looking thing coming down the river toward you. I'm going to blast the hell out of it."


The pilot not only killed the speed, he spun the SURV around so we were headed back in the opposite direction. Sam fired at the barrel and there was a huge motherfucking explosion that showered us with nasty assed river water. The pilot yelled, "Now that's a new trick - a river IED." He spun the SURV around so we were headed the right direction and Sam calls again, "I'm not sure but I think that was some sort of ANFO1 bomb, you guys are lucky."


1 ANFO – Ammonium Nitrate and Fuel Oil


I grabbed the mike and replied, "Yeah, we are damn lucky you're covering our trip."


Sam replied, "Hey my FLIR2 is lit up like a Christmas tree at your landing site showing multiple towelheads, you might want to change landing areas.


2 FLIR – Forward Looking Infrared – A thermal camera which shows heat signatures.


The pilot grabbed the mike and asked, "How about this beach?"


Sam came back, "It's about as clean as anything."


The pilot ordered, "Sgt. Blaine, gear up. I want you off of here as soon as we reach the beach."


Another Marine manned the M249 while I began to put on my packs and NV goggles. We hit the beach, I jumped up and ran off the SURV as Sam lit up some towelheads that were close to me. The SURV was gone almost instantaneously. Well it looked like other than Sam, I was on my own.


I ran and juked like my ass was on the line, because it actually was. Sam followed me and cleaned up most of the bastards. He missed a couple but I took them down with my M4 and kept running. Thank God I remembered where the hospital was! I reached a location close to the hospital, began to pie the corner while Sam's Super Cobra was raising hell. I slipped around the corner, saw a shitload of towelheads and ducked back behind the corner. When Sam stopped firing, I pied the corner again and the towelheads were gone.


I beat feet toward the hospital and yelled, "Friendly in coming."


Sam was really putting his chopper through a workout as he started to fire in some other areas. I reached the door to the hospital without getting shot by a Marine, the doors flew open, and I dove inside as some rounds peppered the building.


George picked me up and said, "Welcome back."


I replied, "Thanks for not shooting me."


He laughed, "Colonel Maggie made sure we knew you were coming platoon Sgt."


I asked, "So what's the sitrep?"


George replied, "The towelheads must really want this hospital since they keep throwing waves of people at us and we keep kicking their asses back."


I asked for clarification, "People meaning not just men?"


George grimaced and said, "That's right. We've had women and children suicide bombers. The first one practically caught us with our pants down. Then George added, "We've had a hell of a time with a motherfucker sniper - whenever we get someone on the roof, he takes them down. You think you can do anything?"


I swore, "I can't believe they are using women and children. You bet I can do something about this sniper."


George cautions, "He's damn good so be careful."


I dropped the UOP and suggested, "Give this to one of the Marines to keep and tell them to keep their mitts out of it or I will kick their ass."


George motioned to a Corporal and said, "You heard the Sgt. you'd better treat this like your girlfriend."


George and I began to haul ass toward the roof. I got to the floor below where the hatch was blown off and Jack was wounded. I stopped, found a stick, placed my helmet on the stick and made sure to note the helmet's direction on the stick. I slowly raised it up. It barely cleared the edge of the access point when a shot rang out and bounced my helmet off the stick! I caught the helmet and noticed what looked to be a nice 30 caliber hole in the helmet.


I asked, "Has the sniper been taking out Marines in the windows?"


George replied, "No, he only goes after the ones on the roof."


I smiled at George and said, "That's what I hoped you would say. I showed George the hole in my helmet and said, "The hole in my helmet shows me the sniper is on the eastern side of the building, most likely in the highest building in the area."


George confirmed, "There is one tall building on that side of the hospital."


I suggested, "Look, I can play games with this fucker for days or we can call in a strike on the building. It's your choice."


George laughed and said, "That's an easy decision. We're going to have the artillery level that building. They've been itching for targets."


I requested, "Hold off the artillery for a few minutes, I want to get eyes on the building first."


George questioned, "Why is that?"


I reply, "Because the fucking sniper might take off when he hears the artillery fire, I know I sure as hell would."


I found a good room on the eastern side of the building and crawled into it so I didn't expose myself. I pulled out my sniper rifle, mounted a thermal scope in front of my regular scope and began to scan the roof of the tall building. With the thermal scope, I was able to follow the sniper's footsteps to his hidey-hole. The fucker had removed an air vent cover and was inside the vent: Hell I could even see his hands where he touched the air vent and of course I could see his thermal image in my scope. I pulled out a laser rangefinder, ranged the air vent, checked for wind (which was almost none existent), made the scope adjustments and took the shot! The thermal scope showed me the red mist as my bullet ripped the sniper to hell.


I stood up, walked out of the room and reported to George, "One less sniper to worry about."


George asked, "Well, should we still level the building?"


I replied, "Most certainly, not just that building but any other building that is close to the height of our building."


George and I moved into what looked to be his office, he pulled out a map and used a red LED light to scan the map. He pointed and said, "These building are the tallest in the area."


I suggested, "Let's give the Marines in artillery some work to do, take them all down at once."


George made a list of the coordinates of the buildings and asked, "Banzai, check this for me."


I checked the coordinates - they were all spot on and suggested, "Have them put some flares up first, then drop in a round on each building. Give them the azimuth changes based on where they hit and then fire for effect."


George offered, "Banzai, would you like the honors?"


I replied, "No Sir! Once we begin the fire mission, my guess is the towelheads will be swarming from the buildings like cockroaches, I'm taking part of the squad with me and we're going to send them to hell."


I looked around and ordered, "You five are with me on the roof."


One of them balked, "I ain't going on the roof it's a fucking deathtrap."


George started to dress him down but I looked at George and said, "Sir, please this is my job."


I walked over to the Corporal and ordered, "Corporal, your Sgt. is commanding you to stand up."


The Corporal stood up and did something he shouldn't have - he mouthed off, "Yes Sir Sgt., whatcha going to do to me?"


I grinned at him and answered, "I'm new here so let me introduce myself. Most Marines call me Banzai Ben. And do you see my left foot?"


He looked down at my left foot, nodded yes and I continued, "I'm going to put my left foot against the right side of your face and you won't be able to do anything about it."


He dropped back into a defensive position and began to argue. I did a spinning kick, my left foot connected with the right side of his face and he went out like a light while blood spurted out of his nose. I looked at the Corporal with the UOP and ordered, "Take care of his nose but don't fuck up the pack doing it."


He saluted like crazy and said, "Yes Sgt."


I looked at the other Marines and lectured, "I'm your new platoon Sgt. You may call me Sgt. or Banzai, it's up to you. However, you will never call me Sir! That title is reserved for our Lieutenant. Know that I will never put you in harm's way or ask you to do anything I won't do myself. If you have a problem with me or my command, then come and see me. If we can't rectify it, then we take it to the Lieutenant."


That fired them up, they all jumped up and wanted to head to the roof so I ordered, "I only want the five best shots with me, the rest of you can continue to protect the building."


A chorus of yes Sgt. was heard as the five supposed best shots followed me to the roof.


I walked right up on the roof and the others hesitated some until they saw that I didn't get shot. They got on the roof and I ordered, "Things are probably going to get hot and heavy here very soon. The Lieutenant is calling in a fire mission to destroy all the tall buildings in this area. When it starts I expect the fucking towelheads will be running out of the buildings like swarming cockroaches. Since you five are the best shooters, we're going to kill as many of them as we can."


The artillery launched the flares which made the area look like daylight. I took the additional thermal scope off my sniper rifle, packed it away and waited.


Flashback – Jack – Office work


Colonel Maggie was on the phone, hung up and said, "Damn Jack, that's one hell of Marine you trained in Sgt. Blaine."


I was a little worried when I asked, "What did he do now?"


Colonel Maggie laughed, "First he made it safely back to the hospital which was a huge task in itself. Then he kicked the ass of a Corporal who mouthed off to him, killed a sniper that had been controlling the roof of the hospital and now he has the Lieutenant calling in a fire mission on all the high buildings around the hospital. Yes, you did a damn good job training him."


I looked sad and Colonel Maggie asked, "Sgt. Reynolds, what's wrong."


I replied, "Sorry Sir, I just miss the action."


She tried to cheer me up by saying, "Don't worry, you will have some action tonight when you get your new aide. I expect his life to become the hell he's given this camp with his sorry excuse for cooking."


I half-heartedly answered, "Yes Sir! I will make sure his life is hell." And I thought: I'm going to make his life as miserable as my life is since the only thing worse than office work was what Colonel Maggie threatened me with earlier, latrine duty.


Damn Banzai is once again getting all the fun and I'm stuck here with these damn folders. That gave me an idea for tomorrow…


Flashback – Masha – later that evening


Louise and I were in bed and she informed me, "Michael agreed to help move my things in here this weekend. Can you watch Linda while I move?"


I smiled and agreed, "Certainly, that's no problem at all."


Louise asked, "How do you plan on stopping Tina from only eating fruit."


I replied, "The only way I know how is by not giving her any fruit. She will eventually get hungry enough to eat good food. However, it's not going to be stress-free and certainly not easy to view."


Louise sparked my concern when she said, "Brenda says that Tina is very strong willed."


I found out exactly how strong willed the next day…


Flashback – Jennifer – the hospital


I woke up with a terrible headache and found Daddy and mother were both standing by my bed. I figured I must be dreaming so I started to roll over and Daddy said, "Jennifer, you gave us quite a scare."


Mother added, "Yes young lady, we have been worried senseless about you."


I asked, "Mother is that really you? Are you back?"


She smiled at me and said, "Yes Jennifer, I'm back and things are settled with Daniela. We're keeping her to do the housework while I concentrate on other things like managing your dancing career."


I sure as heck didn't like the sound of that, but I didn't say anything. I reached back, felt a bandage on my back of my head and asked, "What happened?"


Daddy smiled at me and said, "Jennifer, that girl who threw the rock at you did more damage than the paramedic originally thought. She caused you to have a subdural hematoma. The base surgeons were able to successfully fix the problem."


A doctor walked into my room and interrupted, "Jennifer, how do you feel?"


I tried to smile and said, "Like I was run over by a car."


He checked my chart and said, "Jennifer, we did a burr-hole trephination on your subdural hematoma. That's where we drill a hole in your head and suck out the blood that created the hematoma. We feel it was very successful and you should recover with no problems."


I asked, "Can I sit up in bed and can I have my laptop computer?"


The doctor said, "We want to keep you flat for the rest of the day because sometimes if you sit up too early you get a terrible headache."


He checked my eyes with a flashlight, then asked me a bunch of stupid questions to which of course I knew the answers. He said, "Jennifer, your progress is great, keep it up."


He left and Daddy said, "Don't worry Jennifer, the girl who assaulted you was arrested."


I complained, "Daddy that might not be the best thing since she said her parents were lawyers."


That made me remember something so I asked, "Daddy, what's going on about the military academy?"


Daddy looked down and mother said, "Jennifer that was a terrible place! Most of the girls were forced to do terrible sexual things to each other. Not only that, the nasty girl who hit you with the rock was one of the ringleaders."


I asked, "What about Rachel, the girl who helped me?"


Daddy said, "Jennifer, I have no idea about her, however I will find out. By the way, the newspapers are calling you a hero for causing the closing of the academy."


I felt really tired and said, "I think I'm going to take a nap."


Daddy kissed me on the cheek, so did mother. I drifted off to sleep and had a terrible dream…


Flashback – Alexi – Back in his room


The psychologist paced in front of the door; he was very nervous and it was bothering me. I decided to medicate him to calm him down. I still had the powder from the red pill of mine so I mixed it into some water in a glass and asked, "Sir, would you like some water"


He replied, "Thank you Alexi that is very thoughtful of you."


He drank the offered adulterated water without even tasting it - a bad habit of his.


This gave me a great idea: With Chow Mein gone, I would continue my experiments on the orderlies. Not only did I have a large amount of 'my' pills in my stash, I knew I had access to many more exotic drugs because the drugs were not well controlled here.


The psychologist began to yawn and said, "I'm getting sleepy. Alexi do you mind if I use your bed?"


I said, "No Sir, you have had a busy and stressful time, feel free to take a nap."


He lay on my bed and almost instantly fell to sleep. I briefly thought about letting the orderlies in to get him, but decided I would perform some experiments on him. I took two of the green pills out of my stash (because I remembered how crazy they made Chow Mein), mixed them in some water and then slowly dribbled the water into his open mouth. It worked perfectly as he began to swallow the mixture.


It took about thirty minutes but he jumped from the bed and swore, "This is my clinic, what the hell am I doing letting the orderlies trap me in this room?"


With that, the psychologist threw open the door and loudly swore, "You sons of a bitches aren't going to make me hide!"


I was amazed and shocked when he began attacking the orderlies. The next thing I knew the orderlies were running down the hallway, screaming in terror with the psychologist chasing them.


I locked my door, pulled out my notebook and documented what happened. This was going to be so much better than using Chow Mein.


Flashback – Mira and Ira – continuing


I looked at Ira and suggested, "I grow tired of Kostia and his men chasing us. It is time that we take the fight to them. We have already terminated many of his men so if we are wise and plan intelligently we can terminate all of them."


Ira smiled and said, "Mira, once again you are correct. The men we have previously terminated were not very skilled and my thoughts are that many of the remaining are likewise trained."


I continued, "First I need to finish my sustenance, then we need to cauterize my wound."


Ira asked, "Exactly when and how did you receive that wound?"


I replied, "When the first rocket hit the chopper I was not lucky and a piece of it imbedded itself into my abdomen."


Ira scolded, "Mira, you should have informed me immediately!"


I extruded my tongue out at her and stated, "That would have prevented our escape which at the time was of greater importance…"


Mira had finished her sustenance so I advised, "The time has arrived to cauterize your wound."


I took the knife, heated the blade in the fire, stripped off Mira's shirt and pressed the flat side of the knife against her wound. Mira gasped and then her consciousness departed. I was then able to further the cauterization…


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


What really sold me on this house was when the realtor showed me the 'safe room'3. It was virtually impregnable. I kept watching Gail's crazy fast signing and was getting better at reading it. She was giving Maria hell about not sleeping with me. She even went as far to say that if Maria didn't do her duty, she was going to do it. Yeah, she wanted this place even more than I did! Especially after the realtor said, "If you have any children, they will attend the school that's on premises - it's ranked as the best school in the city."


3 Safe room or panic room – a secure room within a house or apartment designed to resist any entry.


I needed to play this cool so I finally got Gail to shut up with her signing and signed (I noticed some stains on the carpet in the living room), "What happened to the previous owners?"


The realtor looked down and said, "I hoped you wouldn't ask that since they were killed by a man they believed was their friend."


I turned to Maria and signed so she and Gail could both see, "Let this be a lesson to the both of you, you're only as safe as the people you trust. If you let someone bad into this house, bad things will happen."


The realtor and I began negotiations. The first question she asked was, "Do you want the house as is, with the furniture, or should I arrange for the furniture to be sold?"


I signed and Maria translated, "The furniture in the living room is great and we will keep it. I do want the furniture changed in the master bedroom and one of the extra bedrooms. I have particular preferences in cooking utensils so everything in the kitchen can be sold."


The realtor made some notes and said, "Here's the best price I can give you on this house."


She slid a note across the table. I took one look at it, crumpled it up, threw it on the floor and signed, "Are you trying to offend me! I did some research and know the prices for houses here and that price is much too high. (Yeah it was a lie but she didn't know)."


The realtor quickly backed down, "No Sir! I am not trying to offend you but that is a good price for this house."


I looked at Maria and Gail and signed, "It's over. We're leaving and I want a new realtor."


I stand up and Maria translates, the realtor responds, "Please be reasonable."


I give her a very angry look and sign, "Why should I be reasonable when you're trying to screw me without even kissing me."


Gail giggled at the comment and Maria changed the translation to something more respectable.


I sign, "I will give you one more chance. You can sell this house to me tonight at my price, or you can let it remain on the market for however many years it takes to sell."


The realtor said, "Please sit back down and tell me your price."


I sat back down, pulled out my pad and wrote out what I considered a ridiculously low price. I pushed it over to the realtor and she shocked me when she smiled and said, "Todd, you just bought yourself a house."


Gail jumped up and down and danced around the room. The realtor asked, "Why is she so happy?"


I signed and Maria translated, "Because Maria and Gail are going to be the caretakers of this house while I'm traveling for business."


The realtor smiled and said, "That's an excellent idea, especially if you're gone often or for an extended time."


I asked, "How much deposit do you need tonight?"


The realtor told me so I pulled out the cash and signed, "Of course I need a receipt for this."


She gave me a receipt, handed me the keys to the house and said, "I will be back tomorrow morning at ten with the contract."


I motioned to the realtor to come beside me. I pulled out my pad and wrote, "Should anything happen to me, I want this house to become Maria's property. Make sure that is in the contract."


The realtor smiled at me and assured me it would be taken care of. I looked at Gail and she signed, "Todd, can we stay here tonight?"


I signed, "That's a great idea, what do you think Maria?"


Gail began her crazy fast signing telling Maria to sleep with me and Maria relented, "I guess that would be fine, but tomorrow we need to go back to our apartment and collect our belongings."


I signed, "I don't know about you but I'm tired and want some sleep. Gail choose which room you would like, Maria you choose which room you would like and I will sleep in the last room."


Maria blinks her eyes and said, "You're not sleeping with me?"


I mime a laugh and signed, "That's right and I'm also not sleeping with Gail. Listen, I don't know what sort of men you've come across in the past, but I didn't buy this house so I could sleep with either of you. In fact, I'm locking my door tonight because Gail has me scared."


Maria laughed and said, "Todd, you're getting better at understanding Gail."


I signed, "That's right." Which made Gail blush like crazy as we went upstairs to our individual rooms. And I did lock the door because I was worried about Gail.