Chapter 083

Together Chapter 083

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Present – Jens, Ben and others – The plan


I pull Ben to the side and suggest, "Ben I have a great plan that should work."


Ben still argues, "Jens, the only logical thing is for me to leave…"


I interrupt his crazy thought with a kiss, pull away and protest, "…Ben, you're not thinking correctly! Even if you leave, the cabin and I will still be a target." Then I lay out my plan, "So, we're both going to leave. We'll rent or buy a motor home, fill it with weapons and leave like we're going to Disneyland. And since the terrorists seem to monitor Samantha's reports, we will get her to do a big report on it."


Ben gets with the plan when he thinks out loud, "I wonder if we can get a motorhome like they had on the movie Stripes."


I giggle and ask, "Was that the motorhome that was more of a tank than anything else?"


Ben smiles and responds, "Yeah that's the one. I wonder if they make any armored motor homes?"


Thom walks over and interrupts, "I couldn't help but overhear your discussion. I think it's a great plan and I have a suggestion which might make it better."


I reply, "Well Thom, don't leave us hanging, what is it?"


Thom says, "Don't waste your time trying to find an armored motorhome. I will talk to TSIFFTS and we will get you and armored trailer and semi to pull it. But first, rent a normal motorhome and have Samantha do a video of you leaving in it. We will make the switch to the TSIFFTS asset later when we're sure we're not being watched. In fact, I will even make sure it's disguised as a normal semi-trailer."


Ben asks, "How hard are those to drive? And won't I need a CDL?"


Thom says, "The corners are the tricky part because it's easy to cut them too close and run into shit. But hell, it's armored and if you do that you will just tear the hell out of whatever you run into while scratching the paint on the trailer. Oh yeah, backing up is a real bitch so always try to pull into places where you don't need to back up.  Yeah, you'll both need CDLs but we can get you two CDLs with no problems."


I ask, "I know most of them are setup as mobile command centers, do you have one that's more like a house?"


Thom replies, "Jennifer, they are modular so all we need to do is tell the TSIFFTS what you need and they will configure it."


Ben asks a very practical question, "Just how armored are they?"


Thom replies, "They will withstand any rifle rounds including a fifty caliber. Shit, they will even take a hit from an RPG without a problem as long as it's not the wheels that are hit."


Of course Ben has to ask, "So what happens if the wheels are hit?"


Thom replies, "The trailer either tips over or you drag the shit out of it. But hell, unless someone spills the beans, no one will know where the fuck you are."


I ask, "Who is going to take care of making sure the cabin is built and then keeping it safe from the Muslim terrorists?"


Thom offers, "Jennifer and Ben, if you would allow me to stay here, I will gladly take care of that for you. I just need all the details first. The second problem we have is that you two are very recognizable."


I look at Ben and Ben says…


Thom has been a shitload of help since I've been back - I can't believe all he's done. The semi from the TSIFFTS is a great idea but I'm just not sure I can drive one of those rigs. I look at Thom and say, "Thom, I'm not sure I want Jens and me to be the only drivers, and I'm also not sure what to do about disguising ourselves."


Thom smiles and says, "Getting a couple drivers for you will be no problem at all. And Ben, if I remember right don't you have a couple of 'extra' passports."


Jens giggles and says, "I know about Erast Fricken Fandoren, but who is the other one?"


Ben smiles and answers, "Paulo Roberto Fernandez."


The light bulb appears above her head as Jens finally realizes, "Ben, you rented the campground in Glacier National Park under Erast Petrovich Fandorin because you wanted me to find you!"


Ben smiles at me and says, "Of course I did. Don't tell me you're having a blonde moment!"


I giggle and say, "I guess I never thought about it until now." Jens pauses and suggests, "Ben, I think I might have just had another blonde moment. Why don't we take that trip to Russia to get your elbow fixed?"


Thom shoots down my new blonde moment by saying, "Unless the surgery is life threatening, I sure as hell wouldn't go to Russia. Think for a moment about all the Chechen terrorists blowing the fuck out of everything."


Ben interjects, "Thom's right - I had a huge run in with them when I was there."


I can't resist teasing Ben so I smile and ask him, "Was the huge run ins name Tatiana?"


Ben blushes but I save him, "Don't worry my love, I have forgiven you for all your past indiscretions."


Mira and Ira walk over and Ira orders, "You are not travelling anywhere absent our participation."


Mira reinforces the order, "That is correct. We are your personal protectors and any travel plans must include us."


Thom gives them a strange look but then says, "You know, with the right clothes and hairstyles, they could almost pass as your daughters."


Jens heatedly complains, "Thom are you saying I look old enough to be their mother?"


Realizing the quicksand which confronts him, Thom quickly backpedals, "No, I was just thinking out loud and you're right, it's crazy."


Thom continues, "Now let's go over the configuration you will need…


Present – Bill, Samantha and Inga – Stacy's place


Bill walks up and teases, "I should have known I would find you two chow hounds here."


Vic laughs and responds, "Like hell, we know you actually came here for a plate of your own. Let me go get Inga for you."


Vic leaves to get Inga and Bill asks, "Where's Inga???"


I reply, "The old guy who almost broke Stacy's nose came in the restaurant, they talked and Inga ran crying to the kitchen."


Bill swears, "Damn, how did he get in here! I need to have a talk with the rest of my security team and ban him from this building."


Vic and Inga walk out of the kitchen and Inga sets down a plate of Beef Bourguignon and apologizes, "Sorry about that, I needed to powder my nose."


Bill says, "Like hell you did! I heard what really happened and I will make sure he never comes in here again."


Inga bites her lip and pleads, "Bill, please relax about this. Believe it or not, I still might want to see him."


Bill whines, "Women, who can understand them?"


I say, "I understand us perfectly." Then I look at Inga and ask, "Don't you understand us?"


Inga laughs and agrees, "Of course I do and the process is rather simple. I wonder what their problem is."


Bill finally notices my wine and says, "Alright, the liquor license finally came through!" Then he says, "Samantha, when you're finished eating I would like to go over the plans for your castle and the new offices."


I'm not exactly sure what's going on. All I know is that I've spent what seems like too much money on my castle. I remember that Stacy told me to be frugal but the remodeling seems to be costing a small fortune.


I smile at Bill and suggest, "Well, I'm done. If I eat anymore I will have to exercise even more. How about we head up to the new offices and look at the plans."


Bill says, "I'm not leaving until I finish this excellent meal." He looks at Inga and praises her, "Inga, it was a really good thing you've done here with the chef. Stacy has given her utmost approval."


Inga smiles and answers, "Thanks Bill. That means so much coming from you and Stacy. She gets out next week doesn't she?"


Bill replies, "That's right, I can't wait to have her back."


I praise his actions, "Bill, you've done a great job keeping things going while she's been gone. How is she concerning Ben and Jennifer?"


Bill shakes his head slightly and says, "She's still obsessed with Ben and I don't understand it. She could have any man in the world and she wants him. But she knows she needs to play the game and lie low if she wants out."


That worries me some since the last thing I want is another incident like her trying to shoot Ben. My mobile phone rings, I answer it and say, "Yes, I can be there later this afternoon. I have a couple of other things to do first."


Vic asks, "Are we going somewhere?"


I reply, "Ben and Jennifer are leaving in a motorhome later today for Disneyland and asked if I would do a story on it."


Bill exclaims, "Damn that's great news! If Ben and Jennifer are gone, they won't be here to aggravate Stacy." He looks at me and Inga and asks, "Do either of you know how to keep her from obsessing on Ben?"


I suggest, "Bill, we need to keep her mind occupied with other things and remove any reminders of Ben's presence."


Inga agrees, "We also have to help her realize that Ben legally married Jennifer because he loves her."


Bill says, "Unfortunately, Stacy is used to getting whatever she wants so how do we convince her of these facts."


I look at Inga, she looks at me and we both answer, "We don't have any idea other than keeping her busy."


Bill replies, "Well there's certainly enough work available so that we can do that." He pushes his plate back and says, "Damn that was good! Are you read to go over the plans now Samantha?"


I reply affirmatively and we begin to head up the hill. Vic begins to follow and Bill orders, "Vic, I want you to mind the store here and make sure we don't have any further problems. I'll make sure to keep Samantha safe."


Vic sits back down and asks, "Hey Inga how about another cup of coffee." She gladly brings him a cup and he wonders, "Now what did those two need to discuss without me?"


Inga says, "I think they are discussing you working for the Truth Network and not Stacy."


Vic replies, "Yeah, I know it bothers them some but my primary mission is still the safety of Ms. Stevens, no matter who pays the bills."


I tell Vic, "You need to relay that to Bill and Samantha. I am sure they have their doubts."


Vic swears, "Hell the offer was so good I couldn't turn it down."


Inga reminds him, "Vic, you didn't even have a chance to hear Stacy's offer, it might have been better."


Vic confesses, "Yes, it seemed like I took the first offer that seemed the best for my family."


I suggest, "Be open to other offers that Stacy might give you."


Vic assured me he would. I said, "I need to clean this table as we have other guests waiting."


I clean the table and three men walk into the restaurant and I immediately dislike them."


They take the clean table and one of them asks with a heavy accent, "Do you have any vegetarian food?"


I reply, "We only make one meal a day and today's meal is Beef Bourguignon. So sorry, we don't have any vegetarian food today."


The man says, "Perhaps you could bring us some very strong coffee."


I smile and answer, "Right away." I couldn't wait to get away from them because they gave me the heebie-jeebies, especially the one who kept scratching himself like he had fleas or something.


I notice Vic watching them. He stands up and begins to walk toward them and they abruptly stand up and leave. I walk over to him and comment, "That was strange."


Vic says, "Strange hell, if I'm not mistaken those were some terrorists. I'm heading up the hill to make sure that Samantha is safe."


Present – Bill and Samantha – on the way to Stacy's new offices


We get away from the restaurant and I ask, "Okay Bill, what's going on?"


Bill says, "We have some concerns about Vic working for the Truth Network."


I inquire, "We meaning you and Stacy? Well you can tell Stacy that Vic is loyal to me, not to the Truth Network."


We hear some footsteps behind us. Bill turns, sees who is following us, pulls his weapon and commands, "That's close enough, now state your intentions."


I notice Vic slips up behind them as one of them announces, "We are fans of Samantha Stevens and wish to meet her."


Bill says, "Sorry, Ms. Steven's is currently busy. You need to schedule an appointment to see her."


One of them was scratching like crazy then he reaches inside his coat. Vic shoots him and the others take off running while Vic commands, "Bill, get her the hell inside, I think this bastard is wearing a suicide vest."


Bill grabs my arm and we run up the hill to the new offices while Vic moves toward the dead man.


Vic begins to removes the outer cloak of the dead man and Bill says, "Shit he was right, look at the vest he's wearing! Shit, we need someone well versed in ordinance disposal to take care of this."


After again glancing at the dead terrorist Bill remarks, "What the hell is she doing?"


I watch as Inga has come out of the restaurant, sees what's going on and motions Vic away. Vic backs up, Inga kneels beside the dead man and begins to examine the vest.


She stands up, sees us, runs up the hill and announces, "Bill this vest is practically a work of art. Vic was lucky he didn't detonate it when he shot the terrorist. It's beyond my capabilities to remove it. I would suggest you call the Sheriff and get someone from CBI here to handle this. We do need to establish a large perimeter around the terrorist to keep everyone safe."


Bill calls the Sheriff and they have a heated conversation. He hangs up the phone and says, "The sheriff will be here soon but he won't call the CBI until he sees the terrorist for himself."


I gulp and ask, "Was I the target of the terrorist?"


Vic has joined us and says, "That's an affirmative."


Bill agrees, "Yes, you were. We are lucky we left the restaurant otherwise he probably would have detonated it in there."


I question, "But I've never done any reports about terrorists, why would they be after me?"


Vic replies, "You never know. Just because you're a young successful woman is reason enough for them. You can now do a report about this terrorist since we can even use the security feeds from the restaurant to possibly identify the other two."


Sheriff Jim arrives at the brewery and runs up the hill. Bill meets him before he gets too close and says, "Just take a look and then get on the horn to the CBI."


Jim sees the suicide vest and begins to call the CBI when we hear an explosion. Bill says, "That looks like it's in the direction of the Blaine's cabin."