Chapter 085

Together Chapter 085

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Present – Ben, Jens and others – The plan


Thom starts to go over the plan for the TSIFFTS semi with Jens when suddenly I have a feeling - and this is one of those feelings I can't ignore! I hug Jens and say, "Whatever you two configure is fine with me, I need to make sure the front gate is covered."


Jens gives me a strange look and asks, "Ben, what's wrong?"


I smile at her and lie a little, "Nothing. I just feel we need to be safe, rather than sorry."


I grab the security team for the front gate, head to the weapons safe and pull out a Ma Deuce. I motion toward two boxes of ammo and order, "Grab those and throw them on the cart."


We wheel the cart into the garage, load the ammo and Ma Deuce in the back of my truck and I drive to the gate. I back my truck across the entrance to the cabin and against the blockhouse. We unload the Ma Deuce and ammo and set it up. I get ready to move my truck when, a car screams around the corner! I notice the ass end of the car almost dragging the ground and we hear, "Allah Akbar!"


I take one look at the drivers and order, "Shoot the fuckers!"


The guards in the blockhouse open up on the car but our hits don't stop it. The fucking car plows into my truck and then explodes in a huge fireball that tosses me back about fifteen feet…


I hear a whump sound, look at Thom and say, "I recognize that sound, something exploded somewhere."


The head of security runs into the room, sounds the klaxon and says, "A car bomb attacked the front gate."


My heart about dies because that's where Ben was headed! I run my ass off, fly outside and see a huge fucking fire at the front gate. I begin to run toward the gate when Thom grabs my arm and stops me, hands me a rifle and says, "Jennifer, you know better than to head into a battle zone without proper equipment."


He's right so I take the rifle and say, "Thanks, but Ben was headed up there and I need to check on him."


I run as fast as I can and as I draw closer to the gate I realize that Ben's truck is on fire. Then, thank God I see Ben start to stand up. I change my direction and run toward him…


Son of a bitch! The mother fuckers blew up my truck! Thank God I wasn't in it! I look over at the blockhouse and again thank God because it's still standing. I pull my pistol, just in case, then I hear footsteps approaching behind me. I begin to turn when Jens jumps full force against me which knocks us both to the ground. She begins to smother me with kisses as I try to fight her off and she complains, "Ben, the next time you have a…"


This time I shut her up with a kiss, I pull away and interrupt, "…The motherfucking towelheads blew up my truck!"


Jens yells, "Who in the fricken-fracken heck cares about your truck! We will buy you a new one! Now the next time you have a feeling like this, you'd better let me know."


I slap her ass and complain, "I myself in the fricken-fracken hell care about my truck! We've been through hell and high water together." Then I remember something and order, "Jens, we need to check on the security team in the blockhouse."


Jens gets off of me, helps me up and we head toward the blockhouse. I notice Jens carrying the M4 and direct, "Let's trade: You take my pistol and I will take the rifle."


We trade weapons and I command, "Okay, we're going to approach this carefully, just in case."


Jens and I begin to leapfrog our way toward my truck and the blockhouse. Ira and Mira arrive carrying PSG1s and Ira commands, "Mr. and Ms. Blaine, it is our function to cover this situation."


I counter Ira's command and order, "Like hell, we're all going to work our way to the blockhouse to check on the security team."


Thom finally runs up and asks the obvious, "Damn, is that your truck?"


I respond, "It sure the fuck is! Thom fall in, we're working our way to the blockhouse to check on the security team."


We can't get close to the truck because it's too hot, so we skirt the truck and work our way around the back side of the blockhouse. Ira and Mira pie the corner as a team. When they give me the all clear sign, I look in the window, see our two security men lying on the ground and announce, "Shit, they're hurt." We all enter the blockhouse.


Ira orders, "I will operate the Browning M2 (Ma Deuce) machine gun. Mira, deduce a premium observational location and cover the area with your PSG1." Mira hauls ass up to the top of one of the hills.


I begin to check the men and say, "Well, they're both breathing but there's some blood coming out of their ears so they might have some hearing problems. However, I think they'll live."


The head of security shows up (in my opinion several days late and many dollars short) and I order, "Call an ambulance for these two men."


Jens says, "I already made the call for the ambulance and also called Sheriff Jim. He told me we weren't the only ones attacked today - they also tried to take out Samantha."


Ira swears and I have to fight back a laugh, "Those illegitimate progeny of a female saluki! They will rue the day they attacked the Blaine's. I will hunt them and their illegitimate offspring to perditions gate."


We realize that Ira has a com unit when she announces, "Mira announces there is an incoming vehicle which appears to be an ambulance. She has contacted them and asked them to terminate their approach. Thom, please relieve me on the Browning M2 while I approach the vehicle and verify their identity."


I look at the fucking security officer and demand, "Where the fuck is your com unit?"


He tries to backpedal, "I didn't have time…"


I interrupt and threaten, "Mira and Ira sure the hell had the time! Don't worry because soon you will have more than enough time on your hands."


I watch as Ira, carefully and very professionally approaches the ambulance - hell I couldn't have done better myself. She has the paramedics exit the ambulance while she inspects it and then waves it through.


Ira rides on the back of the ambulance as they haul ass to the blockhouse. The paramedics complain, "We sure as hell don't like having guns pointed at us."


Ira counters, "This has become a combat hostilities zone, be thankful that we only pointed our weapons at you."


I defuse the situation by saying, "We have two men down with slight bleeding out of their ears. They probably have hearing issues as well as concussions."


The mouthy paramedic orders, "Just move the hell out of the way and let us do our jobs."


Ira's hand heads toward the Katana on her back but I make a motion with my hand and thank God she stops.


Ira announces, "Mira has informed me that another two vehicles approach: One appears to be the Sheriff's vehicle the other is possibly a news van from the Truth Network. Thom, if you would please continue your position at the Browning M2 machine gun, I will again verify their identity…"


Present – Samantha and Bill – Stacy's place and headed to the cabin


I get a phone call from Liz and she says, "Samantha, there's been a terrorist attack at the cabin and a car bomb just destroyed the front gate…"


I interrupt, "…Liz, Vic just killed a suicide bomber here in Leadville."


Liz praises his response, "I knew it was a good thing to hire him for a body guard. Listen, there's a huge fire at the front gate, so if nothing is happening there, grab a camera operator and get over here."


I inform her, "Liz, nothing is going on here until the CBI bomb squad arrives. I will leave one camera operator here and bring John with me."


I notice Bill and Vic messing with the dead terrorist. I head over just in time to hear Bill say…


I praise Victor, "Vic, that was a hell of a shot, you blew off the whole back of his head. Anyplace else would have detonated the vest."


Vic says, "Yeah, I've seen too many of these fuckers in the sandbox so I knew where to shoot him. Now we need to take care of the deadman switch."


Vic sees me and orders, "Samantha, please move back inside the restaurant and make sure no one is close to any windows."


Samantha says before she obeys, "When you're done, we're grabbing John and heading to the cabin, the terrorists just detonated a car bomb over there."


I ask, "Are there any injuries?"


Sheriff Jim walks up and says, "Fuck when it rains it pours! Come on Samantha, we're headed to the Blaine's cabin."


I again ask, "Are there any injuries?"


Sheriff Jim says, "They called for an ambulance so someone must be injured."


I tell the Sheriff, "Don't worry, we will secure this area until the CBI bomb squad arrives."


I motion to my security team and they take up position as Vic tapes the terrorist's hand closed over the deadman switch. I breathe a sigh of relief once that's done.


Jim the Sheriff, Vic, Samantha and John the camera operator leave while we wait for the CBI bomb squad.


Present – Ben, Jens and others – After the attack


Sheriff Jim and the Truth Network van show up at the front gate conflagration. I hear Ira order, "Please cease the locomotivation of your vehicles and remain inside your vehicles until I can verify your identities."


Jim apparently thinks he's immune to Ira's commands so he exits his vehicle and I hear Mira fire several fast volleys (remember the PSG1 is the most accurate semi-automatic rifle made). The rounds strike at Jim's feet, he dances around better than he ever did in high school, and I about laugh my ass off. To further add to the overall confusion, Thom fires a short burst from Ma Deuce over their heads then yells, "Get the fuck back in the car like you were ordered."


Jim wisely gets back into his car. Ira more slowly than ever makes her way to the vehicles (I'm sure to agitate Jim), verifies that it is Sheriff Jim (hell I could have told her if I could have stopped laughing) then checks the news van and waves them through.


Jim comes roaring up in his police cruiser, jumps out and begins to complain, "Son of a bitch, I should arrest the whole bunch of you!"


I laugh which doesn't help and Thom counters, "Excuse the fuck out of me, what gives you the right to arrest a US Marshal?"


I decide to defuse the situation and say, "Listen Jim, we damn near got blown to hell and back - shit the motherfuckers destroyed my truck. This has become a war zone and we are going to control it how we see fit. If you don't like it then fucking leave because with Thom here as the law enforcement, there's nothing you can do…"


I further defuse things by being nice, "Jim, thank you for coming so quickly but as you can see, we are more than safe now."


Something buzzes overhead and Ira swears, "Son of a female saluki! What sort of demonic beast is that?"


I calm her by saying, "Ira, that's a drone that Gretchen has launched; it will help to patrol the area. Please instruct Mira to not shoot it down."


Ira does as requested and then says, "Gretchen has accessed our communications link and has informed us there are no further threats in the local area. This drone device could be valuable for reconnaissance."


I smile at Ira and reply, "That's exactly what it's designed for."


Then Ira giggles and says, "However, Mira still desires attempting to shoot it down."


Apparently Gretchen hears the threat and makes the drone buzz Mira. Ira says, "Mira is very annoyed by the drone, Gretchen please desist in agitating my sister."


I notice that Samantha and Jim are out of the Truth Network van filming things so I suggest to Ben, "Perhaps we should make a statement."


Ben laughs and suggests, "Hell Jens, you're our spokesmodel, you make the statement."


I grab my husband's hand and say, "Oh no you don't! You have details that I don't, so come on."


Ben gives what has to be the most boring and factual report ever. Samantha looks at me, I smile at her and she asks, "Tell me Jennifer were you worried about Ben?"


I nod my head and reply, "Of course I was. I heard the explosion in the tunnels and recognized what it was. When I came to the surface, all I saw was the fire consuming Ben's truck."


Jennifer turns the tables on me when she asks, "Samantha, I heard you had an incident today with a suicide bomber."


I sputter, "Well… Well… Well, yes I did however my bodyguard saved me."


Jennifer continues with her questioning, "Didn't you just hire your bodyguard?"


I try to bring the questions back to Jennifer by asking, "So when did you realize that Ben was alive?"


Jennifer would have none of that when she again asks, "Didn't you just hire your bodyguard?"


I finally reply, "Yes I hired him a few days ago." Before Jennifer could control things again I ask, "So what are your plans?"


Jennifer grabs Ben's hand, smiles at the camera and in an almost practiced attitude says, "Thank you for asking Samantha, we're going to rent a motorhome and take that trip to Disneyland that Ben mentioned and finish our honeymoon."


Liz comes up and interrupts (which shocks me), "Jens, that sounds like a great idea. When are you leaving?"


Jens smiles and says, "As soon as we rent the motorhome." She looks at Ben and asks, "Honey, how soon can we leave?"


Ben simply replies, "The sooner the better."


Liz motions to me to end the interview so I look at the camera and say, "There you have it America: Not even a terrorist attack can foil the plans of America's couple."


John stops the camera, I move to Liz and ask, "Liz, what the hell…"


She interrupts me, "… Sam, the terrorists are using your news reports to follow Ben and Jens."


I now realize what Liz did and thank her, "Liz I didn't have any idea, thank you."


Liz says, "Sam, in a couple days you will do a report on Ben and Jens leaving in a motorhome for Disneyland."


I smile and say, "But in reality, they aren't going anywhere near Disneyland."


Liz replies, "Of course not, the danger to the public from the terrorists would be too great."


I nod my head and agree, "Yeah Liz, I got lucky today."


Liz replies, " I knew Vic was a good man when I hired him, are you having any problems from Stacy?"


I reply, "Bill was just beginning to talk to me about it when Vic killed the suicide bomber."


Liz reinforces, "Sam, it's vital to keep Vic as an employee of the Truth Network."


I ask, "Why's that Liz?"


She says, "Sam, I know Stacy is your BFF, but she's not always stable - just look at her trying to shoot Ben. She could get tired of paying Vic's salary and fire him."


I defend Stacy, "Liz, I know that Stacy would never do that. So what if she offers Vic a better deal?"


Liz asks, "Sam, please ask Stacy to not do that."


I ask a question that's been on my mind, "Will we be able to formalize my part ownership of the network before Ben and Jennifer leave."


Liz smiles and says, "Of course we will but first we have to get through this crisis. Just so you know, Ben was much closer to dying today than anyone would like to confess."


I gasp, "Liz, I can't believe it!"


Liz confirms it, "That's right, if he had been in his truck, he would have died. As it is the two security guards are on their way to a Denver hospital with serious concussions and damaged hearing."


My phone rings, I look at it and say, "It's Bill, I should answer this."


I answer the call and Bill says, "Samantha, the CBI bomb squad is here. If you're not busy you might want to get some videos of this."


I smile at Liz and say, "The CBI bomb squad has arrived, I think I will go and see if I can get some video of them disarming the suicide vest."


Liz cautions, "Samantha be careful since we now know that you are a target."


Vic, John the camera operator and I walk back to the van where Vic says, "I will drive."


As we leave I can't help but feel a little sorry for Ben and Jennifer. All they want is a good life and now the terrorists are after them. I contemplate how my reports have played a large part in this and decide that sometimes I will need to modify what I say to protect some people…