Chapter 086

Together Chapter 086

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Flashback – Ben – Back at the formerly captured hospital


I was walking around, checking on my men (that sounded funny to me - 'my men') and noticed none of them had NV on. I squatted by a Pvt. and asked, "Where's your night vision gear?"


He replied, "Sgt., we never used it before."


I stood up and ordered in my command voice, "All night sentries will use NV gear until further notice."


I watched as they pulled their NV gear out of their packs, put them on their helmets, switched them on and began to scan their assigned areas.


One of them reported, "I have a large contingent of towelheads on the move."


I moved beside him and verified that he was correct. I informed him, "They are positioning themselves for a morning attack. Let's see if we can mess up their plans."


I put the thermal scope back on my sniper rifle, set the bipod on the window frame and began to take out the fuckers. At first they were confused because they couldn't tell where the fire was coming from but finally one of them figured out it was the hospital and they hightailed it back to their fucking rat holes.


I waited until one stuck his head up and then blew it off. The Pvt. beside me said, "That was a hell of a shot!"


I replied, "Thanks for the praise but I'm just doing part of my job."


We spent the rest of the watch keeping the towelheads from coming back. It was time for the next watch so I pulled them to the side and ordered, "You will use your NV and continue to scan the area. We have effectively eliminated fifteen of the fuckers tonight. They are trying to mass for a morning attack, so this is of utmost importance."


I headed to George's HQ area where he was sawing logs on a makeshift couch/bed. I crawled over in the corner and caught a little sleep. I woke in two hours like I planned and went to check on the watch. Thank God they were all awake! If I had found one sleeping I probably would have tossed the fucker out of the window. I squatted beside a Pvt. and asked, "What's going on?"


He complained, "The towelheads are moving but are staying just out of the range of our M4's."


I smiled and said, "Let's shake them up some."


I found a good position for my sniper rifle, turned on the thermal scope and began to blast the fuckers to their hell. It didn't take as long for them to figure it out this time until they hauled ass back to their 'safe' location. I yawned and said, "Come and wake me when they start moving again."


The Pvt. woke me three more times that night and I sent the fuckers scurrying. I couldn't wait until tomorrow when the M107 was supposed to show up. Then their 'safe' location was going to turn into their graves.


Someone kicked my boot and waking from a sound sleep I reacted by using a leg sweep and knocked them on their ass. George complained, "Banzai what the fuck!"


I apologized, "Sorry Sir! I was up off and on most of the night. The towelheads were trying to mass in an area for an attack."


George said, "Next time I will make sure to shout your name."


I laughed and said, "That's probably a good idea." I stood up, helped George to his feet and he said, "The Blackhawk should be here in ten minutes; they're going to drop the supplies on the roof."


I asked, "Is there any coffee around."


George said, "Just the instant from the MREs. At least we have a canteen full of hot water."


Shit I knew there was something I forgot to ask George to get: A coffee pot. I went to the canteen full of hot water, pulled out two of the instant coffee packs from the MREs, poured them in a cup, added the hot water and said, "I'm heading up to the roof to make sure the area is relatively clear."


George followed me and I asked, "Whatever happened to Jack's spotting scope?"


George said, "I'm not sure."


I swore, "Shit, Jack will kick your ass if you lost his spotting scope."


A Corporal approached, held the spotting scope up and asked, "Sgt., is this device that you're looking for?"


Thank God it was Jack's spotting scope. I asked, "Corporal, what have you been doing with this?"


He said, "I keep an eye on the towelheads with it, and announce when we have a new suicide bomber coming."


I smiled at him and said, "Good work Corporal, why don't you keep the spotting scope but whatever you do don't let it get damaged or my spotter will have your ass."


He said, "Thank you Sgt. I will make sure I take good care out of it. By the way, there are a bunch of towelheads over there."


He pointed at the remnant of a wall of one of the buildings and I said, "Thank you and we're going to take care of them after the Blackhawk arrives."


The area was relatively clear, and cleared out even more after I used my sniper rife to send a couple of them to hell.


The Blackhawk ended up being a CH-53 Super Stallion with a huge fucking pallet swinging below it. I ordered, "Stay clear of the pallet."


The men listened to my order, hell some of them even left the roof. The CH-53 carefully set the pallet on the roof, they cut it loose and then the chopper got the hell out of Dodge. The Marines rushed to the pallet until I ordered, "This isn't a fucking Christmas present for you to open! I want an inventory of all the items on the pallet. I looked around, saw the Corporal whose nose I messed up, pointed at him and said, "And that's your job." I pointed to two other Pvts. and added, "And you will help him."


I watched some as they began to unload the pallet then I heard, "Incoming suicide bomber!"


I ran over to the side of the roof the where announcement came from. This time it was a little boy and I started to hesitate but George whispered, "Banzai, boys or girls it doesn't matter to the fucking towelheads as they do the same to both of them, take the shot."


It helped me feel slightly better when I took the shot and the suicide vest exploded. Somehow we needed to find the fucker making the suicide vests and eliminate him.


I looked at George and asked, "George, do all the suicide bombers come from the same direction?"


He thought for a moment and said, "Not all of them, but most of them do. What are you thinking?"


I smiled at George and said, "I think a little recon mission is called for. I want to find the fucking place where the suicide vests are being created and take it and the fucker building them out."


George faltered, "Banzai, I’m not sure I can authorize that mission, it sounds dangerous."


I knew sooner or later George and I were going to disagree so I suggested, "Sir, why don't you get on the horn to Colonel Maggie and see what she says."


George looked at me and asked, "She's going to approve it, isn't she?"


I smiled at George and replied, "Yes Sir she will. I'm Recon and that is part of what I do."


The Corporal came over, I looked at him and asked, "Well?"


He handed me a yellow legal pad and said, "Sgt., here's a list of the items we've received. I also double checked it with the inventory sheet on the pallet."


I replied, "Good job Corporal!"


I looked at the list and said, "Bless you Colonel Maggie."


George asked, "Did you get everything you wanted?"


I smiled and said, "It's even better than that, she sent a coffee maker."


George responded, "A lot of good that will do, we don't have electricity."


I replied, "Not now we don't, but this is a hospital so it will have backup generators. With a little work we will not only have power, we will have lights at night."


The Corporal who handed me the sheet said, "Sgt., there are power mains that run close to the hospital. They were severed by the towelheads and are hanging loose. Perhaps I could hook them up so we would have power almost all the time."


I asked, "Do you have any experience working with things like this?"


He answered, "Yes Sgt., I did it back home all the time."


I ordered, "Corporal, if you electrocute yourself, I'm going to kill you."


He laughed and replied, "No problems Sgt., I will be careful."


I looked at George and said, "Now it's time to take care of some towelheads."


We headed up to the roof. I found the box containing the M107 and the other boxes containing the M25s and changed my mind. I looked at a Pvt. and ordered, "Go find me the five best shooters from last night."


He took off and I told George, "First, I want to deploy the M25s before we pull out the M107 and raise some hell."


I took the first M25 out of its box, found the ammo, slapped in the magazine, racked the action, headed to the edge of the roof and found a towelhead who thought he was going to sneak past me. I used the mildot scope to calculate the distance1, ran the math in my head, did the holdover and fired. The round hit him in the chest and he was dead.


1 A person’s chest is 16 to 17 inches high. By using the mildots in the scope, you can calculate the range. Height in inches/36*1000/number of mildots = range
17/36*1000/.49 = 963 yards


George commented, "Nice shot, how far away was he?"


I replied, "He was just under 1000 yards."


One of the shooters came up and reported, "Sgt. you wanted to see me?"


I replied, "Let's wait until everyone shows up."


The other four showed up then I handed them their new M25s along with the cheat sheet that was in the box and began my instructions, "This is your new rifle, I tested one of them and they are accurate as hell…"


George interrupted, "…Banzai made a kill shot with that rifle at almost 1000 yards."


I continue, "The accuracy of this rifle is only as good as the shooter is at estimating the size of a towelheads chest using the mildot reticle. The average chest size is 16 to 17 inches. For the shot I saw the towelheads chest measured .49 mils. If you look on your cheat sheet you will see that equates to 963 yards. Now don't bother with messing with the dials on the scope, just make the holdover the cheat sheet tells you and fire."


One of the shooters asked, "What about the wind?"


I replied, "Well the good news is it's not very windy here. Later we will go over holdoffs for windage and also how to clean your rifle so you don't damage it. Are there any further questions?"


They didn't have any questions, took their new rifles and began to practice. George suggested, "Banzai, do you want to help them some more?"


I replied, "No George not right now. I have a date with the M107 and some towelheads that are hiding behind a piece of one of the buildings."


I pulled the M107 out of its box, grabbed some ammo and headed to my firing area.


Flashback – Jack – The next day, the training of John


It took another hour to arrange John's foot locker. I was dead tired and said, "I'm hitting the sack, we need to make sure we're up early."


John announced, "Don't worry Sgt. I always wake up early from when I was the cook since I had to get up and begin breakfast."


I felt like complaining but knew it wouldn't do any good so I turned over and went to sleep.


Too early the next morning, I heard John moving around and it woke me up. I flipped on the light and complained, "Damn, you weren't kidding about waking up early. You're up before the fucking roosters."


John apologized, "Sorry about that, the good news is I made my bed."


I got out of my bed, walked over to his bed and surprisingly a quarter did bounce off it. I praised him, "Good job! Since we're up early let's go do some PT. After that we'll catch a shower and then make some MREs for breakfast."


We headed out to the track and even though I hated it, started to run laps. John did better today - it was good to see that at least he was trying. After PT we headed to the laundry, picked up our clean BDUs and towels and headed to the shower. After the shower John said, "If you show me how to requisition MREs I will do that today."


I really wondered how in the hell John had survived all this time if he didn't know how to even requisition things so I finally asked, "John it doesn't seem like you know how to requisition things, so how in the hell did you get the food that you cooked."


John said, "Headquarters sent me the food and the menu I was to follow and I have to tell you it was hell!"


I probed, "Why was it so bad."


John said, "Well many times the food they sent was terrible quality or they wouldn't send enough for the number of troops I had to feed. There were times that I couldn't even make the meals on the menus because they didn't send the correct food."


I asked, "Did you tell anyone about this?"


John slouched (I let it ride this time because I felt I was on to something) and replied, "Well, I tried to tell the Colonel, but every time I tried to tell her, she yelled at me for the food being so bad."


I asked, "Do you think they sent you the food for this morning's breakfast?"


John realized he was slouching, stood up straight and apologized, "Sorry Sgt. I know slouching is a bad habit I have. And unless the Colonel stopped the food shipments then we should have received the food for this breakfast."


I said, "John, I would love to see what headquarters sent you for this breakfast."


John responded, "Follow me."


We headed into the empty kitchen and there was a pallet sitting on the floor of the kitchen. John walked over to it and said, "This was for this morning's breakfast."


He handed me the menu and I read that it was supposed to be SOS. I took a deep breath and complained, "What the hell stinks?"


John poked around on the pallet and said, "The beef for the SOS wasn't refrigerated and has spoiled."


I asked, "Why wasn't it refrigerated?"


John replied, "I have no idea, that's the way it always came in."


I really felt like I was on to something so I questioned, "Are you telling me they ship this in a truck that's not refrigerated?"


John said, "Yeah that's right. When I complained they said they didn't have any refrigerated trucks available."


No wonder we were all fucking sick: HQ was doing a number on us! I ordered, "Come on John, we're going to have a talk with Colonel Maggie."


We walked into Colonel Maggie's office and she said, "I wondered when you would get here, you're a little late."


I looked at Colonel Maggie and said, "Sir! John might not be to blame for the poor quality of the food since HQ has been doing a number on us. They are shipping the food in unrefrigerated trucks so by the time it gets here it's spoiled."


Colonel Maggie sat all the way back in her chair and said, "Jack, that's hard to believe."


I said, "Well, you should come and see the food they sent us for this morning's breakfast. It's spoiled already sitting in the kitchen."


John added, "I am sure it was spoiled by the time it arrived."


Colonel Maggie ordered, "John, lead the way to the kitchen."


The three of us went to the kitchen, Colonel Maggie walked in, took one whiff of the air and about puked. She looked at John and asked, "Why didn't you tell me."


I interceded, "Sir, he tried to tell you several times but every time he went to your office, you yelled at him about the food."


Colonel Maggie looked deep in thought and then said, "John I owe you and apology for not allowing you to tell me about this. I promise you I won't do that again. Jack thank you for bringing this to my attention, now if you don't mind I have some asses to chew."


Colonel Maggie left, John looked at me and said, "Sgt., thank you for doing this for me. I can cook if I get quality food."


I grinned at John and said, "How would you like a chance to prove that?"


He smiled and said, "I would die for a chance to prove it, what are you thinking?"


I smiled and said, "I was thinking we might do some midnight requisitioning from HQ."


That night we headed to the motor pool, borrowed a Humvee and took a little trip.


Flashback – Masha – the next day


While breakfast with Tina was easy, lunch turned into a disaster. I made our food for lunch, put some in the blender, ground it up, placed some on Linda's plate and began to feed her. Tina took one look at the food on her plate, cried and threw the bowl across the kitchen where it made a terrible mess. I picked up the bowl, cleaned it, added more of the good food and put in in front of Tina. She took a look at it again, was ready to throw it until I caught it, put it in front of her and said, "This is all you're getting to eat today, if you're not hungry now perhaps you will be later." I took the food, put it in the refrigerator and listened to Tina's crying.


The anger that Tina displayed was remarkable! She rocked in her high chair so hard I thought she was going to tip it over. I pulled her out of the high chair and set her on the floor where she grabbed the high chair, shook it and began to whimper. I told her, "When you are hungry enough, you will eat the food I made but until then you can suffer."


I finished feeding Linda and took her into the bathroom to clean her. Tina followed with her sad little whimpering sound. I looked at her and asked, "Are you ready to eat the food I made for you?"


I put Linda down for her nap then picked up Tina, took her to the high chair and fastened her in. I warmed the food from the refrigerator in the microwave, set it in front of her where she took one look at it and began to cry. Since her mouth was open, I put a spoonful of food in it, which surprised her. I thought she was going to eat it until she spit it all over both of us which made me angry! I took the food away and said, "You can sit there until you are ready to eat."


I went to the bathroom, cleaned myself up then heard a bunch of strange noises in the kitchen. I walked in and Tina had escaped from the highchair by herself and had even opened the refrigerator and pulled a bunch of food out of it and onto the floor. I scolded her, "Bad girl! Since you want to be bad then you need to spend some time alone."


I picked her up, took her to Jack's gun room, made sure the safe was closed, put her inside and closed the door. She immediately banged on the door and cried, but I was angry with her and wasn't going to put up with her problems anymore.


Finally things got quiet and when I opened the door I found Tina had fallen asleep. This was good because just then I heard Linda waking up. I closed the bedroom door again and went to take care of Linda. Linda was happy and cooed when she saw me so I picked her up and told her, "You're such a good girl." I hugged her and realized her diaper needed changing. I changed her diaper, which was so much better smelling than Tina's and we began to play on the floor.


Our playing must have woken Tina as she began to bang on the door. Linda went over and asked, "Tina?"


I smiled and answered, "Yes. Tina was a bad girl."


Linda said, "Bad Tina, make mess."


It was the middle of the afternoon and I decided Tina must be hungry by now. I opened the door and found her sitting on the floor crying. I picked her up and my nose was assaulted, "Your diaper needs changing." I changed her diaper which smelled up the whole house so I used some spray to freshen the air. Then I took her to the high chair, sat her in it, warmed the food in the microwave again and set it in front of her. She saw it began to cry so I took it away and she promptly stopped crying and reached for the food.


I set the food in front of her and finally she was hungry enough to eat something besides fruit. I fed her, she ate the whole bowl and seemed to want more. I said, "Sorry, no more food, you threw the other food on the floor."


I took her out of the highchair and then she and Linda began to play. I looked at the kitchen and knew I had some cleaning to do. There was still some food mess remaining from Tina's earlier fit. I finally cleaned it and also the refrigerator, looked at the time and realized I would have to rush to complete dinner in time.


I looked at the food which Tina hadn't destroyed but remained in the refrigerator and decided tonight would be a Mexican fajita night. I began by making the guacamole but used yogurt and a little mustard instead of mayonnaise, and added some lemon juice to keep it from turning brown. I wanted to make my own chips but there wasn't time so I settled for bland chips without added sugar in them. I began to cook the chicken breasts in a big skillet along with many green peppers and onions, added some fajita seasoning which didn't have sugar and finished just as I heard the front door open. Louise, Brenda and Gwen walked in (I was glad I made extra food tonight), the girls ran to them and got big hugs and kisses. Brenda asked, "How was it today?"


I replied, "Tina made a mess out of things but finally got hungry enough to eat this afternoon. So she might not be hungry tonight."


Gwen and Brenda sat at the table, Louise offered, "Let me help."


I handed her the guacamole and a big bag of chips and requested, "Put this on the table and tell the women not to fill up on it too much."


Louise sat it on the table and ordered, "Masha said not to eat too much of this since she doesn't want you to puke like last night."


Gwen remarked, "This is really good but I don' think it has mayonnaise in it."


I replied, "That's correct, mayonnaise has too many calories and too much sugar in it. This has plain yogurt with a little mustard in it."


Brenda remarked, "Tina seems to want some of this to eat."


I handed Louise a bowl and said, "Give her some in this bowel."


I finished the chicken, put some into the blender for the children (without the onions and green peppers), ground it up and put in in some bowls. Louise helped me take the bowls to the table. Linda saw the food and began making num-num sounds again. So Louise sat down and began to feed Linda. I brought the fajitas to the table in a cast iron skillet with some tortillas and said, "Enjoy."


Tina motioned for some of the fajitas so I suggested, "Brenda, try seeing if Tina will eat the fajitas."


Tina took a bite of fajita, gave a funny look and then wanted more. Brenda remarked, "Masha you're a miracle worker."


I cautioned, "Brenda this was only the first day, we still have many more days of trial until Tina won't demand only fruit for her meals."


Everyone remarked how good the food was as I cautioned, "Make sure you only eat three fajitas tonight, I don't want any accidents again during Taebo."


We finished and both Gwen and Brenda remarked, "Masha, we're still a little hungry."


I smiled at them and said, "Good! Don't worry because the exercise will take away your extra hunger pains."


Taebo went better tonight because they weren't as full.


Flashback – Jennifer – the hospital


I woke up in the morning, thought I remembered that grandma came, touched the back of my head and knew it was true! It was so good having a grandmother who could do things like heal me, I just wished that mother got along with her. I know there was going to be a little fight today when mother figured it out.


I sat up in bed and quickly decided that I smelled and needed a shower. I was in the shower having a good time when the door opened and the nurse shrieked, "Jennifer, you shouldn't be showering, you might get the incision from your operation wet."


I stuck my head out of the shower curtain and said, "Don't worry, the bandage fell off last night and is on the bed."


She grabbed my arm, yanked me out of the shower and yelled, "You could die from this!"


I turned. Showed her the back of my head with the hair regrown and asked, "Really? I don't think so."


She touched the back of my head and said, "I don't understand - your hair is back". She felt around the area and remarked, "The hole is even gone."


I asked, "I hate these stupid gowns, could I possibly get some scrubs?"


The nurse said, "I understand about the gowns but for now you need to put on your old gown and return to your bed, I will find you some scrubs."


I complained, "Okay, but if my gown makes me smell bad again, I'm taking another shower."


I put on the nasty gown, got back into bed, the doctor came in and asked, "Jennifer, I heard something from the nurse I couldn't believe. She told me…"


I interrupted by turning my head and said, "…Take a look for yourself."


He swore, "How in the hell did your hair grow back?" Then he touched the back of my head and added, "And the burr hole is gone, what the hell?" He demanded, "Jennifer how did this happen?"


I didn't lie when I answered, "A good witch came to my room last night and fixed me."


He blinked and said, "That's not possible!" The nurse came in with the scrubs and I asked, "Doctor, I still stink from this gown so I'm going to shower and put on these scrubs."


The nurse demanded, "Doctor, her care orders need to be updated."


He took my chart, wrote some things on it and the nurse said, "Jennifer, you can shower now."


I took the scrubs went into the shower and was having a great time until the door opened and mother walked in, she said, "Jennifer, tell me the truth. Was my mother here last night?"


I poked my head around the shower curtain and said, "Of course she was mother. Unlike you, she cared enough to heal me."


Mother swore, "Jennifer, you don't know the danger that you…"


I interrupted, "…Mother, you and I will always disagree on this so just accept the fact that I'm healed and ready to go home."


Mother said, "Jennifer, they aren't going to let you go until they figure this out."


I came out of the shower, dried off and explained, "Mother they won't have a choice, Daddy will take me home."


Mother threatened, "We will see about that."


However I knew that Daddy already felt badly about the military academy happenings and would be more than happy to take me home. I walked out of the bathroom and Daddy said, "Jennifer, I hear it's a miracle that you're healed."


I smiled at Daddy and said, "Not only that, I'm ready to go home."


Mother came out of the bathroom and said, "Glen I don't think that's a good idea until the doctors check her completely."


Daddy smiled and said, "Evelyn don't be crazy, she fine and it's a miracle. I'm taking her home."


Mother knew better than to fight with Daddy so we went to the car and headed home…


Flashback – Alexi – Back in his room


It… It… It sounded like the hallway was being destroyed! The banging on the walls was intense and there were more swear words than I had ever heard in my life. Finally a fist came through the wall and I really began to get worried. I heard a knock on the door and 'father' said, "Alexi, hurry, we need to get out of this madhouse!"


I ran to the door, opened it, 'father' grabbed my hand and we ran like crazy. I looked back over my shoulder and noticed there was blood everywhere and the orderlies and psychologist had knocked each other unconscious.


'Father' said, "Alexi, I'm not sure why everyone went so insane but we need to leave to protect ourselves."


I couldn't resist when I asked, "'Father', what about mother?"


'Father' answered, "Alexi, you're correct, we will gather her on the way out."


We arrived at 'mother's' room, the door was open and mother was doing disgusting sexual things with many of the orderlies. 'Father' again yanked my arm and said, "Alexi, your mother is lost to us."


We ran outside, got into the car and drove to the house. I noticed some tears in 'father's' eyes as he drove.


Flashback – Mira and Ira – continuing


Night had fallen and it was time to go on the hunt. We were not concerned because of our appraisal of the total ineptitude exhibited by Kostia's men and we were not surprised. We found a large group of them sitting around a huge fire heavily drinking vodka and daring to laugh about what they would do to us once they caught us.


I looked at Ira and suggested with a whisper, "Soon the vodka will render them even more inept. We should delay until that time to stage our attack."


Ira developed a brilliant plan, "Mira, with their senses dulled to the extent they are, we could pretend to be wild fauna as this would further confuse them."


I replied in whisper, "Ira we must disguise ourselves. We moved away from the gathering of bumbling idiots and began to assemble suitable 'monster' apparel.


The rabble ceased their vocalizations due to advanced intoxication so I beheld Ira and declared, "Now!"


I was proud to say we attacked with the ferocity of injured wild animals. Kostia's men did not know what to do as they had placed their weapons a great distance from them and we emerged from the forest between them and their weapons. Our cacophony was so great that several of the men unintentionally relieved their bladders while others exited the clearing screaming like young girls. We brutalized the ones who remained so it would appear wild animals had indeed attacked. Then we gathered some of their weapons (we did not acquire all because wild animals do not need weapons), stripped off any clothing which fit us and disappeared into the night.


We left unmolested the ones who fled so they could engender fear into the hearts of their compatriots…


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


Maria didn't want Gail to know she had stayed the night, so she got up early and returned to her room. I woke up, took a shower and waited for the realtor. She arrived on time with the paperwork and also breakfast (which was good because we didn't have anything to eat in the house). I looked over the paperwork and saw it was in order so I signed it. I motioned to Maria and the realtor's body guard. We moved to the side of the room where I signed and Maria translated, "You look like you know how to take care of yourself. How would you like to earn some extra money today?"


He replied, "I need to clear it with my boss first."


He went and talked to the realtor while we waited. He returned and said, "After I take her back to her office, she said I could take the whole day off. What are your plans?"


I signed to him about several things and Maria's eyes got big at some of them. He smiled and said, "This should be fun, it has been a very long time since I've seen some action."


He left to take the realtor back to her office and said, "I will be back with what you requested."


Maria asked, "Todd, are you sure you want to do this."


I simply signed, "Damn fucking sure!"


We waited for the body guard to return…