Chapter 087

Together Chapter 087

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Present – Ben, Jens and others – A few days later


We've worked our asses off the last few days getting ready to leave. First we had to make sure TSIFFTS had the truck and semi-trailer for us. Jens, Mira and Ira had to sneak away several times to make sure it was to their liking - it finally was.


Then we get Thom up to speed on the remodeling of the cabin. One of the first things we did was haul my truck away - I was sad to see her go but she died saving our lives. Then we reinforced the front gate. The new gate was made from highway guard rail, hell it would take a tank to penetrate the front gate now.


Destiny had called in a few other wolves and they were patrolling the cabin area which made me feel better.


Thom pulled a background check on all the workers, found a couple that had some issues and they were dismissed. He of course deputized me, Jens, Mira, Ira and our two alternate drivers.


Jens and Gretchen came up with some great drones to help give us an overview of wherever we would be. They also came up with a secure as hell phone and computer system so we could still communicate with the outside world but remain untracked.


None of this was of course in the motorhome since it was only a ruse to keep the fucking terrorists busy. We made sure to rent the most common motorhome on the rental market and made sure to never let the license plates be seen. Everything was in the TSIFFTS semi-trailer and we would drive the motorhome first thing to a garage where we would exchange it for the semi-trailer. We did however carry drones and the remote transmitters to operate them, just in case.


I had asked Mira and Ira what sort of weapons we were bringing but they just smiled and told me not to worry. I demanded, "I want my 10mm 1911." Again they smiled but agreed.


Finally it was time for us to leave.


Present – Samantha and others – A couple days later


Let's see, what did I forget to tell you? Oh yeah, I didn't say anything about the suicide bomber who attacked me. The CBI showed up, took a look at the guy and first they wondered what had happened to him since he had scratched himself so badly he was missing much of his skin. That made them wonder if he was infected with something, so they didn't bother trying to disarm the suicide vest (they thought they might catch what he had). Instead they carefully put him into a body bag, then into a huge steel bomb transport container and even put their bomb disposal uniforms in the container and finally hauled the container to a vacant field. We entered a nearby vacant building then they cleared the area and detonated the suicide vest. I was glad we were in a vacant building because with the top of the transport container being open, the ball bearings from the suicide vest rained down on the area for about five minutes.


The CBI bomb squad was thoroughly impressed with the blast and said if it had been detonated in the restaurant, we would all be dead, along with all the patrons and staff. I followed them to the cabin where they examined what was left of Ben's truck and the car bomb. They stated that Ben was lucky as hell he didn't get blown to pieces.


The biggest thing was that I had determined I needed to be careful about what I reported on Ben and Jennifer. Therefore, I hadn't done a single report on them since the attack even though the public was clamoring for a report.


They would get their report today and then I had no idea when I could do another report. We drove to the cabin to find Ben and Jennifer standing beside a motorhome. John and I walk up as I ask, "Are you two ready for our interview?"


Ben says, "Hell yes, let's get this over with!"


Jennifer is more calm and replies, "Thank you Samantha, we can only hope the wrong people are watching this report."


I knew what she meant! I nod at John, he starts the camera and I begin my report, "Good Morning America, Samantha Steven's from the Truth Network with the report we've all been waiting for. Ben and Jennifer are finally leaving to finish their honeymoon." (I wanted to say at Disneyland but Disneyland threw a huge fit when they actually thought that Ben and Jennifer might visit there).


Ben slaps the side of the motorhome and in an unusual (for him) manner says, "That's right, this baby is going to be our home for the next few weeks."


Jennifer hugs Ben and says, "This is what I've always wanted, some serious alone time with Ben."


I hate to ask the next question but I know I need to 'sell' the story, "So, where are you guys going?"


Jennifer smiles and says, "Well, we wanted to go to Disneyland, but they are concerned about possible terrorist issues so for right now, we're not sure where we are going."


Ben adds, "I've been thinking I might want to see the Southern area of the United States."


Jennifer chirps in, "That sounds great to me."


I continue with my questions, "Do you have any plans to stay at hotels?"


Jennifer smiles and answers, "Of course. Even though this is a great motorhome, the shower isn't the best or the largest. I believe we will be stopping every third or fourth night in a hotel."


Ben adds, "Don't forget, we will need to stop for other reasons, like buying more food and taking care of the water requirements on the motorhome."


Jennifer hugs Ben and says, "Thanks for reminding me, you're right."


Ben says, "Well, daylight's burning, thanks for the interview, we'll talk again when we get back."


They climb into the motorhome, and we video it leaving being careful to not reveal the license plate.


Liz comes up and says, "Good Job Sam! So how does it feel being a part owner of the Truth Network?"


I smile at Liz and gush, "It's like one of my dreams come true."


Liz smiles and asks, "And the other is your castle?"


I grin and nod in reply, "Yes, life is good. I pray that Ben and Jennifer will have a good and peaceful life too."


Liz concurs, "Yes they deserve it. Well, your report should go a long way in helping them."


I frown and say, "I sure hated having to do it, knowing the terrorists were going to use it against Ben and Jennifer."


Liz makes me wonder when she says, "Samantha, don't worry. You didn't really give the terrorists any information."


Present – Ben, Jens, Mira and Ira – on the road


I look over at Jens, smile and say, "I think that went off well."


Jen complains, "When the heck did you get so talkative?"


I ask, "What the hell are you talking about?"


Jens mimics, "'This is going to be our home for the next few weeks." Then continues the mimicry, "'I thought we might visit the Southern states.'"


I laugh and ask, "Is that what I really sound like."


Mira comes forward and enters the debate, "Ms. Blaine does a partially accurate rendition of your voice."


I don't know what to say when Ira interrupts, "I occulate no vehicles following us."


Jens’ phone rings, she looks at it and explains, "It's Gretchen." She answers the phone and Jens says, "Great Gretchen, please continue to have the drone follow us until we reach the garage."


Jens looks at Mira, then turns her head to the back to look at Ira and asks, "Would you two like to learn to speak English?"


Mira confounds Jens by saying, "Ms. Blaine we speak perfect English."


I chuckle as Jens responds, "Mira, you and Ira use such archaic terms that sometimes people find it difficult to understand you."


Mira counters, "Ms. Blaine we are not assured you are correct."


Ira further confounds us, "Yes Ms. Blaine, we never seem to have issues with the comprehension of others."


I begin to laugh and Jens complains, "Ben, you're not helping."


This time it's my turn so I mimic Jens, "'Ben, you're not helping.'"


Mira and Ira both giggle and Jens complains, "Now I know I don't sound like that!"


Mira surprises us when she almost perfectly mimics Jens, "'Ben, you're not helping.'"


Jens says, "Wow, now that was good. How did you two learn to do that?"


Ira states, "It is one of many things which you do not know about us." Then Ira does a shockingly good imitation of Liz.


I look at Jens and Jens continues, "Well, if you can mimic people so well, why can't you speak correctly."


I know we are stuck in an almost endless loop with Jens and the twins, because this isn't the first time they've had this conversation. The conversation drones endlessly on until we finally make it to Denver. I begin to think about where we're going to go first until my thoughts are interrupted.


Ira states, "I perceive a vehicle possibly following us."


Jens pulls up her phone and makes the call we hoped we wouldn't have to make. She puts the call on the speaker and informs Gretchen, "We might have picked up a tail."


Gretchen says, "Wait a minute, let me get the drone to the right location."


Gretchen orders, "Please make a right turn."


I comply and wait until Gretchen orders, "Take another quick right."


I barely make the turn in time. The tires on the fucking shitty motorhome squeal then we wait for further information.


Gretchen states, "You most certainly have a car tailing you."


Thom and I had come up with a plan because we figured this would happen so I order, "Implement plan Alpha 1, repeat, implement plan Alpha 1."


I take a quick left turn, return to our original route and slow up some allowing our tail to catch up a bit. Ira suggests, "Mr. Blaine, I could easily eliminate the driver and passenger."


I counter, "Ira, I know that you could easily do that, however that also might detonate the car bomb. Please be patient and wait for the plan to unfold."


Ira informs me, "Mr. Blaine, I will wait, however if the vehicle approaches too closely to the motorhome I will terminate both of them."


I make another quick turn so we are now on an empty street (provided by the FBI counter terrorism unit). I floor the motorhome. It coughs and sputters but finally picks up speed. Ira informs us, "I occulate the FBI deploying the spikes of strips."


The terrorist car following us hits the spike strip and Gretchen says over the phone, "The vehicle has been disabled."


There's a bright flash behind us and Gretchen swears, "The fuckers blew up my drone! Mira please deploy the backup drone."


Mira opens the side window, holds up the drone and Gretchen takes over. Mira announces, "Backup drone device correctly deployed."


I voice my concerns, "Were there any injuries?"


Ira replies, "The FBI had not approached the vehicle so the only loss of allied forces appears to be the drone surveillance device. Of course, the offending terrorists have maladroitly been destroyed"


Jens wonders, "Do you think there will be more attacks?"


I slow the fucking motorhome down to a safer speed and say, "Yeah, I expect at least one, but possibly two more attacks."


Thom comes on the phone and agrees, "You're about right in that estimate. According to the estimated size of the terrorist cell the FBI uncovered they probably have resources for a couple more attacks. Just remember, the next ones might not be as easy as this one since they will know that you took out the first group."


Jens complains, "Ben I sure as heck don't want to die in this stinky motorhome."


Thom attempts to encourage us, "Jennifer, don't give up just yet because you're only about twenty minutes from the garage. Plus, you guys are doing a hell of a service for America by flushing out this previously unknown terrorist cell."


Jens continues the complaint, "Thom, I've done my service to America and now I am ready for someone else to take over."


I prepare to answer when Ira reports, "Mr. Blaine I occulate a new vehicle following us."


Gretchen confirms, "That's correct and it's gaining on you."


I again floor this piece of shit motorhome! As it slowly accelerates I swear, "Come on you fucking pig! Move it!"


Ira begins to count off the distance, "Vehicle at 500 meters. Vehicle now at 450 meters…"


I am pressing as hard as I can on the accelerator but it's not helping: The fucking terrorists are gaining on us! Ira announces, "Vehicle at 400 meters and still gaining."


I make a decision and order, "Ira, take them out!"


I really didn't want to tip our hand that we had weapons on board to any possible terrorists, but I didn't have a choice. I don't have to repeat myself as Ira's rifle barks twice and she reports, "Targets eliminated."


There's a huge flash behind us as the car detonates with a force so powerful that the motorhome finally accelerates.


Thom says, "Damn, that explosion was twice as big as the first! Good thing you had Ira take them out before they got any closer."


I reply, "Yeah, the blast actually kicked this motorhome in the ass and we're finally moving."


Thom reports, "We finally found the fucker calling in your position. He was on the rooftop of one of the buildings." Thom emphasizes was in such a way that we know he's now gone off to find his virgins.


Thom continues, "I hate to tell you this but we have a big problem…