Chapter 088

Together Chapter 088

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Flashback – Ben – Back at the formerly captured hospital


I called my improvised sniper team, complete with the M25s, over and ordered, "The fucking towelheads are using the remaining piece of that building to hide behind." I pointed to the wall which was about five feet high. I continued, "I'm going to use the M107 to start blowing some fucking holes in the wall and the fragments from the wall should kill most of the towelheads. The ones who try to escape will make great practice targets for you five to clean up. Are there any questions?"


One of the snipers raised his hand and asked, "What's the range to the wall?"


I looked at the rest of the team and asked, "Please tell me that one of you can figure out the range to the wall."


They started scanning with their scopes and one of them said, "I'm getting .52 mils on a dead towelheads chest. He looked at his sheet and estimated, "That gives a range of about 900 yards."


I pulled up my laser range finder, zapped the wall and confirmed, "That's pretty good, this says 908 yards."


We set up on the edge of the roof with two of my improvised sniper team set up too close to the M107 so I ordered, "You two need to back off a bunch. The M107 has a 'tank' style muzzle break on it and the blast from it comes back on both sides."


We were finally set up so I slapped a magazine into the M107, took aim midway down the wall and touched off the first round. A cloud of red mist curled up over the wall, so I knew I had made some kills. I began to empty the magazine into the wall until the fucking towelheads finally figured out they were not safe anymore and began to exit at each end of the wall. My improvised sniper team was waiting for them and started to mow them down. I made sure to watch the team and figured out which one was the best shot.


George walked up and said, "Damn Banzai that was something to watch! It worked perfectly so I guess we won't have to worry about them hiding behind that wall again."


I smiled at George and corrected his guess, "Sir, they will be back so we will need to clear them out every hour or so."


George said, "I'm glad you're here to do that."


I replied, "Sorry Sir, but I'm handing the M107 off to the best sniper we have here. I have the recon mission that we talked about earlier to complete." I could tell George didn't like it but I already knew that Colonel Maggie would approve so I wasn't worried.


I called the best sniper over, gave him instructions on the M107 and ordered, "About every hour fire a few rounds through the wall."


He answered with a bit of a grin, "Yes Sgt."


I walked around until I found the Corporal who had Jack's spotting scope, walked up to him and asked, "You told me you watched for the suicide bombers, which direction did they come from?"


He pointed toward a building about four blocks away and said, "They all seem to run from that direction."


I briefly thought about having George call in a fire mission on the building, but I wanted to capture the motherfucker who was strapping the vests on young girls and boys. I looked at the Corporal hanging onto Jack's scope and asked, "Have you ever done a recon mission?"


He replied, "No Sgt. but I can be pretty damn quiet when I need to be."


I smiled at him and said, "Okay, hand Jack's spotting scope off to someone you can trust and let's gear up for a recon mission."


He was back in about five minutes and we began to check each other for anything that made noise. I taped the straps on his pack because they made a hell of a noise. Then I took a piece of duct tape and taped his dog tags to his chest. He began to complain until I said, "Look, if we get caught we're dead anyway." We loaded up with a fuckload of grenades, making sure to tape the handles so they wouldn't rattle. I finally grabbed a military tazer and put it in one of my molle pouches.


The Corporal asked, "What's that for?"


I replied, "If we catch this fucker, he's going to wish he was dead."


I put on my ghillie suit, handed one to the Corporal and ordered, "Put this on and pretend you're a bush."


We were ready and I suggested to George, "A distraction right now might be a good idea, just make sure they don't shoot us."


George got the majority of the men to start firing while the Corporal and I hauled ass out the door, hit the ground and began to crawl toward cover. We got behind a wall, stopped and took a breather. I asked, "How are you doing?"


He swore, "Shit, I need to take a piss."


I laughed and ordered, "Welcome to being a recon, now take your piss."


The Corporal asked, "In my suit? Won't they smell me?"


I laughed and replied, "Hell, they all smell worse than your piss so don't worry about it. Now let's move."


We began to crawl again toward the direction the Corporal gave me. I heard something and froze - thank God the Corporal did the same!


I heard someone giving instructions to someone else. I finally figured out it was the asshole who created the vests. He had just loaded up another poor girl with a vest and was going to send her toward the hospital.


I slipped the military tazer out of my molle pouch, slipped my hand out from under my Ghillie suit, made sure I was close enough and tagged the fucker with the tazer. He went down and began to shake like an aspen leaf in the wind. The young girl had no idea what was happening and she began to take off her suicide vest. I yelled, "No don't!" But it was too late and the vest exploded. I shocked the fuck out of the bastard again just because I felt like it! Then we crawled up to the fucker, I got a good look at him and it made me sick because he wasn't Taliban - hell he was as white as I was! A fucking traitor, that's what we had found! I shocked him again because it made me feel better, then I said to the Corporal, "We need to let this fucking traitor wake up so we can have him take us to his bomb factory."


The Corporal replied, "Sgt., there is no way we can trust him to take us to his bomb factory. I say we kill the traitor and have the artillery blow the hell out of this area."


I got a better idea so I pulled up his man dress, put a new cartridge in the tazer and connect the probes into his genitals. When I was finished I shocked him just to see what happened. He literally jumped three feet off the ground. Then I searched the shit out of him to make sure he was not hiding any weapons. I told the Corporal, "We're going to march this son of a bitch back to the hospital and let George interrogate him."


I was kneeling beside him as he awoke and whispered, "If you say anything I'm going to shock you to fucking death. Now stand up and slowly march toward the hospital. He mouthed off, "Go to hell you mother…"


I shocked the shit out of him and he passed out again so we waited for him to wake up. He finally came to and I said, "Now stand up and slowly march toward the hospital."


This time he did what he was told but because the Corporal and I were crawling, I did have to slow him down several times.


We approached the hospital and I ordered, "Put your fucking hands over your head so you don't get shot."


He raised his hands and thank God no one shot him…


One of the men called to me, "Sir, you'd better come see this."


I moved to his side of the building and saw a man walking toward the hospital and damn!... Beside him are two Ghillie suits crawling toward us on the ground. The Marine who called me over asked, "Should I shoot the fucker?"


I replied, "If you do that the Sgt. is going to be pissed off at you. Can't you see the bushes beside him that are moving?"


I hauled ass downstairs and met Banzai at the entrance to the building. He handed me the tazer and said, "This is connected to his genitals, if he gives you any shit shock the fuck out of him."


I asked, "Who the hell is he?"


Banzai said, "He's the bastard who has been building the suicide vests. Not only that, I think he's British."


Our prisoner swore, "I'm not telling you anythin…"


He never got to finish because Banzai reached over and activated the tazer and he fell to the ground unconscious. While he was down Banzai kicked him a couple times. I complained, "Sgt., that's not within the parameters of the Geneva Convention."


Banzai replied, "Sir, he and all of the towelheads don't give a flying fuck at a rolling donut about the Geneva Convention." Then he suggested, "Why don't you get on the horn with Colonel Maggie and let her know of the enemy we've captured."


It made sense to me so I called Colonel Maggie and was surprised as hell.


Flashback – Jack and John – Back at the base.


We hauled ass to HQ and then I did some major bullshitting and got us a refrigerated semi. I drove it over to supply, did a bunch more bullshitting and had it loaded to the gills with fresh food. We hauled ass back to our base just in time for me to head to work.


John asked, "Sgt., can I use some of this food to cook breakfast?"


I laughed and said, "Of course, that's what we stole it for."


John replied, "Thank you so much Jack. I will bring you and the Colonel some food when I'm finished."


I walked into Colonel Maggie's office and she asked, "Jack what's this I hear…"


We're interrupted when John walked into the office with two plates of food. Colonel Maggie asked, "What's this?"


John smiled and replied, "Just a little breakfast I whipped up, it's called eggs benedict"


Colonel Maggie looked at it, then sniffed it and said, "Does this have anything to do with reports I've started to hear about last night?"


I didn't wait and dug into mine - it was damn good! Colonel Maggie finally tasted hers, smiled and said, "Jack don't worry, last night is already forgiven."


John said, "Sir, I wanted to prove to you and the men that I can cook if HQ doesn't send me garbage to cook with."


Colonel Maggie praised him, "John, this is as good as any food I have ever eaten."


John suggested, "Sir, you didn't try the coffee."


That reminded me I didn't try mine. I took a sip, smiled and said, "Now that's a hell of a cup of coffee."


The Colonel tried her coffee then asked, "John, why is this so much better than what you served in the mess?"


I cleared my throat and suggested, "Sir, you really don't want to know."


John scored big points when he said, "For lunch today we're having Chicken Cordon Blue."


Colonel Maggie put down her fork, looked at John and again apologized, "John I'm sorry for all the grief I gave you about the food, you're a hell of a cook!"


Then she looked at me and said, "Jack if HQ doesn't send us better food, feel free to take one of your midnight trips anytime."


John asked, "Sir, am I still the cook or do you want me to continue to be Jack's aide?"


Colonel Maggie said, "John get back to the kitchen where you belong."


John left with a big smile on his face while the Colonel turned to me and said, "Jack, my phone's been ringing all morning about your little stunt last night. You took a big risk but it certainly paid off since now I can tell the fuckers at HQ that they were the cause of our food problems. But tell me, why is the coffee so good?"


I smiled at her and shared the secret, "Sir, we sort of borrowed the General's private stash of coffee."


Colonel Maggie laughed her ass off and said, "The shitbird deserves it for sending us rotten food."


Colonel Maggie's phone rang and she said, "Shit that's probably him now."


She answered the phone, waved me over, put the phone on speaker and said, "Lieutenant, please repeat what you just told me."


I hear George say, "Sir, Banzai and a Corporal just captured a Taliban who is the bomb maker of the suicide vests. It also sounds like he might be from Great Britain."


Colonel Maggie praised him, "Lieutenant, you're doing a hell of a job. Sit on him for now. I need to contact HQ on this and they will probably send some interrogators to talk to him."


George also said, "Sir, we're going to call in another fire mission since Banzai is sure we know where the bomb makers building is."


Colonel Maggie ordered, "Son, shell the hell out of the whole area."


She hung up the phone, smiled at me and said, "Jack, Sgt. Blaine capturing that Taliban probably just saved our asses with HQ. Why don't you go catch some shuteye while I give them a call."


I smiled and requested, "Sir, I would like to be here when you talk with them."


She called HQ and requested to be connected with the General. He came on the phone and swore, "Colonel! Did you know some of your sons of a bitch, Marines stole my coffee last night?"


Colonel Maggie grinned at me and lied her ass off, "No Sir! I had no idea that happened however I will look into it." Her eyes sparkled as she took a drink of the General's coffee. Then she said, "Sir, the reason I'm calling you is because Sgt. Blaine and another Marine did a recon mission and captured what they are saying is a Taliban bomb maker. Not only that, they say he sounds like he's from Great Britain."


There's a short pause and the general asked, "I assume he's being held at the hospital?"


Colonel Maggie replied, "Yes Sir he is. I thought that HQ might want to send some interrogators to the hospital."


He said, "Colonel, this is bigger than you can imagine. I need to contact someone higher up the chain than me to make this decision. Call your team back and make sure they do everything they can to keep him alive. What a hell of a recon mission! Personally thank Sgt. Blaine for me."


I could tell Colonel Maggie couldn't resist as she asked, "General, which would you like me to do first, look for your coffee or call the hospital."


He said, "Don't be an ass about this, call the fucking hospital!"


She hung up the phone, took another sip of coffee and laughed, "Damn now that was fun!"


I yawned and said, "Yes Sir! You handled that masterfully. Now if you don't mind I'm going to get some sleep."


Colonel Maggie ordered, "Jack, get your flabby ass out of my office."


I left and headed to my room but made one stop on the way…


Flashback – Masha – the next morning


I had just woken up, realized I hadn't heard from Jack for a couple days and was worried about him. I started to get out of bed when the phone rang and scared me. I carefully answered and it was as if Jack had heard my plea when he said, "Masha my love, how are you doing?"


I giggled and said, "Jack I'm doing much better. I'm keeping busy during the days taking care of the cutest little girl named Linda and then at night some women come over and we do Taebo and yoga. Now Jack, please tell me the truth, how are you doing?"


Jack replied, "Masha, the doctors say that I'm healing fine and I'm back in my own room, which I share with Banzai. And next week Colonel Maggie is going to have me training some new recruits."


I asked Jack, "Please thank that Colonel of yours for taking care of the problem with the terrible teenagers."


Jack asked, "How are you feeling about what you had to do?"


I replied, "Jack, I've been so busy I don't think about it very often. Jack I love you so much!"


Jack said, "I forgot to tell you Masha, I might go up in rank which will mean more money for us."


Masha said, "Jack have you forgotten I can't get to any of our money? I am still using the money that Ben left."


Jack swore, "Son of a bitch, I did forget about that. Let me see if I can do something about that from here. I love you Masha but my time's up for today, I will try to call again tomorrow."


The phone woke up Louise and she asked, "Was that Uncle Jack."


I laughed and said, "Yes it was, I was just getting worried because I hadn't heard from him."


Louise asked, "Masha, are you having money problems?"


I said, "Louise, Jack forgot to set up access for me to our bank accounts before he left. Ben, you remember I talked about him before, left ten thousand dollars for me so that's what I've been living on. But Jack promised to get things taken care of with the bank."


Louise offered, "Masha I would gladly pay rent if you need it."


I waved her off and said, "Thank you, but it's not needed. However I do need the bathroom before our morning exercise."


I got ready for Taebo and yoga, came out of the bathroom and Louise and Linda were also ready. We went out to the garage and worked out.


I looked at my watch and said, "We need to get ready for Brenda and Tina."


Louise asked, "Masha how bad was it with Tina yesterday?"


I shook my head and said, "It was terrible, I'm sorry I offered to do this for her."


Louise said, "You can always quit."


I smiled and said, "Not for any reason will I do that, I am not a quitter."


Louise went to clean up while I made breakfast for us. Today we were having plain yogurt with some natural, sugar free granola in it. I was certain that Tina wouldn't like it and I hoped that she threw the same fit this morning that she did with me yesterday at lunch. Brenda needed to see how terrible the sugar addiction was.


Brenda arrived at the house, brought Tina in and Tina immediately began to cry. Brenda said, "I wonder what's wrong with her?"


I smiled because I knew: She hated the fact that I wouldn't feed her fruit.


Louise came out of the bathroom with Linda, Linda saw Tina crying and said, "Tina bad girl!"


Louise and Brenda were shocked and Brenda asked, "What does Linda mean?"


I said, "Yesterday Tina got into the refrigerator and ruined much of the food. I accidentally said that Tina was a 'bad girl' and I guess Linda picked up on that.


Brenda apologized, "Masha I had no idea Tina did that, I'm very sorry."


I sat the yogurt in front of Brenda and suggested, "You try feeding Tina today."


Tina was in her highchair, and still whimpered a bit like yesterday. Brenda took the yogurt to the highchair, set it in front of Tina and said, "Look baby doll a great breakfast for you."


Tina took one look at it, determined it wasn't fruit, began to cry, grabbed the bowl and threw it at Brenda. It hit Brenda right on top of the head. I had to fight back a giggle when the yogurt ran down her hair.


Brenda swore, "Tina, you little bitch! That was bad! Now mommy is all dirty." Then Brenda apologized, "Masha, I'm sorry about the mess."


I inwardly smiled but said, "Brenda, this shows you how acute Tina's addiction to sugar is and how it affects her."


Brenda looked down and confessed, "Masha, I didn't realize how bad it was. She was hungry last night so I gave her some fresh fruit to eat."


Louise asked, "Masha, did this happen to you yesterday?"


I glared at Brenda and declared, "Brenda, any fruit right now, even fresh fruit defeats what we are trying to do. Please never give her fruit again." Then I answered Louise, "Yes, Tina threw her lunch on the floor and then spit it on me when I tried to feed her again." I handed Brenda a dishtowel and she began to wipe the yogurt off her head.


Brenda again apologized, "Masha, I'm so sorry, are you still sure you want to do this?"


I asked Brenda, "Brenda, is breaking Tina's fruit addiction something you can do?"


Brenda confessed, "No Masha, I'm not strong enough, plus I'm working all day and my babysitter doesn't understand."


I thought for a moment and asked, "What is your babysitter doing this week?"


Brenda said, "She took a vacation."


I simply said, "If your babysitter does not listen to your directions, you should fire her."


Brenda complained, "But it's so hard finding a good babysitter. I'm not lucky like Louise, I don't have an Aunt Masha to watch Tina."


I said, "Well you do this week so let's break Tina's sugar addiction. There are guest towels in the bathroom that you can use if you want to shower."


It made me happy when Brenda asked, "But what about Tina's breakfast?"


I simply said, "Tina will eat when she gets hungry enough, until them I'm not even going to try to feed her."


Brenda left and Louise commented, "Wow Masha, I didn't realize it was so bad."


I replied, "Yes it is an untenable situation. Unlike Linda, Tina is very strong willed and if Brenda doesn't take control now during the early years, when Tina is a teenager she will have worse problems."


I could tell that Louise was deep in thought as we finished our breakfast.


Flashback – Jennifer – Headed home


I sat in the back and listened as mother and Daddy fought. Mother said, "Glen, I don't think this is wise."


Daddy said, "Evelyn, stranger things have happened before in this family so I'm sure not going to look this gift horse in the mouth."


Mother tried to continue so I interrupted, "Daddy, can we listen to some music."


Mother countered, "Jennifer, we were trying to talk."


I complained, "No, you two were fighting and that's why I wanted some music."


Mother stated, "Jennifer behave or…"


I interrupted again, "…Or what? You'll send me to a military academy? Ha! Been there done that and kicked its rear."


Daddy looked at mother and said, "Evelyn, we need to continue this later."


He turned on the music and asked, "Is that better?"


I whined, "Only if we were at a funeral, how about some rock and roll?"


Daddy changed to a soft rock station then I leaned back and enjoyed the ride home.


We arrived home, Daddy opened the garage door, drove the car in and Daniela ran out into the garage. She hugged me and said, "Señorita Jennifer, it is good you are home. The news had many reports about that terrible school."


I hugged her back and said, "Thank you for the food by the way."


She pulled away, smiled at me and said, "It was the least I could do." Then she realized something and said, "But Señorita Jennifer, I thought they drilled a hole in your head and you were going to be in the hospital for weeks."


I sure as heck didn't want to bring up the witch part with Daniela so I said, "There was some sort of miracle and I was healed." I turned my head and continued, "Look, my hair even grew back."


Daniela remarked, "Dios Mio, I prayed for you Ms. Jennifer and El Señor must have answered my prayers."


Mother harrumphed at that statement as Daniela continued, "Come inside and I will make you a big breakfast."


We all walked into the house, I went up to my room, sprawled on my bed and thought about grandmother…


Flashback – Alexi – Headed to the house


I hadn't been home in what seemed like forever and it was going to be strange going there with 'mother' still in the clinic. I could tell how hurt 'father' was when he saw 'mother' doing sexual things with the orderlies, and wondered if 'mother' was ever going to come home. We walked into the house, it smelled bad so I held my nose and complained, "'Father', what smells bad."


'Father' apologized, "Sorry Alexi, no one had been here for many days and I think that Chow Mein's litter box needs to be emptied."


Yes, Chow Mein had left us one parting gift. 'Father' emptied Chow Mein's litter box and opened the windows, I asked, "'Father', may I go to my room?"


'Father replied, "Yes Alexi. Please prepare to go out since we need to get dinner."


I went to my room and saw some of Chow Mein's toys. I felt a little sad and perhaps just a bit remorseful as I began to change my clothes.


Flashback – Mira and Ira – continuing


After our victory of resounding we also acquired a large amount of almost edible food. We determined to remove some food so the others would assume it was bears that attacked. From the copious quantities of vodka we only took one bottle to use as an antiseptic. With our nighttime attack a success, we decided it would now be our modus operandi. We knew better than to retreat to our previous cave, so we continued walking until we discovered another cave.


We retired for the evening and I mentioned, "Ira, please check my wound."


Ira checked my wound and swore, "Son of a female saluki, Mira you have once again opened the wound."


I looked at Ira and suggested, "Perhaps sutures are required?"


Ira concurred, "Yes that is the only way we can assure you will not reopen the wound. It is good that we acquired the vodka."


I smiled, began to partake of the spoils of war and agreed, "Yes it is."


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


When the bodyguard returned, not only did he have the dilapidated car I requested, he had also changed clothes. It was obvious to me that he wore body armor under the work clothes. He said, "They gave me hell at the front gate with this car and the way I looked and almost refused to allow me to enter."


I smiled and signed, "That's a good thing to know. Now we need to get to the airport so I can retrieve my body armor and some more weapons."


The body guard remarked, "If you have a spare rifle it would help."


I didn't want to tip my hand just yet so we headed to the airport. I went to the lockers, took my locker key out of my pocket, unlocked the unit where I had stored my things, pulled out the duffle bag and walked back to the car. I knocked on the trunk, the body guard came out, opened the trunk, put the duffle bag inside and closed the trunk after I removed my own body armor.


I took the front seat beside the body guard, started to put on my armor and signed, "What is your name?"


Maria translated, and he answered, "Roberto, I wondered if you were ever going to ask."


I signed some more which Maria translated, "Roberto, if things go well today, I will have some other jobs for you."


Roberto asked, "What sort of jobs?"


I signed, "I am going to have some things shipped here diplomatically to the embassy. I would need you to pick them up for me and store them in the panic room."


Roberto figured it out and asked, "Are these things similar to what we just put in the trunk."


I signed, "Yes, I need someone here I can trust and I feel if I pay you well enough I can trust you."


Roberto asked, "I was so excited about the prospect for the action, I forgot to ask. How much am I making today?"


I signed and Maria translated, her eyes went big when she relayed, "Todd asked if $1000 is enough."


Roberto laughed, "Hell yes! My wife and boy will love the extras I can get them with this."


That statement made me decide to give him even more, however I didn't tell him.


I had Roberto stop the car and open the trunk. I went back there and Roberto watched as I pulled C4 and a detonator out of the bag. He said, "I think we have a surprise for some cojones." I pulled an M4 out of the bag with three extra mags and handed it to him. I put on my pistol and grabbed an M4 for myself and put five extra mags in my body armor carrier. I made sure to grab the duffle bag and bring it with me.


Maria directed us into her old neighborhood. I have been in some terrible piece of shit places, and this neighborhood ranked right up there with the worst of them. Roberto stopped the car in front of an unpainted, dilapidated, building. Maria said, "Todd, they are already watching us."


I noticed the curtains had moved and signed, "Don't worry about anything Maria, we are going into your apartment and come out with the items which are critical to you. Don't be surprised at our gunfire and the deaths that occur."


Maria almost cried, "Todd, do not get yourself killed! And what about all my clothes, I will need them for the bank?"


I signed, "Don't worry about them, you and Gail can buy more clothes later today."


Gail signed, "Todd, I'm scared."


I signed, "Don't worry about it, we're going to be fine."


We got out of the car and made sure to hold our rifles where they could not easily be seen. Then we walked up to Maria's door and I was shocked when she opened it without a key. We walked inside the apartment and I received a further shock: The apartment was totally different from the outside of the building since it was spotless. I motioned to Roberto to cover the door and I followed Maria and Gail as they picked up some photos, knick-knacks and other assorted items and placed them in a box. Gail came out of her room with an armload of things which she put in a box.


I signed, "Maria, tell Roberto that he will speak for me. Tell him when the men come he's to tell them that we're taking you away."


Maria did as I asked and Roberto nodded in agreement. So far things had gone smoothly, too smoothly.


I took an item from the duffle bag and planted it on the floor. We walked out Maria's door and made it all the way to the street when a pretty damn nice car drove up. This was what I had counted on: They weren't going to attack us inside the apartment, they would wait until we were on the street.


A fat fucker got out of the car and obviously said something insulting. I didn't like his attitude so I shot him between the eyes. Then I pressed the button on the second detonator and Maria's apartment within the building disintegrated. The other car doors opened while Roberto and I began to fire at the men as they got out of the car - they never stood a chance. The whole battle lasted about a minute and was over.


I grabbed Maria, Maria grabbed Gail and we dashed to the now vacant new car. Roberto was already in the driver's seat as I kicked the dead fuckers out of the way. I loaded Maria and Gail into the back, jumped into the front with Roberto and we took off. When we were a safe distance away, I pressed the button for the first detonator and the piece of shit car blew up.


Gail leaned forward and hugged the hell out of me while Maria pulled me around and kissed me on the lips.


Roberto informed me, "I knew those cholos - they were supposed to be bad fuckers, but taking them out was easy."


I signed, "It helps when you come prepared."


Roberto said, "Yeah, this is a great rifle."


I signed and Maria translated, "Keep it, it's yours."


Roberto suggested, "We should ditch this car since it's well known in the city and we will attract too much attention."


I signed, "We'll put the rifles back into the duffle bag. Can you drop us someplace safe and then come back for us in another car?"


Roberto said, "How about I drop you at my family's restaurant, you should be safe there. I will give this car to my cousins since they know someone who will take off the good parts and destroy the rest."


Gail signed, "Can I get something to eat."


Maria translated and Roberto laughed, "Of course, we have the best food in the city."


Roberto dropped us at a nice as hell restaurant where we met his wife and little boy, they were a great family. Some boys excitedly got in the car with Roberto and he sped away.


Maria remarked, "Todd, I was so scared you were going to die today."


I didn't get a chance to reply because Gail interrupted, "I'm hungry."


I mimed a laugh and signed, "You're always hungry."


Maria looked over a menu and ordered us some food. When it came I tasted it and it was great! Gail practically wolfed her food down so I signed, "Where do you keep all that food? Someday you're going to get fat."


She grinned and signed, "I'm like my sister Maria, I will never get fat."


Gail was done and asked, "Can I go talk to the other kids?"


Maria gave her permission but I added, "Just make sure you don't get out of our sight."


Gail signed, "Gee, you're worse than my sister."


With Gail gone, I signed, "Maria, have you ever had a specialist look at Gail?"


A few tears came to Maria's eyes as she answered, "Todd, we never had the money to do that. The fat man that you shot today took any extra money I made from the bank. We barely had enough money to eat, that's why Gail likes to eat so much."


Hearing that made me glad I shot the fat fucker, hell I wished I would have shot him twice! I hugged Maria and signed, "When we get all settled, we need to have Gail looked at by a specialist."


Maria said, "Todd, we already owe you too much!"


I smiled at Maria and signed, "Don't worry, you two watching my place for me will be payment enough.


I was surprised when Roberto pulled up in the realtor's car and noticed as he exited the car he was also back in his chauffer's uniform.


I signed with Maria translating, "What's going on, do you need to get back to work?"


Roberto said, "No, but this car and uniform make it easier for me to get through the gate at your new place."


We picked up Gail, climbed in the car and headed home…