Chapter 089

Together Chapter 089

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Present – Ben, Jens and others – The trip to the garage


Thom continues, "I hate to tell you this but we have a big problem…"


I swear, "What the fuck is wrong now?"


Thom says, "Ben, you have two terrorist vehicles ahead and closing fast toward you."


Gretchen says, "Ben, I will try to stop one of them with the drone."


This was something we hadn't planned for. I think for a brief moment and order, "Everyone grab something and hold on tight, especially Ira."


I slam on the brakes, spin the wheel as hard as I fucking can and pray like hell that this piece of shit motorhome doesn't tip over. Amazingly it remains upright and my plan works: The rear wheels break loose, the ass end of this POS motorhome swings more than halfway around and now we are headed away from the oncoming terrorists! I floor the accelerator and we slowly accelerate.


Jens' remarks, "Ben! That was incredible driving!"


Mira concurs, "Yes Mr. Blaine, that performance was akin to viewing a cinema."


We notice a flash behind us and Gretchen reports, "Ben, I was successful in causing one of the terrorist vehicles to crash, however now we are without drone coverage."


Ira reports, "Male offspring of a female saluki Mr. Blaine, the vehicle is closing and is presently at 500 meters."


The window explodes in the back of the motorhome and Ira further reports, "They have opened fire on our vehicle may I have permission to return fire?"


I swear, "Hell yes - terminate them!"


Ira's rifle barks and she orders, "Mira, your assistance is required."


I ask, "What the hell is wrong now?"


Mira replies, "Mr. Blaine, it appears the terrorists have armored the windscreen of their vehicle. There are only two small slots for them to jointly occulate the road and use as firing ports."


Ira's and Mira's rifles bark and they complain, "The slot is extremely small and with the movement of this vehicle it's almost impossible to fire through the slot. It also appears as if they have fortified the engine compartment and thus firing into it produces no effect."


Jens smiles at me, pulls up her purse from between the seats and I ask, "When did you start carrying a purse?"


Jens opens her purse, holds up a hand grenade and says, "I thought a couple of these might possibly come in handy."


I praise her brilliance, "I could kiss you if I wasn't driving."


Ira orders, "Mr. Blaine, please do not play hockey of tonsil with Ms. Blaine while the terrorists continue to close upon our position.


I reply, "Jens has several hand grenades in her purse. Please make use of them."


Mira runs up, takes the three grenades from Jens and declares, "This was a very wise idea Ms. Blaine."


Jens praises her, "Mira, that was almost normal talking."


As Ira tries the first hand grenade, we hear its explosion and Ira swears, "Male offspring of a female saluki! The terrorists operated their vehicle in a manner to avoid the grenade."


Mira reports, "And they continue to close."


Ira orders, "Mira, we will deploy both hand grenades simultaneously, on opposite paths. Then they cannot avoid them."


Jens says, "I hope you're right because those are our last two grenades."


Suddenly all hell breaks loose behind us! There are two huge explosions almost simultaneously so I demand, "What the hell was that?"


Ira informs me, "Mr. Blaine, the terrorist vehicle exploded."


Thom says, "Don't worry about that terrorist vehicle since the predator drone following you took it out with an AGM-114."


I asked, "When they hell did we pick up a predator drone and wasn't it a little close to us to take it out with a Hellfire?"


Thom replies, "Don't look this fucking gift horse in the mouth and be thankful for the support!"


Jens calms things down by saying, "Thanks Thom, we are very thankful for the assistance."


I'm still fuming as we finally reach the garage. Thom advises, "Ben, no one has followed you or is watching you from the rooftops. Please make the vehicle exchange."


I pull into the garage and it's a fucking hotbed of activity.


I no sooner stop the motorhome than Jens, Mira and Ira bail out the side door. My place is taken by an FBI agent who looks remarkably like me. He buckles in and hauls ass out the other end of the garage. The four of us are quickly moved to the semi-truck. The back doors are open and as we get into the trailer I'm left speechless. The doors are closed, I feel a small jerk and realize the semi is moving.


Jens comes over and helpfully says, "Ben, close your mouth or you might attract flies."


Mira and Ira laugh and Ira mimics, "Mr. Blaine, close your mouth or you might attract Diperta Brachycera."


I hug the hell out of Jens and ask, "So, what's behind all the different doors?"


Mira excitedly asks, "Ms. Blaine, might I give Mr. Blaine the grand tour?"


Jens says, "Sure Mira, have fun."


I continue to hug Jens and reply, "I think I'm bringing you with me."


There's a big control panel in the middle of the room and approaching it Mira explains, "This is communication and the drone device command and control. We have full time encrypted internet access and can control up to three drone devices simultaneously. They are launched automatically from roof panels."


Jens includes, "We also have full time video feeds for the cab of the truck and all sides of the trailer."


Mira gives additional information, "But best of all, the panel can be flipped over, like this and it becomes a billiard table. Would you care to participate in a game?" She uses one hand to flip the table and sure enough, it's a hell of a nice pool table. Mira continues, "It even easily moves out of the way to provide us an exercise area."


I shake my head about the game and reply, "I’m not ready for a match right now - especially with the truck moving."


Mira brags, "Ira and I have a wager on which one of us defeats you in billiards first."


I laugh and ask, "What's the amount of the bet."


Ira walks up and answers, "A manicure and pedicure from the other participant."


Jens complains, "I already lost to both of them because they are really good."


They proudly show off the manicures given by Jens.


Mira continues, "The room at this side of the trailer is the necessary room."


We walk over to it, open the door and I ask, "A real bathtub and a shower, what in the hell?"


Jens says, "Yeah, we splurged on the tub but I thought it might get some use." She hugs me and I understand what she means.


Mira says, "We have a huge amount of water storage and can filter the water for reuse if necessary."


I look at Mira and ask, "Even the water from the toilet?"


Mira explains, "There is no water in the toilet since it is an incineration sanitary device."


That makes me happy because the thought of drinking my own piss, even if it is filtered doesn't appeal to me.


We leave the bathroom, cross to the other side, Mira opens the door and says, "This probably will not interest you, but it is the kitchen."


Jens giggles and tells the twins, "Boy are you wrong! Ben is a heck of a cook and loves to practice his art."


I look at the range and ask, "Don't tell me that's a Jenn-Air range?"


Jens hugs me and says, "Of course it is! And before you ask we have the griddle and the grill attachments."


I rub my hands together and say, "I can't wait to try out the grill."


Jens further states, "Yeah, Ben can cook things on the grill that most people only dream of cooking on the stove."


Mira continues, "We have a fully functional refrigerator completely full of food items. Plus a freezing unit which contains much meat."


Jens adds, "There's even some wild game in it."


I hopefully ask, "Please tell me there's antelope in it."


Jens hugs me and says, "Of course there is - I want some of your chili."


Ira states, "I do not believe that your chili is as spicy as Ms. Blaine has indicated, it would not even be edible if it was."


I tell Ira, "Don't try to influence me to make chili tonight. I will make it when I'm ready."


Mira walks to the front of the trailer and says, "The door on the left is your bedroom unit, the right is our bedroom unit. They are both quite sound proof."


I open the door to our bedroom and it looks great especially after I notice mirrors on the ceiling.


I question, "Where are all the weapons?"


Mira laughs and says, "You walked past them when you entered the trailer."


We walk back and along both side walls just inside the doors are cabinets, Mira opens them and says, "The weapons are located in the cabinet by caliber, with the larger calibers being furthest from the door."


I ask, "Is that a fifty caliber?"


Ira confirms, "Yes Mr. Blaine it is. You have a sharp eye."


We walk across to the other cabinet, Mira opens it and says, "These are all the bladed weapons."


I notice their Katanas, plus other knives and throwing stars. One particular knife attracts my attention, I reach in, pull it out, look at Jens and comment, "I thought this was destroyed in the cabin fire?"


Jens smiles and explains, "Girls this is the Ka-Bar knife that Ben carried when he was a Marine. And Ben you are right it was destroyed in both fires so I had the leather handle replaced both times."


I fight back some tears and say, "I thought this was lost forever."


Jens suggests, "Ben, why don't you wear it now."


I smile at Jens and say, "Not tonight, but later I will."


Ira challenges, "Mr. Blaine, I would love to challenge you in a martial arts competition."


I reply to Ira, "Not tonight, but soon we will spar."


I hug Jens, look at the girls and say, "You all have done a wonderful job with the trailer, I can't think of anything else we would ever need. Now tell me why we're only staying gone for two weeks?"


Jens smiles and says, "Ben, the FBI has found more terror cells which are looking for us. We're really not sure when we will be returning to the cabin. We will definitely not return until long after Thom has the cabin rebuilt."


I reply, "Well, that's fine with me. Now there's only one thing missing."


The girls give me a puzzled look and I ask, "Where's a Barcalounger for me?"


Mira giggles and says, "Mr. Blaine, did you not see the one in your bedroom?"


Jens adds, "Ben, we each have one."


I smile and say, "Hell, I might not want to ever leave this place."


Present – Samantha and Stacy – Stacy's release


Bill and I made sure that Stacy's release from the mental hospital wasn't made public since I didn't want my BFF to deal with a media storm. We took one of the Summers Enterprises nondescript vans to pick her up and I went inside to wait for her. It was longer than expected but Stacy finally came out accompanied by a doctor. The doctor saw me and said, "Make sure that Ms. Summers continues to take her medicine."


I replied, "Yes Sir! I will make sure she takes all her medicine."


Stacy hugs me and says, "It's good to see you Sam."


I hug her back and reply, "It seemed like you were in here forever."


Stacy comments, "You should have seen it from in here - it was terribly boring. The only thing I had to look forward to was Bill's report each day."


We walk outside, Stacy sees the van and asks, "Why no limousine?"


I reply, "We wanted to keep your release private so we felt the van would be better."


Stacy admits, "Yeah that's probably a better idea." She takes the front seat and I take one of the back seats.


Bill says, "It's good to see you Ms. Summers."


Stacy says, "It's not as good as being out of there! There are some crazy-assed people in that hospital. I think if I had stayed any longer I would have gone crazy."


Bill asks, "Do we need to pick up any prescriptions on the way home?"


Stacy shocks us when she says, "Fuck the doctors and fuck their prescriptions, now that I'm out of that nuthouse I'm not taking any of their shit."


Bill asks a logical question, "Ms. Summers, unless you are taking your prescription medicine you will fail the monthly drug tests, you will violate your terms of release and they will put you back into the clinic."


Stacy thinks for a moment and says, "I know, I will pay someone to take the drugs for me and smuggle their urine into the clinic for the drug tests."


Bill complains, "Ms. Summers, do you feel that your grandmamma would agree with that?"


Stacy ignores Bill's comment and continues, "There's only one person I need to make things right for me and that's Ben Blaine. Samantha, I saw your report about them leaving in a motorhome, when's the next report scheduled?"


I tell Stacy the truth, "Stacy, there are no reports scheduled about them. They left because terrorists were looking for Ben. Didn't you see the report from the cabin?"


Stacy replies, "No Sam they limited what I could watch on TV, tell me about it."


I smile at Stacy and say, "I'll do better than that since I have a copy of it on my tablet."


I pull out my tablet, fire it up, find the report, start watching it and hand the tablet to Stacy.


Why she's watching it I tell her, "Ben came much closer to dying in this than you would believe since he was headed to his truck as the car bomb rammed it."


Stacy asks, "What other videos do you have on here."


I reply, "I have the one of the suicide bomber who almost killed me."


I find the video, show it to Stacy and she immediately asks, "Bill, what in the hell are we doing about this?"


Bill replies, "With Ben and Jennifer gone we decided that we're no longer a target so we aren't doing anything."


Stacy angrily says, "Bill, that's not fucking acceptable. They tried to kill Sam, we can't let this rest and have to do something about it."


I feel honored that Stacy would care about me like that, but I really know that she's more interested in Ben. I try to be helpful, "I have some friends at the Colorado Bureau of Investigations so I could ask them if there are any more terrorist threats."


 Stacy responds, "Yes Sam please do that. We need to stay on top of things." Then she wonders, "I bet that's why Ben left."


I worry because Stacy appears to be just as fixated on Ben as ever and I have no idea how to help her…


Present – Ben, Jens and others – The trip


I look at Jens and the girls and ask, "Does anyone know where we're going?"


Jens shrugs her shoulders and the twins reply, "Negative Mr. Blaine."


I ask, "Is there any way to contact the drivers in this rolling technology center?"


Jens responds, "Sure, we have wired communications to them." She walks over to the control panel, flips it back over so it's in the communications mode and hands me what looks to be a CB mic.


I press the button and ask, "I was just wondering where we're going?"


One of the drivers responds, "This is Tommy, "We are headed to the Southern United States like you said in your interview."


I further ask, "Are you guys still on I-25 southbound?"


Tommy replies, "We sure are."


I tell him, "Okay, the Southern US comment was just to throw off the terrorists. Do you guys know a place called Quartzsite Arizona?"


Tommy says, "We sure do and we have overnighted there a couple of times."


That reminded me of something, "Are we planning a stop for tonight?"


Tommy says, "Affirmative, we thought we would stop about seven tonight. There's a Wal-mart truck stop in Trinidad Colorado."


I ask, "I don't think the Wal-Mart in Trinidad is a truck stop and has fuel so why don't you stop at the Trinidad Fuel Stop? And will you eating with us or getting truck stop slop?"


Tommy says, "Give me a minute."


Tommy comes back and says, "That does look like a better choice since they have overnight truck parking. And we would prefer to eat with the four of you if it's possible."


I ask, "Is there a discrete way for the two of you to enter the trailer?"


Tommy answers, "I guess they didn't tell you about the hatch in the bottom of the trailer. We will use it after we get stopped for the night."


I look at Mira, she blushes and mouths that 'She's sorry'.


I reply, "Great, we look forward to sharing a table with the two of you."


I look at Jens and ask, "Are you up with helping me make some spaghetti with Bolognese sauce?"


Jens says, "I would prefer your four cheese sauce. It takes less work and I like it better. I will make some garlic bread and a salad."


I do some figuring in my mind and say, "I figure we need to start cooking about six if we're going to stop at seven. Hey is it safe to cook while this thing is moving?"


Jens calls the cab and asks, "We were wondering if we can cook while you're moving?"


Tommy comes back on and says, "You know, that's a problem we've never had to deal with before. If we have to hit the brakes hard, it would probably make a mess out of things, so it's probably better if you don't."


Jens replies, "Okay, dinner will take about an hour to make so that means we will eat at eight."


Tommy says, "That will be fine with us since we really didn't like the idea of eating at the truck stop."


I head toward the kitchen and Jens asks, "Where are you going?"


I reply, "There's a bunch of prep work that I can do now that will save time later."


Jens follows and agrees, "Yeah, you're right."


Soon everyone is in the kitchen where I look in the freezer and find a premade four cheese blend for the pasta sauce. I open the bag, pull out 1.5 cups of frozen cheese and put the rest back into the freezer. I remark, "Hell, this is going to make things easy."


Jens holds up some dehydrated garlic from the spice rack and adds, "Tell me about it."


I figure I will get a start on the fresh vegetables so I pull some green onions out of the refrigerator, wash the hell out of my hands, clean the hell out of the green onions and rapidly chop them.


Ira remarks, "Mr. Blaine, your culinary knife skills are to be envied."


I put them in a bowl back in the refrigerator and say, "Well, that's all I can do for now. Do you need any help Jens?"


Jens smiles at me and says, "Not really, I pulled a baguette out of the freezer, if it's not defrosted in time I will nuke it. I guess you could tell me what you want in your salad."


I reply, "Just the normal is fine."


Jens grins and says, "Just remember, you had a chance for input."


Mira asks, "Is it possible to have some fruit in the salad?"


Jens checks the refrigerator and says, "It sure is, whoever stocked this fridge did a great job."


I smile and say, "Well, I guess we have some time to kill before dinner."


Ira asks, "Mr. Blaine why would you want to terminate time."


I explain, "Ira that's a euphemism which means we don't have anything to do."


Jens suggests, "We could retire to our room and watch the news."


Ira complains, "That's boring, we could instead perform a martial arts drill."


I yawn and say, "Well, I don't care what you all do, I'm taking a nap. Wake me up half an hour before we stop."


Jens agrees, "A nap does sound good to me."


Jens and I head off to our bedroom, but get busy doing something else and finally drift off to sleep. There's a knock on the door and we hear, "We will be stopping in thirty minutes."


Jens smiles at me and says, "Now that's my kind of nap! I could use one of those several times a day."


I spank her ass and say, "Too much of a nap like this will make the trailer smell like hot sweaty sex. That reminds me, where do we wash our clothes?"


Jens laughs and answers, "I guess you missed the stacked washer and dryer in the bathroom. Talking about the bathroom, I need to go."


Jens quickly gets dressed and heads to the bathroom while I put on my clothes and head to the kitchen. On the way I see Mira and Ira in the exercise area practicing martial arts. I stop and watch and I'm thoroughly impressed. Hell, I'm not sure I can take either of them.


I wash up in the kitchen, pull out a pan for the sauce, add a tbsp. of olive oil, a tbsp. of butter, and begin to cook the green onions. Once they turn white I add enough dehydrated garlic to equal five minced cloves, a chicken bouillon cube, 1 cup of cream and the 1.5 cups of cheese.


I slowly heat everything together making sure to stir it. Mira comes in to watch so I put her busy stirring the sauce while I prepare the pasta. I throw a good handful of salt in the big pasta pan, cover it with boiling water and begin to heat it. Once the water boils again, I put the pasta in to cook.


Jens comes and begins the salad and garlic bread. It begins to get hot in the kitchen and I ask, "Is there a fan in here?"


Mira flips a switch over the stove and all the heat is sucked outside.


The pasta is almost done so I turn it off and run it through a colander that's inside a bigger bowl so I can catch the pasta water. I take 1 cup of the pasta water and add it back into the sauce. Mira asks, "Mr. Blaine why did you do that?"


I reply, "It helps the sauce to stick to the pasta and gives it a better flavor."


I put the pasta back into the sauce and stir them together. Jens announces, "I'm done."


We feel the truck stop and Ira says, "I will operate the bottom hatch."


I look at Jens and ask, "So where do we eat?"


Jens says, "We have covers for the pool table."


Mira offers, "I will convert the pool table."


Ira announces, "Tommy and Johnny have arrived."


We walk out of the kitchen and I finally meet our drivers, I like the look of both of them since they don't look like your typical fat truckers. They both look to be in good to above average condition.


Tommy (I recognize his voice) says, "Man, something smells good!"


Mira explains, "Mr. Blaine made four cheese sauce spaghetti, and Ms. Blaine made a great salad and garlic bread."


Ira says, "Please seat yourselves while Mira and I serve."


We sit at the table and Mira and Ira do an excellent job arranging the food on the plate (hell I usually just toss it on the plate). They bring out my plate first and I say, "No, Jens gets her food first."


I pass it to Jens and we wait for everyone to be served. Once we're all served, Ira says, "I feel that we should pray before we eat."


Ira and Mira begin to say the Lord's Prayer in Russian so I join in and surprise them. We finish and begin to eat. I taste Jens salad and remark, "I like the cranraisins, strawberries and blueberries in the salad, but what's the dressing?"


Jens smiles and says, "It's raspberry vinaigrette."


She tastes my pasta and says, "You've improved this since the last time I had it."


Tommy asks, "Mr. Blaine…"


I interrupt, "Please call me Ben and that goes for both of you."


Tommy continues, "Ben, where did you learn how to cook like this?"


Jens laughs and explains, "Ben was the witch doctor of MREs. He could take any MRE and make it a real dining experience."


I correct her, "Jens, that's only partially correct since there was nothing I could do to fix the hot dog MRE."


Johnny makes a gagging noise and says, "Please don't remind me of that POS MRE."


Tommy concurs, "Yes, let's not ruin this great meal."


I look at them and ask, "So don't tell me - you two are not just truck drivers, my guess is you two were former Special Forces with the Army."


They look at each other and Johnny says, "Geez, I hope we’re not that easy to spot."


I reply, "Well neither of you look like a typical truck driver."


Tommy laughs and says, "Hell, if we keep eating like this each night it won't be long until we do."


The meal is over then Ira and Mira offer to clear the table. I shake Tommy and Johnny's hands and say, "Thanks for all you're doing for us."


Tommy replies, "It's an honor to help you."


Johnny says, "Well, we're headed off to the sleeper for the night."


I ask, "Is it as nice as the rest of the truck?"


Tommy answers, "Hell yeah, it's great. See you guys in the morning."


Ira operates the hatch and our drivers leave. Jens suggests, "How about we finish off this night with a movie."


We head to our room, cuddle on the bed and watch a movie…