Chapter 090

Together Chapter 090

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Flashback – Ben – Back at the formerly captured hospital


Colonel Maggie called George back and ordered, "George, make sure you do whatever it takes to keep that prisoner alive."


George relayed the command to me and I said, "Fine with me." And I promptly tied the fucker to one of the support columns in the hospital. Then I explained, "Now he can't jump out a window."


George asked, "Do you think we should remove the tazer probes?"


I shocked the fuck out of our prisoner and he passed out again. I grinned at George and asked, "You mean those tazer probes? Hell no we shouldn't remove them - if he starts shouting for the other towelheads to help him, I want to be able to shut his ass up." Then I opened his mouth and began to check his teeth with my Leatherman to make sure he didn't have a suicide pill.


George began to complain, "Banzai, sometimes you're an inhuman…"


I interrupted his tirade, "…George, if you are going to call me inhuman, look first at what the fucking towelheads have been doing to the children! Once you figure that out come and talk to me about inhuman."


I handed the tazer to George and said, "If he starts shouting, I would shock the fuck out of him. The last thing we want is for the towelheads to mount a major offensive to rescue his worthless ass."


I head up to the roof just in time to see my improvised sniper team at work. I walked up and praised them, "You guys are doing a hell of a job!"


The sniper manning the M107 asked, "Sgt., can I take out some longer range targets?"


I slapped him on the shoulder and said, "Go for it."


Then I remembered the fire mission George needed to call in so I headed downstairs. He was on the horn again with Colonel Maggie and I waited until he finished. He turned to me and said, "HQ is sending some civilians to interrogate the prisoner."


I grinned at George and said, "George, out here civilian is slang for CIA. Our prisoner is in for a world of hurt."


George asked, "What do you mean?"


I said, "You complained about me and the Geneva convention, well that fucking convention will be totally gone when they arrive. They are going to torture the fuck out of him until he talks or dies."


I pointed to the building the Corporal told me about and mentioned the fire mission, "George, we're damn sure that building is where the bastard was building his suicide vests. I would suggest we call in a fire mission on it, hell while you're at it level the entire block."


George figured out the coordinates on his map and called in the fire mission. The first rounds obviously hit some ordnance because the sky lit up like the Fourth of July. It didn't take long until the whole block was leveled. I heard rifles on the roof and noticed my improvised sniper team was busy taking out the trash leaving the area of the leveled buildings.


The Corporal whose nose I messed up, came up and reported, "Sgt. I am pleased to announce we now have main and backup power to the hospital."


I praised him, "Hell of a job and you didn't electrocute yourself! So if the main power goes down…"


He interrupted, "… The backup generators will kick in."


I found the coffee maker that Colonel Maggie sent, plugged it into a wall outlet, poured some fresh water in it and asked, "Does anyone have any real coffee?"


I didn't get an answer so I figured the answer was no. I started the coffee pot anyway just to heat the water and when it was done I made some instant coffee from the MREs.  


Flashback – Jack – The next morning


I made it to Colonel Maggie's office - she was already busy as hell on the phone so I began to file paperwork. She looked up and said, "Jack, you aren't going to believe this but they are sending CIA agents to interrogate the prisoner."


I shrugged my shoulder and replied, "Yeah I sort of expected it. If the fucker is from Britain they will want to get every shred of information out of him they can." I thought for a moment and added, "You might want to call and have a little talk with Banzai since he doesn't play well with CIA agents."


Colonel Maggie asked, "Why's that?"


I simply stated the truth, "We've both been fucked over by them a couple of times. You know, things like sending us on a mission for them and forgetting to extract us."


Colonel Maggie said in horror, "I had no idea!"


I replied, "Of course you don't, those missions will never make it to our files."


Colonel Maggie asked, "And the agents?"


I replied, "Let's just say, they never went home."


Colonel Maggie got on the horn and began to talk to Banzai while John walked in with two plates of food - this time it was pancakes, sausage and eggs. I dug into mine, then Colonel Maggie waved me over, put her hand over the receiver and ordered, "Jack, see if you can talk some sense into Sgt. Blaine, he won't listen to me."


I began to talk and Banzai laughed, "Damn Jack it's good to hear your voice, how's Masha doing?"


I replied, "Banzai, I can't talk about that right now. Colonel Maggie is worried you're going to take out the CIA agents when they show up."


Banzai laughed and said, "Tell her to send us some real coffee and I will leave them alone." Then he told me the truth, his voice dripping with hatred, "Jack, I can't wait for them to get here and torture the fuck out of this bastard."


I laughed and said, "Banzai, I will tell her that. Now I'm going to enjoy my pancakes, sausage and eggs."

Banzai swore, "You son of a…"


I hung up the phone on him, looked at Colonel Maggie and said, "Banzai said if you send him some coffee on the next shipment, he won't kill the CIA agents."


Colonel Maggie complained, "Sgt. Reynolds that's extortion!"


I smiled at her and asked, "How much is it going to cost to send a couple bags of coffee to keep him happy."


She replied, "Almost nothing at all. Hell, I will make sure it's on the ride with the fucking CIA agents!"


I replied, "A very wise move Sir! Banzai can get cantankerous if he doesn't get his coffee."


I continued to eat my breakfast, Colonel Maggie started eating hers and praised John, "Hell of a breakfast today John, if you keep this up I might have to start doing PT."


I grinned at Colonel Maggie, she glared at me and warned, "Not a single word from you Jack."


Flashback – Masha – Another day with Tina


Breakfast was over and Louise finally confessed, "Masha, I never realized how serious a problem sugar addiction was until I watched Tina this morning."


I smiled at Louise and said, "Most people don't notice the problem and it is so entrenched in the American culture it's hard to avoid. For example, look at your behavior yesterday: You were tired and thirsty so you had a soda. Did you know they actually add salt to soda so when you drink it, it does not really quench your thirst?"


Louise said, "I didn't realize that they are sneaky and manipulative."


I replied, "They certainly are! All the food industry cares about is how many dollars it makes. And if it can trick the American people into eating more food, they will do it. That is why America has the second highest incidence of obesity in the world."


Louise blinked and said, "I thought we were in first place?"


I informed her, "No, Mexico has surpassed America in percentage of obese population. And it's caused from the export of soda to Mexico. In many places in Mexico, it's cheaper and safer to drink soda than the water. They are fighting back and have passed a special tax on soda, but there is a problem with the special tax."


Louise asked, "What's the problem?"


I smiled and replied, "As with most special taxes, the people who are affected the most are the poor. Since they can no longer afford to buy soda, they have been forced to drink the water and now many of them are getting sick from the poor quality of the water."


Tina came over and shook her high chair. I looked at Louise and said, "I think she is finally hungry."


I picked her up, put her in the high chair, took the bowl of yogurt and set it in front of her. She grabbed the bowl so I quickly snatched it out of her hands, grinned at Louise and said, "That was a close one - I believe she's not hungry enough yet."


Brenda came out of the bathroom and said, "Tina's in the high chair, did she eat?"


Louise replied, "Not yet, Masha tried to feed her but Tina was going to throw the bowl again."


Brenda asked, "Masha, aren't you worried about Tina not eating."


I looked at Tina and replied, "Not really, she could probably stand to lose a little weight."


Brenda unfortunately laughed and said, "Yes - like mother like daughter."


I briefly thought about confronting Brenda about her own sugar addiction, but decided now was not the time. It was better to fight only one battle at a time – my battle with Tina.


Flashback – Jennifer – At home


As I thought about Grandma, it was like I could see her: Her face was full of love as she stood over me. I began to feel sleepy…  The next thing I knew Daniela had touched my shoulder and said, "Ms. Jennifer, your breakfast is ready."


I got up and followed her downstairs when the excrement hit the fan.


Mother had taken a different plate and removed most of the food Daniela had placed on my plate. All that was left on my plate was a fried egg and a piece of dry toast.


Daniela asked, "Señora Donaldson, why did you remove food from Ms. Jennifer's plate?"


Mother complained, "Daniela, Jennifer is a prima ballerina and because of that we must limit her weight. You need to make less food, not only for her, but for this whole family."


I wasn't going to listen to the coming fight so I grabbed my plate off the table and ran upstairs to my room. I was hungry as heck so I scarfed down the egg and toast and then pulled some of the food Daniela had packed in my bag and began to eat it.


There was a knock on the door so I quickly hid the food and asked, "Who is it?"


Daddy replied, "It's me, can I come in?"


He walked into the room, I pulled the food out from under my pillow and continued to eat it. Daddy said, "It's like WWIII in the kitchen."


I complained, "Daddy, if this keeps up please send me to a different military school."


Daddy said, "Jennifer, I have an idea. Follow me downstairs."


I obeyed Daddy. He ignored the fight as he walked past it, picked up the phone in the kitchen and pretended to dial a number. He loudly said, "Hello, this is General Donaldson, I would like to speak with someone about enrolling my daughter in your school."


The kitchen became deathly quiet and mother demanded, "Glen, what the hell are you doing?"


Daddy put his hand over the mouthpiece of the phone and said, "Jennifer said if you two are going to fight all the time, she wanted to go back to a military school. So I'm honoring her wish."


Mother complained, "Glen, you will do nothing of that sort."


I chimed in, "Yes mother, I have decided since you and Daniela are fighting so much about my food that I need to be out of the house so you won't fight."


Daddy continued with his ruse, "Yes, we can bring her by later today."


Mother apologized, "Jennifer, please don't leave, remember what happened last time?"


I complained, "Heck, even if the new school is as bad as the last school, being away from the fighting would make it worth it."


Daniela said, "Señorita Jennifer, please do not go away again, your mother and I can work out our differences."


Mother too easily agreed, "Yes Jennifer we won't fight anymore."


Daddy said into the non-existent phone call, "No, don't expect us today, I will call again if we change our minds."


I looked at both of them and threatened, "If you two fight one more time about my food, I will leave. Now Daniela could I please have a little more food, the egg and slice of toast wasn't enough."


Mother complained, "Jennifer if you gain weight…"


I interrupted her, "…Mother, Olga says that my weight is fine for my height, if you don't believe me, you can call her."


Daddy motioned to the phone and reinforced my story, "Jennifer is correct, I heard Olga tell her almost those exact words."


I said, "Mother, I sure as heck don't want to get fat so therefore I won't, but I also don't want to starve. Daniela always gives me too much food but I only eat enough to satisfy my hunger."


Daniela agreed, "Yes Señora Donaldson both Señor Donaldson and Señorita Jennifer always leave food on their plates."


Mother asked, "Well what do you do with the leftover food, I hope you don't waste it."


Daniela smiled and said, "No Señora Donaldson, I do not waste any food. Many times I include it in their lunches, other times I add it to the soups that I make."


Mother commanded, "Jennifer when you're finished eating we need to weigh you and then you need to practice ballet."


I complained, "Mother, we will not weigh me when I'm finished eating. If you want to weigh me it needs to be the first thing in the morning before I eat."


Then I started a new battle when I announced, "By the way mother, I'm not sure I want you managing my ballet career."


Thank God the doorbell rang…


Flashback – Alexi – At the house


I changed into new clothes. 'Father' came into my room and I couldn't resist when I asked, "'Father' what was 'mother' doing with the orderlies?"


'Father' looked hurt and replied, "Alexi, she was exercising with them."


I continued with the questions, "When will 'mother' come back home with us?"


'Father' shook his head and shocked me when he said, "Alexi, I'm not sure she will ever return. In fact we might not go back to the laboratory ourselves."


I asked, "But what about the experiments on me?"


'Father' confessed, "Alexi, after all that happened with Chow Mein and your mother we might need to cancel the experiments."


I asked, "Forever?"


'Father' said, "Yes forever. Now come on Alexi, we need to go get some food to eat."


We went out for dinner and I couldn't help wonder what my life was now going to be like.


Flashback – Ira and Mira – continuing


With my sister Mira mostly inebriated from the vodka we had liberated, I asked her, "Mira how are your senses?"


Mira giggled and I had procured my answer. I cleansed the area carefully and began to suture my sister's wound. Mira continued to giggle the whole time and then began to unfortunately sing in a very off key, inebriated voice, "Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?"


I scolded, "Of course I will sleep with you tonight, if for no other reason than to make sure you do not damage my excellent sutures."


Mira giggled and continued with the song while I tried to shush her, a task tainted with the impossible.


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


We arrived back at my new house and Gail signed, "Did I see something being signed about clothes shopping?"


I signed, "Of course you did you little brat! Let me give Maria some money and you two need to go clothes shopping."


I peeled of what I thought was more than enough money and handed it to Maria. She and Gail left with Roberto while I went to work in the panic room. I was trying to build a nice gun rack in the panic room but wasn't having much luck.


I didn't think I wasted much time, but in hindsight, perhaps I did. I heard the doorbell ring so I went downstairs and checked - it was Maria, Gail and an overly burdened Roberto. I let them in and Roberto complained, "Please don't ever make me go shopping with them again."


I smiled and agreed, Maria translated, "No problem, next time it will be me used as a beast of burden."


Gail signed, "Sister, I think we need to give Todd a fashion show."


For the first time ever, I heard Maria giggle and she agreed. Yes Gail, Todd needs to see everything that his money bought."


Gail gave me a silly grin and signed, "Oh boy Todd, you are in for a real treat!"


I had no idea what she meant but I signed and Maria translated, "Roberto, will you come to the panic room with me."


The girls left, I guess to prepare for the fashion show, while Roberto came with me to the panic room. He took one look at what I had attempted and laughed. He said, "Todd, I have friends in the military, I will get you a gun rack for much less than you can cobble one together."


I hid the offense, realized Maria wasn't here to translate so I made the sign of money changing hands. Roberto said, "Todd, I understand. Don't worry because it will cost much less than what you were trying to do. Do you want it with a key lock on the doors?"


I thought for a moment and tried to make Roberto understand by making the sign of a woman and the holding a gun and firing. Roberto caught on and said, "Yes Todd there are places here where we can teach Maria and Gail to fire weapons."


I continued to think, made the sign of locking a door and shook my head no. Roberto understood, "Okay you don't want a lock on the doors in case Maria and Gail need to get into the cabinet."


I was going to sign some more, when Maria and Gail walked into the panic room and took my breath away…