Chapter 092

Together Chapter 092

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Flashback – Jack – Later in the morning


We finished the great breakfast prepared by John and I began the drudgery of filing some more fucking paperwork.


Colonel Maggie suddenly remembered, "Jack, we forgot to find you a new aide."


I teased, "Yeah, I was wondering if you were going to remember that, but I figured with your advanced age…"


Colonel Maggie glared at me and interrupted, "…Jack, you might be on my good side for showing me what John can really do if he gets good food supplies, but you'd better not push your luck because I'm sure John could use someone to peel potatoes in the kitchen."


Then she looked at some paperwork on her desk, gave me a wicked grin that I sure as hell didn't like and said with a taunt in her voice, "He's not a Corporal, but I'm sure he will be perfect for the job."


I backpedaled, "Sir, I'm not sure I need an aide."


Colonel Maggie agreed, "Oh, I'm sure you don't! However, after what you've done with Sgt. Blaine, and then John, this Marine needs your personal instruction twenty four-seven. He's a Pvt., his name is Tom and he's one of the new recruits they are sending me."


I looked at Colonel Maggie and asked, "He's only a Pvt.? Not even a Pfc.? What the hell happened? I thought almost everyone exiting basic was at least a Pfc.?"


Colonel Maggie grinned and said, "Don't you just love a good mystery? What happened in basic is for you to find out."


I was going to continue when the two CIA agents walked into the office without even knocking or being announced. Colonel Maggie complained, "Who the hell are you and why are you in my office unannounced!"


I sure as hell didn't like the attitude of either of them so I could tell that Banzai was going to have a royal field day with them unless they adjusted real quick! They sat down without asking, then one of them said, "HQ sent us. We need immediate transportation to the hospital so we can interrogate the prisoner."


Colonel Maggie glared at them and declared, "I don't fucking care if the Old Man himself sent you here - you are in my office without permission so get the hell out until your visit is properly announced!"


The mouthy one complained, "Why the fuck should we?"


Colonel Maggie opened her desk drawer, pulled out a pistol, waved it between them and said, "Because I, with the support of my good friend here, ordered you to."


They held up their hands and the mouthy one said, "Okay we're leaving, but just so you know, we're in a hurry." They left the office as Colonel Maggie called her aide on the phone and said, "Make those two fuckers as uncomfortable as possible. Then have them wait fifteen minutes before you send them in."


She swore, "Just who in the fuck do they think they are talking to? I know for a fact they would never pull that on the General. If they think they can pull that sort of bullshit once they're away from HQ, then they need to be educated."


I grinned at Colonel Maggie and tried to soothe her, "Well Sir, I would say you properly schooled them."


She laughed and remarked, "Did you see the size of their eyes when I pointed the pistol at them?"


I said, "No Sir, I was behind them and was assisting you."


Colonel Maggie asked, "What do you mean?"


I held up the pistol I had pointed at them and replied, "They should really know better than to enter and office unannounced in a war zone. I wasn't sure who they were so I was just being careful."


Colonel Maggie grinned at me and ordered, "Jack, there's an M4 behind the door. The next time they come into the office, pick it up and keep them covered."


I saluted and replied, "Yes Sir!"


Colonel Maggie grinned and proudly announced, "Yes, Tom will be perfect for you."


Colonel Maggie's phone rang, she answered and said, "I told you to make sure they waited for fifteen minutes, now don't bother me again."


I grinned at Colonel Maggie and she asked, "Jack, what's on the devious mind of yours?"


I replied, "I was just thinking how the shit's going to hit the fan when Banzai meets them."


Flashback – Ben – Back at the formerly captured hospital


George got a call from Colonel Maggie and announced, "The CIA agents are on their way. And Colonel Maggie says they are bringing some real coffee."


That statement practically made my day! The instant shit in the MREs was crappy so I was looking forward to a real cup of coffee.


I offered, "George, I will meet the chopper when it sets down on the roof."


George said, "Sorry Banzai, but the CIA officers requested a private room to interrogate the prisoner. I need you to set it up and move the prisoner into the room."


I asked, "Did they ask for anything special in the room?"


George replied, "They wanted a room with water in it."


I chuckled, "I figured as much - too bad we don't have running water."


George naïvely asked, "Why did they want water?"


I laughed, "Because they are going to water board the shit out of him!"


George complained, "Hell they did that to me during my SERE1 training before I was deployed. I hated it."


1 SERE – Search, Evasion, Resistance and Escape – Defined in an earlier chapter.


I teased, "Hell, what they did to you isn't even going to be close to what they do to the fucking terrorist." I further stated, "Well, they are going to have to do without water because we sure as shit don't have running water. So I hope they bring their own tools."


I set up a room for the fucking CIA agents with three chairs and a table, then I went up to the prisoner, shocked the fuck out of him so he passed out. I untied him, moved him into the room and tied him to a new building support. I finished just in time because I heard the chopper coming to the roof.


I dashed up to the roof, watched as the CIA fuckers got off the chopper ran up to one of them and asked, "Where's my coffee?"


The chopper spooled up and left and one of the agents said, "It just left with the chopper. Now Sgt. take us to the Lieutenant."


I swore, "You stupid mother fuckers! You left my coffee on the chopper because you were too stupid to know better! I should throw both your asses off this roof."


I could see the fear in their eyes as they backed up. George showed up and the one agents said, "Boy are we glad to see you! I want to report this Sgt. for threatening us: He wanted to throw us off the roof."


George asked, "Banzai is this true?"


I replied, "Hell yes it's true! The stupid fuckers left my coffee on the chopper."


George said, "Excuse us a minute."


He pulled me to the side and said, "Banzai, don't agitate these agents or I will have to tell Colonel Maggie."


I glared at George and said, "Listen George, I've had more run-ins with CIA agents than I can count on both hands and every fucking time I've been bent over by them. Just keep these two stupid fuckers away from me or so help me God I will throw them off the roof."


The talkative agent timidly came up and asked, "Excuse me, did the Lieutenant call you Banzai? You aren't by any chance Banzai Ben?"


I glared at him and answered, "That's what my friends call me, however you and your friend can call me Sgt. Blaine."


The agent continued, "We've heard of you and I would like to apologize to you for not taking your coffee off the chopper. I will make sure the next incoming chopper has a whole pallet of coffee on it."


He leaves, goes back and talks with his partner. George asked, "Banzai, what was that all about."


I grinned at George and said, "The CIA agents who fucked Jack and me over in the past had a bad habit of disappearing. I guess they were warned about me."


George gasped, "Don't tell me you killed them?"


I smiled and said, "No I didn't. They just had unfortunate and terminal accidents brought about by their poor judgement. Listen before you judge me it was during missions for them where they failed to provide extraction for us."


The agent returned and asked George, "We would like to use your communications equipment, then we would like to see the prisoner."


George took them to our C&C room.


Flashback – Jack – Later in the morning


Colonel Maggie got a phone call, she answered it then hung up and began to laugh. I looked at her and asked, "What's so funny?'


She grinned bigger than I had ever seen and said, "That was the mouthy CIA agent. Apparently he left the coffee I sent for Sgt. Blaine on the chopper. He asked if we could send a chopper with a whole pallet of coffee on it."


I laughed and said, "I guess Banzai put the fear of God in them."


The phone rang again, Colonel Maggie answered it and I heard her as she said, "Lieutenant, I'm sure that Sgt. Blaine was kidding. Don't worry because we're sending a chopper with a whole pallet of coffee on it so that should smooth things over."


She hung up the phone and laughed, "Sgt. Blaine threatened to throw the CIA agents off the roof. I guess they had heard of him because they apologized to him and then asked for the pallet of coffee. Jack, you weren't kidding when you said Sgt. Blaine got cranky without his coffee."


I asked, "So what are you going to do?"


Colonel Maggie smiled and answered, "Send them a whole pallet of coffee of course, and charge it to the CIA."


Then I remembered my problem, "Colonel Maggie, I have a new problem at home."


Colonel Maggie asked, "Don't tell me your wonderful wife is having problems again."


I felt like an idiot when I said, "Sir, I forgot to set up my bank accounts so Masha could access them."


Colonel Maggie laughed and taunted, "Jack I can't believe you implied I had problems remembering because of my advanced age. How could you forget this?"


I confessed, "Sir! I never had this situation before and it slipped my mind."


Colonel Maggie must have felt I was properly chastised because she offered, "Well Jack, let's fill out the paperwork for you."


We found the forms and began to fill them out.


Flashback – Masha – Another day with Tina


Louise said, "Sorry Auntie Masha, we both need to get to work."


Brenda asked, "Why are we leaving so early?"


Louise replied, "We're close enough to the store that I like to walk."


Brenda gave Louise a dirty look which Louise didn't notice and said, "Walking is for dogs. I'm taking my car."


I was proud of Louise when she complained, "Brenda, taking the car everywhere is one of the reasons you are overweight."


Brenda replied, "Well, I might have an emergency and need the car. So I'm taking my car."


They both left, Tina went to her highchair again and I asked, "Are you ready to eat your yogurt?"


I picked her up, set her in the chair, retrieved the yogurt from the refrigerator, held it in front of her and she began to cry. I stated, "That's fine with me, you are not getting anything else until you eat the yogurt."


I put Tina back on the floor where she sat down and continued to cry. Linda walked over to her and tried to cheer her up and I was shocked when Tina began to hit Linda. I roughly grabbed Tina, took her to the extra room with Jack's gun safe, put her down on the floor and scolded her, "Tina that was a very bad thing to do!"


I closed the door to Tina's crying, then she began to bang on the door. I rushed back into the kitchen, picked up Linda, who cried because of Tina's aggressiveness and comforted her. This day started out badly and was becoming even worse. I really hated the fact that I offered to take care of Tina…


Flashback – Jennifer – At home


Mother just started to complain about my statement that I didn't want her to manage my ballet career when I was saved by the doorbell. I interrupted, "Don't worry, I will get the door."


Before anyone could say anything, I was out of the kitchen and at the front door. I checked the peephole in the door, saw it was Colonel Clark, opened the door and said, "I didn't expect to see you so soon."


He didn't smile and said, "Jennifer, I need to talk with you and your father."


He entered the house as Daddy had walked up, saw him and said, "Colonel Clark, to what do we owe this pleasure."


Colonel Clark didn't smile as he replied, "Sir! We need to talk about what happened to Jennifer."


Daddy said, "Let's do this in my office."


The three of us went into Daddy's office where Daddy took his place behind his desk. I sat on the edge of the desk and Daddy motioned to Colonel Clark to sit. He sat in the chair across from the desk and stated, "Sir! We are having some problems with Marcia, the girl who hit your daughter with the rock."


Then he looked at me, realized I was home instead of in the hospital and asked, "Jennifer, what are you doing here?"


Daddy replied, "Colonel Clark, sometimes the strangest things happen in this family, Jennifer is totally healed. Hell, her hair even grew back!"


Colonel Clark smiled and said, "Well that makes my job easier. Marcia is claiming that Jennifer attacked her the previous night at the school and that she was afraid of Jennifer. She now claims that's why she threw the rock at her."


Daddy asked me, "Jennifer, is that true? Did you attack Marcia?"


I boldly answered, "You're darn right I did! She and another fat cow came into my room and threatened me so I defended myself."


Daddy looked at Colonel Clark and asked, "So, what are the problems?"


Colonel Clark replied, "Marcia's parents are lawyers and have filed a suit against Jennifer. They are saying that she assaulted their daughter."


I complained, "But I only did it after they threatened me."


Colonel Clark explained, "That's not what the witness they have says."


I remembered, "Wait, there were other girls in my room the night that fat cow tried to attack me."


Colonel Clark asked, "Do you remember any of their names?"


I replied, "Heck no, I was new at the school and hadn't learned any of the names yet…" I thought for a second then remembered, "Wait a minute, I think Rachel was one of them."


Colonel Clark replied, "Good, I will try to contact her and we will see what Rachel says."


Daddy asked, "Is there anything else I can do?"


Colonel Clark smiled and said, "No Sir! I will keep you informed of the progress."


Daddy walked Colonel Clark to the door and mother cornered me in Daddy's office where she complained, "Jennifer, what did you mean by saying you don't want me to manage your dancing career."


I smiled at mother and said, "Mother, do I really need to spell this out for you? I can't be any clearer than to say I don't want you to manage my ballet career."


Daddy walked back into his office, saw us fighting and said, "I think I will get a cup of coffee."


Mother complained, "Glen, you will do no such thing! I need you here on this serious discussion with our daughter!"


Glen said, "Evelyn, you do realize you're fighting a losing battle don't you?"


Mother fought, "Glen I am not fighting a losing battle. Jennifer will let me manage her dancing career…"


I interrupted, "… Or what? Don't tell me, you're going to send me to a military school? Mother, if you had not noticed that particular threat won't ever work with me again. In fact this fight over your threat has forced me to decide something."


Mother asked coldly, "Oh really, what have you decided now?"


I glared at her and declared, "I have decided that I will never dance again!"


Mother's face went white, she began to gasp for air then collapsed to the floor. Daddy and I rushed to her side. Daddy checked her pulse and ordered, "Jennifer, call an ambulance."


I jumped up, grabbed his phone off the desk and called an ambulance.


Mother was barely breathing so I started to cry and said, "Mother, please stop it."


But it didn't help…


Flashback – Alexi – Out for dinner


'Father' didn't even talk during dinner, which was not like him. I tried several times to elicit conversations to which he responded with one or two words. I assumed that he felt badly about 'mother' having sex with the orderlies. It was certainly a gross image etched into my mind that I knew I would never forget. I was shocked at how fragile 'mother's' mind was. I never dreamed she would lose all touch with sanity from Chow Mein's attacks.


I desired to obtain information on what our lives would be now that we would no longer go to the laboratory. Would I be placed in a normal school? Would 'father' still continue his experiments on me?


But answers for these questions would need to wait until 'father' felt more like talking.


Flashback – Ira and Mira – continuing


I completed the task of suturing my sister's side, examined my work and announced, "Now if you desist from ripping out the sutures this should heal well."


Mira continued in her giggly inebriated condition and said, "I thought we were sleeping on the couch together."


I dramatically pointed around the cave and inquired, "Mira, where is the couch upon which you wish to repose?"


Mira attempted to rise, which she was unable to perform, and replied, "We must be in an incorrect cave since I distinctly remember a couch as part of the furnishings."


I lay beside my sister on the floor, held her and ordered, "Mira, there is no couch! Now go to sleep."


I could not believe what Mira did next! She released a huge volume of flatulence which smelled terrible. Then she complained, "Ira, why did you do that? Now the whole cave stinks."


I did not care to argue with Mira the foolish so I simply apologized, "Sorry Mira, I will not do that again."


Finally Mira drifted off to sleep…


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


Gail and Maria walked into the panic room and suddenly I couldn't even sign and my mouth must have fallen open because Maria asked, "Todd, are you trying to say something?"


I quickly regained my wits and signed, "Sorry about that but I didn't know you two were fashion models."


Gail signed, "Uncle Todd, put your eyes back in your head. You're too old for me."


I looked at Roberto and signed which Maria translated, "Roberto, you watched them try on these clothes and still complained about shopping with them."


Roberto answered, "Of course I did. No married man should have to endure that torture."


I continued, "Hell, no single man should have to endure it."


Maria said, "This is just the start Todd, wait until we get to the swimsuits."


I looked at her and asked, "Swimsuits, why did you need them?"


Gail signed, "Todd, there's a swimming pool here, that's why."


I looked at Roberto and signed, while Maria translated, "I think we need to lock the door before they come back…"


Maria complained, "Todd, you will do no such thing! You paid for these clothes so you deserve to see them."


Gail got sassy, "Besides we know the code for the room. But if you would like to help my sister change…"


She never got a chance to finish because I signed, "Gail has her mind in the gutter!"


Gail shocked me when she signed, "Hey, I know what you two did last night."


I looked at Maria and Maria said, "Todd, she guessed then asked me about it and I couldn't lie to her."


Gail continued, "It was evident because Maria was so happy today."


Maria gave me a knowing smile and winked at me. Thank God no one else saw it!


The front doorbell rang and I signed, "I will see who it is."


I was happy to leave before things got more serious…