Chapter 094

Together Chapter 094

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Flashback – Masha – Another day with Tina


Tina finally calms down in Jack's workroom and stops banging on the door while I have finally gotten Linda calmed down. I go to the workroom, check on Tina and find she's sitting quietly on the floor. She sees me, smiles and reaches for me. I pick her up and realize immediately that she has a very full diaper. Because she's still getting fruit, changing the diaper was an execrable job; the odor in the room was so bad it made my eyes hurt. I finished, put her on the floor, she walked to her highchair and began to shake it. I put her in the highchair, brought out the yogurt and this time she ate it without problems.


The phone rang so I answered it and heard, "Hello my love! I miss you!"


I sweetly said, "Jack, my Jack! How are you feeling?"


Jack replied, "Masha I'm doing better all the time and I have good news for you. I completed the paperwork today for our bank. It will take a couple days to be processed then you should be able to access our accounts."


I smiled and said, "Thank you my love for doing that, even though I still have some of Ben's money left it will help."


Jack asked, "So what are you doing today?"


I replied, "Well Jack, I'm taking care of two girls today: Linda who's the sweetest baby you could ever imagine and Tina who's addicted to sugar and behaves terribly."


Jack suggested, "Masha, make sure you take some time for yourself."


I replied, "Don't worry Jack, Louise figured out the TV stereo system and we watch movies at night."


Jack chuckled and confessed, "Geez Masha, I might need her to teach me how to run the thing when I get back. Banzai never did teach me how to run it."


I asked, "Jack, do you know when you will be back?"


He replied, "Sorry Masha I don't know the exact date, it will probably be the last day of this deployment."


I cried a little and said, "Jack, I really miss you!"


Jack replied, "And I really miss you too Masha, be patient and I will be home soon. Look I have to get going and you probably need to get to the bank soon to sign some documents."


He hung up the phone. I cried until I looked over at Tina and found she had dumped the yogurt on her head and was smearing it everywhere.


I angrily ran over and said, "Bad girl Tina!"


I covered her with a dishtowel so I didn't make more of a mess with the yogurt, took her out of the highchair and into the bathroom. I ran the water for her bath, set her in the tub and roughly scrubbed her with soap. She began to cry again and I said, "Well, bad girls get treated badly."


I finished her bath, took her out of the tub, dried her with a clean towel and realized I didn't have any more clothes for her. I took some of Linda's clothes and put them on Tina even though they were too small.


Then I realized I hadn't heard anything from Linda so I went into the room that Louise and Linda were going to share and Linda was busy playing on the floor with the toys. Tina ran in and took the toy Linda was playing with out of her hand, Linda began to cry and I swore, "Tina, I have had enough of you."


I picked her up, gave the toy back to Linda which caused Tina to cry, took Tina back to Jack's workroom and shut her in again. Once again Tina cried and banged on the door. I ran back to Linda, who was now happy again with the toys and said, "I don't think I can take care of you and Tina anymore."


Linda said, "Tina very bad girl."


I checked my watch and realized it was already time for lunch and I hadn't made anything. I dashed into the kitchen and had no idea what to make for lunch…


Flashback – Jack – After the call to Masha


Well Masha sure seemed like she was in a better mood today, However I was worried about her taking care of all of these babies – worried that she was going to want one of her own when I got back. Masha and I had never talked about having babies because we were too busy doing other things, but now we would need to address the issue. I was getting old and wasn't sure I wanted a baby, but was pretty damn sure that Masha wanted them.


I decided to eat lunch in the mess hall, I walked into the mess hall and it was totally different than before, Hell it was full of Marines, talking eating and generally having a good time. Now this was a mess hall. I grabbed a tray, stood in the line, the Marine in front of me turned saw me and loudly announced, "Sgt. Reynolds is here."


The entire mess hall stood up and began to cheer and clap, I wasn't sure what was going on until John came out and told me, "Jack, I made sure everyone knew that it was you that got the better food for us. Now come on, you're not going to stand in the line."


John took me up to the front of the line, then he loaded up my plate with more food than I could possibly eat. I walked toward a table and everyone waved me toward them I finally saw a couple old guys that I knew. I walked up to the table and gave them some shit, "What are old farts like you still doing in the Corps?"


One of them laughed and said, "Look who's calling us old, Hell you must have Methuselah beat for age by now."


They made room, I sat down looked at my plate and offered, "If any of you want part of my food you're welcome to it."


They laughed and Rich said, "Hell, John's been overloading all the plates today, but this sure beats the hell out of the way things used to be. Thanks for taking the bull by the horns and fixing the food situation."


Fernando held up his coffee mug and praised, "And double thanks for this great coffee."


I laughed and said, "That coffee that you're drinking is the General's private stash of coffee, so enjoy it while it lasts."


Fernando asked, "I wonder if John can make good coffee with the 'normal' coffee?"


Rich said, "I bet he can! Now that he has some good food to work with I've never eaten better. So how did you pull this off Jack?"


I told them the whole story about our midnight requisition at HQ. Fernando remarked, "Damn Jack, you were lucky the fucking towelheads didn't blow the fuck out of the semi. Every trip I have taken they've gotten at least one of the semis."


I asked Fernando, "So they have you riding shotgun on the convoys?"


He swore, "Fuck yeah and I hate it."


Rich added, "Fernando's about bought the farm a couple of times." Then he grinned at me and said, "I heard you had a cushy job."


Now it was my time to swear, "Like hell! I'm filing paperwork all day long and then next week I start training the new recruits."


Rich teased, "Damn Jack, you doing office work, what a life."


I glared at him and challenged, "I would be happy to trade with you any day of the week."


Rich quickly backed off, "No fucking way! Spending that much time around Colonel Maggie is enough to drive a person crazy."


I honestly answered, "It's really not that bad - for a fucking officer she's a good one and doesn't walk around thinking that her shit doesn't stink."


Fernando asked, "I heard you had a real SOB Captain in the field."


I grinned and said, "Hell yes we did, but he's gone now. Colonel Maggie pulled a General Donaldson on him."


They guys looked perplexed so I said, "She shipped his ass to Thule."


Rich and Fernando about busted a gut laughing, then Rich said, "Speak of the devil, here she comes."


I grinned at them and said, "Let's have some fucking fun - follow my lead."


I jumped up from the table, stood at attention and announced in my command voice, "Officer in the mess."


All the Marines jumped up from their tables and stood at attention. Colonel Maggie walked up to our table and loudly announced, "Everyone except these three, as you were."


Colonel Maggie teased, "I knew it was a mistake to let the three of you interact."


Since I was sort of on her good side I replied, "Yes Sir! You are always correct Sir! In fact you are the most correct officer in the Marines and we consider it an honor to serve under your command."

Colonel Maggie laughed and said, "Jack Reynolds you old bull shitter. I came in here to see how John's food is and it's good to see this mess hall full of happy Marines."


I offered, "Sir John gave me too much food, you are welcome to some of mine." I was too late as John came over with a plate for Colonel Maggie and said, "Sir, it's an honor to have you eat with the men today. This is a small sample of the food I made for them."


Colonel Maggie, took the plate, looked at it and said, "John, there's enough food on this plate for two of me. We might need to work on your portion control since the last thing I want is my Marines getting fat."


John apologized, "Sorry Sir! It's just such a pleasure to see Marines eating my food and enjoying it!"


I suggested, "Colonel Maggie, if you're eating with the troops perhaps next week you would like to join us for PT."


Colonel Maggie chuckled and replied, "Don't worry Jack, I'm going to check out your training methods for the replacement troops. And when I do, I don't want you to pull any punches."


Rich stated, "Now that I would almost pay to watch."


She smiled at Rich and said, "Sgt. Richard Hays, I should make you attend Jack's classes. From what I've heard you're beginning to slack off."


Rich backpedaled, "Sir! You must be mistaken, I would never slack off."


Maggie asked, "So am I going to stand here all day or are you boys going to invite me to join you."


We made room for her at the table, sat down and Colonel Maggie said, "Jack, I dropped by to tell you your aide is here." We heard a hell of a noise, I spun around and saw that someone had knocked over all the trays and in a panic tried to pick them up - which added to the noise. Colonel Maggie continued, "Unless I'm mistaken that's Pvt. Tom now."


Fernando asked, "How does he rank getting an aide?"


I watched the 'Marine' trying to fix his mess and offered, "Fernando, I will gladly let you take him."


Colonel Maggie shot down my idea, "Jack, there's no way in hell you're going to palm off Tom on Sgt. Lopez. Jack, you're the only hope this Marine has of surviving this deployment. To give him to anyone else would be signing his death certificate."


Son of a bitch, I felt like Colonel Maggie dumped the weight of the world on my shoulders! I replied, "Sir, I don't understand how Tom made it here, but I will do my best to train him."


Colonel Maggie confessed, "Jack he shouldn't be here at all because it took him three times to make it through basic. The only reason he's here is because his father was a Marine and pulled some strings."


Then Colonel Maggie continued, "By the way Sgt. Blaine should now be a happy camper, he got a full pallet of coffee."


Rich and Fernando asked, "What was going on with Sgt. Blaine."


I laughed and regaled them with the story of Banzai and the CIA agents. Especially how the stupid fuckers left his coffee on the chopper and how he was going to throw them off the roof until Colonel Maggie shipped him a whole pallet of coffee that was charged to the CIA. They laughed so hard they practically fell off their seats. Colonel Maggie said, "Not only that Jack, but Sgt. Blaine is well on his way to setting some sort of sniper record. Jack, having him as first sergeant at the hospital has made a huge difference. He's really taken the Lieutenant under his wing and has turned him into a hell of an officer. Now you understand why I want you to train the new recruits."


Rich suggested, "Colonel, it sounds like Sgt. Reynolds should be a DI."


I angrily swore, "No way - I would have to wear one of those fucking campaign hats."


Colonel Maggie dropped a bombshell on me when she said, "But Jack if you were a DI you could be stateside with your new wife."


Fernando teased, "Yeah, how in the hell did an old fart like you attract such a lovely young wife?"


I puffed out my chest and bragged, "Some of us have it and some don't."


But Colonel Maggie's comment about being stateside gave me something to think about. Could I really leave Banzai and be back home with Masha…


Flashback – Ben – Back at the formerly captured hospital


The CIA agent assured me, "Sgt. Blaine, I talked with Colonel Maggie and she is sending a chopper with a whole pallet of coffee, paid for by the CIA. Now if you don't mind we would like to start on the prisoner."


I sure as hell enjoyed their new attitude so I said, "Let me take you to the fucker and I hope like hell you torture the shit out of him."


The other CIA agent asked, "Why's that?"


I replied, "The fucker was putting suicide vests on young boys and girls – Christian boys and girls - who had been captured and that the fucking towelheads had been raping continuously. Unfortunately we don't have water in the room, but if you need water just let me know because I will have one of the Marines bring you a shitload of it. By the way, if you need any help let me know."


The agent replied, "We had heard of situations like this happening. If we can prove it then it will really help the war effort. You don't know where is lab is do you?"


I said, "Yeah, unfortunately we blew the fuck out of it."


The first agent said, "It still might be nice to take a trip there to see if any intel is left."


I replied, "It was about four blocks from the hospital, we had a hard enough time getting this fucker so I can't imagine how hard it would be to get to the location."


The CIA agent said, "Don't worry, we will call in a Stryker if we decide to go."


We entered the room, they noticed the Tazer on the floor so I explained, "The probes are connected to his genitals, I wanted to make sure if he started to scream I could shut him up."


The agents both laughed and said, "That was a great idea, but don't worry, he's going to screaming his ass off soon.


Flashback – Jennifer – Heading to the hospital


The ambulance came, they evaluated mother and said, "We need to get her to the hospital, she's having a coronary."


The three of us crammed into the back of the ambulance, Daddy held mother's hand and said, "Don't worry my love you will be fine soon."


The EMTs made Daddy move away from mother and they started to work on her. They hooked her up to a heartbeat monitor and the beeping of the monitor was reassuring, until it began to go crazy and the EMT said, "She's going into Vfib. Get the paddles."


They shocked mother with the paddles twice before her heart beat became normal again.


We arrived at the hospital, they flung the back open and began taking Mother into the emergency room. There were doctors and nurses everywhere so I just sort of blended into the background and watched. Finally a doctor came over to Daddy so I pushed my way beside him and listened while he said, "Glen, your wife has had a heart attack. We won't know the extent of the damage until we do more tests. But she's stable for now and we're going to transport her to CCU."


I cried and said, "Daddy, I'm sorry about this - if mother wants to manage my dancing career she can."


Daddy said, "Jennifer don't worry about that, this isn't your fault."


We followed mother to the CCU where they hooked her up to more monitors. Then the nurses left and I looked at mother. I still couldn't help but feeling this was my fault. I took mother's hand, remembered what grandmother did for me and wondered if I could do the same for mother. Daddy was busy talking to the doctors in the hallway so I tried to do what grandmother did for me. It seemed as if grandmother appeared in the room with me and guided me in what to do. Mother's heart rate slowed, she opened her eyes and complained, "Jennifer, what are you doing?"


I shushed mother and continued working. When I had finished grandmother smiled at me and I knew mother would be better. I moved to a chair, sat down and was suddenly extremely hungry…


Flashback – Alexi – Out for dinner


I finally figured out that 'father' was hurting badly so I tried to cheer him up by saying, "'Father' do not worry, I am sure things will be better with 'mother' soon and then she can come home."


'Father' looked at me and said, "Alexi, I'm not sure I want her to come home to us. Not after…"


He stopped speaking, looked into the distance and began to cry. I certainly never meant my experiments to cause him so much pain so I tried again to cheer him up. "'Father', could we go fishing tomorrow?"


'Father' blinked at me and asked, "Alexi, we have never gone fishing, what would make you think of that?"


I shrugged my shoulders and replied, "Well if we are not going to the laboratory again, we need something to do tomorrow."


'Father' finally smiled and said, "Alexi, I think that's an excellent idea. I might even have some old fishing gear in the garage."


I didn't want to ruin 'father's' new found happiness so I refrained from any further questions…


Flashback – Mira and Ira – continuing


I woke up and loudly demanded, "Ira, where is the couch?"


Ira said, "Mira, there never was a couch in this cave. You were hallucinating because of the vodka, now go back to sleep."


I was sure there was a couch in this cave so I began to rise and noticed that Ira had restrained my lower pedal units. I easily removed the restraint, arose and began the search for the missing couch.


Ira awakened and ordered…


I woke up and determined my sister Mira was missing. I saw her wandering around the cave so I ordered, "Mira, come back and sleep."


Mira sassed me likened to a young child, "Ira I will not! It is too cold and damp on the cave floor I cannot sombulate in such an environment therefore I require the couch to properly sombulate."


I arose and ordered, "Mira, there is no couch in this cave."


Mira sat upon something and stated, "Then my sister, what is this couch doing here?"


I moved closer and said, "Mira that is not a couch! That is an Ursa arctos! Please move away before you awaken and anger it."


Mira giggled and refused, "Ira I will not leave this comfortable couch. Stop trying to confuse me by telling me it is an Ursa…Ursa…Ursa, whatever. It is you who has imbibed too great of a quantity of alcohol."


Unfortunately Mira's movements awakened the beast. It moved, Mira fell on the floor and complained, "This couch is alive!"


I lowered my AK at the Ursa arcturs, was ready to fire when it howled and ran out the front of the cave.


Mira giggled in a manner akin to a child and stated, "Ira, we must find one of those walking couches."


I finally acquired my sister, brought her close to me and told a falsehood, "Yes Mira, we will attempt to acquire a walking couch."


Mira continued to postulate, "Yes Ira, it naturally would not be as nice as having a flying Gump1 akin to the one in L. Frank Baum's book The Marvelous Land of Oz. If we had a flying Gump we could traverse to Oz…"


1 The flying Gump was a combination of two couches, palm fronds for wings, a broom for a tail and the head of a Gump (an antlered animal that looks like a deer). The Gump was brought to life by Mombi's (the witch) magic powder. Disney made a movie of this book in 1985


I grew tired of my sister's continued prattle, then I came up with an idea, "Mira, if you do not obtain sleep again, we will not be able to find a walking couch, because your vocalizations will continue to scare it away."


Mira acquired a sitting position and stated, "Ira, I believe you are correct. But I acquiesce solely because my earlier vocalizations scared away our previous walking couch."


Mira finally settled against me and began to sing (in her terrible voice), "When you wish upon a star…" and finally drifted off to sleep.


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


I went to the front door when the doorbell rang (and saved me from the fashion show Maria and Gail were subjecting me to). I checked the front door camera and realized I didn't know the man and woman at the front door. Roberto had wisely followed me (also to avoid the fashion show), pressed the button on the intercom and asked, "Please state your business."


The woman waved, held up a plate of cookies and announced, "We're your neighbors and wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood."


I nodded to Roberto, he opened the door and the neighbors walked in just in time to see Maria come down the stairs in another one of her new outfits. The woman held out the plate of cookies and said, "Welcome to our neighborhood."


Maria replied, "Thank you for your kindness, we were hoping to meet our new neighbors. Todd, would you like a cookie?"


I signed to Maria, "Do not eat any of the cookies. We don't know if they are safe."


Maria said, "Let me put these on one of our plates, we will eat them later."


Maria took them into the kitchen, followed by the neighbor. I motioned to Roberto, he understood and followed them.


The man said, "So I gather you can't speak?"


I nodded and showed him my neck. He said, "Damn, that looks bad and the surgery they did on it looks substandard."


I shrugged my shoulders and he continued, "I'm one of the better surgeons and would love to take a look at it if you don't mind."


Gail came down the stairs as Maria, Roberto and the woman exited the kitchen. I signed to Maria, "This man is a surgeon, once I check him out to make sure he is who he says he is, perhaps he can work on Gail."


Maria of course didn't translate, instead she said, "This is my kid sister Gail, she can't hear or speak, that's why I sign."


The man offered, "Like I told your husband, I'm a surgeon and would love to look at her problem."


Gail became excited until I signed, "First we need to check these people out to make sure they are who they say they are."


I signed and Maria translated, "I travel some for my business so my wife and daughter will be staying here. I would appreciate it if you kept an eye on them for me."


The man said, "No problem, don't worry about it. And when you're back we can have you over for a bar-b-que."


I signed, "Where are you two from?"


They volunteered, "America, and if I'm not mistaken you are too?"


I nodded my head and they said, "Well, we need to get back to our house - we're just across the street. Let us know if you need anything."


When they left, I walked into the kitchen and threw the cookies into the trash. Gail signed, "Father, why did you do that?"


I gave her a dirty look and signed, "Father? When did I become your father?"


She grinned and signed, "Well that's what you told the nice couple, so I figured I would play along."


I answered her question on the cookies, "We don't know who they are and until I run a background check on them we can't trust them."


Gail complained, "Well it's a shame to waste those cookies."


I gave her an angry look and signed, "It's better than being dead."


Maria came in and said, "Todd that was strange, I've never had that happen before."


I signed, "It's normal in America, but until I can have them checked out we can't trust them."


Gail pouted and signed, "Father threw the cookies in the trash!"


Maria scolded, "Gail, he's not your father."


But in a way I realized I was her father…