Chapter 095

Together Chapter 095

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Present – Ben, Jens and others – The trip


I finish with the Capoeira lessons for Mira and Ira then Ira declares, "Sensei Blaine, Capoeira feels more like dancing than a martial art."


Mira adds, "Yes Sensei Blaine, the movements are so fluid and smooth, akin to Tai Chi."


I smiled at them and instruct, "I am not a sensei, so please do not call me that."


Ira started, "You are incorrect. You are a sensei because…"


Mira finished, "…you defeated both of us."


Jens walks up and asks, "So therefore, I should call both of you sensei?"


The twins again divide their response with Ira starting, "Ms. Blaine, while that would be true…"


Mira finishes, "…we do not demand that from you since your skills are adequate."


Jens gets huffy, "Adequate! I'll show you adequate." And then she quickly drops back in a martial art position.


Ira backs off, "Sorry Ms. Blaine but it will have to wait until tomorrow."


Jens complains, "Why the heck is that?"


Mira replies, "Ms. Blaine, we must cleanse ourselves and then it's our reading time."


Because I know Jens so well I can tell she's flabbergasted and she asks, "Do you always lead such a structured life?"


Mira cheerily announces, "Of course Ms. Blaine, don't you?"


Jens in exasperation spouts, "Heck no!"


Ira makes a tsk noise and asks, "Then how do you accomplish anything throughout the day?"


Jens explains her thoughts, "Instead of living by a schedule, I do whatever I feel like doing at the time and I have enough self-discipline to ensure that I complete everything necessary."


Mira scolds her, "Ms. Blaine, that is very unstructured! We are certain if you follow our example you will realize a greater profitability in your accomplishments each day."


Jens throws a fit, "There's no way I'm going to try that bovine excrement style of living. I'm… I'm… I'm not a fricken robot."


I can tell this is going to keep going so I take Jens by the elbow and suggest something that I know she will agree with, "Jens, let Mira and Ira clean up and read. I want to head to our bedroom."


Jens easily follows me, we get inside our bedroom, she begins to take off her clothes and I ask, "What are you doing?"


Jen frowns and asks, "You mean you don't want… that?"


I laugh at Jens and reply, "My love, I almost always want 'that', but right now I'm still recovering from earlier this morning."


Jens pouts and says, "Ben, sometimes you're just no fun."


I grin at her and suggest, "Jens, there are other ways of having fun than just sex."


Jens challenges me, "Oh yeah, then prove it!"


So I do. Afterward, she holds me and asks, "Ben, how did you learn to do that?"


I think quickly and reply, "Jens, do you really want to know the answer to that question?"


Jens snuggles in my arms and admits, "No Ben I really don't because it might ruin my appreciation for a job well done."


However Jens continues with the questions by changing the subject, "Ben, just when did you have time to learn Muay Thai?"


I laugh and answer, "Destiny taught me when we were on the Rocky Mountain Trail since we had to have something to do each night."


Jens frowns and asks, "Ben, just what is Destiny to you?"


I reply, "There's no reason to get concerned. Destiny is my spiritual animal helper."


Jens says, "But she's also a human."


I explain, "Jens, she is when she wants to be but most of the time she's a wolf which is also where she is most comfortable. Remember the wolf at our wedding? That was Destiny."


Jens smiles at me and says, "That reminds me, I wish we had brought Sharik with us. By the way how well did you do sparring with her in martial arts?"


I laugh and admit, "Jens, she foresaw my every move so she kicked my ass. She's also the one who said I would need to learn Muay Thai and the other martial art."


Jens quickly catches on and slyly asks, "And what is the other martial art she taught you?"


I grin at her and answer, "Perhaps I will show you tomorrow with Mira and Ira. By the way, thanks for the suggestions - you were right about both of them."


Jens adds, "That reminds me, I want to get a maniped from one of them."


Showing my manly ignorance I ask, "What the hell is a maniped?"


Jens jumps out of bed (I love watching her get back into her clothes) and says, "It's an easy way of saying manicure and pedicure. Now are you going to ogle me all day or are you coming along?"


I reluctantly get out of bed and say, "I guess I'm getting up too."


Present – Stacy and Samantha – Stacy is a RPITA


It doesn't take much time for the chopper to arrive in Denver, then we run into the same fucking problem we had last time over Denver - no fucking place to land. The pilot finally says, "We're in luck since I see a building with a heliport on it." He tries to radio for permission but doesn't get a reply so I order, "Land anyway and I will deal with any issues."


We land the chopper, and thank God no one bothers us. We head toward the door to the roof and there's one more delay - it's locked. Bill bangs on the door but there's no answer so finally he picks the lock. We dash inside, realize we're in a stairwell and I ask, "How many floors is this building?"


Bill replies, "I didn't count it but I would say at least twenty."


I make a quick executive decision, "Fuck this, I'm not running down twenty stairs!" I head to the floor access door but find it's also locked. I bang on the door but get no answer. Bill once again has to pick the lock, we enter the hallway and are immediately surrounded by FBI agents. One of them orders, "Drop your weapons and hands in the air!"


Samantha comes to our rescue by saying…


I need to get to the news story about Ben and Jennifer (if there is a story) or Liz will have my hide. The FBI agents stop us but I recognize two of them and boldly announce, "Sorry Sirs to interrupt your day, I'm Samantha Stevens with the Truth Network and I'm trying to get downstairs to cover the attack on Ben and Jennifer's motorhome.


One of the agents replies, "Good to see you again Ms. Stevens, let us escort you downstairs."


He takes us to the elevator, we all get in and head down. One the way the agent asks, "Is that your chopper on the roof?"


I smile at him and reply, "Yes. I'm sorry about using your helipad but there was no place else to land."


He says, "No problem, I understand. Just remember, helipads are not normally open to the public." We arrive at the ground floor, the door opens, he escorts us to the front desk and orders security, "This is a Truth Network news team. They have used the helipad on or roof and will return. Please call me when they return."


The security guard acknowledges the agent, we run out the front door and easily find the location of the motorhome because it's still smoldering. We run up and that Arakawa woman teases, "It looks like you're a little late to this story so be nice and we might share our video with you."


I've more than had my fill of this bitch! So I draw back my fist and deck the hell out of her! She lands on her ass, everyone begins to cheer and then the bodyguards start to get into things.


The Arakawa bitch threatens, "I'm going to sue your ass off."


I taunt, "I doubt that. My ass is so much smaller than yours you wouldn't get anything."


She jumps up and glowers, "Are you saying my ass is fat?"


I continue with the taunts, "Let me put it this way: Your ass is the size of a country and I sure as hell don't mean a small country."


Arakawa takes a swing at me but I duck and deliver a solid punch to her abdomen. She falls on her ass again and I tease, "My God! Did you just feel the earthquake when her fat ass hit the ground…"


Samantha is busy physically fighting with the nasty KOAA reporter which has distracted everyone so I order Bill, "Please find out if they have recovered any bodies from the motorhome."


Bill calmly walks over to some of the FBI agents at the scene and strikes up a conversation. I wish I could read lips then I would have my answer. It doesn't take long until Bill walks over and says, "Ms. Summers, the FBI agents told me there are no bodies in the motorhome."


That raises my hope so I continue, "Did they say what happened to Ben and the bitch?"


Bill affirms, "They said that everyone escaped the motorhome right before it was destroyed. However I don't believe them and I don't think Ben, the 'bitch' and the twins were in the motorhome."


My heart beats faster as I ask, "Bill, where do you think they were."


Bill replies, "Ben's too professional an operative to be caught in this terrorist group's obvious trap. I think that Ben and the others pulled a switch. My guess is he's somewhere in a different vehicle. And if you remember his trip up the Rocky Mountain Trail, especially with the resources he now commands, finding him this time will even be worse."


My heart slows again after I realize that Bill is correct, then I say, "At least we won't have the bitch sending us on a wild goose chase this time."


Bill informs me, "That reminds me, we are still getting information from their computer system, but it doesn't make any sense."


I query, "Why doesn't it make sense?"


Bill says, "Well, we know they discovered the Trojan virus but we keep getting updated pictures of Ben and the 'bitch's' wedding. The technicians feel that they are trying to reverse engineer the virus."


I look at Bill and order, "Bill, please have the technicians flip the kill switch on the virus."


Bill pulls out his phone and complies, "Immediately Ms. Summers."


Present – Liz, Bernie, Linus, Thom and the others – At the cabin


I'm watching the live feed from the Truth Network and I begin to laugh so hard I that I almost pass out. Bernie asks, "Liz, what's so funny?"


I can barely speak but I squeak out, "Samantha is in a fight with the Arakawa bitch."


Bernie rushes over and lends his moral support, "Way to go Sam, kick her ass."


Samantha knocks her on the ground then we hear Samantha practically crow, "Let me put it this way: Your ass is the size of a country and I sure as hell don't mean a small country."


I double over in laughter, Bernie cautions, "Liz, remember the baby."


I start to feel light headed and then…


With Ben and Jennifer gone, I've taken some time to work on this fucking Trojan virus Stacy and her crew put on our systems. Jennifer was correct - every time you try to decompile the virus it morphs into something new. I lean back in my chair, begin to think and then come up with a possible idea. I open a port scanner on the infected box and have it scan all the ports on the system. It doesn't take long until there's a packet received on a port that's normally not used. This is the break I've been waiting for since it has to be some sort of command to the virus. I begin to analyze the packet when the whole system goes to hell in a handbasket. Not only is the virus gone the whole OS is gone.


I pick up the phone and call Gretchen, "Hey Gretchen, do we have a backup image of the infected systems?"


Gretchen replies, "We sure do. I have it in the safe on an external hard drive. Why do you need it?"


I tell her about my work on the virus and how the whole OS was deleted and Gretchen suggests, "Linus, it sounds like they had some sort of failsafe in the virus that was activated."


I affirm, "Yeah that's what I was thinking, I'll be down in a few minutes to get the disk from you…"


Work on the cabin is going great, Gretchen has continuous drone flights around the area to assure us the fucking terrorists don't show up again without our knowledge. The planned destruction of the motorhome went off without a hitch - damn it feels good to pull the wool over everyone's eyes.


My phone rings, I look at the number and almost drop the phone since it's Inga. I answer and say, "Hello Inga, how are you doing?"


Inga replies, "Thom, I think I would like to take you up on that offer of a cup of coffee."


Damn, everything is falling into place. I reply, "Okay when and where?"


Inga answers, "Thom, how about now and here at the restaurant."


I ask, "Is the one big body guard there?"


Inga chuckles and replies, "No they all left for Denver to cover the destruction of Ben's motorhome."


I smile that my ruse worked and say, "I will be over as soon as possible." I head to the garage, jump into my car, drive through the front gate and head toward Leadville.