Chapter 096

Together Chapter 096

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Flashback – Masha – Another day with Tina


I cannot believe the entire morning was gone! Taking care of Tina was one of the worst mistakes I had ever made, one which I planned to rectify tonight. But the current problem is what to make for lunch? I checked the freezer and found some frozen meals which said they were organic. I checked the ingredients and found they were not too bad and did not contain any added sugar. I took two of the meals from the freezer and put one in the microwave and begin to heat it. Linda came into the kitchen and toddled to her highchair. I picked her up, checked her diaper, determined she was fine so I sat her in the highchair and said, "Lunch will be soon."


Then I realized I hadn't heard anything from Tina. I rushed to Jack's workroom, opened the door and found it a disaster! Tina had made poop, pulled off her dirty diaper and smeared the poop everywhere! It was on the walls, the door, even in the rug and of course all over herself. I knew it would take me hours to clean the room - plus the smell was worse than ever.


Linda began to cry in the kitchen and I recognized her hunger cry. I scooped up the filthy Tina, ran into the bathroom, put her into the bathtub and ran back into the kitchen. I pulled the food out of the microwave, made sure it was not too hot and set it in front of Linda. Linda began to eat while I ran back to the bathroom to take care of Tina. I got into the bathroom just in time to see Tina trying to turn on the water. I was angry so I slapped her hand and scolded, "Bad girl!"


She of course began to cry. I ran water in the tub at the proper temperature and once again roughly scrubbed her, which increased her crying but I no longer sympathized. I dried her with another new towel, then put a fresh diaper on her. I no sooner got the diaper on her when I heard an explosion from her behind and she began to giggle. I checked and of course Tina had made poop again. So it was back into the bathtub for a new bath, then another new towel and then… Oh no! This was her last clean diaper.


Thank God she did not dirty this diaper immediately. I set her on the floor and she dashed toward the kitchen with me following her. She ran up to Linda's highchair and began to shake it which frightened Linda and Linda then began to cry. I roughly grabbed Tina, set her in her highchair, made sure to wash and sanitize my hands and then put the second meal in the microwave. Tina was shaking her highchair so hard, it began to tip over! I ran and caught her before the chair hit the floor. Tina was now scared and began to cry so I tried to comfort her.


Linda announced, "Done now."


I determined that Linda had done an excellent job of eating and hardly made a mess. I took Linda out of her highchair, replaced her with Tina and took Linda into the bathroom to clean her up. As I cleansed Linda I heard a noise from the kitchen so I finished with Linda, rushed into the kitchen and realized I had forgotten the rest of Linda's food on her highchair. Tina had taken the rest of the food and somehow splattered it across most of the kitchen and then put the plate on her head and smeared it all over herself. I took several calming breaths and finally said, "Okay Tina no food for you today."


The microwave dinged, I removed my food, sat at the table and began to eat. Tina saw me eating and began to cry but in response I turned away from her and ignored her.


Linda came beside me so I picked her up, sat her on my lap and we finished my meal together. Tina continued her wailing and I had finally suffered enough. I put Linda on the floor, went to the collected bags of baby food which were still on the counter, searched through them, found all the fruit I could, put it all in a big bowl, sat it in front of Tina and said, "Enjoy yourself you spoiled brat."


I was shocked at how fast Tina attacked the fruit! She was not only using the spoon, she used her other hand to shovel it into her mouth. In no time at all the big bowl was empty and once again Tina began to cry. I could not believe that she was still craving sugar!


I told Tina, "You are out of luck, there is no more fruit in the house."


I took her out of the highchair then into the bathroom, washed her hands and face and had no idea what to do with her. I couldn't put her in Jack's workroom since it was still covered in poop. Linda was busy playing in her and Louise's room and I sure wasn't going to put her in my bedroom. I decided that Linda's high chair was the best place for her because she couldn't escape or tip it over.


I cleaned up the lunch dishes, looked at the kitchen and made a decision. I called Louise at work.


Louise came on the phone and asked, "Hey Auntie Masha, what do you need?"


I replied, "Louise, today has been terrible so could we possibly have pizza for dinner tonight?"


Louise queried, "What's going on?"


I replied, "Tina has been impossible today." Then I described all that Tina had done so far and how I was out of diapers for her.


Louise said, "Don't worry Auntie Masha, I will have Brenda bring you some more diapers."


I countered, "No Louise, don't have her bring any until tonight since I am too embarrassed at the condition of the house to let anyone else see it."


Louise said, "Okay. Pizza will be great for dinner and I will tell Brenda that she's paying."


I hung up the phone, put on some old clothes and began to clean: The kitchen first and then I moved to Jack's work room. I had barely finished when I heard the front door open and Louise yelled, "Masha, we're home!"


Linda ran out of their soon to be bedroom and yelled, "Mama, mama, mama! And promptly jumped into Louise's arms.


Tina (who I forgot about and was still in the highchair) started to cry. I walked out of Jack's workroom with the bucket and all the cleaning supplies looking as if I had just run a marathon. Brenda rushed over to Tina while Louise took one look at me and said, "Auntie Masha cheer up, the cavalry has arrived."


Brenda started to scold me, "Masha, why wasn't Tina in clothes…"


Louise saw the look on my face and thankfully interceded, "Brenda, back the hell off of my Auntie Masha or I will kick your butt. From what Auntie Masha has told me, Tina has been a real little witch today."


I add my две копейки (two cents), "Brenda, you didn't leave enough clothes or diapers for Tina and I just finished cleaning up the mess she made with her poopy diaper in Jack's workroom."


I hear a new explosion emanate from Tina's diaper and secretly smile knowing that Brenda was going to get to deal with the mess I created from feeding Tina fruit over lunch.


Brenda about made me nauseous when she praised Tina, "That's my good little girl." Then she asked, "Where's the changing table."


Louise answered, "It's still at my apartment."


I added, "I use the floor after putting a towel down first."


Brenda took Tina to Louise's room, put a towel on the floor, and said, "It's a good thing I brought more diapers for my good girl."


Brenda no sooner got the diaper off Tina when she had another bout of explosive diarrhea and began to giggle. It covered Brenda and a portion of the room. Brenda swore, "You little bitch, you did that on purpose!" Then she spanked the hell out of Tina's butt which was worse because there was still poop on her butt and it splattered around the room even more.


Her spanking Tina was the которая переполнила чашу терпения (Literally: That overflowed the cup; figuratively: final straw for this camel). I caught Brenda's arm in mid-swing as she was going to apply more spanking. I knelt, twisted it around behind Brenda's back and said, "Brenda, I will not tolerate this child abuse in my house. Take Tina, leave and never come back."


Louise added, "I can't believe you spanked Tina, you are a… a… a… bad mother. Masha is correct, get out of our house and never come back."


Brenda grabbed Tina and said, "You two just don't know how to handle children. Louise, wait until Linda is a teenager, she's going to get pregnant just like you did."


I couldn't control myself after an insult like that to Louise so I slapped Brenda and ordered, "Leave my house now!"


Louise added, "And don't let the door hit your fat ass on the way out."


Brenda threatened, "You haven't heard the last of me!"


I countered with a pre-emptive threat of my own, "If you do anything in retaliation I will call Child Protective Services and file a complaint for your treatment of Tina."


Gwen poked her head around the corner of the room and asked, "Is World War III over?"


I promptly sat on the floor and began to cry while Louise and Gwen came over and comforted me.


Flashback – Jack and Banzai – After the mess hall


Son of a bitch, Colonel Maggie had given me something to think about! I never realized that if I became a DI I would be stationed stateside and be with Masha. But dammit to hell, I couldn't just abandon Banzai. I made a decision and headed toward C&C to talk to Banzai.


I got on the radio for the hospital and asked, "This is Sgt. Jack Reynolds, I need to talk with Sgt. Blaine."


The Marine at the hospital replied, "Give me a few minutes to find him."


A few minutes ended up being about ten minutes until Banzai finally said, "Hey Jack, how the hell are you doing?"


I replied, "I'm sick and fucking tired of doing the Colonel's office work and next week I start training the green recruits. From what I hear you're doing a great job."


Banzai swore, "Shit Jack! That's fucking news to me - George has become a RPITA and calls Colonel Maggie about everything."


I countered, "Well Colonel Maggie sings your praises all the time so don't let that bastard Butterbar get you down."


Banzai asked, "Look Jack, I'm helping the CIA torture the bastard bomb maker so I don't have much time to gab, what do you need?"


I decided to bite the bullet and said, "Listen Banzai, Colonel Maggie said I could become a DI and get reassigned stateside. I was calling to see what you thought about it."


I was shocked with Banzai's response!!!


Jack dropped a fucking huge bombshell on me! He wanted to become a DI and head back to the states leaving me without a fucking spotter.  I knew he wanted to be near Masha, but this was too fucking much. I was tired as hell doing shit for the bastard Jack and Masha so I erupted, "Jack, there's no fucking way that I'm going to break in a new fucking spotter."


I heard Jack take a deep breath and before he could say anything I remembered a crucial detail and continued, "You know Jack, I've changed my mind. Go ahead and take that fucking DI job and head back to the states to be with Masha because my enlistment contract is up in about two weeks and I'm not going to reenlist."


Jack asked, "They didn't have you re-up before you came over here?"


I laughed and said, "Nope, someone, actually it was you, dropped the fucking ball and with you heading back to the states, I'm thankful for it."


Jack warned, "Banzai, don't go off half-cocked."


I swore and said, "Fuck it Jack! Don't worry because I'm going off full-cocked this time. Now I have to go and watch the CIA torture the fuck out of this bastard bomb maker."


I threw the mic down, looked at the radio operator and asked, "Do you know where the Lieutenant is?"


He answered, "I think he's on the roof."


I ran up to the roof, found George and announced, "Sir! I am informing you that my enlistment contract is up in two weeks and with Sgt. Reynolds heading stateside to be a DI, I am not going to reenlist."


George sputtered, "What! Didn't they get you to re-up before you came over here?"


I laughed and said, "Nope someone dropped the ball. You can call Colonel Maggie and inform her of my decision."


George hightailed it downstairs, probably to call Colonel Maggie while I headed back to the CIA goons. When I walked into the room the fucking bomb maker was crying and spilling his guts. What I heard made me sick! Fuck yeah it was time to get the hell out of this country…


I was in shock from Banzai's response because I didn't think he would mind. I never realized how attached he had become to me. It made me feel good and bad at the same time. I headed back to Colonel Maggie's office. Colonel Maggie's aide cautioned before I walked in, "Jack, I don't know what the hell you did but the Colonel is more pissed off than I've ever seen her. She's been swearing up a blue streak and it all involved your name."


I steeled myself, walked into her office, she saw me, stood up and glared, "Sgt. Jack Reynolds, do you know what the hell you've done?"


I paused and asked, "Is this about Sgt. Blaine?"


She yelled, "Of course it is! What the hell are you doing?"


I tried to reply but Colonel Maggie continued, "You really screwed the pooch on this one, calling Sgt. Blaine and telling him you're going to become a DI and head stateside! But even worse, you didn't make sure he had reenlisted before he came over here."


I tried to open my mouth to defend myself but Colonel Maggie continued, "Sgt. Reynolds, you created this fucking problem, so you can figure out a way to fix it. Now get out of my office until you figure out a solution!"


I didn't wait and hauled ass out of her office! Her aide shook his head as I ran past and said, "Lot's of luck Sgt. Reynolds."


I headed back to the mess hall and the bad news had already preceded me. I walked in, John came up to me and said, "Jack, what did you do to Colonel Maggie?"


I waved him off and said, "John, I just need a cup of coffee to help me think."


I grabbed a cup of coffee and this time no one waved me toward their table, which was fine. I needed to think anyway.


I finally decided I needed to talk to Banzai again so I headed toward the C&C.


Flashback – Ben – Looking forward to heading home


After the CIA agents got everything they could out of the bastard bomb maker, the main agent looked at me and asked, "If we call in a Stryker and air support would you take us to his workshop?"


I congratulated them, "Good job on breaking him but I wish I could have seen all of it. Sure I'd be more than happy to take a little ride to whatever's left of his workshop." Then I asked, "What are you going to do with him?"


The second agent grinned and replied, "Don't worry, he's going to get his just desserts." Then he shocked him with the Taser until he passed out to emphasis the point.


We headed to the hospital C&C and the radio operator said, "Sgt. Reynolds is on the radio for you."


I glared at him and said, "Tell that worthless fuck I'm going out on a mission and call me back in about three hours."


The radio operator cleaned up the message and relayed it. Then the main CIA agent took over and called for a Stryker and air support. He turned and said, "It will be about an hour before the Stryker gets here."


I ordered the radio operator, "Call Sgt. Reynolds for me."


He called the base and said, "Sgt. Reynolds isn't there anymore."


I laughed and said, "Well have someone drag his ass back to the C&C."


I waited and finally Jack got back on the radio…


Flashback – Jennifer – After healing her mother


Daddy finally came into mother's room and I asked, "Daddy, I'm hungry enough to eat a horse, could we go get some food?"


Daddy smiled at me and replied, "Jennifer, they are going to do some more tests on Evelyn so I think it would be a great idea.


Daddy took my hand and continued, "Jennifer, I don't want you blaming yourself for your mother's heart attack. From talking with the doctor he told me it was probably the results of her drinking problem. He feels she has Alcoholic Cardiomyopathy"


I squeezed Daddy's hand and said, "Daddy, I think mother will be fine. In fact I think we will have another miracle like my miracle."


Daddy cautioned, "Jennifer, don't get your hopes up. As you know Evelyn has been drinking hard for many years so the damage has been done."


I teased Daddy a little, "Daddy, it seems to me that you drink hard too?"


Daddy pretended a threat, "Keep it up Jennifer and I won't buy any food for you."


I was really hungry so I appeased Daddy and continued our role playing, "Sorry Daddy, I really need something to eat and if you won't buy me the food I guess I will have to wash the dishes to get the food."


Daddy practically exploded, "No daughter of mine will do dishes for food!"


We finally arrived at the cafeteria and Daddy said, "Feel free to eat as much as you want."


It was buffet style so I grabbed a tray, a plate (that I made sure was clean) and began to load more food on the plate than I had ever eaten. Daddy was following me and commented, "Jennifer, I hope you know you have to eat all that food."


I smiled at Daddy and teased, "Gee, can't I go back for seconds?"


Daddy teased right back, "I guess having Daniela at the house has affected your appetite."


I countered, "Daddy, are you saying that Daniela's food tastes like hospital food?"


Daddy quickly backed up, "Jennifer, I never said that and will categorically deny saying that if you mention it to Daniela."


We headed to the table, prayed and began to eat. It was soooo good to finally get some food because I was famished from helping mother…


Flashback – Alexi – Out for dinner


We did not converse during the rest of the meal because I could tell 'father' was thinking. We finished and headed home, 'father' put the car in the garage and then began to search the garage for something so I asked, "'Father' what are you looking for?"


He replied, "Alexi, I know I have some old fishing equipment in here somewhere. I want to find it for tomorrow."


I began to help him search when finally 'father' yelled, "Eureka, here's most of it!"


I went over looked at the equipment and was not impressed. It looked very old and worn out, however I knew better than to express these feelings to 'father.'


We headed into the house and I did ask, "'Father' where will we go fishing tomorrow?"


Hey scratched his head (as he often did when he thought) and replied, "Alexi, I'm not sure so I think I will look at a map."


We went into the house where 'father' found the maps of the area and began to scan them. I asked, "Are you looking for a lake or a river?"


'Father' said, "Lakes are easier to fish in and there's no chance of falling in and getting swept away."


I professed a knowledge I did not possess, "But 'father', I heard the fishing is better in rivers."


'Father' gave me a strange look then said, "Okay Alexi, a river it is."


We both looked at the map and finally found a suitable river…


Flashback – Mira and Ira – continuing


I awakened before Ira, nudged her and complained, "Ira, my olfactory senses perceive that you are extremely odiferous, perhaps you should cleanse your corporeal self."


Ira surprised me with her vitriolic response, "Miranda, your corporeal self has acquired the stench of the Ursa arctos on which you located your derriere last night. You need to cleanse your corporeal self and outer accoutrements."


I giggled and replied, "Ira, my sister, you were inebriated last night and imagined my encounter with an Ursa arctos."


Ira countered, "Miranda, do you not remember our conversation about a walking couch?"


I shrugged my shoulders and postulated, "Ira, there was no such conversation. You were obviously influenced by the massive quantity of vodka you imbibed."


Ira sighed and responded, "My sister come, we will both locate a river and cleanse ourselves."


I followed Ira out of the cave…


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


I had some concerns about Maria and Gail since they were both too trusting for my liking. They had both gone back upstairs so I walked over to Roberto, pulled out my tablet and wrote, "Roberto, do you know of anymore 'bodyguards' looking for work?"


Roberto asked, "Are you looking for someone for Maria and Gail?"


I nodded and he replied, "Señor, I know of several men but I would not trust any of them with Maria or Gail."


I wrote on the tablet, "Why is that?"


He replied, "Señor, the men here are very machismo and would attempt to take advantage of Maria and Gail. No, I cannot think of anyone I could recommend."


That concerned me so I wrote, "Roberto, I am concerned that they are both too trusting of others. If I had not stopped it they would have eaten the cookies which could have been drugged. Do you have any idea of what I can do to protect them better?"


Roberto pauses for a few moments then he suggested, "Señor, since I am currently working for you, I could come by after work and give them security lessons."


I continued to write, "Roberto, do you know martial arts?"


He laughed and said, "Señor, the gymnasium here has free classes in martial arts."


I thought and wrote, "Before they come down in anymore of their new clothes, I would like to take a trip to the gymnasium and talk to the sensei."


Roberto grinned and said, "Yes Señor it is wise not to see them in their bikinis. I will tell them where we are going."


Roberto yelled up the stairs and together we left for the gymnasium…