Chapter 097

Together Chapter 097

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Present – Jens, Ben and others – The trip


I can't believe Ben! He really – well I'm not going to describe what he did to me, you will have to use your imagination - but it was fantastic!


I walk out into the main area and demand, "I would like one of my manipeds now."


Once again Mira and Ira combine their answers, with Mira starting, "Sorry Ms. Blaine, but this…"


Ira finishes, "… is still our reading time. Besides, why would we give the manicure and pedicure to you when it was Mr. Blaine who defeated us?"


Ben finally comes out of the bedroom and says, "Well, I sure as hell don't want a manicure or a pedicure so they might as well go to my lovely wife."


The girls answer with Ira starting, "Mr. Blaine, we never had…"


Mira completes, "…that agreement with you. We did not pursue such an agreement because we knew you would not want a manicure or pedicure."


I ask, "So then what did my husband win?"


This time only Ira replies, "Our admiration. However Ms. Blaine, should you desire a rematch we both would enjoy and manicure and pedicure."


Mira quickly agrees, "Yes Ms. Blaine that would be a good use of your time."


I answer with a hint of sarcasm, "Heck no! I don't want to interrupt your sacred reading time."


Mira asks, "Ms. Blaine, we are not currently reading the Bible so why do you call our reading time sacred?"


I look at Ben who rescues me by saying, "Mira and Ira, Jens was being sarcastic. She was implying that your life is so structured that you have set times for things like martial arts practice and reading."


Jens was fighting a disagreement with the girls which she wasn't going to win so I tried to help her by explaining sarcasm to the girls.


They both answer with Mira starting, "Mr. Blaine, while your life is more structured than Ms. Blaine's you also could benefit from our example…"


Ira finishes, "…yes Mr. Blaine, our schedule is designed to maximize the use of the non-sombalitic time during each day."


I smile at the two of them and reply, "Sorry Mira and Ira, I enjoy my life. When Jens and I were Marines, we lived a very structured life, mostly directed by others, and now we enjoy the freedom of doing whatever we want, whenever we want."


Ira complains, "Mr. Blaine that is such a waste of your potential…"


I interrupt, "… But Ira, it's my potential and if I want to waste it then that is what I will do."


The girls put down their books and Mira announces, "Reading time is now terminated. Ms. Blaine would it be possible to contact Alexi on the communications system???"


Ira finishes, "…Yes we question progress on his health and would like to verify his healing."


Mira adds, "Plus the time for Safia's download of the fetus is close."


Jens replies…


I still cannot believe the structured life the girls lead. So, I can't resist getting in one more dig when I ask, "Is this your allotted time for communication?"


They both giggle and Ira says, "Ms. Blaine, now that we understand your sarcastic attitude we realize that you are taunting us…"


Mira finishes, "…Ms. Blaine we do not have an allotted time for communication, this is our allotted free time during which we both desire to use to contact Alexi. However perchance you are correct. Perhaps we should allocate time during the day for communicating with Alexi."


Ben adds his two cents, "Yeah, I'd like to talk to Thom and see how things are coming with the cabin."


I walk over to the communications console, setup the connection to Gretchen in the tunnels and ask, "Hi Gretchen how are things going?"


Gretchen replies, "Things are fine here. Linus worked on the Trojan virus and ran into a dead end."


I queried, "What happened?"


Gretchen explained, "Apparently they had a 'kill switch' in the virus which was activated. It not only deleted the virus, it made the system unbootable. And before you ask, yes we did try using the infected copy of the OS and the first time it connected to the internet the exact same thing happened."


I reply, "Well that's too bad only because it would have been nice to figure it out."


Ira and Mira would like to talk to Alexi and then Ben would like to talk to Thom.


Gretchen says, "I will call Alexi, however Ben will have to wait because Thom's not here right now. He's in Leadville making up with Inga. By the way, you guys probably missed the news: Samantha Stevens and Adele Arakawa got in the knockdown, drag out fight when they covered the destruction of your motorhome by the terrorists."


I chuckle and ask, "Who won the fight?"


Gretchen says, "Samantha did of course, you should check it out. It's being rebroadcast."


Alexi arrives and begins to talk with Mira and Ira, I kibitz just enough to make sure he's still healed because his healing was very difficult. That reminds me of Yasmeen and Zarika. I figure they've had enough torture so I end the formication spell I put on them. Besides it was getting expensive keeping them in the clinic while the therapists tried to find out what was wrong…


Present – Samantha and Stacy – Stacy is a RPITA


It felt good to kick that Arakawa bitch's ass; she had it coming along with the added insults. I was finished and was going to start my coverage when Stacy came over.


She says, "Samantha, I'm not sure how you knew, but there are no bodies on the motorhome."


I look at her and ask, "How do you know?"


Bill walks up and says, "I asked the FBI agents in charge of the scene."


I complain, "I sure wish I could get information like that handed to me on a plate like you did."


Bill continues, "Ms. Stevens, if you were a former military operative, they would give you that information?"


Vic walks up, is dirty as hell, grins at me and says, "It was good to see you kick that fat bitch's ass."


Bill looks at Vic and asks, "Did you verify the information?"


Vic says, "How else did you think I got so dirty."


I ask, "Verify what?"


Vic replies, "The FBI agent’s statement that there were no bodies on the motorhome."


I look at the still smoldering motorhome and ask, "You went inside that mess?"


Vic says, "No I didn't have to, just close enough to give it a good smell and to take a good look inside. Once you've smelled burnt bodies you never forget the smell and there were no corpses on that motorhome."


From what Inga had told me I was sure that was the case - the problem was now I needed to report it. I decided to call Liz first.


She answers her mobile phone and says, "Samantha, that was a great fight with the Arakawa bitch, and your comments almost caused me to go into labor."


I apologize, "Sorry about that Liz."


Liz replies, "Samantha, I'm not complaining, she had it coming. So what do you need?"


I reply, "Liz, there are no bodies on the motorhome and…"


Bill interrupts, "…The FBI agents say they all escaped before the terrorist attack."


I continue my conversation with Liz, "Liz, the FBI agents say that Ben and the others escaped before the terrorist attack."


Liz orders, "So Samantha, once again you have information the other stations don't. Do the report with your information and embarrass the hell out of them because they've been crying about the death of Ben and Jens."


I look at John and say, "We're making this a live broadcast so let's roll it."


John aims the camera at me, the red light on the camera comes on and I begin."


Hello America this is Samantha Stevens reporting for the truth network at the site of Ben and Jennifer Blaine's motorhome that was attacked by terrorists. Unlike the other networks that have prematurely issued condolences for America's sweethearts' death, I'm pleased announce the truth. And the truth is, by some miracle, Ben, Jennifer and their twin body guards escaped the motorhome before the terrorist attack! This is verified information from some operatives that work closely with the Truth Network.


Thank you America for taking the time to listen to this special report."


The Arakawa bitch comes over and I notice John still has the camera running. She complains, "Samantha Stevens, how can you justify that lie?"


I grin at her and taunt, "Unlike your network which thrives on sensationalism, our network thrives on truth in reporting, hence our name: The Truth Network. Before you prematurely announced the demise of Ben and Jennifer, you should have had your people check the facts. If you had talked to the FBI agents you would have determined the motorhome contains zero bodies. You know, sort of like the contents of your head contain zero brains."


The Arakawa bitch takes a swing at me, so I do a palm strike to her nose and blood flies everywhere! She falls to the ground and complains, "I think you broke my nose."


John shuts off the camera and I reply, "And the Truth Network just live broadcast your attack on me. I would say you're up shit creek without a paddle."


John notices an FBI agent headed our way so he puts the camera on his shoulder and begins to broadcast.


The agent walks up to the Arakawa bitch on the ground and announces, "I saw that unprovoked attack on Ms. Stevens, so I'm arresting you."

She's covered in blood but it still doesn't stop her from complaining as the agent puts handcuffs on her…


Present – Bernie, Liz and the others – At the cabin


We're watching the newest 'battle of the reporters' being live broadcast on the Truth Network and Liz excitedly yells, "Kick her ass Sam!"


I caution, "Liz don't get to excited, you know what the doctor said."


Liz complains, "Bernie! You get me more excited than this fight."


I smile at her and state, "Yes Liz, but that's a different sort of excitement."


She won't calm down so I grab the remote, turn of the TV and then Liz really complains…


Bernie is being a real shithead about me getting excited. Of course I'm excited. Adele Arakawa and I have had our share of disagreements through the years and Samantha is finally doing what I wish I would have done years ago.


When Bernie turns off the TV I threaten, "Bernie you need to turn it back on or it will be a very long time before I do 'that' thing for you."


Bernie surprises the shit out of me when he counters, "Okay, then I guess we will have to cancel our wedding."


I stutter, "What… What… What wedding?"


Bernie explains, "Liz, our wedding of course. You've been so busy lately that I've taken it upon myself to plan our wedding."


I ask, "And when is this supposed wedding?"


Bernie floors me when he replies, "Three days from now."


I vociferously complain, "Bernie, I'm not ready and the wedding dress won't fit me."


Bernie says, "You mean the wedding dress that's at the tailor being altered."


I look at the mannequin and notice the dress is missing and continue with the complaints, "Bernie! How will they know the size?"


Bernie yawns and explains, "No problem, I gave them your favorite maternity outfit. They will get the size from it."


I begin to cry and ask, "Bernie are you serious? Are we really getting married in three days?"


Bernie affirms, "Yes Liz we are if you still want to marry me."


I forget about my threat to Bernie of not doing 'that' thing again. In fact, I even forget all about  Samantha and the Truth Network…


Present – Inga and Thom – At the restaurant


I needed to talk to Thom because I think I gave Samantha too much information about Ben and Jennifer, plus I wanted to see just how sorry he was. I still had feelings for him and still wanted him. Wanting him was terrible and it was only because he never wanted me that I was interested in him. Vanity is a terrible thing and I hate to admit that I am just as vain as most women.


Thom arrives, I smile, wave at him and ask, "Have you eaten yet?"


Thom says, "Yeah, Mable made a hell of a meal today and I ate too much."


I offer, "Would you like a cup of coffee?"


Thom says, "Inga you of all people should know better than to ask me that. You know I practically live on coffee."


I bring him a cup and a cup for myself, sit at the table look at Thom and begin, "Thom…"


Thom interrupts, "…Inga, please let me go first. I need to apologize for you about finding me at Jennifer's with another woman. There was no excuse for my actions, all I can do is to beg your forgiveness."


I reply, "Thom thank you for your heartfelt apology, I accept it. However I might need forgiveness from you too?"


Thom gives me a puzzled look and asks…


This is fucking news, Inga needs forgiveness from me? What the hell for?


I ask, "Inga I don't have any idea what you need to apologize for."


Inga tells me about her conversation with Samantha as I fight to control my anger. I look up and see Samantha doing a report, shush Inga and ask, "Can we turn up the volume?"


We hear Samantha tell everyone that Ben, Jennifer and the twins had escaped from the destruction of the motorhome and how the information had come from the FBI agents.


I silently swore since I didn't have my compatriots from the Marshall Service handle the motorhome scene; they wouldn't have spilled the beans. I look back to Inga and say, "Well, it looks like the cat is out of the bag anyway so there's nothing to forgive."


Inga smiles and says, "Thank you Thom for understanding about this."


She starts to justify her actions, "It was just that Samantha was so…"


I stop the justification and say, "… Inga it really doesn't matter anymore what you said to Samantha. You're not the only one that dropped the ball since the FBI agents never should have given out the information they did. So let's just forget about it."


Inga smiles and says, "Thank you Thom. Now how would you like to proceed about us?"


Thom says, "Inga like I said earlier, I think I'm too old for you but let's start off slow and see what happens."


Inga surprises me by saying, "Thom, Stacy is going to open a theater in town. Would you like to attend the first show?"


I reply, "Watching movies is one of my favorite hobbies."


Inga smirks, "I know, that's why I asked you."


Thom replies, "Good, then it's a date."


I stand up to leave, Inga grabs me and gives me a big kiss which surprises the shit out of me.