Chapter 098

Together Chapter 098

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Flashback – Masha – Another day with Tina


After having a terrible day with Tina, then slapping Brenda because of the insult she delivered to Louise, I had reached my limit for the day so I sat on the floor and began to cry. Gwen (who had come in the room and asked if my problems with Brenda were over) and Louise began to comfort me.


Louise asked, "Auntie Masha what's wrong?"


I sputtered, "I…I…I failed. Tina defeated me today."


Louise replied, "Auntie Masha you didn't fail, Tina is a terrible, spoiled child."


Gwen added, "That's right. She always bullies the other children and Brenda thought it was cute so she did nothing to stop the bad behavior."


Louise added even more information, "Boy, that’s the truth! And I'm amazed you lasted as long as you did with her."


I sob some more and confess, "Louise, I'm sorry for what Brenda said to you. And she did it in our house!"


Louise laughed and said, "Auntie Masha it's nothing I haven't heard before so don't worry about it."


Gwen offered, "Masha, you've had a terrible day, let me buy the pizza for tonight."


Linda ran into the room and yelled, "Mama! Mama! Mama!" Then she performed a somersault on the floor. It was so funny I began to giggle.


Louise handed Linda to me and said, "Linda, Auntie Masha needs some loves."


Linda begins to kiss me, it tickled and I giggled some more.


Louise said, "Come on Auntie Masha we're hungry."


I stand up with Linda, we walk into the kitchen and Gwen reaffirmed, "I will order the pizza, what would you like for toppings?"


Louise declared, "Anything but anchovies."


I teased, "But anchovies are my favorite topping."


Gwen shocked me and said, "Okay, half with anchovies for Masha and half without."


I quickly confessed, "I was teasing about the anchovies, how about the ham and pineapple as we had the one time."


Louise gasped, pretended to be shocked and teased, "Auntie Masha wants fruit on her pizza after telling Tina she shouldn't have fruit."


Gwen called in the order for the pizza.


I laughed and added, "I need to confess, Tina's diaper was so evil tonight because I fed her all the baby food fruit which was left. I was just so tired of her constant complaining. She ate it like this." I mimed Tina using a spoon and her free hand to shovel the mixture to her mouth.


Gwen and Louise laughed and Gwen said, "Like mother like daughter! I've seen Brenda almost shovel food in her gaping maw."


That was news to me so I asked, "But she never seemed to eat much here."


Louise said, "Auntie Masha she was just trying to avoid being embarrassed."


Gwen added, "That's right. You wouldn't believe how much she complained at work about how she was always hungry after she left here. She would stop by a fast food place on the way home and get more food to eat."


I blinked and said, "That SUKA! No wonder she was so fat!"


Louise asked, "Masha, what's a suka?"


I blushed and explained, "It's Russian for bitch."


Gwen and Louise laughed and Louise commented, "Suka… hmmm I sort of like that word."


Gwen suggested, "We could call Brenda that at work."


Louise shot down the idea, "Gwen, Brenda's really good on the computer so she would put that into a translator and figure it out. Then of course she would run to Michael and tattle on us."


I asked, "Will we have any problems with Michael concerning Brenda?"


Louise said, "Not at all. To be truthful Auntie Masha, he's sort of afraid of you."


I was shocked and replied, "Why would he be afraid of me?"


Gwen laughed and explained, "Masha, you did destroy that teenage gang and then shot and killed the gang leader right here in your house. Besides, Michael is sort of a coward."


Louise added, "Yeah, since you've been here, he's changed for the better. Especially after he found out I was moving in here with you."


I asked, "What sort of changes for the better?"


Louise said, "Well, before you showed up and we became friends, he sort of bothered me about dating him."


Gwen added more information, "Louise you're right, he hasn't asked me on a date since…"


She paused, began to think and Louise finished, "…since we've become friends with Masha."


Gwen nodded her head and affirmed, "Yeah, that's right. Thank you Masha."


Louise added, "Gwen, you should have seen his eyes the other day when he saw me pretending to do Taebo back in the store room. They about popped out of his head."


Gwen laughed and then asked, "Masha, can Taebo be used in a fight?"


I replied, "Not really, but if you wanted to learn real martial arts I could teach you Krav Maga."


Gwen asked, "Is Kraven Magoo any good?"


I giggled and said, "It's Krav Maga and it's the martial art which the IDF uses."


Louise asked, "What's the IDF?"


I had forgotten that neither of them had my training so I said, "IDF is Israeli Defense Force and Krav Maga is designed to counter attack your enemy."


Louise piped up, "I'm game, how about you Gwen?"


Gwen replied, "You can count on me being at every class."


The doorbell rang, Louise checked and announced, "The pizza's here."


Gwen went to the door, paid for the pizza and asked, "Are we having wine with this?"


I replied, "No, because we start your Krav Maga training tonight."


Louise clapped her hands, which excited Linda so she began to clap and said, "Great, I will gladly forgo wine to learn a real martial art from my bad-assed Auntie Masha."


Flashback – Ben – Still at the hospital


Since it was going to take an hour for the Stryker and air support to arrive, I decided to call Jack back to see what the old fucker wanted now. I also kicked the radio operator out of the room since I had learned he told every-fucking-one that I was leaving and now all the men were upset as hell.


He finally came back to the radio and said, "Banzai, I'm sorry as hell for getting so upset earlier. I didn't think…"


I interrupted, "…That's right you didn't think. Jack, you might not know it but I have no fucking idea what in the hell I'm doing most of the time here. George gives me zero feedback on how I'm doing. The few words you said to me earlier were the only support I've received since becoming the fucking first sergeant."


Jack paused and said, "Banzai, I will make sure Colonel Maggie kicks George in the ass and tells him to start letting you know how well you're doing. Now you can forget about me leaving, I've decided to stay as long as you reenlist."


I paused to think about the offer and Jack asked, "Banzai, are you still there?"


I replied, "Yeah Jack, I'm still here. I'm thinking about things."


The CIA agent walked into the room and announced, "The Stryker is here."


I told Jack, "Listen, we're taking a Stryker to the bomb makers building to see if anything is left after we shelled the hell out of the building."


Jack asked, "Who the hell is this we?"


I laughed and said, "Me and the CIA agents of course. We've become good friends. I'll give you a call when or if I decide anything."


I put down the mike, called the radio operator back into the room and left with the CIA agents.


I met George and suggested, "Sir, we could use a little distraction while were getting into the Stryker. How about getting the snipers on the roof to dust things up some?"


George said, "No problem."


He called a Corporal over and relayed the order. Once the firing on the roof started we dashed to the waiting Stryker."


Flashback – Jack – Reporting to Colonel Maggie


I almost laughed when Banzai said he was good friends with the CIA agents. It was amazing what that pallet of coffee did. I needed to make sure I remembered that.


Well, at least I was going to Colonel Maggie's office with some ammo this time. I couldn't believe the fucking Butter fucking Bar wasn't relaying Colonel Maggie's praise to Banzai. I was going to burn his ass for being an idiot. It's no wonder being called a "Butterbar" isn't considered a compliment


I walked into the aide's office and asked, "Is she in a better mood now?"


He said, "Yeah, I guess the CIA agents got a shitload of info out of the bomber. They relayed it back to HQ so she's looking good to her bosses."


I asked, "Please announce me."


He called Colonel Maggie, then nodded at me. I walked in her office and she asked, "Well Sgt. Reynolds, is Sgt. Blaine ready to reenlist?"


I glared at her as much as I dared to and said, "He said he would think about it. But after hearing how that fucking Lieutenant's been treating him, I think I might suggest that he doesn't reenlist."


I could tell I shocked Colonel Maggie when she demanded, "Are you telling me that the Lieutenant hasn't relayed to Sgt. Blaine the hell of a job he's doing?"


I replied, "That's right. In fact Sir, I think the Lieutenant has become a glory hound. Especially after hearing about how the CIA agents broke the bomber. Hell, Banzai's headed out with them right now on a mission and I'll be surprised if they don't offer him a job."


Colonel Maggie shook her head and said, "Sgt. Reynolds, I had no idea this was going on. I've made sure to tell the Lieutenant how great a job he's doing and how instrumental Sgt. Blaine has been to his success. I just assumed the Lieutenant was telling Sgt. Blaine."


She picked up her phone and yelled into the handset, "Get me the hospital on the line, I want to talk to the Lieutenant."


Unfortunately, Colonel Maggie covered the mouthpiece of the phone and said, "Sgt. Reynolds, you're dismissed."


I left the office and found Tom, my new aide waiting for me. I ordered, "Follow me."


The poor fool stood up, tripped over his untied shoelaces and fell to the floor. This wasn't going to be easy!


Flashback – Jennifer – Good news


We were eating in the cafeteria but the food wasn't that good. I missed Daniela's cooking but I was so hungry from healing mother that I needed to eat.


The doctor walked into the cafeteria, saw us, walked to our table and said, "General Donaldson, we have some good news."


I stopped eating to listen and Daddy said, "Well, don't leave us hanging, tell us the news."


The doctor smiled and said, "General Donaldson, I've never seen this before and we will need to run some more tests to make sure, but it appears as if Evelyn has been fully healed."


Daddy asked, "Are you sure she had a heart attack in the first place? And what about the Alcoholic Cardiomyopathy?"


The doctor assured him, "General Donaldson, she most certainly did have a heart attack. You were even in the ambulance with her and witnessed the ventricular fibrillation which occurred due to the heart attack. To be truthful, I've never seen anything like this before. However, we do need to deal with her drinking problem which probably started the heart attack."


Daddy asked, "Can we see her?"


The doctor answered, "Most certainly."


Then he asked a question that shocked me, "General Donaldson, has your wife ever had hallucinations?"


Daddy replied, "Not that I have ever known of, why do you ask?"


The doctor replied, "She kept babbling something about your daughter and her mother being witches."


Daddy looked at me and asked, "Jennifer, has Evelyn ever called you a witch?"


I decided to play it cool so I replied, "Daddy, you know sometimes when she's angry at me she calls me all sorts of names."


The doctor said, "Well, that makes me feel better but try not to get her angry."


Daddy looked at my plate of food, which I had only half finished, and suggested, "Jennifer, why don't you stay here and finish your food while I talk with Evelyn."


I gladly agreed, "Okay Daddy. Should I come to the room when I'm done?"


Daddy suggested, "Since we don't want to get your mother too excited, why don't you stay here for right now."


I smiled and said, "Okay Daddy, whatever you want."


Daddy left and I continued to eat…


Flashback – General Donaldson – Talking to Evelyn


I walked into Evelyn's room, she saw me, motioned me over and complained, "Glen, this is your daughter's entire fault."


I smiled innocently at her and asked, "Evelyn, what are you talking about?"


She grabbed my uniform, shook me and said, "Jennifer, your daughter, is a witch! She did this to me."


I smiled at my hysterical wife and tried to reason, "Evelyn, how could Jennifer heal you…"


Evelyn interrupted me, "…Glen, it's like I told you: She's a witch and mother helped her."


I continued to try to calm her, "My love, I know that you've always had problems with your mother, but I can assure you, Jennifer is not a witch and it's not nice to call her one. But the great news is you are healed."


Evelyn complained, "Glen, you don't understand that witch's healings always come with a price."


I offered, "Well my love, whatever the price is I will pay it."


I notice the doctor has been standing by the door listening to the whole conversation. He motioned to me so I said, "Sorry Evelyn, I need to go."


I walked out into the hallway with the doctor and he observed, "See what I'm talking about General Donaldson. Your wife has this idea in her head that your daughter and her mother are witches, which we all know is malarkey."


I asked, "So what should we do?"


The doctor said, "I would like to keep her here and run some tests on her. I am wondering if she is having some mental problems from drinking too much."


I complained, "Shit! So we're out of the frying pan and into the fire."


The doctor cautioned, "General Donaldson, it might not be that bad so don't lose hope."


I decided to head back to the cafeteria and pick up Jennifer…


Flashback – Alexi – Out for dinner


'Father' suggested, "Alexi, we should leave early tomorrow to go fishing. I seem to remember that fish bite better in the morning. Therefore, we should go to bed early tonight."


I smiled at 'father' and agreed, "Yes 'father' that's what I've heard also. Good night."


'Father' complained, "Alexi, no kiss for me tonight?"


I apologized, "Sorry 'father', it had been so long since we had been home, I had forgotten some of the good things about living here."


I gave him a kiss, went to my room, closed the door and recognized the sound of 'father' crying from his room.


Flashback – Ira and Mira – continuing


The cave was conveniently located close to a stream so we transversed close to the stream, removed our accoutrements and cleansed ourselves in the frigid water.


I suggested, "Mira, we need to cleanse our clothing and dry them over a small fire in the cave."


Mira agreed, "Yes my sister you are correct. I am not sure what you did to my clothing last night but my olfactory units tell me that they smell like the southbound end of a northbound jackass."


I complained, "Mira your accoutrements are odiferous because you placed your derriere upon the Ursa arctos last night, mistaking it for a walking couch. Please tell me you have some recollection of this event."


Mira replied…


My sister Ira persists with the crazy tale about the Ursa arctos last night. Therefore I humor her by lying, "Of course Ira I remember everything about the prior evening."


Ira suddenly swore, "Son of a female saluki! Mira defend yourself!"


Ira launched an attack upon my corporeal self and we were occupied with the kerfuffle until there was a shot which roiled the water at our feet. Ira commanded, "Quick! Grab your accoutrements and back to the cave!"


We rushed into the cave, located our weapons and prepared to defend against the attack.


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


Roberto yelled upstairs to the girls that we were going to the gymnasium and we heard Maria complain, "Todd, we were just coming down in our bikinis - can't it wait?"


I shook my head and Roberto replied, "No, we need to leave immediately."


We rushed out the door, I made sure it was locked, noticed my neighbors were both outside, waved at them and Roberto said, "This way to the gym."


As we walked through the community, I admired the houses. We hadn't gone very far when a security vehicle stopped, the guard exited the vehicle and asked, "What are you two doing here?"


Roberto replied, "This man lives here and I was just showing him the way to the gym."


The security guard asked, "Why doesn't he tell me this himself?"


I slowly reached up, pulled down the shemagh around my neck and pointed. He said, "Okay, climb in the back of the truck and I will take you to the gymnasium. Then we will verify your identity."


We sit on the tailgate of the truck as he drives us to the gym then he orders, "Both of you need to follow me into the office."


He makes the rookie mistake of walking in front of us - something that I will complain about after he has verified who we are. He gets on the phone to the security building, talks to them, a fax comes into the fax machine, he looks at it and says, "Sorry about that, welcome to our community Todd."


I pull out my tablet and write, "You made a huge tactical mistake by letting us follow you into the building. I could have taken you down anytime I wanted. After we are finished talking with the martial arts sensei, I would like to speak with the head of security."


The security officer complained, "I highly doubt you could have taken me down."


I grin at him and write, "Then let's try it again! But this time you will have the advantage of knowing I'm going to attack you." We headed back outside, began to walk into the gymnasium, I slipped up behind the guard, took his weapon from his holster and pressed it to the back of his head."


He raised his hands and confessed, "Okay I did make a mistake. However I've never had a problem before."


I handed him his weapon, he holstered it and we walked inside. The sensei, dressed in a gi and sporting a black belt that displayed 4thdegree met us and commented, "That was an excellent move you performed on the security guard. I have tried to illustrate the fallacy of letting their captives walk behind them."


I bowed while watching the sensei and Roberto said, "This is Todd. He's new to the community and would like to know about your teaching methods."


The sensei began and it didn't take long until I was disgusted.