Chapter 099

Together Chapter 099

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Present – Jens, Ben and others – The trip


The twins no sooner finish talking with Alexi when Gretchen says, "Jens, Liz wants to talk to you."


I ask Liz, "How are you feeling mother-to-be?"


Liz frantically replies, "Jens I'm… I'm…I'm going a little crazy because Bernie has our wedding setup for three days from now."


I congratulate her, "Liz, that's great news, I'm impressed that Bernie did everything himself."


Liz confesses, "Well, he did hire a wedding planner but there's a huge problem."


I reply, "It doesn't sound like there's any problem to me."


Liz blurts out, "Jens, I want you for my maid of honor."


Ben hears Liz's request, walks closer and says, "Liz, that's not a problem and we will both be at your wedding."


I look at Ben like he's crazy and ask, "Ben, are you sure about this?"


Ben affirms, "Hell yes, I've made up my mind! I'm tired of running and hiding from these fucking terrorists as if we're afraid of them.  We're going to take the fight to them."


Then he cautions, "Liz, this means that both Jens and I will be carrying at the wedding."


Liz yells, "Yippee! Thanks Jens, I knew I could count on you."


Liz disconnects then Mira and Ira come over and Ira states her dismay, "Mr. Blaine, I expected more logical thought from you."


Ben holds up his hands, which silences the twins and declares, "I don't want any arguments from either of you. I'm embarrassed as hell that we ran in the first place and I'm done with it. If you don't want to continue to be our body guards, I will understand."


Mira starts, "Mr. Blaine, we have no desire…"


Ira continues, "…to terminate our position as your body guards. In fact, you will need us more than ever now."


Mira continues, "We will however provide security at Ms. Morgan's wedding."


Ben says, "Great, I was hoping you wouldn't change your minds."


Ben grabs the mic for the cab and orders, "Turn this rig around - we're headed back to our land in Leadville."


Johnny asks, "Are you sure about this?"


Ben states, "Damn sure! I'm tired of running from the terrorists so I'm going to take the fight to them."


We get another call on the communications system - this time it's Bernie.


Bernie says, "Well, I'm not sure how to ask this."


I tell him, "Well, just spit it out."


Bernie asks, "If Ben's still there I was wondering if he would consider being my best man."


Ben replies, "No problem Bernie as long as I can wear my dress blues like I did at my wedding."


Bernie says, "Thanks Ben and your Marine uniform will be fine."


Present – Thom – Heading back to the tunnels


I feel that my meeting with Inga went well but it ended a little more physically than I anticipated. The kiss she gave me still lingered on my lips. I was thinking about it when my phone rang, I looked at it and asked, "Is something wrong?"


Johnny replied, "I'm giving you notice that we're headed back to Leadville."


I yell into the phone, "What the hell is going on?"


Johnny replies, "Ben said he's tired of running from the terrorists and is going to take the fight to them."


I swear, "Son of a bitch! All our plans just went to hell! Let me get to the tunnels, contact them and try to talk them out of this foolishness. Until then continue in the direction your traveling."


I floor it and my Crown Victoria leaps like it remembers its days as a State Patrol car.


I make it to the cabin in record time, pull into the garage. I storm into the tunnels, march into the control room and order, "I want to talk to the trailer immediately."


Gretchen says, "No problem Thom, but you could ask nicer."


I apologize, "Sorry, I heard a rumor that Ben and Jennifer are headed back to Leadville."


Gretchen smiles and says, "Yes it's true, isn't that great news?"


I frown and reply, "Well, they might have signed their death certificates."


Gretchen says, "Here you go Thom, the connection is established."


I ask, "Is it true that I hear you guys are heading back to Leadville?"


Ben replies, "That's right Thom. It's not that we don't appreciate all you've done for us, hell this trailer is better than living in the tunnels and we might continue to use it at the cabin if you don't mind. Thom, I killed these fucking terrorists in more than two countries so it doesn't make sense for me to run from them in my own country. I'd rather die with my guns on than run from these worthless fuckers like a coward. We're coming back and that's settled."


I ask, "Is Jennifer more sensible about this?"


Jennifer answers, "Thom, I totally support my husband on this decision."


I can't believe what I am hearing! I am flabbergasted and ask, "What about your body guards?"


Ira states, "Thom, we realize this upsets your plan, however we assess that the elimination of the terrorists is a superior plan to that of running from them."


Mira concurs, "Yes Thom, while it will greatly increase the difficulty of our jobs, we relish the opportunity to totally terminate all the terrorists so life might assume normality."


Ben then says, "Thom, I ordered our drivers to turn around but they have yet to execute that order. If you try to keep me from coming back, we will vacate the trailer, buy a car and drive back ourselves."


I confess, "Yes Ben I did block your order. I will call the drivers and tell them to return. However I'm not taking responsibility for this foolish act."


Ben counters, "Thom don't get your panties in a bunch…"


Jennifer interrupts, "… Yeah Thom, that's my job."


The twins even comment, "And of course our jobs."


Ben swears, "Son of a bitch, let me finish you three. Of course this isn't your responsibility, it's a joint decision from the four of us and whatever happens, happens."


I leave them with one final caution, "I hope that what happens isn't the case where shit happens."


The fucking four of them laugh and I worry like hell!


Present – Jens, Ben and others – The trip home


I look at Ben, bite my lip and say, "I think we really got Thom angry."


Ira supports me, "Yes Mr. Blaine, I would say that he is extremely agitated at us."


Ben smiles at the three of us and says, "The only time I ran from these fuckers, was when I got this." He held up his arm so we could see the incisions in it as he continues, "I don't give a flying fuck at a rolling donut if Thom is pissed at us. This is my decision and this is what we're doing. Again if any of you want out of this you're free to go."


I hug my man and affirm, "Ben, I'm sure as heck not going anywhere."


Mira says, "Mr. Blaine unlike my sister I support your decision."


Ira complains, "Miranda, I also support Mr. Blaine's decision. I was simply commenting that Thom is agitated about the decision."


Ben pats his belly and says, "I sure hope I still fit into my dress blues."


I love it when Ben takes charge of things because it excites me. So I wink at him and suggest, "Ben I think we need to check and see if you've gained any weight."


Ben says, "I remember the gay guy who fitted my dress blues to me; he made them so tight I thought I was going to pass out."


I comment again, "Ben, we should check to see if you've gained any weight." Then I nudge him.


Mira embarrasses both of us when she barks, "Mr. Blaine, your wife would like your attention in the bedroom."


Ben says in a surprised voice, "Oh, okay Jens. Let's head to the bedroom so you can check my weight."


We 'check his weight' twice. I'm lying in his arms and say, "Ben, thank you for everything."


Ben stupidly questions, "Everything like what?"


I rise up and ask, "You mean you don't really know?"


Ben smiles at me and replies, "Jens, I have no idea what you're talking about."


I explain, "Well I could enumerate things: Like letting me be your spotter, finally finding you in Montana and finally marrying me but it's easier to just say that I'm sooooo glad we're finally together."


Ben asks a stupid question, "So no regrets?"


I poke him and say, "Of course regrets! Regrets that we didn't do this sooner."


Ben gets that strange faraway look in his eyes and says, "Jens, we were destined to be together because there is a plan for our lives."


Ben has piqued my curiosity so I ask, "Ben, what do you mean?"


But my Ben has fallen asleep so the answer, if he gives it to me, will have to wait…


Present – Samantha and Stacy – Leaving the motorhome scene


My phone rings, I look at it and note it's Liz so I answer, "Don't complain about the fight, she had it coming!"


Liz shocks me when she praises my actions, "Sam you did something I wish I would have done years ago. I'm calling because I have a new assignment for you three days from now."


I'm a little puzzled so I query, "Liz, what's the assignment?"


Liz floors me when she says, "Sam, I'm getting married and would like you to cover our wedding."


I ask, "Liz, why such a short notice?"


Liz says, "Bernie just told me about it today. The old sneak planned it all behind my back, with of course the help of a wedding planner."


I love covering weddings! I'm still thinking about it when Liz further shocks me by saying, "Oh yeah, Ben and Jens are returning so you might want to cover their return to Leadville."


I shake my head and ask, "Liz, are you sure about me doing a report on them, you know the terrorists use my reports."


Liz tells me, "Yes Sam, apparently they have all decided they are tired of running from the terrorists. Ben actually said he was taking the fight to them, whatever that means. Perhaps you can find out what he means when you do your report."


I tell Liz, "Well, we're finished here so we're headed back to Leadville. Do I need to check in with you tonight?"


Liz says, "Not really, but it would be nice to get together tomorrow at the venue for the wedding and discuss the coverage."


I ask, "What's the venue?"


Liz says, "The Delmonico Hotel Ballroom."


I continue, "What time would you like to meet?"


Liz says, "Bernie has a meeting scheduled with the wedding planner for lunchtime, does that work for you?"


I affirm, "That's great, we'll see you for lunch tomorrow."


I end the call and Stacy asks…


I listen to Samantha's call from Liz and think I figure something out so I ask, "Samantha did Liz tell you something about Ben and his bitch?"


Samantha looks at me and replies, "Yes she did Stacy. Ben and his wife Jennifer are coming back to Leadville. I guess Ben is tired of running from the terrorists."


I complain, "Samantha please don't call her Ben's wife."


Samantha challenges me, "Stacy, you need to accept that Ben is legally married to Jennifer and will never marry you."


I want to argue with Samantha but decide to keep quiet for now. So instead I lie, "Samantha perhaps you're right, perhaps it's time I move on."


Samantha praises me, "That's a great attitude to have, it's good to see you're finally getting better."


We hug and I continue with my plans…


We walk back into the FBI building, security calls the agent who helped us before, he comes down and escorts us to the helipad on the roof and we're headed back to Leadville.


Present – Thom – A conversation


With all my plans going to hell in a handbasket, I need some cheering up so I decide to call Inga.


She answers the phone and immediately gets defensive, "Thom, what did you want?"


I honestly reply, "Inga don't be upset, I wanted to thank you for the nice cup of coffee we shared this afternoon."


Inga replies, "Thank you Thom, I enjoyed our time together also."


I decide to ask, "Inga have you given any thought to coming back to the TSIFFTS?"


Inga says, "Thom, there are certainly parts of it I miss each day, but there are also parts that I'm glad to be away from. I don't feel I'm ready to come back to the TSIFFTS yet."


 I continue to probe, "Do you ever think you will be ready to come back to the TSIFFTS?"


There's a pause while I assume Inga's thinking, then she answers, "Possibly, just not right now. I'm having too much fun getting this restaurant going and I sure as hell don't want to leave it high and dry. At least not until Stacy decides if we're going to expand it or not."


I casually mention, "I don't know if you've heard yet, but Ben and Jennifer are coming back. And when they get here I will have more free time because I won't be in charge of the cabin rebuild."


Inga hesitantly asks, "Thom, do they realize what they are doing? The terrorists will still be after them."


I reply, "They sure do. Ben said he's tired of running from them and wants to take the fight to them."


Inga says, "Thom, I am sorry about this because I know you worked very hard to get them away safely."


I say, "Yeah I did and I'm going to catch some flak from TSIFFTS over them coming back but it's their decision to make."


I'm beginning to get tired so I say, "It was great talking to you tonight Inga, sleep well."


Inga says, "Thank you for the call Thom, have sweet dreams."


But I don't have sweet dreams - I have terrible dreams about Ben and Jennifer getting killed by the terrorists.