Chapter 100

Together Chapter 100

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Flashback – Masha – The evening


I rolled out a mat in the garage (to protect us from the inevitable falls) and we had a very successful Krav Maga first lesson. As with many martial arts, how to fall correctly without getting hurt was the basis of much of the class.


After the lesson both Gwen and Louise complained about their backs hurting. I first had Gwen lie on the mat, checked her back and asked, "Does your back bother you often?"


Gwen replied, "Yes it does. How did you know?"


I replied, "I feel an abnormality here and here." I lightly touched the locations as I gave her the information.

Gwen said, "Masha, those are the exact places my back hurts when it bothers me."


I asked, "Gwen, I can attempt to make your back better; it usually works but sometimes it doesn't."


Gwen anxiously said, "Masha please! If you can make my back feel better I would be forever in your debt."


I instructed, "First, I need you on this weight bench."


Gwen asked, "Face down or face up?"


I replied, "Face up."


Gwen reclined on the weight bench, I positioned her correctly and then applied torsional force to her back. It cracked like small fireworks on the 12 июня (12th of June Russian Independence Day). Then I switched sides, again applied torsional force and the other side of her back yielded similar results.


Gwen stood up and remarked, "Masha, My back has never felt better."

I advised her, "Gwen, my treatment is not yet complete, please lie on the mat."


Gwen lay on the mat and I gave her a foot massage during which she fell asleep."


Louise remarked, "Masha, could you check my back?"


I checked Louise's back and remarked, "Louise, your back is worse than Gwen's. Why is that so?"


Louise confessed, "I had a hell of a time when I delivered Linda and my back has given me trouble ever since then."


I noted, "I bet it hurts here and here." I touched the locations and Louise jumped, "Yes Masha those are the exact spots."


I ordered, "Louise, on the weight bench please, face up."


Louise complied, I positioned her as well as I could on the weight bench (it really needed to be a wider bench), correctly positioned her legs and performed the adjustment."


Louise remarked, "Masha that feels so much better."


I commented, "Now the other side."


I adjusted the other side and then directed, "On the mat for a foot massage."


I gave Louise a foot massage and like Gwen she fell asleep. I left the girls sleeping and took the children into the house so they wouldn't disturb Gwen or Louise. Eventually they both came into the house and Gwen said, "Masha, I don't know where you learned to do that, but you are a miracle worker. My back feels perfect."


I cautioned her, "Gwen, your back will need many more treatments until it is completely healed."


Louise asked, "I assume it's the same for mine Masha?"


I replied, "Of course, and Louise your back will take even more treatments because it is worse."


Louise remarked, "I didn't know my bad-assed Auntie Masha was a chiropractor."


 I questioned, "What is a chiropractor?"


Flashback – Ben – In the Stryker


We climbed inside the Stryker after George provided the distraction and I was shocked to see four other operatives who all had excellent and up to date weaponry. I looked at the main agent and demanded, "Who the fuck are these guys?"


He calmed me, "Sgt. Blaine, don't worry - they are our protection squad."


The one obviously in charge said, "We heard that you're enlistment contract is due to expire soon. We were wondering if you'd consider joining our ranks."

I looked at them, then the agent and laughed, "What fucking reason would I have to quit the Marines and join these stupid fucker heads."

The leader threatened, "Watch your mouth Sgt.!"


I asked, "Why the hell should I? You won't do any fucking thing to me until you find out if I'm going to join you."


I looked at the agent in charge and said, "We will see how these mercs do; if I like them I might consider joining them."


The driver announced, "We're at the location of the building."


The door opened and we exited the Stryker. I immediately saw too many basic mistakes and made up my mind. There was no way I was becoming a merc with these fuckers. Hell, if I did I would probably die in no time at all!


They didn't establish the perimeter correctly and the fucking towelheads began to fire at us. I ordered, "You two over there and you two take that area." Finally we had a good perimeter and they covered the agents as they exited the Stryker.


Flashback – Jack – Worried about Banzai


I hated being cut out of the communication with Banzai and wasn't sure what was going on. However, I was sure the CIA agents were going to offer Banzai a hell of a job. I was sure they knew all about Banzai's enlistment coming due (because they were supposed know everything) and of course the fuckers, like sharks circling a wounded person, would try to swoop in for the kill. Worst of all, I had no way to contact Banzai while he was on this mission.


Finally the aide found me and said, "Colonel Maggie would like to see you."


I walked into her office and she said, "Sgt. Reynolds, you certainly dodged a bullet. Sgt. Blaine is back from his mission with the CIA. Of course they offered him a position which he wisely declined. However, he did tell me that he wanted to be the same rank as you. Now do you have a problem with this?"


I didn't even think for a second when I said, "I have no problem at all with this. He deserves it."


Colonel Maggie called her aide and ordered, "Draw up reenlistment papers for Sgt. Blaine, increasing his rank by two stripes."


The aide questioned, "Sir are you…"


She interrupted, "…You heard my orders now do it."


Colonel Maggie turned her attention back to me and said, "Sgt. Reynolds, this is going to cost you the stripe I offered you earlier and before you ask, you still need to work with Tod."


I felt lucky to be getting off as easy as I was so I said, "Yes Sir! I understand. I will go and begin working with Tod immediately." I left her office where once again Tod was waiting for me. Thank God this time he didn't trip over his own shoelaces.


He addressed me, "Sir!!!"


I interrupted, "…Son you need to learn that you never call a Sgt. 'Sir' because we work for a living. Instead call a Sgt. a Sgt."


He apologized, "Sorry Sgt. What are our plans for today?"


I replied, "Tod, we're going to do a complete evaluation on you. I need to know your strong points and weak points."


Tod meekly responded, "Sgt., I'm not sure I have any strong points."


It took all day and when I finished I realized that Tod was right: He didn't have any strong points. Now I had a real problem because I needed to somehow mold Tod into a Marine.


Flashback – Jennifer – Finally


I finally finished all my food and felt much better - I never knew healing people was such hard work! I looked up and was surprised when grandmother walked in. She smiled and complimented me, "Good job my granddaughter, I couldn't have done better myself. I always knew you would be an excellent little witch."


I asked, "Grandmother, how did you know that?"


She answered, "Jennifer, you have the same color eyes that all the healers in the family have."


I asked, "Is that why mother's eyes are a different color than mine?"


Grandmother confirmed, "That's correct my granddaughter. Now I need to be leaving because Glen is coming back."


Grandmother hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. I wished she could stay longer, but mother would explode if she knew that grandmother had come for a visit.


She no sooner left than Daddy walked in. He looked at my plate and teased, "Jennifer, I can't believe you ate all that food!"


I teased back with a little lie, "Daddy, I'm still a little hungry - do you think???"


Daddy laughed and interrupted, "…Jennifer, you should know better than to try to kid a kidder."


I changed the subject, "Daddy how is mother?"


Daddy smiled at me and said, "Jennifer, she's fine but they want to keep her here for some more tests."


I was concerned and asked, "Tests for her heart? I thought the doctor said she was healed."


Daddy replied, "They want to test her heart to see if they can figure out what happened."


I could tell that Daddy didn't tell me everything so I stamped my foot and complained, "Daddy, what aren't you telling me?"


Daddy looked sad and said, "Jennifer, your mother might be having mental issues from her drinking." He rubbed his hand over his face and continued, "She swears that you and her mother are witches."


I played it cool, giggled and replied, "Daddy, you should know by now that I am a little witch."


Daddy smiled at me and praised my comment, "Jennifer, I'm happy to see that you can keep a sense of humor about it. Now come on my little witch, let's go home."


I reminded Daddy, "Did you forget that we came to the hospital in the ambulance? How are we going to get home?"


Daddy teased, "Do you think you could fly us home on your broom?"


I teased right back, "I could if one of us wasn't so fat."


Daddy continued, "Well, if you keep eating like you just did, it won't be long until we're both the same size. Now I'll call a taxi to take us home."


We arrived at home and Daniela was at the door to meet us.


Flashback – Alexi – Morning


I'm not sure how long 'father' cried last night since my attention was diverted because it was so good to be home and back in my own bed.


'Father' walked into my room, woke me up and announced, "Alexi, it's time to go fishing."


I noticed it was still dark outside so I asked, "What time is it?"


'Father' replied, "It's four AM. Remember that we're going fishing early because that's when all the fish bite. Now make sure you put on some warm clothes because it's cold outside. Then come to the kitchen for your breakfast."


I put on my warmest clothes, including long underwear, walked into the kitchen and 'father' had tried to make pancakes. I thanked him, "Thank you 'father' for making the pancakes."


He replied with a smile, "Yes, it's harder to make pancakes than it looks. I know they aren't very good, but I will become more proficient."


We finished eating, went out to the garage, got into the car and headed toward the river.


Flashback – Ira and Mira – continuing


I swore, "Son of a female saluki, all my clothing is wet!"


Mira agreed, "Yes sister, so is mine. Unfortunately with the arrival of Kostia's men, we will not be able to start a fire and dry them."


I decided, "Mira, then we need to eliminate these men and acquire their accoutrements. You exit the cave first while I provide cover for you."


As Mira left the cave, there are several shots fired at her. I marked their locations and began to return fire. Quickly Kostia had now lost another three henchmen. Mira and I traversed to their location, liberated their weapons and ammunition along with their outer jackets. Once we are clothed we discarded the bodies into the stream and watched them float away.


We proceeded back to the cave and Mira said, "There are rations in this outer accoutrement."


I checked mine, found matching rations and suggested, "We need to dry our inner accoutrements and partake of this newly discovered feast."


We started a small fire, commenced to dry our inner accoutrements, sat upon the outer accoutrements and partook of the excellent repast of dried fish.


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


After watching the supposed sensei, I decided that if talking was a martial art, he would have been excellent. However, his demonstration left much to be desired. He finished and asked me, "How do you rate my teaching methods?"


I grinned at him, held out my hand and gave him the thumbs down. He challenged me, "If you think you could do better, join me on the mat."


I stepped onto the mat, we both bowed to each other and I kicked his ass all over the mat. He finally submitted, "Enough, I didn't know you were a martial arts master! What degree of black belt are you?"


I shrugged my shoulders, motioned to Roberto, and we headed back to the house.


When we arrived, I pulled out my tablet and wrote, "Roberto, I would appreciate it if you could drop by after work and teach Maria and Gail martial arts."


Roberto said, "Todd, I am not as good as you are."


I smiled at him and wrote, "I'm sure you're better than the supposed sensei at the gym."


Just then Maria and Gail came down the stairs and they still had on their bikinis. My eyes practically popped out of my head and I signed, "I don't ever want you two leaving the house in those bikinis."


Gail signed, "See Maria I told you that Todd would hate these. It's a good thing we also bought one piece swim suits."


I signed a complaint, "So you wasted money on these?"


Maria laughed and said, "From the look on your face, I would say the money was not wasted."


Roberto laughed and said, "I hate to say this but I need to get going. Todd, I will bring the thing for the panic room tomorrow after work and install it."


I signed and Maria translated, "Todd wants to know if you need any money?"


Roberto replied, "You can pay me tomorrow after we install it."


He left and Maria asked, "Todd, what are you putting in the panic room?"


I replied, "A gun cabinet that will hold some rifles and pistols."


Gail signed, "Todd, will you teach us how to shoot?"


I replied, "Of course. Roberto knows a gun range that we can use."


Gail asked, "When can we start?"


I replied, "I'm not sure because it depends on Roberto's schedule. He's also going to stop by after work and teach both of you martial arts."


Maria asked, "I thought they had a martial arts teacher at the gym."


I signed, "You mean the one I threw all over the mat? He's not fit to teach anyone martial arts! Now will you two put on more clothes - those bikinis are indecent."


They both giggled and ran upstairs as I walked into the kitchen and decided to make some coffee.