Chapter 101

Together Chapter 101

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Present – Ben, Jens and others – The trip


I had a hell of a nap and when I wake up I find Jens is still asleep. I slowly extricate myself from her arms, slip out of bed, find my underwear and clothes and put them back on. I look at Jens, sleeping in the bed, and realize I'm the luckiest man in the world. I've married an incredibly beautiful woman who actually wants sex more than I do. I make sure to cover her up after ogling her incredibly hot body and head out into the main area.


I pick up the mic to the cab, call and ask, "When are we going to be in Leadville?"


Johnny replies, "Ben, first we have to stop and change vehicles."


I get angry and demand, "What the hell do you mean? Why wasn't I told about this?"


Ira walks up and explains, "Mr. Blaine, they did notify us. However, because you were in the sanctity of your bedroom, we did not want to disturb you for the purpose of notification of the changes."


Johnny provides additional information, "Ben, we need to change vehicles so that no one knows about our switch because we perform this service occasionally and need to keep it a secret. Sorry, it's orders from the big bosses."


Unlike leaving the cabin, I'm not concerned this time about the terrorists. I notice gun cases and drag bags on the floor, look at Ira and comment, "It looks like you have been busy."


Ira replies, "Yes Mr. Blaine, we are ready to transfer some of our weapons to the awaiting van vehicle. The remainder we will acquire over the next several days."


I look at the cases and say, "It looks like your PSG1s are coming with us." Then I taunt, "Too bad they don't make those in a better caliber such as .338 Lapua."


Ira surprises me when she replies, "Mr. Blaine, we have asked Heckler and Koch to manufacture them in 8.6x70mm caliber but were told the retooling cost would be prohibitive."


I of course recognize the metric caliber designation and realize that she is probably correct. Only the Alexander Arms Ulfberht really works with the .338 round reliably. Thinking about that gives me an idea. My thoughts are interrupted when Jens wanders out of our bedroom and complains, "Hey, it got cold in the bed without you."


Mira arrives and announces, "Ms. Blaine, it is good you have awakened because we need to move the weapons to another vehicle."


Jens hugs me and says, "Oh well, all good things must come to an end." Then she asks, "Where are we?"


I reply, "The hell if I know."


Jens calls the cab and asks, "Where the hell are we and when do we switch vehicles?"


Johnny replies, "We're two hours from the location where we are switching vehicles."


Jens announces, "Good, I think I will take a shower."


Ira insults Jens, "Yes Ms. Blaine, a shower would be good for you because you are odiferous."


Jens begins to get upset and I suggest, "How about I join you in the shower?"


Mira then insults me, "Yes Mr. Blaine you also are odiferous."


I challenge them both, "Keep it up girls and I will kick your asses in martial arts again."


Before they can reply, Jens and I head for the shower. Jens still complains, "Ben I really don't stink do I."


I toss her into the shower turn on the cold water and laugh, "Not anymore you don't."


Jens grabs me, pulls me into the cold shower and I complain, "Damn that's cold!"


Jens looks down, laughs and says, "I guess my best friend doesn't like cold water."


I ask, "You're best friend?"


Jens grabs me and says, "Yes, this is my best friend but he's so small now."


I complain, "Jens, be careful who you're calling small otherwise your best friend might go into seclusion and have you never heard of cold water shrinkage?" I reach over, turn on the hot water and Jens' best friend doesn't remain small for very long.


We're drying off when we hear a change in the noise of the semi, there's a knock on the door and Ira announces, "Mr. and Mrs. Blaine we need to translocate to a different vehicle."


Jens complains, "Shoot, I didn't bring any clean clothes in here with me."


I reply, "Neither did I, but don't worry because you look sexy as hell wrapped in a towel."


Jens playfully threatens, "Ben, keep it up and we will need another shower."


I tease right back, "Jens, I think your best friend needs a rest before I can 'keep it up' again."


Jens wraps up in a towel and proves I wasn't lying - she is one sexy woman! I wrap a towel around my waist, we open the door and dash into the bedroom.


Ira complains on our way across the trailer, "Please don't copulate at this time since it will only ensure we will be late."


I tease, "Just for that we might not come out for a couple of days."


Ira continues, "You two spend entirely too many hours in your bedroom."


Jens got in a barb, "Hey, I waited for-fricken-ever for this so I don't really care."


We make it to the bedroom, start to dress and Jens complains, "Ben, are you going to watch me or get dressed?"


I complain, "Jens, sometimes you're no fun."


She sexily walks toward me and asks, "What about other times?"


Mira bangs on the door and ruins the mood by saying, "Mr. and Mrs. Blaine, they are opening the back door."


Jens orders, "Ben, stop ogling me and get dressed."


And of course I get dressed before she does. I clear my throat and ask, "Are you planning on getting dressed anytime this century?"


Jens asks, "How in the heck did you get dressed before I did?"


I taunt, "Many years of practice."


Jens makes the mistake of asking, "What, you're not that much older than I am?"


I grin at her and drop the hammer, "No, but when you have to get dressed before the husband comes home, you learn some shortcuts."


Jens glares at me but then laughs, "Ben I know better than that. I know for a fact you never dated a married woman."


I slap her ass and tease, "Oh yeah? I'm dating you aren't I?"


We hear the back door of the trailer open, come out of the bedroom and see Mira and Ira have already began to move the guns to a waiting van.


We run over, grab some weapons and help.


Johnny hops inside the trailer and says, "You guys need to clear all your stuff out of here in three days. We have another assignment and need to be on our way."


Jens says, "That's too bad, we were hoping we could use it at the cabin."


We have everything in the van, Johnny hands me the keys and says, "Thanks guys you were great."


I reply, "You guys were awesome too. Good hunting."


I climb into the van and start it up. We pull outside, I realize we're in Denver so I start to head toward Leadville.


Present – Thom – At the cabin


I get a call from Johnny and he says, "Thom, the handoff went great; they are in the van headed your way."


I exit my room and head toward the control room to inform Gretchen. I want her to get the drones flying again.


I still couldn't believe Ben, Jennifer and the twins: They really fucked up my plans and I was in hot water with TSIFFTS. They didn't like allocating a resource like the semi and trailer and then having it end so quickly.


I walk into the control room and announce, "They are headed back here in a white panel van."


Gretchen says, "No problem, I will put the drones on patrol then notify the front gate, the roving patrols and the sniper."


Yeah I had seriously beefed up security when they left and was glad now that I did. I thought of something and suggested, "You might want to call Jennifer and warn her about the new security measures and make sure she tells the twins about it. I don't want them going off half-cocked and killing anyone."


Gretchen says, "Sorry Thom, I can't do that. We ditched all their mobile phones because we weren't sure if the terrorists were using them to track them."


I swore, "Shit! Why didn't you tell me about this? Okay, I guess I will meet them at the gate."


It's cold out tonight, so I go to the garage, get in my car, drive through the front gate and wait for them on the road.


Present – Samantha and Stacy – Back at Stacy's offices


I'm in my room when my mobile phone rings, it's Liz so I ask, "Hey Liz what's up now?"


Liz says, "Sam, Ben and Jens will be in tonight and it might be good to do a report with them. Jens will be at the lunch tomorrow so perhaps you could kill two birds with one stone."


I question, "Liz, with the terrorists using my reports are you sure this is wise?"


Liz confides, "Yes Sam it is. From what I heard talking to them I think they have some choice things to say."


I ask, "Do you think Ben will be there?"


Liz says, "Sam, I don't think Jens is going anywhere without Ben and the twins. It would be a good chance to interview them all."


I reply, "Okay Liz, I sure don't want to cause them anymore troubles."


Liz says, "Sam they’re not running anymore so I don't think it will make any difference."


I hang up my phone and begin to work on the questions I want to ask them…


I was so glad that I had bluebugged1 Samantha's mobile phone. When she talked to Liz, her phone automatically connected to my mobile phone and I heard everything that was said. Now I had the information I needed to implement my plan. I took out a different 'burner' mobile phone and placed a phone call to…


1 Bluebugged - Bluebugging manipulates a target phone into compromising its security to create a backdoor attack before returning control of the phone to its owner. Once control of a phone has been established, it is used to call back the hacker who is then able to listen-in to conversations. The Bluebug program also has the capability to create a call forwarding application whereby the hacker receives calls intended for the target phone.


Yes, my new plan was proceeding better than I had hoped for. No, I was never going to attack Ben directly again, that was a huge mistake on my part. However his bitch was fair game, especially since my research turned up that she was an honest to God witch. Now it all made sense - she had bewitched my Ben!


Present – Ben, Jens and others – At the cabin


We approach the cabin and I say, "That looks like Thom's Crown Victoria in the road."


 Jens agrees, "Yes, I think that it is."


Ira commands, "Mr. Blaine to not approach any closer. We need to verify that Thom is in the vehicle."


Thom exits the vehicle and gives me the all clear sign then motions to me. I command, "Ira, that's Thom. He's provided the all clear signal and wants to talk."


Ira states, "Mr. Blaine, I will accompany you. Mira please keep Ms. Blaine under your protection."


We exit the van, walk toward Thom and he complains, "Damn you! You ruined a perfectly good plan."


I grin at him and say, "Thom, I'm not running from these fuckers anymore. Now why are you here?"


Thom begins to provide crucial information, "Ben, I'm letting you know that…"


Ira interrupts by pushing me to the side, trains her weapon on the hill and says, "Sniper on the hill."


Thom yells, "You stupid bitch! Don't fire! This is why I stopped you! Now we at all times have a sniper on the hill, roving patrols and four guards at the guard house."


Ira complains, "Thom, you will have to pay a price for the name you called me. And you are lucky that I did not remove the sniper on the hill."


Thom further complains, "Well, if you had mobile phones I could have called you but Gretchen destroyed them. By the way, the two teenage bitches finally stopped itching and returned here. I wasn't sure what you wanted done with them so they are sharing a room with Alexi."


Ira confronts Thom, "You let them share a room with our brother?"


Thom gives further explanation, "Not at first. I gave Zarika and Yasmeen their own rooms; Zarika lasted about a day until she moved in with Alexi then in two more days, Yasmeen joined them."


Ira complains, "Thom, do you know if Alexi is copulating with Yasmeen?"


Thom shrugs his shoulders and says, "Does it really matter how many of them he knocks up? It's cold as a well digger's ass out here, I'm heading back to the tunnels."


We walk back to the van, notice that Mira also has her PSG1 trained on the sniper on the hill and Ira states, "Mr. Blaine, Ira and I will work with the snipers to make sure they are not so obviously seen."


Then she commands, "Mira, Thom instituted more security measures and the sniper is one of them. Also the terrible teenagers are back and abide in Alexi's room."


Jens says, "Good, I want to have a talk with those two."


We climb into the van, follow Thom through the gate and I remark, "Damn! Thom has reinforced the gate further."


Jens says, "Ben, I was concerned when Mira bailed out of the van with her rifle."


I ask, "Jens, are you having second thoughts about our decision?"


Jens takes my hand and says, "Not now."


She points and I see Destiny, in her wolf form, pacing the van into our compound.


We pull into the garage following Thom who is already inside. We grab our weapons, prepare to take them to the weapons room and Ira says, "Mr. Blaine, Mira and I desire to keep the PSG1s with our corporeal selves."

Jens adds, "Ben, it's probably a good idea if we keep a rifle in our room too."


I agree, "You three are absolutely correct, Jens select your poison."


Mira queries, "Mr. Blaine, why would Ms. Blaine select poison at this time instead of a more suitable weapon?"


Jens explains, "Mira, select your poison means I get to choose the weapons."


Mira complains, "In this time of heightened risk, the cessation of stupid euphemisms would be preferable to a tragic misunderstanding."


I grin at Mira and say, "Mira, you and your cessation of euphemisms can take a flying fuck at a rolling donut."


Mira grins and taunts, "Mr. Blaine, I do not possess a training tool with which to violate a rolling pastry tire."


Jens wisely selects an M4 and a M10142 shotgun in their drag bags. She checks to make sure there's plenty of ammunition for each and says, "Ben, I want to stop by and see Liz before we head to our bedroom."


2 M1014 – an Italian semi-automatic shotgun manufactured by Bennelli.


Ira and Mira say, "We would also like to verify that Alexi is still healed and to see if Safia has downloaded the fetus yet."


I tell them, "Well, I need to see if I still fit into my Dress Blues so you three have fun."


I head into our bedroom as the other three take off…


I walk up to Liz's room, knock on the door and announce, "Liz, your maid of honor is here."


Liz flings the door open, hugs me and says, "Jens! You really came back."


I hug her in return and reply, "Of course I did. I told you I would be here and now I'm here."


We walk into the room and Liz tells me, "Jens, I know it's short notice, but we're meeting with the wedding planner tomorrow for lunch."


I smile at Liz and say, "Don't worry Liz, I will be there too. Where will the meeting be?"


Liz replies, "The wedding is at the Delmonico Hotel Ballroom and lunch is in their restaurant."


I tell Liz, "I have no idea what I'm wearing to the wedding."


Bernie walks over and replies, "Thanks Jens for being here and don't worry, the wedding designer has a beautiful dress for you."


I tease, "And what about Sharik? Does he have a pretty bow to wear?"


Bernie looks startled and apologizes, "Jens we didn't think that we would have animals in our wedding."


There's a frantic scratching at the door and I say, "I think Sharik finally knows I'm back. And don't worry Bernie, I was just teasing you."


Liz says, "Jens, Sharik was distraught over you leaving without him: He wouldn't eat, not even Mabel's food."


I open the door, Sharik bounds into the room then begins to jump up and down doing his little doggie dance. I sit on the floor and give him some love, then he lies down with his head on my lap and falls asleep.


I whisper, "Wow, he's really tired."


Liz complains, "Yeah, he's been howling almost all night, every night since you've been gone."


Then Liz teases (I can tell by the look in her eyes), "I'm not sure who loves you more, Sharik or Ben."


I laugh softly (so as not to wake Sharik) and say, "Liz, we both know that Ben loves me more. But… well… a good dog's love, like Sharik's, is unconditional."


Liz boldly says, "You know, I think men could learn something from dogs."


Bernie laughs and teases, "You mean like peeing on everything and digging up the houseplants."


Liz laughs, "I stand corrected."


I ask, "So what time are we leaving tomorrow?"


Liz says, "Jens, it's probably better if we take two vehicles and meet there."


I realize that Liz is concerned about the terrorists so I agree, "Yeah, you're probably right."


I get up, which wakens Sharik and we leave the room. Sharik dances his little doggie dance and I ask, "I heard you didn't eat, are you hungry?"


He takes off for the kitchen and I follow him…