Chapter 103

Together Chapter 103

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Present – Ben – In the bedroom trying on his dress blues


I sure as hell didn't think I'd need my dress blues this soon, but like a good Marine I made sure to pack them away correctly. Yeah, even though I hadn't been a Marine in years, the Corps’ training still stuck with me and of course with my wife Jens. The time I shared with her as a Marine was good, but was also too fucking short and I gave her too much shit about things. Yeah, she must really love me to put up with all the shit I dumped on her when we were Marines.


I remove my Dress Blues from the storage bag, begin to put them on and hells bells, they are a little loose on me. How in the fuck did I lose weight! Then it hits me: I fucking lost weight. Jens was a hell of a sex machine and I'd had more sex since I got married than I ever had in my life, well except for the crazy assed nurses in Iraq.


My dress blues fit well enough, at least I didn't need to take them in any. I carefully pack them back in the storage bag and put them into the closet. I pull the M4 out of the drag bag, put it in the scabbard on my side of the bed and filled the mag pouches with the extra mags. I put the M1014 in the scabbard on Jens side of the bed and loaded up four bandoleers with various shotgun rounds.


I change back into my BDUs, put my 1911 (in 10mm) on my hip and now I was ready.


Then I remember something, pick up the phone and Gretchen asks, "Do you need an outside line?"


I reply, "Yes, and I'd like it to be private."


Gretchen answers, "No problem, here you go."


I figure this is some sort of new security protocol like Thom told us about at the gate. I make a call to place the order and on hearing what I want the dealer at the other end asks, "Are you sure about this? This is going to cost a lot of money."


I laugh and tell him, "No problem, here's my charge card number. When I give him my name he interrupts."


"Hey I know you! I'm glad you told me your name because you get a Marine discount."


I thank him and ask, "Thanks for the discount. When do you think they will arrive?"


He pauses for a moment and says, "Probably a couple weeks - I will let you know if it will take longer. Do you have a mobile phone?"


That reminds me about Gretchen destroying ours so I say, "Not right now, but I will have one soon and I will call you with it. Until then use this land line number."


I hang up the call and decide I need to get a new mobile phone, so I wander to the control room. Gretchen is there and I ask, "When can I get a new mobile phone?"


She smiles and says, "It's good to have you back, here's one for you now."


She opens a drawer, pulls out a phone, hands it to me and I complain, "What sort of fucking dinosaur phone is this?"


Gretchen replies, "Ben, we can't use newer phones which use the Android operating system or have GPS transmitters in them. They are much too easy to hack and track."


I continue with the complaints, "Because this doesn't run Android, that means I can't install Shooter or Strelok on it."


Gretchen asks, "What are those programs and what do they do?"


I tell her, "They are programs that I use with my rifle that give me targeting information - like hold over and windage. They are essential to me."


Gretchen thinks for a moment and asks, "Can you use a tablet for the programs?"


I reply, "I could but they are bigger and bulkier - it was nice having the programs on my phone."


Gretchen continues the questions, "Can you use a phone without an internet connection?"


I reply, "I would need the internet occasionally; initially to download and install the programs and retrieve the data I have saved on the servers. After that I would only need it when I wanted to update the server information."


Jens walks into the control room and asks…


Present – Jens and others – In the control room


I can tell my Ben is upset about something, so Sharik and I walk up and I ask, "Ben, what's wrong?"


Ben holds up a brick mobile phone and complains, "Jens, these are supposed to be our new mobile phones and it's not going to work for me."


Gretchen requests, "Jens, can you please explain to Ben how easy it is to hack one of the newer Android phones."


I take Ben's hand and say, "She's right honey. The newer phones are easy to hack. We need to use these phones for now until the threat is over."


Gretchen suggests, "Ben, you could use a newer phone for your programs and then we could disable the GPS and internet connection."


Ben reluctantly agrees, "Okay, if that's what I have to do but I sure as fuck don't like it."


Mira and Ira walk in and Ira asks, "What is it that you do not like?"


I hold up the 'thing' that's supposed to be the phone and complain, "This is my fucking replacement mobile phone. It doesn't run Android so I can't install Shooter or Strelok."


Ira begins the complaint, "Gretchen, this is not acceptable. Those two programs are essential…"


Mira finishes, "…to our duties as body guards."


Jens suggests, "Gretchen, it looks like we need to find some sort of solution that will work for Ben, Ira and Mira."


Ben tosses the brick phone on the desk and says, "That's right, I'm not going to use this piece of shit phone."


Gretchen says, "Okay, you three have made your point. I will look into a phone which runs Android, supports those two applications, and can be secured."


Now that this crisis was averted, I ask Ben, "How did your dress blues fit?"


Ben grins at me and says, "Jens I can't believe it, they were loose."


I give Ben a strange look and declare, "Those Dress Blues were too tight at the wedding. How in the heck did you lose weight?"


Ben gives me an evil grin, leans close and whispers in my ear, "Jens, the only thing I can think of is that you fucked it off of me."


I pull back, begin to giggle and Mira asks, "Ms. Blaine, what has caused this display of mirth? Mr. Blaine's weight lose has been a concern for my sister and me."


I look at them and ask, "Did you notice that Ben had lost weight?"


Mira replies, "Most certainly, we would estimate the loss of about two kilograms."


I continue, "…And you didn't say anything about it?"


Ira states, "No Ms. Blaine, we assumed you also noticed his weight loss."


I feel like a fool, then Ben saves me, "My weight fluctuates all the time so a five pound loss is no big deal. But talking about this has made me hungry, is Mabel around?"


I reply, "Of course she is and has something which smells wonderful in the oven."


Ben says, "Good, I think I will go and raid the kitchen."


Ben leaves, Mira looks at me and admonishes, "Ms. Blaine, where is your sidearm?"


I tell Mira, "I haven't been to the room yet to pick it up."


Mira suggests, "Perhaps Ira and I will accompany you to the room to make sure you're properly armed."


I counter, "Girls, I can put a pistol on my hip as well as anyone can. Why don't you have a talk with Gretchen about the new security policies?"


Ira starts, "Ms. Blaine, please do not traverse this domicile without your pistol…


Mira finishes, "…otherwise we might have to give you a martial arts lesson."


Gretchen pipes up, "I would love some martial arts lessons."


I tell Gretchen, "I'm not sure you want them from the twins, they kicked my rear all over the mat and I was black and blue for a week. Plus, I had to give both of them manipeds."


The girls proudly hold up their hands and Ira taunts, "Yes it is close to time for another manicure and pedicure. Are you sure Ms. Blaine you do not wish a rematch?"


I deliver a challenge to them, "It seems to me that Ben kicked both your rears last time so why don't you ask him for a rematch. And if he wins this time, as I am sure he will, I want manipeds from you two as my reward."


Gretchen says with surprise, "Wow! Ben beat both of you? I thought you two were unbeatable."


Ira dismissively waves her hand and explains, "Mr. Blaine knows several styles of martial arts to which we had never been exposed. Now that we understand he knows Capoeira and Muay Tai, he will not so easily defeat us."


I taunt the girls, "Don't forget, Ben says he knows one more martial arts technique he's never shown you. I think you two are chicken."


Mira frowns and replies, "Ms. Blaine, why would you call us poultry?"


Gretchen explains, "Mira and Ira, calling someone chicken does not mean you are literally calling them 'a chicken'. It means that Jennifer feels you are too afraid to fight Ben again."


Mira shakes her head and complains, "The continued use of these euphemisms is going to be our death."


I giggle and tease, "Mira, you just used an euphemism yourself."


Mira counters, "I most certainly did not!"


Gretchen comes to my rescue, "Mira, you most certainly did when you implied that the continued use of euphemisms would kill you - that was an euphemism."


Mira grins and admits, "You know, perhaps I could see some value to the occasional use of euphemisms."


Ira complains, "Mira, do not become infatuated with their silly sayings."


Mira sticks her tongue out at Ira and says, "Ira I will say whatever I wish, there is nothing you can do about it."


Ira changes the subject and states, "Mira, we must check on Alexi."


I smile at the girls and advise, "Don't worry about it, Alexi is still fine. Why don't you go see him while Thom and I talk?"


Mira says, "Ms. Blaine, we cannot depart your presence until you acquire a sidearm."


Thom pulls a paddle holster from behind his back, hands it to me and says, "Does this make the two of you happy?"


Ira states, "We would prefer if it was a caliber greater than 9mm, however for now this will suffice. Come my sister, it is time to visit our brother."


The girls leave, I look at Thom and praise his work, "Thom, you've done a heck of a job while we were gone."


Thom replies, "Thanks, I usually asked myself many times a day WWJD?"


His statement confuses me and ask, "You asked What Would Jesus Do?"


Thom laughs and says, "Hell no, I asked What Would Jennifer Do."


I giggle and remark, "I wish more people would ask that."


Ben walks back into the control and says, "Ask what?"


I reply, "WWJD."


Ben looks confused until I provide the translation, "What Would Jennifer Do?"


Ben teases, "Jennifer would do as much do as a Jennifer could do, if a Jennifer could do do."


I pout a little and complain, "Hey, I'm not a woodchuck!"


Ben hugs me and says, "That's right, you're my wife."


I hug him back and continue, "Ben, what would you think of making Thom our new head of security."


Ben affirms my feelings when he says, "He's done a hell of a job here already and we do need a new head of security since I fired the old one. I guess the question is can he work with the twins."


Thom assures us, "Oh yeah, I can stay out of their way."


I giggle, Ben laughs and I say, "That's one of the most important parts of working with them. Thom, you're hired."


Present – Thom – In the control room


Well, that was easier than I ever dreamed it would be. I didn't really get the job I wanted, I really wanted to be Jennifer's assistant. But the head of security was a great job and meant I could go to town on the security for this place. The old head of security didn't know what the fuck he was doing and left this place mostly wide open (security wise). I had tightened it down some and had plans to do even more.


I ask Ben, "Am I free to hire anyone I want?"


Ben replies, "Within reason."


Jennifer adds, "I don't want you to hire Susan back because that was a terrible situation."


That was something I considered, but it was good to know it was off the table. I ask, "How would you feel if I hired Inga?"


Ben replies, "I don't have a problem with that, do you my love?"


Jennifer adds, "I think that would be a good thing, if you can talk her into it. I've heard she really likes working at the restaurant owned by the bitch who shot Ben."


I remind her, "You mean the bitch whose nose I bloodied?"


Jennifer laughs, "Yeah that's the one."


Ben asks, "Who the hell are you two talking about?"


Jennifer explains how I punched Stacy in the nose to Ben while I take off to call Inga.


Present – Samantha and Stacy – Back at Stacy's offices


My phone rings, I check and note it's Liz. I answer and ask, "What can I do for you?"


Liz replies, "Sam, Ben and Jennifer are back. I thought you might want to come here and do a report on them."


I cautiously (because I know the terrorists watch my reports) reply, "Liz, are you sure about this?"


Liz replies, "Hell yes Sam! You can't stop reporting on them because of the terrorists. Besides, I think that they have some choice words for the terrorists."


I reply, "Let me round up John and we will be right over."


Liz says, "Okay Sam, I will call the gate and let them know you're coming."


I wasn't sure what she meant with her last statement. I left my room to find John and then a van…


Once again my bluebugging of Sam's phone paid off. So Ben and his bitch were finally back at the tunnels/cabin. I took a different burner mobile phone, made some calls and then destroyed the phone - just like the previous one…


John, Vic and I take a van toward the Blaine's cabin and I say, "I've heard the security is higher than before so be ready for anything."


Vic replies, "Ms. Stevens, if I had my way we wouldn't even be going to the cabin. I think it's too great a danger."


I counter, "Vic, even though it might be a danger, I still need to do my job."


Vic counters, "You do realize the terrorists use your reports to garner information on the Blaine's?"


I reply, "From what I understand Ben is ready to take the fight to them."


Vic shakes his head and replies, "Ms. Stevens, he might be playing right into their hands."


I state, "Vic, we will have to see what Ben and Jennifer say."


We arrive at the gate and are met by the guards and a drone. Vic notices, "There's a sniper on the hill."


I hold Vic in check, "I’m sure it's part of the new security protocol."


Vic complains, "Well the sniper is too exposed to be of any great benefit."


The security guard approaches the car and declares, "State your business."


I reply, "Samantha Stevens, her bodyguard and camera man to interview the Blaines. Liz should have informed you of our arrival."


The security guard replies, "Yes, we have been notified. However we still need everyone to exit the vehicle while it is examined."


We exit the vehicle, the security guard notices Vic's weapons and orders, "Sir, no unauthorized weapons are allowed in the compound, please relinquish your weapons to us."


Vic begins to complain and I order, "Vic, please comply with the safety procedures."


Vic begins to give his weapons to the security guard, then all hell breaks loose! A car rounds the corner, the machine gun in the bunker at the front gate begins to fire at it, the sniper begins to fire, while Vic tosses me to the ground and begins to fire at the vehicle. The next thing I know there's a big fucking explosion and our van has been destroyed in a fireball."


I pick myself up off the ground and John says, "Sam, we got some great video of the terrorists. We will let you do the voice over later."


I…I…I… ask, "What the hell happened?"


Vic says, "It was a terrorist car bomb attack and we're lucky we weren't in the van."


I reply, "Then van is… is… is… gone!"


Vic hugs me and replies, "That's right, the car bomb rammed into the van and destroyed it when it detonated."


I mention, "That's twice they've attacked the cabin with a car bomb."


Vic quickly replies, "And unfortunately it's not going to be the last time."


We hear a diesel motor start and the security guard apologizes, "Sorry Ms. Summers, we need to move the van and car away from the entrance to the cabin."


A huge caterpillar comes from behind the block house and pushes the van and car away from the gate. It backs up, they close the gate and the caterpillar moves forward and places it's blade against the gate.


Vic says, "That's one wise move, now no one will get through that gate."


I ask, "How are we getting to the cabin?"


An old police car drives up, Thom exits from it, grins at us and comments, "I thought you might need a ride."


We climb into the back, Vic takes the front and Thom complains, "Sir, you need to leave those weapons in my car."


Vic begins to argue and I interrupt, "Vic, this is the rule here now and you will comply."


Vic once again mutters, Well, I've still got my hands."


Thom laughs and says, "And Ben and Jennifer have the Angels of Death for their body guards, I would love to see you and them have a martial arts competition."


Vic surprises me when he backs down, "No thanks, I've run into them before…"


Shit the stupid terrorists who I called about the bitch came closer to killing my BFF Samantha than anyone else. I decided I needed to make some more calls and hopefully get better quality terrorists here to take care of the bitch. Then, with the little bitch prevented from bewitching my Ben, I could take her place.