Chapter 104

Together Chapter 104

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Flashback – Masha – The night


After the discussion with Louise about attending school, she yawned and said, "Masha, I'm tired and I need to wake up early tomorrow."


I asked, "Louise, why is that?"


Louise giggled and said, "I guess you forgot - tomorrow is moving day."


I gasped and confessed, "I totally forgot about that. What time are you starting?"


Louise said, "Michael is going to be here with a truck at 7:30 sharp."


I inquired, "Where did he get a truck?"


Louise replied, "He rented it from a local hardware store."


I said, "Then we need to go to sleep now so I can make breakfast for everyone."


Louise said, "Masha, I'm not sure that Michael will eat your breakfast. I sort of told him about your crusade against sugar and he said he was going to get his sugar fix before he showed up."


I smiled and replied, "Michael could probably get more benefit from removing sugar from his diet than anyone else."


Louise asked, "Why's that Auntie Masha?"


I smiled at her and explained, "He's overweight and I think he has some health problems."


Louise said, "Well I'm heading to bed - this is the last night of sharing a bed."


We went into the bedroom. Louise and Linda went into the bathroom first, then I went to the bathroom and they were fast asleep when I climbed into bed.


Flashback – Ben – The Stryker mission continued


I saw some movement that I didn't like and announced, "It looks like we have some towelheads moving into range."


I was just getting ready to fire when a helicopter gunship came around the corner of a building and lit the fuckers up. It then flew patrol over the site to make sure we were clear. The main agent came out of the Stryker and asked, "How are things going?"


I replied, "From what I saw, this isn't going to be a walk in the park for Michael. I'm sure he's taking his time digging up the vest. If I were you I would stay inside the Stryker."


The agent provided more information, "We have a new Stryker coming and it should be here in about an hour. Do you feel we will be safe until then?"


I replied with disgust, "I can't promise you anything with these mercs responsible for protection."


The agent asked, "What do you need to make sure the area is secure until the next Stryker arrives?"


I waved my hand toward the mercs and said, "I'd love to replace these worthless fuckers with some of my Marines."


The agent asked, "Could we get them here safely?"


I replied, "If the gunship kept the towelheads busy we should be fine."


The agent asked, "How many of your Marines would you need here?"


I surveyed the area and said, "Another five would be great; make sure they are fully loaded and several should have M203s on their rifles."


Michael strolled up and said, "Other than loading the suicide vest into a EOD transport container my work here is done. By the way, that fucking gunship about did me in. Next time a warning would be nice."


The agent said, "Shit, I didn't know you would need an EOD trailer. I didn't ask for one with the new Stryker that's coming."


Michael said, "There's no way I'm moving the vest without one, so get one here."


The agent swore, "Shit! That means it will be closer to two or three hours before we can leave. Let me go make some calls."


I noticed the look in Michael's eyes and asked, "So this was a real son of a bitch?"


Michael looked at me and replied, "That's putting it mildly. The guy that built this was a fucking genius. I would love to meet him."


I smiled at Michael and offered, "You might just get your wish because unless something has happened to him he's over there in the hospital."


Michael rubbed his hands together, motioned to me to head into the Stryker where I yelled at the mercs, "Keep your fucking eyes open, I will be right back."


I followed Michael into the destroyed Stryker as the main agent said, "Perfect timing Sgt., this is for you."


I pick up the mic and George asked, "Banzai, I hear you need five men to help establish a perimeter. When can I send them to you?"


I replied, "Sir, wait a moment."


I looked at the main agent and asked, "Michael would like to talk with the prisoner. I was thinking of taking him to the hospital and leading my men back here."


The agent's face showed concern (which it should since he was protected by the worthless mercs) and he asked, "Will we be safe until you get back?"


I suggested, "Get the gunship to patrol the area and you should be fine. If the shit really hits the fan, lock up the Stryker and wait for us to arrive."


The main agent suggested an alternative, "How about you get your Marines in place before you and Michael head to the hospital?"


I grinned at the agent and sarcastically asked, "What's wrong? Don’t you trust your mercenaries?"


The agent confessed, "Of course we don't - not after what they let happen to this Stryker. It's going to be hell justifying the loss of the Stryker to our bosses."


I laughed and said, "So you're going to throw the mercs under the bus and let them take the blame."


The agent asked, "How did you know?"


I replied, "You've forgotten that some of your compatriots tried that with me and my spotter."


I picked up the mic and replied to George, "Sorry Sir to keep you waiting. We're going to have the gunship fly cover. Once it starts, get our sniper team going and send me five damn good Marines. Once we set up a good perimeter, I will be bringing a EOD expert to the hospital because he wants to talk to the prisoner."


George asked, "Are you planning on staying when you come back?"


I replied, 'Negative Sir! I need to be onsite until the new Stryker arrives and the suicide vest gets loaded into a EOD transport trailer."


George didn't give me any shit, he simply replied, "I understand Sgt."


I handed the mic to the agent and said, "Get the gunship moving."


The gunship started flying patrols and firing at I don't know what. I stepped out of the Stryker and saw five of my Marines haul ass, in a zig-zag pattern toward the Stryker while my sniper team began to light things up.


My Marines arrived, I ordered, "The new Stryker won't be here for several hours. We need establish a defendable perimeter to keep the towelheads from getting to us."


One of the Marines asked, "What about the mercenaries?"


I commended, "Good eyes, Marine! The mercs are worthless so don't count on them for anything substantial."


I deployed my Marines, and like I assumed would happen, the mercs wandered back into the Stryker.


I looked at the lead agent and asked, "Any problem with me taking Michael to see the prisoner?"


He said, "No problems now."


I looked at all the mercs, found one close in size to Michael and ordered, "Strip out of your tactical gear and give it to Michael."


He began to complain until the main agent said, "You heard the order."


He complied with the agents order. I helped Michael out of his EOD suit and into the newly liberated tactical gear. I checked it and swore, "You sons of a bitches didn't put plates in your plate carriers? Are you fucking crazy?"


The lead merc replied, "We almost never do that, we find it slows us up too much."


I shook my head, pulled the extra pair of plates out of my tactical vest, loaded them into Michael's tactical vest and he asked, "Banzai, won't you need these?"


 The stupid merc commented, "You wear two plates in your tactical vest, you must get shot all the time."


I replied to Michael and then the idiot, "Thanks Michael, I don't have any plans for getting shot so I don't need these." Then I glared at the merc and said, "I can't remember the last time I was shot, but if I am I want to be alive to return fire."


I handed the mic to the main agent and asked, "How about getting the gunship to make another run."


He called in the gunship, we heard it firing and I ordered Michael, "Make sure you stay right on my six, zig when I zig and zag when I zag."


Michael replied, "Don't worry Banzai, I was once an active Marine."


We hauled ass toward the hospital - it made my heart feel good to hear my sniper team covering us…


Flashback – Jack – Convincing Colonel Maggie


I spent some time in thought about the best way to handle getting Tod deployed with me, and I knew what I needed to do. My back still hurt but I wasn't sure if it was from the surgery or the injury from the plane. Either way I needed to suck it up and get my ass and Tod's ass to the hospital and check with a couple doctors and some nurses. Then I came up with another idea that should justify my trip to the hospital.


I walked into Colonel Maggie's office. After her aide announced me I said, "Sir! I formally request a return to my previous post with Banzai at the hospital."


Colonel Maggie didn't even look up and said, "Formal request denied."


So I began to argue my case, "Sir, I'm feeling much better…"


She interrupted, "…What about Tod?"


I replied, "Sir, the best way to train Tod is to take him with me to the hospital."


She looked up, thought for a moment and said, "Sgt., I like that idea."


I added fuel to my request, "Sir, I've wondered what the hell we're doing with a hospital out there when we aren't staffing it with doctors and nurses."


She tapped a pencil on her desk and agreed, "Sgt. I can tell you've put some thought into this. The hospital should have at least two doctors and four or five nurses. It still looks like you have something else on your mind?"


I finally dropped my last idea, "Sir, I could take the reenlistment papers for Sgt. Blaine with me and have him sign them. Because you never know when he might change his mind."


Colonel Maggie smiled and said, "Sgt. that's a hell of a justification. I do have concerns about your back surgery. Is it healed enough for you to get back into the field?"


I made sure to take a one of Banzai's pain pill thirty minutes before coming into her office. I bent over, touched my toes and replied, "I'm not one hundred percent, but I'm certainly well enough to be back in action. Besides with the doctors at the hospital, if I have any problems they can take care of me."


She looked at me and replied, "Sgt. Reynolds, I like these ideas. If you can get approval from the medical staff here, you're headed back."


I replied, "Thank you Sir! I will get approval today."


I left her office and now I needed to find a doctor I could BS.


Flashback – Jennifer – At home


I announced, "Since nothing's going on down here, I'm headed to my room."


Daniela offered, "Señorita Jennifer, I have more food if you are still hungry."


I thought for a few moments about accepting the offer just to irritate Daddy, but I had this strange feeling that I needed to get to my room so I said, "Not right now, I'm not hungry any longer."


Daddy still complained, "I would hope not!"


I taunted him and smiled, "However, later I might want something else to eat."


I left for my room as Daddy complained about me eating him out of house and home. Daniela didn't understand the phrase so Daddy tried to explain it to her.


I walked into my room, locked the door and then jumped with surprise. There, flying around, close to the ceiling on a broom and cackling was a miniature Grandmother!


Once I settled down from the surprise I asked, "Grandmother, what are you doing?"


Grandmother stopped, landed on the floor, grew to her normal size and said, "I liked the answer you gave Glen about the broom so I thought I would surprise you."


I hugged Grandmother and said, Thank you for always being so encouraging. Someday I hope I'm half the witch you are."


Grandmother said, "My love, that's why I'm here. You need to begin your training."


I asked, "Will I get a magic wand like Glenda the good witch?"


Grandmother laughed and said, "Jennifer, do not believe all that you see in TV and on the movies about witches - we don't carry magic wands. But I do want to caution you about your housekeeper since she is a firm believer in witches and if she even thinks that you’re a witch it will be a bad thing."


I apologized, "Sorry Grandmother, I already told her mother said I was a witch. But she laughed about it like it was a joke."


Grandmother said, "Yes my love, I saw it so don't worry, but also don't encourage her anymore. And we need to slow down on the healings otherwise Daniela will become suspicious."


I reminded Grandmother, "You said it was time for my training? How will I do this?"


Grandmother waved her hands and a big, old book appeared. She handed it to me and said, "Now move your hands like I did."


I waved my hands and the book disappeared. I waved them again and it reappeared. I remarked, "This is cool! So this will teach me what I can and cannot do?"


Grandmother took my hands and said, "Yes my love it will, however do not ever leave the book exposed. Always make sure you hide it before leaving the room or letting anyone into your room. I am sure you will have many questions so I will be back many times to help you with those questions."


Grandmother left, I waved my hands like her, the book appeared and I began to read. The first chapters were the history of our family and I was shocked when I found out that some of my relatives were killed in the Salam Witch trials…


Flashback – Alexi – Fishing


'Father' was extremely quiet on the way home so I asked, "'Father', why are you so quiet?"


He replied, "Alexi, I've been thinking about this fishing class and I'm not sure it's a good idea for us to attend."


I pouted and asked, "Why not 'father', it seems like an excellent recreational activity for us."


'Father' confessed, "Alexi, I really did not have a very good time today. The thought of doing it every Saturday for I don't know how many weeks sort of makes me sick."


Dejected, I said, "Okay 'father' it was just a new thing that we were doing together and it totally took my mind off 'mother' and Chow Mein."


I couldn't believe it when 'father' suggested, "Alexi, would you like to see your mother?"


Even though I hated the laboratory, it had been a part of my life for so long I still missed it a little so I replied, "Yes 'father' that would be nice. Perhaps she is better and can come home with us."


'Father' reiterated, "Alexi, do not get your hopes up because I do not think she will ever come back to the house."


Instead of going home, 'father' drove to the laboratory. When we walked in I was shocked…


Flashback – Ira and Mira – continuing


My inner accoutrements were dry and as I began to place them on my corporeal self, Mira complained, "Ira how did your accoutrements dry so rapidly?"


I explained, "The arrangement of my accoutrements was superior to yours, which aided in the speed of their drying."


Mira continued with her complaints, "Ira, my neither regions are cold."


I went to her accoutrements, rearranged them and said, "Soon you will be able to replace your accoutrements. Then your nether regions should be warmed."  


Mira smiled at me and said, "Thank you my sister, what would I do without you?"


I laughed and replied, "You would probably freeze your nether regions."


Mira began to search the pockets of her outer accoutrements, pulled out a bag and said, "Ira, I have found something."


I walked over, examined it and stated, "Yes Mira, you have discovered cannabis."


Mira postulated, "Perhaps this is why the troops are so inept."


I suggested, "Mira, perhaps we could use this cannabis you discovered as enticement in a trap."


Mira affirmed, "Yes Ira you are correct, it should make excellent bait."


We began to devise a trap to be used with the cannabis…


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


Roberto brought enough food to choke several horses. Even though it was excellent, I became full and pushed my plate away. Roberto asked, "Didn't you like the food?"


I smiled and signed while Maria translated, "Todd says he is full and suggests we save the rest of the food in the refrigerator for tonight."


Gail then signed, "I don't believe it but I'm full too."


Maria said, "Thanks Roberto, I will put the rest of the food in the refrigerator and then we can go shopping."


I signed, "Could we stop by the bank first so I can withdraw more money?"


Roberto said, "Sure, no problem at all. I just hope that shopping for furniture for this house won't be as bad as clothes shopping was."


I laughed and said, "Same here, but since I'm along I'm sure it won't be."


We headed out to the car, drove to the bank and then I discovered that furniture shopping was as every bit as bad as clothes shopping had been…