Chapter 105

Together Chapter 105

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Present – Thom and Samantha – Driving Vic and the news crew to the tunnels


Shit! I was hoping that Victor would take me up on a martial arts fight with the twins since I would love to see him get his ass kicked since he was such a RPITA. But he said he had fought them before, then I remembered where he had a run in with Ira: It was when Stacy shot Ben so I taunt, "Yeah, Ira really kicked your ass when Stacy shot Ben, you're lucky she didn't kill you."


Vic grumbles, "It was fortunate I didn't kill her."


I laugh and continue the taunts, "Yeah right, if you knew how many people have tried to kill them through the years, you'd realize how lucky you were. Neither of them are known for their restraint."


He declares, "They should be shipped the fuck back to what-ever-stan they came from. All those 'stan' countries are shitholes."


I have him going now and with my guidance he is going to cook his own fucking goose. I add some fuel to keep his fire going when I laugh and say, "You mean Kazakhstan? Unfortunately there's no way anyone can touch them since they have diplomatic passports."


Vic replies, "Typical communist ploy - give their spies diplomatic immunity."


I laugh, "Man are you out of touch! Kazakhstan is now a republic and is rich as hell because of all the oil, natural gas and mineral deposits. Besides, the women from Kazakhstan are said to be the most beautiful women in Central Asia…"


Thom has Vic all worked up and I'm not sure why but I've let it go on long enough so I step in, "Vic and Thom, stop behaving like little boys and professionally do your jobs."


Thom laughs and Vic apologizes, "Sorry Ms. Stevens, Thom and I got off on the wrong foot…"


Thom interrupts, "…And since then Vic has been putting that foot in his mouth. He doesn't realize that all conversations in this car are monitored by the control room in the cabin. With his insults of Kazakhstan, it should be interesting when Ira and Mira meet us at the entrance to the tunnels."


I say, "Don't worry Vic, I will make sure they leave you alone. I do have some pull with Ben and Jennifer."


We arrive in the garage, the car is surrounded by security and Thom orders, "All weapons need to stay in the vehicle."


Vic grumbles but leaves his guns and knife in Thom's car. We exit the vehicle and Thom says, "Now we need to do a quick search of the three of you. He motions to Mira and asks, "Will you please check Samantha?"


I am thankful that it isn't a man who searches me because she searches everywhere (yes even there!), it was much worse than a TSA search at an airport. I was thankful that Thom, and not Mira or Ira searched Vic, but was upset when Thom discovered a hidden knife on Vic. Thom motions to his guards and orders, "Put him in the holding cell until we return."


Vic says, "Sorry I forgot about that, can't you give me a break?"


Thom is being a hard ass and states, "After the way you treated me at the restaurant? It doesn't matter, you've broken the rules so now you don't get access to the tunnels."


Vic is placed into a holding cell while we are escorted inside.


Thom says, "Samantha, please make sure your report doesn't contain anything about our new security measures. We're still trying to figure out how the terrorists determined Ben and Jennifer are back and mounted the car bomb attack on the front gate."


We walk through the tunnels, pass through a device that looks like a metal detector and it goes crazy. Thom says, "One of you must be carrying a mobile phone?"


Gretchen runs up and demands, "Who has the mobile phone?"


I pull mine out of my purse and confess, "Sorry, I didn't know I couldn't bring this with me. Please don't lock me in the holding cell."


Gretchen scolds Thom, "Thom, you didn't explain the rules to them!"


Thom says, "Sorry, after I found the knife on Samantha's body guard I was distracted."


Gretchen looks at my phone and says, "Samantha, something doesn't seem to be quite right with your phone."


I ask, "What do you mean?"


Gretchen replies, "Well, it looks like it's trying to connect to another phone." Then Gretchen orders, "Let's head to the Faraday cage with this."


We begin to walk toward the control room and I ask, "What's a Faraday cage?"


Gretchen explains, "It's a room that's covered either in wire mesh or copper that isolates all incoming and outgoing signals. If your phone has been hacked, we can't be too careful."


We head into a wire mesh room and Gretchen begins to examine my phone, and says, "Well, I think we've discovered how the terrorists knew about Ben and Jennifer being back. This phone has been blue-bugged."


I ask, "What does that mean?"


Gretchen informs me, "It means that someone else was listening to every call you made on this phone."


Thom asks, "Can we figure out the number it was calling?"


Gretchen answers, "Unfortunately not."


Ben and Jennifer walk into the control room, see us in the Faraday cage and Jennifer asks, "Gretchen, is there a problem?"


Gretchen replies, "Yeah, someone blue-bugged Samantha's phone; that's how the terrorists knew you were back."


Jennifer suggests, "Gretchen, can you clone her phone so we can look at the program to figure out who did it?"


Gretchen answers, "Jennifer, I don't think that will work with her phone. The best thing to do is to destroy this phone and give her a new one."


Jennifer looks at Ben and comments, "Ben, see how easy it is to hack one of the newer phones."


Ben says, "Thanks Gretchen for finding this, but I didn't think we allowed mobile phones into the tunnels."


Thom confesses, "That's my fault. I found a knife on her bodyguard and was distracted by that. It won't happen again."


Ben asks, "Where's Samantha's body guard?"


Thom replies, "He's outside in the holding cell."


Ben orders, "Thom, let him out of the holding cell, check him for mobile phones and bring him in here. It's too damn cold to hold anyone outside."


Thom leaves and I ask, "Where would you like to do your interview?"


Jennifer states, "Well, certainly not here, how about our bedroom."


Ben reminds her, "Jens my love are you forgetting we're having some work done in our bedroom?"


Jennifer giggles and says, "Oh yeah I did forget about that."


I ask with a little sarcasm, "What sort of work are you having done to your bedroom, a bullet proof door?"


Jennifer blushes and Ben says, "No, Jens liked the mirrors on the ceiling in the place we were staying so much, we had to add some to our bedroom."


Jennifer still blushing suggests, "How about the meeting room."


Ira states, "Yes, that would be superior to your bedroom domicile."


I ask Gretchen, "What about my mobile phone?"


Gretchen shakes her head and says, "Sorry, it's not leaving the Faraday cage. Talk to Liz about getting you a new one."


We move into the main meeting room, John sets up the camera and I begin my interview.


"Good Day America, this is Samantha Stevens with the Truth network interviewing Ben and Jennifer Blaine. They have recently returned from what we found out was a self-imposed exile. Would you please tell America, what prompted your return?"


Ben looks at the camera and replies, "Yeah, I will tell you. I got tired of running from the terrorist fuckers."


Jennifer leans over and suggests, "Ben try not to swear, they will just have to bleep out the swear words."


Ben apologizes, "Sorry about that, I think I can get through this without swearing. Can we start over again?"


Of course we can so I repeat, "Good Day America, this is Samantha Stevens with the Truth network interviewing Ben and Jennifer Blaine. They have recently returned from what we found out was a self-imposed exile. Would you please tell America, what prompted your return?"


Ben smiles at the camera and replies, "Yes I will tell you why we are back. I fought these terrorists in multiple countries and I'm not about to let them chase us from our home here in America."


I ask, "So where were you on your exile?"


Jennifer answers, "Sorry Samantha, but we can't reveal our whereabouts on the exile."


I continue, "Aren't you worried that the terrorists will attack you again?"


Ben replies, "You mean like they already tried this morning with the car bomb at the front gate? I welcome the chance to kick their…"


Jennifer covers Ben's mouth and interrupts, "…Derrieres."


Ben hugs her and says, "Thanks my wife. Like I was saying I welcome the chance to kick their rears back to the hell they crawled out of."


Then Ben asks, "Samantha, how much do you know about the Muslim religion?"


I confess, "Just a little."


Ben continues, "The Muslim religion was founded by the prophet Muhammed who the Muslims say is the last prophet sent by God to the world. Did you know he was a pedophile?"


I remarked, "I didn't know that."


Ben resumes, "That's right, he married a six year old girl and consummated the marriage when she was eleven."


In a shocked voice I say, "Eleven years old!"


Ben continues, "Yes, there are many writings which prove this fact. But the worst thing about this so called 'Religion of Peace' is that it's not peaceful at all. There are over 100 verses in the Koran that instruct the Muslims to kill the Infidels. Here are a few of them."


Ben pulls up a well-worn Quran and I comment, "It looks like you've used that Quran some."


Ben smiled at the camera and replied, "Yes I have. I had this with me in Iraq and studied it. It's important to know your enemies."


Ben flips it open and reads, "Quran (2:244) - "Then fight in the cause of Allah, and know that Allah Heareth and knoweth all things:


Quran (2:216) "Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knoweth, and ye know not.


I could continue on with all the verses, but it's more important that we get out our message."


Jennifer says, "That's right and our message, unlike the message of the Quran is a message of hope…"


Ben interrupts, "…That's right! We're done running from these…"


Jennifer covers Ben's mouth again to keep him from swearing and interrupts, "…followers of a false God."


Ben hugs Jennifer and continues, "We're done running from them and we will gladly send them to their Godless hell…"


Jennifer adds, "Because the reality is that there aren't any seventy two virgins waiting for them. All that's waiting for them is eternal torment in the fires of hell."


I am practically shocked, quickly regain my composure and ask, "Aren't you worried you or your friends will be killed?"


They kiss each other and Jennifer says, "No we're not. I know for a fact we won't be killed, and neither will our friends."


I ask, "How could you possibly know that?"


Ben replies, "Because God has a plan for us and the plan isn't yet complete."


Jens laughs and adds a famous line from The Blues Brothers, "Yeah, we're on a mission from God!"


Before I can react, Ira walks into the interview, holds up a bullet and states, "I am one of the Blaine's body guards." Mira walks in from the other side and hold up what appears to be another bullet and says, "I am the other body guard for the Blaine's. Many know us as the Angels of Death. The bullets which we are displaying, as every bullet which we will use, have been coated with the blood of pigs."


Ira finishes, "So any Muslim who is killed by our bullets will be unclean and cannot enter their heaven."


I ask, "It sounds like you've declared war on the terrorists."


Jennifer affirms, "That's right we have declared war on the terrorists. Ben do you have anything else to say?"


Ben says, "Nothing at all."


I conclude the interview, "There you have it America. Ben and Jennifer are not only back, they have declared war on the terrorists."


John kills the camera, I look at them and ask, "Do you really want me to air this report?"


They both look at each other smile at me and Jennifer answers, "Yes we do, we are serious."


Vic walks up to me and suggests, "Ms. Stevens we need to leave as soon as possible."


I ask, "Why is that?"


Vic says, "What they have said will be like kicking a hornet's nest. Every terrorist in the country is going to be angry as hell and coming for them."


Liz arrives and says, "Good job as always Samantha."


I ask, "Are we still on for tomorrow?"


Liz smiles and says, "Of course we are, why do you ask?"


I reply, "Aren't you worried about what the terrorists will do?"


Liz points toward Mira and Ira and says, "Not with those two watching our backs I'm not."


I remember our earlier problems and comment, "Liz, Gretchen discovered my mobile phone had been hacked and that was how the terrorists were getting information on Ben and Jennifer."


Liz said, "Sam, you need to be more careful with your mobile phone. Go buy a new one and let the network pay for it. And this time make sure you don't let anyone borrow it."


Liz leaves and I begin to think about what she said: The only person I let borrow my phone was Stacy! Surely she couldn't still be after Ben…


Present – Stacy and Samantha – at Stacy's office and the castle


My mobile connection to Samantha's phone was gone, I guess the tunnels blocked it or they discovered I had blue-bugged her phone. I wasn't worried, if Samantha got a new phone it was easy enough to blue-bug it.


I still couldn't believe that the bitch was a witch and came from a long line of witches. It was too bad that people stopped believing in witches, otherwise I could use that as ammunition against her. Then I came up with an idea that should shake up the bitch, I call Bill and ask, "Could we meet in the office?"


He replies, "Sure, give me a couple minutes. By the way, one of our vans was destroyed at the cabin by terrorists."


Even though I know all about it, I pretend, "No I didn't know that! Was anyone injured or killed."


Bill says, "Thank God no, but this whole terrorist situation is getting out of hand. I would like to talk with you about it when we meet."


I reply, "No problem, I'll see you in a few minutes."


Bill finally shows up to the office, and I command, "Close the door and turn on the sound masking." Yeah we had white noise sound masking installed in my office.


Bill turns on the masking and I ask, "Do we still have the bodies?"


Bill replies, "Of course we do, I was wondering what we were going to do with them."


I smile at him and reply, "I think it's time we return them to their rightful owners."


Bill asks, "You want me to bring them here and leave them at the cabin? With the increase in security, that's a suicide mission. I would surely be apprehended."


I continue, "What would happen if we made sure to clean any possible evidence that implicates us where they are presently located and let them be discovered there."


Bill thinks for a moment and suggests, "Ms. Summers, we really can't let the cold storage containers be taken since they point directly to us. Perhaps it would be better if we remove them from the containers and place them somewhere that they will be found."


I smile at Bill and say, "I like that idea even better. We just need to make sure that nothing will ever point to us."


Bill replies, "No problem, I know exactly what to do. Now can we discuss…"


I stop Bill and say, "Look it's a report from Samantha. Let's listen to it."


We listen to the report and Bill shakes his head several times during the broadcast. When it's finished Bill says, "Stacy, now things are worse than ever. I have real concerns about moving our base of operations here and with letting Samantha live here. Every terrorist in the country is going to be going after Ben and…"


I interrupt, "…Don't you dare call her anything other than a bitch."


Bill complains, "Ms. Summers, I thought you were over Ben and his bitch."


I toss a report to him and reply, "I was until I found out the bitch is a witch. That's how she keeps control over Ben."


Bill says, "I will look at this later, right now we need to discuss security for our employees here and the brewery."


I ask, "What are your suggestions?"


Bill replies, "We should hire more security forces and place them in strategic locations, close down the restaurant which was opened in the brewery and increase the monitoring with the cameras that we installed."


I reply, "Hire as many men as you feel that you need and deploy them as you see fit. Now this solves the restaurant problem but it won't make Inga happy. Please tell her and the chef why we are making the decision and let them know if things ever get back to normal we will reconsider the expanded restaurant. Work with the Sheriff to see about adding more security cameras that provide coverage of our employee's houses and ask him if he needs to increase his staff. And there's no way I'm kicking Samantha out - figure out how much of a target she is and if necessary hire some more body guards for her. While I'm thinking about it, how are things coming on her castle?  Finally, other than for Inga and the chef, let's keep this all as quiet as possible."


Bill replies, "The exterior and the lower rooms of the castle are finished and ready to be occupied…"


I interrupt, "… Bill, Samantha had some crazy drawings about putting a moat around her castle. Take a look at them and see if they can be incorporated as a method of protection."


Bill says, "That might be and excellent idea, I will take a look at them and figure out the cost."


I state, "Bill if it's for our security, and I say our security because I'm moving into the castle with her, then don't worry about the cost."


Bill replies, "Yes Ms. Summers that might be a wise idea because I could station guards at the top of the towers."


He hands me the keys to the castle and asks, "Which project would you like me to start on first?"


I smile at Bill and say, "The bodies first and then the restaurant and finally the moat around the castle."


Bill states, "Ms. Summers, I will be unavailable for some hours."


Vic and Samantha walk into the office, overhear that Bill is leaving and Vic offers, "Don't worry Bill, I'll be here."


Bill smiles and says, "Good, now I feel much better."


Bill leaves, I look at Samantha and comment, "That was some report you did. I heard we lost a van at the cabin."


Samantha says, "Yeah, sorry about that, I will see that it's replaced. That was probably the scariest news report I ever did."


I say, "Don't worry about the van, so were they serious about fighting the terrorists?"


Vic replies, "Yes Ms. Summers they were, that's why I got Ms. Stevens out of there as fast as possible."


I smile at Vic and praise, "That was good thinking, I'm so glad that Samantha hired you. I do hope that the Truth Network is treating you well."


Vic replies, "Yes Ms. Summers they are treating me and my family very well, we couldn't be happier. My wife has finally adjusted to the altitude here and loves all the friendly people and the shops."


I direct my attention to Samantha and say, "Samantha, I have some good news for you."


Samantha pleads, "Stacy, don't drive me crazy, please tell me."


I smile and reply, "The lower floor of the castle is finished and we can move in whenever you would like. Not only that we want to look at those plans of yours for a moat around the castle."


Samantha says, "I can't believe it's finally done, it seems like it took forever! Could we go see it now?"


I reply, "Why not."


We begin to leave and Vic leads the way. When we open the outer office doors we see two more security guards that I am sure Bill left for us. Vic orders, "Fall in behind us."


They obey, we walk outside where two more security guards join our group. We walk down the hill to Samantha's castle and as we approach Samantha says, "It's even more beautiful than I remember."


I hold her hand and say, "That's because the exterior has been finished."


We walk up to the porch, I hand the keys to Samantha and say, "Welcome to your castle."


Her hands shake as she opens the door, she walks inside, gasps and begins to cry. I hug her and she says, "Stacy how can I ever repay you for this?"


I reply, "Samantha your friendship is payment enough…"


Shoot, I really wanted to talk with Stacy about my mobile phone, but after seeing the castle I know that I can never bring up the subject. This place is exactly as I dreamed it would be. But I guess I shouldn't be surprised since I did create the plans for it.


We walk into one of the turret bedrooms and Vic complains, "Ms. Stevens, I'm not sure about you staying here. There is too much glass in this room."


Ms. Summers says, "Vic don't worry, the glass is bulletproof and the walls are thick stone."


Vic relents, "That makes me feel better. This place is incredible."


I reply, "Thank you Vic, I drew the plans myself. Now all we have to do is get some furniture."


Stacy asks, "Sam, do you have any idea what sort of furniture you want?"


I shake my head and say, "I don't have any idea."


Stacy suggests, "How about we take the jet tomorrow and do some furniture shopping."


I ask, "Are you sure?"


Stacy says, "Why not, we haven't done a shopping trip in a while."


Now I'm going to leave you in your castle. Come back to the offices when you're finished looking around and we can figure out a time to leave.


Stacy leaves along with three of the body guards. The other two stay here with me and Vic. I dance around the room and imagine what it would have been like to be a real princess in a real castle.


Vic asks, "So, you didn't talk to Ms. Summers about your phone?"


I reply, "No Vic and I don't plan to. I will replace my phone tomorrow and I will make sure she never touches it again…