Chapter 107

Together Chapter 107

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Present – Ben, Jens and the rest – Meeting after the news report of Samantha's airs.


We call a team meeting with everyone (other than the security who are on duty) in the conference room after Samantha's report is broadcast. I take the podium, with Jens beside me, and announce, "I want to take the time to thank each of you for working with us. I have never known a better team of people than the ones we have right now."


Jens begins to clap her hands and yells, "I would like everyone to give yourselves a big round of applause because you all deserve it."


Once the applause dies down, I continue, "With that being said, I need to caution everyone. Once our report is translated to Farsi and rebroadcast, we're going to have every jihadist in the world out to get us. Yes, this really is going to be a war - a war that we will win. It would be remiss of me to assume that all of you are going to stay, so I'm going to offer any of you the chance to leave today, with the promise of your job back when this is over. If you would like to leave, please stand up and leave now."


The only person that stands up is Mabel who's in the first row of seats. She turns around looks at everyone and says, "I don't know about anyone else, but I plan on staying and kicking some terrorist ass if I can."


There's a spontaneous round of applause for her, then Gretchen stands up and declares, "I don't know about anyone else, but I'm all in until the end."


Another round of applause ensues, then Thom stands up and says, "Both Ben and Jennifer are performing a vital function for America because their message will bring most if not all of the terrorist cells in this country out of hiding. And we won't be alone on this endeavor because we will have assistance from the Marshall's service and the FBI. I am working on the coordination with them now."


Jens smiles at the room and says, "Thanks all of you for standing beside us, it means more than you can ever imagine. Now does anyone have any questions for us?"


Gretchen raises her hand and asks, "In Samantha's report, you said no one would be hurt and that you're on some sort of mission from God. Could you be more specific?"


Jen replies…


I was sure Gretchen was going to ask this question so I was ready and answer, "Gretchen, without going into too many details I am certain about what I said - no one is going to be hurt…"


Ben interrupts, "…Other than some terrorists who we will send back to their hell."


I continue, "Yes, Ben and I have been given a specific mission."


Thom surprises me when he stands up and adds his two cents, "I believe in what Jennifer has said. They do have a specific mission."


I will certainly need to query Thom about his support later because it really came out of nowhere.


Ben continues, "We will of course talk to the security staff that's on duty individually and not to downplay this whole situation because it will be a war and there will be battles. We did discover that Samantha's phone had been hacked and that's how the terrorists knew we were back and were able to attack the front gate this morning."


Gretchen stands up and says, "I would like to examine everyone's phone to make sure that others haven't been hacked. When you get them back be careful who you let borrow your phone."


I suggest, "Gretchen, if it's not too much trouble, let's plan a weekly check of each phone."


Gretchen agrees, "I like that idea even better."


Ben brings up his phone issue again, "Gretchen, have you found a phone yet for me, Ira and Mira?"


Gretchen answers, "Not yet Ben, I've been too busy."


Linus offers, "Gretchen, I could help take some of the load off you."


I suggest, "Why don't you two meet after this and hammer out the details."


Liz asks, "Jens, are we still having PT in the morning?"


I reply, "Of course Liz, we're not running or hiding from the terrorists."


Gretchen adds, "…You will be accompanied by the drones."


Ben gives further information, "…And the wolf patrol will be on duty. Gretchen please make sure you do not get the drones too close to the wolves as they don't like it."


Thom's phone rings, he answers it and says, "Ira and Mira, there's a courier with a diplomatic package from the Kazak embassy at the front gate."


They walk over, whisper to Thom and leave…


Present – Mira and Ira – The courier


We temporarily hand off security for the Blaine's to Thom because our courier has finally arrived. We stop by our rooms, pick up our PSG1s and traverse to the front gate. We verify the courier is in an official embassy vehicle, however I still approach it with caution while Ira provides cover.


I notice the van and terrorist vehicle which are pushed to the side and still aflame from the earlier attack. The big caterpillar vehicle is against the front gate as further reinforcement against intrusion. Thom has done exemplary work reinforcing the security.


I clamber over the gate, approach the vehicle and almost display mirth since the courier has his hands elevated in surrender. It is good to know that we still instill fear in our countrymen. I approach his door, he lowers his window and stutters, "I…I…I need a signature for this package." And hands me a clipboard and pen.


I query, "Do you also need identification?"


He stutters again, "No…No…No… Miss I know who you are."


I hand him the clipboard, he hands me the package and raises the side window.


He rapidly departs our location as I walk back to Ira and grin, "My sister, he was terrified of us."


Ira smiles and replies…


I tell my sister, "That is valuable information because I was concerned with our extreme absence from our home country they might have forgotten us."


Mira says, "Should we need a sanctuary, I feel with what is in the diplomatic pouch, we could traverse to Kazakhstan."


We traverse back to the tunnels and notate the meeting has terminated. We find Thom and query, "Thom, where are the Blaine's?"


He said, "They are in the control room with Gretchen, Linus and Maria. What is in that diplomatic pouch?"


We suggest, "Follow us and occulate for yourself."


We arrive in the control room where we notice that they are all in the cage of Faraday looking at Samantha's phone. We approach the aforementioned cage and I request, "Mr. and Mrs. Blaine, might we have a few moments of your time."


Ben replies, "Sure, no problem."


They exit the cage of Faraday as we transverse to a table. I open the diplomatic pouch, reach inside and hand Mr. Blaine his new passport.


Thom remarks, "Hot damn that's a diplomatic passport!"


Ben looks at it, opens it and displays mirth, "When did I become Valentin Sedankina?"


I hand Ms. Blaine her new passport, she opens it and also displays mirth, "So I'm Dasha Sedankina?"


Ben thinks for a moment and asks, "Wait, isn't Sedankina your last name?"


I reply, "You are correct. By making you part of our family, the fear our name instills in our home country will extend to you thus providing valuable protection."


Ms. Blaine asks, "But diplomatic passports, why did you do this?"


Mr. Blaine takes her hand and says, "Jens it's all part of the plan."


I am amazed and query, "Mr. Blaine, you had previous knowledge of the diplomatic passports?"


He replies, "Not specifically, but I knew we needed a way to travel into some places without attracting attention and now I understand how we will accomplish this."


I retrieve a folder for each of them, transfer it to the Blaine's hands and say, "This is your background information, please memorize it."


Ms. Blaine opens hers and remarks, "It looks like I better brush up on my Russian."


Mr. Blaine replies in perfect Russian, "У меня не будет проблем с этим. (I won't have a problem with that)."


I respond, "Ваш русский отлично. (Your Russian is excellent)."


Ms. Blaine asks, "Ben, will you be my teacher?"


I offer, "Ms. Blaine I will gladly work with you on your Russian."


She frowns and says, "I was hoping Ben would be my teacher and if I did an excellent job then I might get a reward."


I grin and reply, "думаете ли вы мистер Блэйн потерял достаточно веса? (Don't you think Mr. Blaine has lost enough weight)?"


Mr. Blaine displays mirth and Ms. Blaine asks, "Ben, what did she say?"


Mr. Blaine whispers in her ear, Ms. Blaine crimsons then give us an evil look and wonders, "Ben, do you think our bedroom in finished yet?"


She takes his hand and they leave the control room.


Thom also displays mirth and opines, "Those two are worse than rabbits. Now for those of us that don't speak Russian, what did you say?"


Mira and I giggle and I reply, "Thom, Mr. Blaine has lost weight because of the frequency of their copulations so I asked if he hadn't lost enough weight."


Thom laughs, then his phone rings. He looks at it and says, "I need to take this in private."


Thom leaves the control room, Mira looks at me and queries, "I do believe that was Inga."


I affirm, "Yes, I am certain it was."


Present – Samantha – at the castle


John shows up to the castle, takes a look around and says, "Man this place is great."


I ask, "John, why are you here?"


He replies, "I thought you might want to do a report on the car bomb attack this morning."


I smile at him and say, "That totally slipped my mind, where would you like to do it?"


He suggests, "How about here."


I like the idea so we do the report…


Present – Thom – Phone call from Inga


My phone rings, I look at the ID and see it's Inga so I excuse myself from the control room, walk out into the hallway, and answer the phone.


Inga begins to cry, "Thom, it's not fair?"


I'm not sure what she's talking about so I reply, "Inga, what's not fair?"


Inga continues with the crying, "Thom, because Ben and Jennifer came back and because of the terrorist attack on Samantha, Stacy felt that it was a danger to keep the restaurant open so they are closing it."


I think for a moment and then suggest, "Inga I'm sorry to hear that, but with what's going on around here, I could sure use your help."


Inga calms some and says, "Yeah, I heard about the car bomb attack this morning. Samantha did a report on that right after her interview with Ben and Jennifer…"


I interrupt, "…Inga please tell me she didn't show any video of the front gate?"


Inga puts me at ease when she answers, "No, she didn't show any video of the front gate. Her report was done in a room I had never seen before, one which looked really nice. Thom I will only come back if things are different than last time."


Thom says, "Inga of course it will be different, however I still want to take this slow."


Inga says, "Slow is fine with me as long and there's some hope for us."


I pause and bite the bullet, "Yes Inga there will be hope for us even though I think I'm too old for you."


Inga asks, "Thom, could you come and pick me up?"


I reply, 'I have a couple things to do here then will be right there."


I head back into the control room and announce, "I'm headed to Leadville. Does anyone need to go to town?"


Gretchen suggests, "Thom, please check with Mabel, she might have some food that needs to be picked up."


Linus says, "Thom if you don't mind, I would like to come with you because I need to pick up some things for Jennifer."


I foolishly ask, "Can't she pick up her own things?"


Linus laughs and replies, "Not Ben's Jennifer, our baby Jennifer."


I laugh and say, "There's too many Jennifer's around here."


Linus teases, "Well if our next one is a boy we might have to name it Thom."


I taunt, "Yeah right, we all know it will be Linus junior. Come on, let's go talk to Mabel and grab some coffee to go."


Linus says, "Now that sounds like a plan, I also want to grab some rifles."


I nod my head and agree, "Yeah, no one leaves the compound without a rifle anymore."


We head to the kitchen for coffee and to talk with Mabel…


Present – Stacy – at Stacy's offices


Bill comes back walks into the office, turns on the sound masking and says, "I changed the order of things and told Inga and the chef about closing the restaurant first. Then I did what you wanted for the first task."


I ask, "How did they take the news on the restaurant?"


Bill replies, "Surprisingly the chef took it better than Inga. My guess is Inga will be going back to the TSIFFTS."


I smile at Bill and counter, "Oh, I think we will lose Inga, but not to them. Ben and his bitch hired Thom to handle security for them so I think she will go back to work for them…"


I think for a moment then suggest, "Bill, would there be some sort of way to slip a bug into her things before she left?"


Bill frowns and replies, "Ms. Summers, you really need to get over Ben Blaine…"


I interrupt, "…Bill, I was almost over him until I found out his bitch is a witch. I'm sure she's cast some sort of spell over him. That's the only explanation for him choosing her over me. Did you read the report on the bitch yet?"


Bill replies, "No I didn't have the time. Do you want to hear about the first task?"


I shake my head no and say, "Just as long as they are found today I don't need to know anything.  

I want plausible deniability."


Bill assures, "They should be found soon. Now I need to find Samantha and look at the plans she had for a moat."


I reply, "I think she's still at the castle."


Bill leaves and hasn't realized that I tracked his vehicle to the location where he placed the bodies. I take out another burner mobile phone, make another phone call and inform the person who answers about the location of the bodies.


Present – Samantha – at the castle


I finish with my news story about the car bomb attack then Bill walks in and asks, "Ms. Stevens I heard you made some drawings about a possible moat, do you still have them?"


I reply, "Yes I do, but they are at my room in the office building. We're finished here so let's head back."


As we leave the castle Bill suggests, "Ms. Stevens, why don't you activate the security system?"


I blink my eyes and ask, "Security system, I didn't know I had one?"


Bill walks over to the main entrance way, presses on a piece of the wall which opens and reveals a security panel. Bill instructs, "You need to set this every time you leave the castle or at night. Here's how you do it."


He gives me the code, I watch him enter it the alarm system begins to beep and we quickly leave the castle.


Vic remarks, "I wondered why there wasn't a security system."


Bill says, "All of Ms. Summers buildings have a security system in them. By the way if you want to change the code let me know."


Vic asks, "Are all the codes the same?"


Bill says, "Yes they are until an employee leaves, when that happens all the codes are changed."


As we walk up the hill toward the offices Vic asks, "Bill what do you think about WTSHTF?"


I ask, "What the heck is WTSHTF?"


Bill laughs and says, "It means When the Shit is Going to Hit The Fan. Vic, I think it's going to start sometime today."


Vic continues, "So what are your plans."


Bill replies, "We're hiring more security, increasing the camera coverage and hoping to hunker down and ride this one out."


Vic continues, "It really wasn't very wise of Ben to taunt the towelheads."


I remember something and swear, "Son of a bitch!"


The guys look at me, I blush and say, "Sorry about that, Stacy and I were going to go furniture shopping tomorrow but I forgot I need to meet with Liz about her wedding."


Vic asks, "Those two are getting married in the middle of everything else that's going on?"


I smile at him and say, "Of course, because they want to be married before Liz has her baby."


Vic asks, "Who else is going to be there?"


I hate to tell him, because I know he will complain but I say, "Liz, Bernie, the wedding planner, Jennifer, Ben and their two body guards."


Vic practically explodes, "Ms. Stevens, I wouldn't…"


I interrupt, "Vic, there's no way I'm missing this or the ceremony in two more days."


Bill interjects, "Aren't the Blaine's body guards the same ones who kicked our asses?"


I reply, "Yes they are and I had a most uncomfortable search done by one of them."


Vic chuckles, "Yeah Bill, they searched Ms. Stevens everywhere."


I blush and remind him, "At least I didn't try to sneak a knife into the tunnels."


Bill laughs, "Don't tell me the old fart caught you?"


Vic says, "Yeah, I forgot about it but Thom found it and then locked me in a holding cage in the garage. But getting back to the subject of the meeting, Ms. Stevens I highly recommend you do not attend this meeting."


I dismissively wave my hand and say, "Vic, I'm going to the meeting and we're not talking about this again."


We get to the offices where I say, "Bill, let me grab my drawings and I will meet you in Stacy's office."


I grab my drawings and head to her office…