Chapter 108

Together Chapter 108

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Flashback – Masha – Finished with moving day


To be truthful, I was more than a little embarrassed by the furniture that Louise brought into the house. Most of it was more than worn - it looked like it had been dropped off the back of the truck. I knew it wasn't because I helped Michael and Louise unload the furniture.


I knew how much of Ben's money I had left and made a decision. While Louise was inside rearranging her room, I pulled Michael to the side and asked, "Michael, would you be able to help me tomorrow?"


Michael replied, "Sure what do you need?"


I explained, "Other than Linda's furniture, Louise's furniture is a disaster. I was hoping you could take us furniture shopping tomorrow."


Michael agreed, "Yeah, I never knew how bad Louise had it until I saw the place she lived - it was terrible. But if we're replacing her furniture, what's the point of bringing the rest here. And won't she complain if you buy new furniture?"


I said, "I'm not going to buy the furniture, her future boyfriend is going to buy it."


Michael asked, "Her future boyfriend? Who are you talking about?"


I told Michael all about how Ben and my husband worked together and how Ben had left some money for me.


Michael scratched his head and suggested, "I'm not sure she's going to fall for this."


I laughed and said, "Michael, it is my problem to convince her. Did you see how terrible her mattress was?" (I had seen it on the back of the truck)


Michael replied, "Not only did it look terrible, it smelled even worse. I can't believe she could sleep on that."


I suggested, "It's too bad that it somehow couldn't be destroyed."


Michael smiled and suggested, "Masha, why don't you help me unload it now while she's in the house."


As Michael and I began to unload it, he dropped it hard on the ground with part of it against the back of the truck. There was a satisfying tearing noise which ripped the top of the mattress and it was destroyed.


Louise came out of the house and Michael apologized, "Louise I'm sorry but I think Masha and I accidentally destroyed your mattress."


Louise looked at the mattress and resignedly said, "Oh well, things always get destroyed when you move. This furniture was really nice at one time but I've had to move so often that it was destroyed in the process."


Michael asked, "Why did you move so much?"


I could hear the pain in Louise's voice when she replied, "To get away from Linda's bastard father! He was how should I say it – not a very good man."


Michael was going to continue with the questions until I waved and he understood.


I lied a little, "Louise I forgot to tell you, I told Jack about you moving in and he told Ben and Ben demanded that we use some of his money to furnish the bedroom into which you are moving."


Louise gave me a funny look and asked, "Why would Ben care about furnishing the extra bedroom?"


I continued with the lie, "I told Ben about you and Linda and he determined we needed to take care of you. You know, he's just that sort of man."


Louise replied, "I have never met a man like that. Most of the men I meet are only looking for a one night stand and when they find out about Linda they run away as fast as they can. Well, who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth? I guess there's no reason to bring any more of my furniture here. All we need to do now is bring over my clothes."


Michael asked, "What about the furniture that's already here."


Louise scrunched up her face like she always did when she thought and said, "Let's take it all to the donation container at the store."


I was glad my plan worked and suggested, "Even your mattress?"


Louise smiled and said, "Especially the mattress, it has been with me since before Linda's father."


Michael unfortunately asked, "Is that blood on the mattress?"


Louise was brave when she answered, "It's not just blood, it's my blood."


I could tell by the location of the blood that it wasn't from a beating that the долбо еб (dumb fuck) gave her. It was positioned where her private parts would have been when the долбо еб had raped her." Now her earlier comment about the Krav Maga lessons made more sense. I would need to find a way to teach her even as she attended school.


Michael said, "Well, let's haul the furniture to the donation box at the store. Then we'll pick up your clothes. I will be back tomorrow to help you shop for new furniture."


I was so very thankful to get the smelly, terrible furniture out of the house. It wasn't long until Michael and Louise were back with just her clothes. Thank God her clothes were better than the furniture and none of them smelled. However I did offer, "We should wash everything tonight so we can put it away clean tomorrow."


Louise agreed, "That's a great idea."


Michael promised to arrive tomorrow at nine and left. When he was gone Louise grilled me, "Auntie Masha are you sure what you told me about Ben was the truth?"


I confessed, "Louise, I did lie to you a little. However, I do know Ben and I am sure he would want me to use some of the money he left for the furniture."


Louise was sad and replied, "Masha I could tell you didn't like the furniture, why didn't you just tell me the truth?"


I replied, "I was concerned you would say no. Now it's my turn for a question: Louise why didn't you tell me that Linda's father raped you when you were still a virgin?"


Louise looked shocked and replied, "Ah, you could tell from the location of the blood stain on the mattress. Masha it was all a terrible mistake. I met him in a bar and he put something in my drink which made me unconscious. He took me back to my apartment and he and his friends did terrible things to me all night long."


I asked, "If you were unconscious how do you know they were terrible."


Louise replied, "He and his friends took videos of it plus both my holes were sore the next morning. He forced me to watch the videos many times with his friends. They would all laugh at me and suggest that I let them do those things to me again and sometimes forced me to do them. Thank God his friends finally went away but then I became 'his' personal property for almost a year. Once he found out I was pregnant with Linda, he left."


I moved and hoped he would never find me again and I thought I was done with him. But every few months he would find me and try to abuse me. When I rejected him, he began beating me.


I asked, "Did he ever hurt Linda?"


Louise cried, "He threatened to kill her if I didn't let him rape me again. It was such a terrible time in my life I just want to forget it."


I knew that it was now my mission to find this долбо еб and remove him from the gene pool.


I looked at Louise and said, "I guess there will be one more night in the bed with me."


She yawned and said, "Yeah I'm tired from moving all day, how about a little wine and then some sleep."


We finished off half a bottle of wine. Louise prepared Linda and herself for bed first, then I went into the bathroom. I came out and Louise said, "Masha, I never told anyone about the torture I went through, please don't think any less of me."


I hugged her and said, "Louise, we do many things to protect our children that we normally wouldn't do. So don't worry about it. Also we are going to continue your Krav Maga lessons while you're in school."


Louise yawned a thank you and fell fast asleep while I continued to plan on how to permanently take care of Linda's father…


Flashback – Ben – The Stryker mission continued


My trip to the Stryker wasn't as easy this time since the fucking towelheads had snuck close enough to take some pot shots at me. I zig-zagged like hell because the last thing I wanted was one of the fuckers getting lucky and punching a hole in my MOPP gear. I finally made it to the Stryker and the agent in charge said, "We didn't bring any MOPP gear."


First I ran up to the Marines and commanded, "Keep the mother fucking towelheads away from the Stryker. I have to get everyone else back to the hospital because they don't have MOPP gear."


I looked at the ever looming cloud that drifted toward the disabled Stryker, ran up front to the drivers and asked, "Is this Stryker still airtight?"


They shook their head so I commanded, "Everyone, including the drivers follow me back to the hospital and make sure to run in a zig zag pattern."


We bailed out of the Stryker and were doing a hell of a job even with the random gunfire. Then one of the fuckers got lucky and a round glanced off the ceramic plate on my back destroying the integrity of my MOPP gear. Our luck didn't hold as the cloud enveloped us. We arrived at the hospital where George was to meet us and I ordered, "Get the hell away from us, we've been contaminated!"


The head CIA agent yelled, "Get on the horn and get a medical team here ASAP."


I began to feel a runny nose and counter commanded, "George, it was a nerve agent that we were exposed to. Get the Cpl. with the UOP pack down here; have him go through it and find the atropine auto injectors. We will need one for each person."


George took off as I began to get out of my MOPP gear. I looked at everyone else and commanded, "You need to get out of your contaminated clothing."


The main agent asked, "How do you know it was nerve gas?"


I replied, "Is your nose beginning to run?"


He said, "Yeah it is."


I replied, "Bingo, it was nerve gas, but don't worry because the rest of the symptoms are even worse."


The Cpl. showed up with the UOP pack and I ordered, "Check the right lower side and look for the atropine auto injectors."


He pulled out five of them and I swore, "Don't tell me that's all we have."


The Cpl. apologized "Sorry Sgt. there are no more."


He started to walk towards me and I ordered, "Cpl., we've been contaminated, toss the atropine auto injectors to me."


He threw them, I caught them and passed them out but we were still two short counting me.


I thought for a moment and commanded, "Check the right hand side where all the bottles are. Find the one marked atropine and then check for syringes and find me two smaller ones. Also find the bottle of vodka and bring it."


The Cpl. found the atropine, syringes and vodka so I ordered, "Take two steps out of the building, set them on the ground then go back inside and close the door."


He obeyed then I went over to the supplies and asked, "Which one of you didn't get the atropine?" The second CIA agent raised his hand. I took the bottle of vodka, opened it, took a short drink, spilled some in my hand and wiped down the agents shoulder. I then I asked, "Let me see one of the auto injectors."


The main agent handed me his and I swore, "Shit, the concentration isn't the same."


I began to do the math in my head and the second agent asked, "Why are you waiting?"


I glared at him and replied, "The concentration is different so I need to change the dosage based on the different concentration. Now shut the fuck up as I do the math."


I figured out the correct dose, took it out of the bottle and injected the second agent. I then swabbed my shoulder with the vodka, took another belt of it and injected myself then took another good snort of vodka just for good measure.


The fucking head of the mercs asked, "How about you share that bottle?"


I glared at him and declared, "This is only for medicinal purposes."


He complained, "Well you took a couple pretty good pulls off of it."


I grinned at him took another pull of the bottle and said, "That's right, and they were medicinal pulls."


I handed it to the head agent and suggested, "You and your helper might want to take a snort or two because it will help to lessen the impact of what's coming."


They each took a couple of snorts. I set the bottle back by the atropine, waited for medical help and got out of the fucking sun.


Flashback – Jack – Getting ready to head to the hospital


We were still waiting in the Blackhawk when a shitload of medical people begin to jump into the chopper with us.


I asked, "What the hell is going on?"


One of the doctors replied, "We've got some men who were exposed to nerve gas."


They began to get into their MOPP gear so I looked at Tod and said, "It looks like it's time for us to gear up."


Tod did well getting into his gear, even with the motion of the chopper, so I praised him, "Good job with the MOPP gear."


Tod replied, "Thank you. They had me do this so many times in basic that it sort of comes naturally. I do hope we won't have to do much running."


I asked, "They made you run in your MOPP gear?"


Tod replied, "Yes Sgt. They said it was part of basic training. I got so light headed a couple of times I practically passed out."


I continued to question, "What did the DIs say."


Tod replied, "They laughed about it and said it was normal."


I silently swore - those motherfucking DIs did this to Tod to torture him! That made me even more motivated to turn Tod into the best Marine I could. I replied, "Tod, it's not normal to do much if any running in the MOPP gear. I think the DIs were giving you a bad time."


He showed a spark of intelligence when he replied, "Now it makes sense why I was the only one they had do it."


As the Blackhawk sat down on the roof of the hospital, the doctors and nurses bolted from the chopper. The Butterbar met them and then they continued downstairs. I walked up to the Butterbar, saluted and said, "Sgt. Jack Reynolds reporting for duty."


George said, "Welcome back Jack. I thought you were going to be out for a month. I'm glad you're here because Sgt. Blaine was exposed to the nerve gas."


I swore, "Son of a bitch! How did that happen?"


George replied, "He was bringing the CIA agents and their mercenaries back from the disabled Stryker and was shot in the back. His body armor protected him from physical injury, but he was contaminated. He's downstairs with the rest of the CIA team. I hope like hell the medical staff can do something for them."


I asked, "Permission Sir to go see them?"


George said, "Not now Sgt. With Banzai gone you're our new first Sgt. Please make sure all the men are still in their MOPP gear."


I asked, "Is there still a danger from the gas?"


An old fart walked up (without MOPP gear on) and said, "Jack Reynolds, you're a sight for sore eyes."


I grinned at him and said, "Michael, I figured you were blown to hell by now, why no MOPP gear."


He smiled and said, "The risk is over, the gas dissipated in the winds. It was a shame what happened to Banzai."


I began to get out of my MOPP gear and yelled in my command voice, "Stow your MOPP gear."


I asked, "You think he will be okay?"


Michael shook his head and said, "There's no telling because we don't know which fucking gas it was."


I had my MOPP gear stowed, looked over and saw Tod had his MOPP gear stowed. I began down the stairs and on each level issued the order to stow the MOPP gear. I reached the bottom floor, opened the door and saw the contaminants naked as jay birds. The medical staff was in the process of scrubbing them down and administering more fucking drugs. I noticed the nurses were paying particular attention to Banzai's genitals and figured that he was in for more of what happened to him back at the hospital.


Tod asked, "Sgt. what are they doing?"


I explained the whole decontamination process to Tod as well as I could.


I yelled to Banzai, "I brought your reenlistment papers with me."


Banzai swore, "Jack not the hell right now, can't you see what's happening!"


I taunted him, "Yeah, I see it. It's a good thing the doctors and nurses are here to stay."


Banzai swore, "Jack you son of a bitch!"


I waved then Tod and I left…


Flashback – Jennifer – At home


There was another knock on my door I said, "Come on in, it's open."


Daddy walked into my room and said, "Jennifer, Colonel Clark is here and would like to talk with us."


I asked, "And are we meeting in your office?"


Daddy smiled and said, "That's right, so come on down when you're ready."


I jumped off the bed and announced, "I'm ready right now."


We walked down the stairs into Daddy's office where Colonel Clark said, "Thanks for seeing me, I wish I was bringing better news."


Daddy practically bellowed, "What the hell is wrong now?"


Colonel Clark informed us, "Much as we thought, Marcia's parents have stopped any lawsuits we can bring against them and have actually filed a suit against Jennifer."


Daddy swore, "What the hell for?"


Colonel Clark said, "Assault. They claim Jennifer attacked Marcia in Jennifer's room without cause."


I complained, "No fricken-fracken cause! They threatened me."


Colonel Clark attempted to calm me, "Don't worry about it since I have a list of girls that will testify to that exact thing. Once they take us to court, I plan on filling charges against them and Marcia."


Daddy smiled and said, "Thanks, for all your work. Would you like a drink?"


Colonel Clark replied, "A small one would be good."


I excused myself, "Well if you two are getting drunk, I'm going back to my room."

I remembered a spell I saw in the book that I wanted to look at again.


Daddy complained, "Jennifer, we're not getting drunk."


I went back to my room, locked the door, waved my hands and the book appeared. I began to search for spells that would make Marcia and her parents rue the day they messed with me.


Grandmother appeared and suggested, "Jennifer, try this spell."


I looked at it, liked it and said, "Okay, here goes nothing."


I said the words and asked Grandmother, "How will I know it worked?"


Grandmother replied, "Oh, I'm sure it did and when you see her in court you will know for sure."


Grandmother left and I felt a little better knowing that Marcia would have to pay for the problems she was causing.


I recalled my Grandmother's warning from earlier, 'I caution to you guard your heart against the other temptations that will come'. What exactly did she mean by that?


I continued to think about her warning and Ben and slowly slipped off to sleep...


Flashback – Alexi – At the laboratory


We were both in the car, had begun to leave the laboratory and were stopped when a large number of police cars showed up.


'Father' swore, "Son of a bitch! Now there's no hope for your mother or most of the rest of the laboratory staff."


I innocently asked, "Why is that 'father'."


'Father' didn't answer because a policeman came up to his side of the car. 'Father' rolled down the window and the policeman demanded, "Do you work here?"


'Father' told the truth, "I used to work here but recently resigned."


The policeman continued his questions, "How recently?"


'Father' looked down and said, "Up until last week. That was when things went crazy. We were lucky to escape with our lives."


The policeman ordered, "We need you to get out of your car and accompany us back into the laboratory."


'Father' fought the request, "Sir, I would prefer not to. Conditions are terrible in there and I need to protect my son."


The policeman would not listen to 'father's' complaint. He ordered, "I don't really care what it's like in there. You are taking us into the building."


'Father' looked at me and ordered, "Alexi, stay in the car and lock the doors. Don't open them for anyone other than me."


Father reluctantly left with the policemen. I locked the doors and was surprised when I heard gunfire coming from the laboratory. I jumped into the back seat and hid under a blanket we had there…


Flashback – Ira and Mira – continuing


We successfully adulterated all the vodka, returned it to the campsite and made sure to place it where it could easily be occulated. We placed the remaining cannabis on a log adjacent to the fire.


Then we went back to the cave and checked Mira's interior accoutrements which were now dry. She reapplied her interior accoutrements and said, "Thank God my accoutrements are finally dry."


I replied, "Yes, we now need to terminate the fire and wait for our enemies to discover our trap."


We terminated the fire and didn't have to wait long until we heard some men approach the campsite…


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


After the extended negotiations, Maria and Gail agreed on a price for the furniture. I was in slight awe because they were getting the furniture for less than half the original price. This was going to save me a buttload of money!


Roberto informed them, "I have some cousins coming in a truck to take the furniture to your house."


Maria asked, "Just how was that arranged and how much will it cost?"


Roberto said, "Todd didn't like the look of any of the drivers that were here and my cousins will charge you a fair price."


Maria was satisfied (thank God) and began to give the seller's shit about wrapping the furniture correctly.


With them busy Roberto said, "Todd, my cousins are also bringing the gun cabinet you wanted so we can set it up today. Now just so you know, buying the furniture is just the beginning of this adventure.


I found out what he meant when we got the new furniture to the house…