Chapter 110

Together Chapter 110

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Flashback – Masha – Louise sleeping, Masha planning


Louise was sleeping soundly, however sleep was not an option for me. Not after discovering Louise's rape and subsequent pregnancy. I needed to find the долбо еб and terminate his existence. I decided I would ask Louise where she met him because chances were he would still frequent the same locations.


The next morning arrived much too soon because of my lack of sleep but I slipped out of bed, took care of my morning shower duties and headed to the kitchen. I was determined to discover the information on the bastard who raped Louise. He would never bother her or us again.


Louise woke up, stumbled into the kitchen and asked, "Masha, what time is it?"


I replied, "Michael is coming over early so I decided to make breakfast."


Louise wisely replied, "Masha, that wasn't a real answer."

I decided to confess, "Louise, after what you told me last night I couldn't sleep. All I kept thinking about was how the долбо еб should not get away with raping you."


I was surprised when Louise agreed, "You're right Masha, he shouldn't get away with it and of course there is the continued threat toward me and Linda."


I decided to ask, "So what would you like done about it?"


I was even more shocked when she said, "Masha he will bother me, no matter where I go, until he dies."


I confessed, "Louise I feel the same way. However, to take care of this matter will require some information from you."


Louise looked at me and replied, "Masha, we met at the Dew Drop Inn bar where he still goes to look for – women who he can fuck."


Louise gave me the address and then cautioned, "Masha, make sure you do not to drink anything you're served because it will be drugged."


I ask, "Are you telling me the bartender drugs the drinks?"


Louise replied, "Yes, I think he's in on it too."


That determined my course of action - two of them needed to die tonight.


I smiled at Louise and said, "I'm going out tonight, do not wait up for me."

Louise still cautioned, "Masha be very careful."


I smiled at her and replied, "Do not worry Louise, I have handled men like him before. He will never know what killed him."


Louise said, "I only wish I could be there when he dies."


I replied, "No Louise you don't. To see someone killed changes you. Do you remember how upset I was about killing the teenager who broke into our house?"


She answered, "Yeah Masha, you are still a little messed up about it."


I truthfully replied, "That's right and I might always be. You can't take the life of a teenager without having some regrets."


Louise tried to justify my action, "But Masha, she lead a gang that injured many people."


I simply replied, "And I ended her life before she had a chance to change her behavior. And now I need to get dressed for my date tonight."


I proceeded to the bedroom and put on the clothes that I knew would provide the appropriate response from Louise's ex.


Flashback – Ben and Jack – At the hospital


It was annoying as hell what the nurses were doing, especially since I thought I had gotten rid of this problem when I left the base. It took all my control to not get an erection from their attention. I couldn't believe that Jack talked them into deploying doctors and nurses here. They finally finished with me and the nurse said, "We look forward to seeing you again later."


I dressed in new BDUs and a tactical vest complete with a set of plates. Jack showed back up and said, "I have your reenlistment papers with me."


I complained, "I'm not sure I'm ready to sign them yet."


Jack swore, "Why the fuck not? You're getting everything you wanted."


I glared at Jack and laid into him, "Bringing the fucking nurses here is why! They're as bad as they were at the base."


Jack said, "Banzai, it's going to be my ass if you don't sign them."


I laughed and said, "And it's my ass if I do sign them. You want them signed? Then you can figure out a way to keep the nurses from fucking me to death."


Michael showed up and said, "You guys were lucky the gas was Sarin and not VX. If it had been VX you all would be sick as hell."


I asked, "How did you know it was Sarin."


Michael answered, "Because you're not sick as hell! It was damn unlucky that your shots triggered the explosion."


I replied, "It was better than them launching that round at the hospital. What do we need to do about the Stryker and the vest you found?"


Michael said, "I will be okay with the vest once I have my EOD equipment back on. The Stryker's a different story because when they come to haul it away they are going to need MOPP gear."


I asked, "So the EOD gear wasn't contaminated?"


Michael replied, "Nope, I made sure to put it in its bag before I left but I will need your MOPP gear to touch the bag."


I said, "Don't worry, as far as I'm concerned you earned it."


The main agent came up and announced, "The new Stryker has arrived and is hauling an EOD disposal trailer. They also sent a tow truck for the disabled Stryker."


Michael asked, "I hope you informed them that the Stryker is contaminated."


He said, "Yes I did and I never heard so much bitching in my life."


Michael looked at me and said, "Well, are you ready to head back to the Stryker?"


I asked, "I guess we will need to put on our MOPP gear. The problem is mine was ruined when I got shot."


Jack walked up and offered, "You can use mine."


I teased, "Shit you probably farted in it! I think I will find someone else's gear."


There was a Pvt. tagging along with Jack so I looked at him and said, "I need your MOPP gear."


Jack complained, "Banzai this is Tod and he's not going to give you his MOPP gear - just take mine."


I took Jack's MOPP gear and suited up while Michael did the same. I ordered Jack, "Get up on the roof and make sure the fucking towelheads are taken care of."


Jack laughed and said, "I guess you didn't hear, they brought in an M1 Abrams tank to keep things protected."


Michael said, "It's about time someone did something right around here."


I told Jack, "Then get on the horn with the tank and tell them we're coming out to get the suicide vest."


We walked out of the hospital, and headed toward the Destroyed Stryker. They were already winching it up on the recovery truck when Michael yelled, "Hey, I need my EOD suit out of the Stryker."


They stopped, Michael hopped in the back, came out with his suit and swore, "Those fuckers took it out of the bag."


I said, "So you're fucked?"


He said, "No way, there's extra suits on the EOD trailer."


We walked over to the trailer, he opened up a side panel, pulled out a suit and I asked, "Need some help getting it on?"


He said, "Sure."


I helped him on with the suit, we walked over to the site of the suicide vest and Michael suggested, "You might want to get in the new Stryker just in case I accidentally detonate the vest."


I walked over to the new Stryker and climbed inside. The driver looked back at me and asked, "What the fuck happened to that Stryker."


I replied, "The mercs working for the CIA agents didn't do their jobs."


They driver sadly commented, "Those stupid fuckers!"


He offered, "Why don't you come up front and watch the EOD guy."


I clambered up front and watched as Michael moved (slow as molasses in January) the vest toward the EOD chamber. He was almost there when the M1 started to fire at some towelheads. I was impressed because he didn't even flinch at the interruption.


He slowly set the vest inside the chamber then walked toward the M1. He picked up a big fucking rock and threw it at the tank. As it bounced off the side, the top hatch opened and Michael flipped them the bird then walked toward the new Stryker. We just laughed our asses off.


Flashback – Jennifer – At home


I was having the best dream about Ben, when a knock on my door woke me up. I rather grumpily said, "Who the heck is it now?"


Daniela opened the door and said, "Sorry Señorita Jennifer, your father wanted you to know he is going to the hospital to pick up Señora Donaldson. He asked if you wanted to come."


I thought about our last trip in the car and about the fight and made up my mind, "Please tell Daddy, I don't want to come because it might make mother angry."


Daniela smiled and said, "Yes I understand. I do hope that she has stopped all the crazy talk about you being a witch."


Flashback – Alexi – At the laboratory


Eventually the gunfire ceased. I crawled from underneath the blanket where I hid, then I raised up too see what was going on.


I was tempted to get out of the car and go into the laboratory, until I saw 'father' running out the door being chased by some of the crazy orderlies. I moved to his side of the car, waited until he was close, unlocked the door and 'father' dove into the car and locked the doors.


The orderlies began to rock the car and break the windows. 'Father' started the car, put it in gear and floored it. We actually ran over several of the orderlies while starting our escape.


I asked, "'Father' what happened? I heard gunfire."


'Father' replied, "Alexi, it was terrible. The orderlies had a huge trap waiting for us. They attacked the police, killed many of them and took their guns. Thank you for opening the door for me, they wanted to kill me."


'Father' drove like a crazy man on the way home…


Flashback – Ira and Mira – continuing


We perceived from the cacophony of noise at the campsite that the adulterated vodka was having an effect. We waited until our olfactory units distinguished the odor of cannabis.


I ordered, "Mira, now would be an appropriate time to decimate the men at the campsite."


We carefully and silently slipped out of the cave, worked our way to the campsite and were surprised.


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


Once Maria was happy with the way the furniture was wrapped, she made sure Roberto's cousins carefully loaded it into their truck. She saw the gun cabinet, was going to complain until I signed, "Maria stop being a pain in the ass."


Gail giggled at my command to Maria and signed, "I'm hungry. When are we going to be home?"


Maria translated and Roberto offered, "We could stop by the restaurant on the way to your house."


Maria shot down the plan when she said, "We don't have time for that besides we still have food in the refrigerator."


Gail begins to pout until I sign, "Yes, we have food in the refrigerator, but how are you going to heat it up? We don't have any plates, a microwave or even a stove."


Gail claps her hands and signs, "I guess we have no choice other than to stop at the restaurant."


Maria complains, "Okay, just remember it's going to take some time to arrange the furniture."


After another great meal at Roberto's restaurant, we headed to the house and found Maria wasn't kidding. Once we got the furniture in each room, we must have moved each piece five times until Maria was happy with the arrangement.


Gail was even worse! I swear that when we finished the furniture was in the exact location where we originally started.


Roberto's cousins did a great job setting up the gun rack in the panic room. They began to leave and I signed, "Wait, I didn't pay you."


Maria translated and they said, "The car you gave us was payment enough."


I pulled out my tablet and wrote, "Roberto, if you're not busy tomorrow I would like to get things for the kitchen."


Roberto whispers, "Are Maria and Gail coming?"


I shook my head no, he wiped his brow and said, "I'll be over in the morning."