Chapter 111

Together Chapter 111

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Present – Thom and Ben – The wedding lunch


I make sure the security is good at the hotel but I don't notice Mira or Ira so I call on the radio, "Angels of Death are you in position?"


One of them giggles, "Thom, if you don't see us then we are certainly in position. I could easily remove that hat from your head and never bother your hair."


The other one asks, "Did you acquire our presents in Denver?"


It was time for me to tease them, "Hell yes we did! You might want to make sure you keep my car covered too because I would hate for them to be stolen."


The first one begs, "Thom, please tell us what the presents are."


My phone rings, I look at the number and I say, "Sorry, this phone call is important."


It's the FBI. I answer the phone and they deliver some serious information. I hang up the phone and begin to formulate some ideas…


The wedding planner is droning on - it's boring as hell so I decide to have some fun. I raise my hand, she looks at me and says, "Yes, you have a question?"


I grin and reply, "I'm not sure why we're going through all this falderal. Isn't my job to just stand up beside Bernie?"


If looks could kill, the look that Jens gives me would have done it. The wedding planner states, "I guess you have never been a best man before. You have many responsibilities: First you have to help Bernie choose a tuxedo..."


Bernie interrupts, "…I've already done that."


The wedding planner continues, "…You need to plan and attend the bachelor party..."


Bernie again interrupts, "…We're not going to have one of those."


The wedding planner is starting to show some frustration but continues, "…Because there is no ring bearer, you need to take charge of the rings."


I grin and reply, "No problem. So I really only have one job."


Jens glares at me and spouts, "Heck no! The most important job for you is to escort me down the aisle before Liz."


The wedding planner adds, "Plus, you need to propose a toast at the wedding dinner."


I smile and say, "Okay, so I have three things to do, anything else?"


They look at each other and the wedding planner admits, "No, that's it."


Thom walks into the room, motions to me so I ask, "I think Thom needs me for some reason, do you have a problem with me temporarily leaving?"


Jens begins to complain, Thom comes over and says, "Jennifer, this is really important."


Jens relents, "Okay Ben, take care of this but then come right back."


I leave, walk out the door with Thom and say, "Thanks for getting me the hell out of there."


Thom says, "Ben, you're not going to like the reason I got you out of the meeting. We set up a stingray cell phone simulator in Leadville and got lucky as hell. We snagged a call from a person here in Leadville going to a terrorist cell."


I ask, "Do you know who it was and what they said?"


Thom shakes his head and says, "We’re not positive but we think it's Stacy Summers and she wanted the terrorist cell to kill me."


I blink a couple of times and ask, "What the hell does she have against you?"


Thom grins and says, "I damn near broke her nose."


I say, "Oh yeah I remember something about that. So what's the current plan?"


Thom says, "We're going to put her under surveillance. Her contacting this terrorist cell has been good for us because we know where they are and can shut them down."


I take a deep breath and ask a question the answer to which I hope to is no, "Thom, should I meet with her?"


Thom makes me feel better when he says, "Not no, but hell no! If you do that you could tip our hand."


I say, "Well I better get back to the wedding lunch."


Thom asks, "So are we giving the gifts to Jen and the girls later today?"


I reply, "Yeah, I don't think they will be stolen out of your car."


Thom says, "Not with the security system I have on the car plus one of the twins is watching it too…"


Thom gets another phone call and says, "Speak of the devil, it's Stacy's head of security."


I leave to go back to the wedding lunch as Thom continues to talk…


I answer the phone and ask, "Hello Bill, what can I do for you?"


Bill informs me, "Ms. Summers has plans to attend Elizabeth Morgan's wedding and I thought we would talk about the security issues."


I think for a moment and decide that if Stacy is there it's a good thing because then there won't be an attack planned. I decide to play nice so I ask, "What are your thoughts Bill."


Bill suggests, "I was hoping to have six of our security there including myself."


I agree, "With all the Marshall Service, FBI and our security at the event your six will be fine, as long as your team can follow directions - also don't bring Victor."


Bill asks, "Why not, he's Samantha's body guard."


I explain to him how we got off on the wrong foot at the restaurant and then Bill promises, "I will have a talk with him and see if we can't straighten things out."


I state, "Until we do straighten things out, he's not on the approved guest list."


Bill replies, "I understand and will fix this."


Present – Stacy – at Stacy’s offices


I finally receive the phone call I've been waiting for. It's taken forever but my big surprise for Ben and his witch bitch is finished. I talk to the repair shop and get them to deliver it to Leadville. I can't wait to drive up to the wedding in it - Ben will be floored. It doesn't seem to have taken very long for it to arrive from Denver. I check it out and it's perfect.


Samantha comes in, takes one look at it and says, "That's beautiful!"


I smile at her and say, "Yeah, they did a great job restoring it. You should have seen how bad it looked before."


I begin to show her the pictures and Sam says, "It's like they're two different things."


Present – Ben and Thom – After the wedding lunch


The fucking wedding lunch is over and Jens asks, "Okay what did you buy me?"


I reply, "You won't get it until we get home."


Thom walks in and I ask, "Are you ready to head home?"


He pulls me to the side and says, "Just so you know, Stacy is planning on coming to the wedding. But it's a good thing. With her here we can be certain there won't be an attack."


Thom's mobile phone begins to go crazy and he yells, "Shit! Someone is trying to get into the car."


We run outside and catch Mira and Ira in the act of trying to break into Thom's car. Thom swears, "You two should know better than to try to break into my car. I should arrest the both of you."


They get sassy with Thom, "You must have forgotten about our diplomatic passports."


Thom looks at me and suggests, "Ben, if I were you I would withhold their gifts."


I wasn't aware that two women could cause so much noise! Jens walks up and says, "What did you do to Mira and Ira?"


I reply, "Don't blame me, it was Thom's idea."


Thom defends his action, "They tried to break into my car so I suggested that Ben not give them their gifts."


Jens scolds the twins, "Mira and Ira! Of all people you should know better than this."


She turns to me, gives me a kiss and says, "Ben, please give them their gifts because they've been driving us crazy about it all day."


Then she twisted in a sexy way and offers, "I will make it worth your while if you do."


Both Mira and Ira plead, "Please Mr. Blaine, relent and we will never do this again."


I look at Thom and say, "Sorry Thom you're outvoted on this. Well let's get home and give them their gifts."


Thom answers, "Well if they every try to break into my car again I will shoot them."


I ride with Thom and he comments, "What a hell of a gift you got for them."


I replied, "In the long run it will make our lives easier."


Thom comments, "Damn your wife is driving like a maniac."


I laugh, "She's always been a fast driver, but she wants her gift as much as Mira and Ira want theirs."


We make it home without Jens rolling her Jeep, they park in the garage and offer to help, "We can assist you in bringing the gifts inside."


I order, "None of the gifts are coming out of the car until the three of you are in the tunnels."


Mira asks, "Where should we await your arrival?"


I reply, "I was thinking the armory would be good."


They run into the tunnels as I look at Thom and ask, "Do you mind grabbing two of these."


He takes two, I take two, and we slowly walk through the tunnels then into the armory room. Jens asks, "Okay, what's in the four cases."


I put one on the table, open it up and Jens says, "What the heck sort of rifle is that?"


I reply, "It's an Alexander Arms Ulfberht rifle in .338 Lapua."


Jens picks it up and says, "Now that's a heavy rifle."


I reply, "Yeah, it's about twenty pounds but from what I understand they hardly kick at all."


Mira begins to cry, "Mr. Blaine you shouldn't have…"


I interrupt, "…I sure the hell should have! Now we are all standardized on the .338 Lapua round. I can't wait to start reloading to see what these babies will do."


Ira comments, "Mr. Blaine, we have studied this rifle and dreamed of one day owning one. It is based on the Russian DP 28 Machine gun, and only has 48 individual parts and 10 moving parts. It is a rifle worthy of its name – Ulfberht a Viking sword."


I smile at the twins and Jens and say, "Well now we each own one. I don't know about the three of you, but I can't wait to try mine out."


We carry the cases out to the range, where Ira assumes the role of range officer. She commands, "All weapons may be removed from their cases and placed on the tables."


We follow the instructions and Ira further commands, "Apply your auditory protection."


We put on our hearing protectors.


Ira yelled, "The range is hot, you may now load your weapon."


We loaded the 10 round magazine into the bottom of the rifle, made sure it is secure and Ira finally commanded, "Commence firing."


We were firing at the 300 meter targets, my first shot was low and right so I moved the scope to the hole in the target, adjusted the turrets until they were in the center of the bullseye and my second shot drilled the target in the center. I finished of the other nine rounds in the magazine and when I was done I had a great group. I noticed that Jens, Mira and Ira were still firing. When they finish I order, "Range is now closed."


Jens scampers over and offers, "I will collect the targets."


I hadn't seen her this happy since our wedding so I agree, "Go for it. We're going to let the barrels cool and then fieldstrip and clean the rifles."


Jens comes back quickly with the targets and says, "Well as usual, Ben won. Too bad the first shot was low and right."


Ira explains, "Ms. Blaine, that was his first shot, then he adjusted the scope. After that his other nine shots went into the same hole."


Jens target was a bit of a mess. I could tell she had forgotten how to sight in a rifle so I offer, "Jens after we clean the rifles, why don't I sight your rifle in for you."


We clean the rifles, reload the magazines, put up new targets and I help Jens sight in her rifle. When I'm done, her group is smaller than my original group. I order, "Okay time to clean the rifle again."


Ira asks, "Mr. Blaine, is this your break in procedure for all rifles?"


I reply, "That's correct, we're going to clean the barrel every ten rounds until we reach 100 rounds."


It took the rest of the afternoon to break in the rifles. I was happy to see that each group on each rifle was tightening up. Ira and I were neck and neck on which one of us fired the best groups and Jens and Mira came in with similar groups.


We brought in the last of the targets, began to head inside when we noticed Thom had been watching with binoculars. He said, "That was an incredible display of shooting."


Ira said dejectedly, "Thank you Thom, However, we know that Mr. Blaine scored the best."


I try to cheer up Ira by saying, "Any of those shots would have easily been kill shots."


Thom motions to me to the side so I ask, "Ira, would you please take my rifle into the tunnels."


Ira states, "Mr. Blaine if this concerns your security I wish to listen to the information."


That gets Mira and Jens fired up so we all stand there when Thom announces, "Ben, we think that Stacy Summers is planning some disruptions for Liz's wedding."


Jens says, "What in the fricken-fracken heck is she doing coming to the wedding."


Thom states, "Liz and Bernie invited the whole town."


I ask, "Do you know what she has planned?"


Thom says, "Not exactly."