Chapter 112

Together Chapter 112

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Flashback – Masha – The mission


I came out of the bedroom, Louise took one look at me and laughed, "Masha, how many bars have you been to here in America?"


I replied, "None. Why, am I not dressed correctly?"


Louise continued, "Masha you look too good. If you go into the bar looking like this no one will talk to you because you look like a cop. The only part of you that works right now are your high top boots. Why don't we see what I have in my closet that might fit you?"


We walked into Louise's empty bedroom and she began to pull out some clothes. She finally found a very short dress and said, "I think this one will fit you."


I felt uncomfortable about the lack of length so I stated, "Louise, I'm not sure I could wear this. It is too short and I would feel like a prostitute."


Louise commanded, "Masha put this on, now let me find a top for you."


I uncomfortably squeezed into the short dress, and began to pull on it trying to make it longer. Louise ordered, "Masha, leave the dress alone you - look great."


She handed me a top and said, "Now put this on and let's see how you look."


It was a stupid tube top so I was forced to remove my bra. I put it on and felt worse than ever. Louise continued with the laughter, "Masha, you need to look more comfortable than you do right now."


I complained, "Louise, I can't! It feels like everything is hanging out of the clothes."


Louise suggested, "Let's have a little wine and you will feel better."


I refused, "No, not tonight because I need to keep all my wits about me. However, I would like you to help me put on some fingernail polish."


Louise said, "Good, that will give you a chance to learn to enjoy your clothes."


We began to put on the fingernail polish and Louise commented, "This is interesting polish, what type is it?"


I smiled at her and replied, "I brought it from Russia with me. When I dip my fingernail in a drink the polish will indicate if it's been drugged."


Louse remarked, "Wow! They should make that available for everyone."


I was beginning to feel more comfortable in my clothes and even started to flirt a little with Louise. She giggled and said, "Now that's my bad-assed Auntie Masha. You're going to knock 'em dead tonight."


I smiled at her and agreed, "That is the plan."


Louise hugged me and asked, "How are you getting to the bar?"


I knew I had forgotten something but Louise offered, "Don't worry, I will drive you in the car."


I countered, "No Louise, you need to stay home and take care of Linda. This is my job so I will call a taxi cab."


Louise cautioned, "Make sure you call me with the license number of the cab."


I smiled at her and said, "Of course, you don't want me to get raped in the cab."


Louise worried me when she laughed, "Yeah, looking like you do that could happen."


She wrote down directions to the bar and said, "If the driver deviates from this route you will know something bad could happen and call me immediately."


I smiled and replied, "Or I could just shoot the driver."


Louise said, "With an outfit like that, where do you hide the gun?"


I reach into my right boot pull out a pistol then reach into my left boot and pull out a dagger. Louise said with some awe, "You're not messing around!"


I replied, "Of course not, this is war!"


I called the taxi, he arrived at the house, even opened the door for me and asked, "Where to Miss?"


I replied, "The Dew Drop Inn."


I felt better about the driver when he tried to talk me out of it, "Miss, that's not a very nice place are you sure that's where you want to go?"


I replied, "Yes, I'm meeting someone there."


He replied, "Don't say I didn't warn you."


I smiled at him and said, "Thank you very much for your concern over my destination."


Flashback – Ben and Jack – At the hospital


We finished with Michael and the suicide vest mission then he came inside the new Stryker and swore, "Those fucking M1 jockeys damn near got me killed! I can't believe they fired the cannon while I was moving the vest."


The driver of the new Stryker tried to appease him, "They were just keeping the towelheads away from this Stryker and we sure as hell don't want two disabled Strykers out here."


I laughed, "I guess you showed them when you belted the M1 with a rock."


Michael cheered up with that comment and said, "Yeah, that got the tank commander's attention."


Michael said, "Banzai, it was a great time working with you - thanks for all your help. But unless I'm wrong, the CIA agents and the mercs are coming so it's time for you to leave. Thanks for giving me some time alone with the bomb maker since I got more information out of him than the CIA agents did."


I was surprised and asked about it, "How in the hell did you do that?"


Michael replied, "It's simple. They tortured the hell out of him so he told them anything to make them stop the torture. I sat down with him and talked to him, bomb maker to bomb maker. Hell, he told me everything."


I bailed out of the new Stryker as the CIA agents and mercs showed up. The main agent made a new offer, "How about if I double what we offered before?"


I pointed to the mercs and swore, "And have to work with these fuckers? Not no, but hell no!"


He continued, "Well if you ever reconsider let me know, here's my card."


As I left the Stryker, and it began to pull away, I tossed the card in the dirt.


Now with all that over I still had to deal with the fucking sex crazed nurses. I made it back to the hospital where Jack met me and said, "Banzai I have it all figured out."


I glared at him and demanded, "What the fuck did you figure out?"


Jack replied, "The nurse problem. It was easy because we assigned them their own room with a shower and then I posted guards on the door."


I paused and asked, "Wait, when did we get showers in the rooms?"


Jack said, "Some Cpl. with a busted up nose who also fixed the electrical system is a repairing genius. He was able to restore water to the building, made sure all the lights are working and even fixed the elevators."


I asked, "I hope you instituted unsafe water protocols."


Jack replied, "Banzai, I wasn't born yesterday! Of course we're boiling the hell out of any water for human consumption."


I asked, "What about the water for the showers?"


Jack answered, "Most people don't drink that water."


I complained, "But some do, so we need to issue the command not to let the water from the showers get into your mouth."


Jack said, "Well, go on and do it."


I laughed and reminded him, "Until I sign the reenlistment papers, you're still the ranking Sgt. You can do it your-fucking-self."


Jack asked, "Just when do you plan on signing the papers?"


I teased the shit out of him, "Possibly tomorrow, but only if I'm not attacked by any of the nurses tonight. I'm going up on the roof to make sure the snipers have cleaned their rifles, then I'm cleaning my rifles and taking a nap. I was up more than half the night keeping the fucking towelheads away." I began to walk away and added, "By the way, you might want to recall the Marines I posted guarding the blown to fuck Stryker."


It was good having Jack here so I didn't have to do all the work…


George came up to me and said, "Sgt. Reynolds, Colonel Maggie is on the com and is asking for you."


I wondered what the hell she wanted so I went to the com room, picked up the mic and Colonel Maggie immediately asked, "Sgt. Reynolds, did you get Sgt. Blaine to sign the reenlistment papers yet?"


I replied, "No Sir! He's sort of pissed off right now and said he would sign them tomorrow."


Colonel Maggie practically screeched, "What's he upset about now, we gave him everything he asked for?"


I replied, "Sir, the nurses that you sent have started to annoy him again. I gave them their own rooms and assigned guards for the doors."


Colonel Maggie demanded, "Let me speak with the Lieutenant."


I handed the mic to George and could hear as Colonel Maggie yelled, "Lieutenant. I expect you to keep those nurses from annoying Sgt. Blaine. They practically killed him when he was here and from what I understand they are starting on it again."


George replied, "Yes Sir! I will talk with them immediately."


Colonel Maggie continued, "You'd better Lieutenant. Make sure they know that any fraternization with Sgt. Blaine will be prosecuted."


George glared at me and said, "Thank you Sgt. Reynolds for getting me in trouble with the Colonel!"


I saluted and replied, "No problem Sir! I was just relaying the facts to Colonel Maggie as she requested. If you would like, next time I can lie to her and let her know you commanded me to falsify my answers."


With a sad shake of his head George asked, "When are you heading back to HQ?"


I grinned and replied, "Not for a long time Sir, this is our new assignment."


He finally noticed Tod and asked, "What's his role here?"


I replied, "Sir, the Colonel has asked me to take him under my wing and as she ordered, 'turn him into a real Marine'."


George barked, "Well keep him the hell out of my way! In fact you can stay the hell out of my way too."


I smartly saluted and replied, "Yes Sir, I have things to do."


We begin to walk away and Tod whispered, "Wow Sgt. you really gave the Lieutenant a bad time."


I explained, "Tod, Lieutenant George is green as grass, if it wasn't for Banzai…"


Todd interrupted, "…Sgt., who is Banzai?"


I filled him in, "Banzai is my name for Sgt. Blaine. I started calling him that years ago and it stuck." Then I continued, "If it wasn't for Banzai's good work here, we would have lost the hospital."


Tod asked, "Why is this hospital so important?"


I described our position, "When we first arrived here, the Taliban was using this hospital as a front, which violated the Geneva Convention. If any injured Iraqi police officers came to the hospital, they were tortured and killed. Once we started to overrun the hospital the fucking Taliban began to push the doctors and nurses out of the windows since they didn't want us to take advantage of a trained staff. You can see this is the tallest building in the area and makes an excellent observation platform. It also gives us a huge tactical advantage."


A Cpl. walked up, held up my spotting scope and said, "Sgt. Reynolds, I was told this is your scope. Sgt. Blaine told me to treat it better than my girlfriend or you'd kick my ass."


I accepted the scope from him, checked it over and said, "Cpl., your girlfriend must love you because you've treated this scope perfectly. Thank you."


He confessed, "Sgt. I don't know what happened to the case for it. I looked everywhere for it."


I smiled and replied, "Don't worry about it because I can come up with a new case." I thought for a moment and asked, "Cpl., what did you use it for?"


The Cpl. said, "I used it to identify the suicide bombers headed toward the hospital. But with the bomb maker captured and their building destroyed I don't need to do that anymore."


I thought for a moment and asked, "Did the CIA agents take the bomb maker with them?"


He replied, "No Sgt., he's still tied to the pillar in the interrogation room."


I motioned for Tod to follow me and said, "Now this is going to be fun."


I found Lieutenant George and advised him, "Sir, you forgot something."


He glared at me and replied, "I don't believe I have forgotten anything."


I grinned and said, "You forgot to tell the CIA agents to take the prisoner with them. He's still tied up in the interrogation room."


Lieutenant George swore, "Shit, I thought Banzai took care of that."


I reminded him, "Sir he was busy being decontaminated so he couldn't do that."


Lieutenant George tried to pass the buck, "Well Sgt. Reynolds why didn't you do that?"


I continued with the grin and said, "Because I just found out that he's still here. You might want to get on the horn with the Stryker and have them come back here and pick his ass up."


George scrambled for the com room, picked up the mic, called the Stryker and said, "You forgot to take the prisoner with you."


I didn't hear the reply but Lieutenant George threw the mic down in disgust and said, "The bastards said he's not their prisoner, he's our prisoner to deal with." He turned to me and said, "That means Sgt. Reynolds, he's your prisoner to deal with."


I grinned and said, "No problem, I will just throw him out the window."


Lieutenant George practically exploded, "Sgt. Reynolds you will do no such thing! You will follow the Geneva convention on this."


I thought for a little while and came up with possible idea…


Flashback – Jennifer – At home


I was studying the book again so I had my door locked. There was a knock on the door so I hid the book and said, "Let me unlock the door."


I got off my bed, unlocked the door, then Daddy came in and apologized, "Jennifer I was ready to bring Evelyn home and then she started in again on you and her mother being witches. The doctors heard her and decided to run some more psychological tests on her."


I was secretly glad she wasn't coming home but I forced a pout and lied a little, "Sorry Daddy, I sure don't know why she is so sure grandmother and I are witches. Witches don't even exist anymore."


Daddy agreed, "Jennifer you're right there are no witches anymore and I sure don't understand what's gotten into your mother's head. But don't worry, we have the best doctors working on her and they will figure it out."


I forced a smile at Daddy and said, "Don't worry Daddy, they will figure it out one of these days."


Daddy added, "Daniela has dinner ready for us so why don't you come on down to eat."


I replied, "Good, I'm hungry."


Daddy teased, "After the lunch you had, how could you still be hungry?"


I shrugged my shoulders and answered, "I guess I'm having a growth spurt."


Flashback – Alexi – At home


I had resigned myself that 'mother' was never coming home again. Not after what we saw and after the battle with the police.


We returned home, turned on the television and found there was a special report about the laboratory. They said the laboratory performed illegal behavior modification work and authorities had called in the military to close down the laboratory.


We watched as the military approached the laboratory. The orderlies fired guns at them, the military returned fire and finally stormed the laboratory. 'Father' turned off the television and said, "Alexi, we don't need to be reminded of the inside of the laboratory."


I agreed, "Yes 'father' I saw enough when we went inside."


Once again I heard 'father' cry himself to sleep…


Flashback – Ira and Mira – continuing


We arrived at the campsite with anticipation of participating in further battles with Kostia's troops but instead were smacked of gob! The men had killed each other in dispute over the vodka and remaining cannabis. It appeared our plan of doctoring the vodka with the cannabis worked too well!


It was no matter! We gathered their weapons and retreated to our domicile cave…


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


Maria again shared the bed with me after we first tucked Gail into her new bedroom. I signed, "My back hurts a little tonight from moving all the furniture multiple times."


Maria offered, "Roll over and I will give you a massage."


She gave me a hell of a massage. I almost fell asleep but Maria wanted something else and I sure wasn't going to say no to that.


We finished, were holding each other and there was a noise downstairs. I grabbed the pistol off my nightstand, put on my shorts, headed downstairs and found the lights on in the kitchen. I discovered Gail making a midnight snack of the food Roberto had brought earlier. I thought about scaring her, but knew better so just I flashed the lights. It still startled her, she turned around and was munching on a chicken leg.


I signed, "You need to be careful doing this at night - I could have shot you."


Gail signed in complaint, "You and my sister were making so much noise I figured you'd never hear me."


I signed, "I don't know what you're talking about. What about me and your sister?"


Gail grinned and signed, "Come on. Maria makes so much noise when she has sex I'm surprised the neighbors don't complain."


Maria had come downstairs to see what was going on and said, "Gail, you take that back or I will spank you."


Gail stuck out her tongue and signed, "What's wrong - you can't stand the truth? Everyone knew the furniture you bought today was really for you and Todd. I'm finished and going to try to get some sleep, that is if you two aren't too noisy again."


Gail left the kitchen and Maria said, "I apologize for that Todd."


I signed, "Don't worry about it, we need to make sure we close the door the next time."