Chapter 113

Together Chapter 113

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Present – Liz and Jens – The wedding


I can't believe it! The day of my wedding is finally here even though I know it's the right thing to do, I'm still nervous. I begin to put on my wedding dress but my hands are shaking so Jens helps me and says, "Liz, this wedding dress is beautiful and fits you perfectly."


I complain slightly, "Well, I have gained a little weight so it's tighter than I would like."


Jens counters, "Liz, you're so lucky to be having this baby, I only wish that…"


I interrupt, "…Jens, you never know what will happen so don't lose hope…"


Liz doesn't know it, but I know exactly what will happen but it's just not time for that to happen yet. There are too many other things Ben and I need to do first.


Liz is in her dress so I cover the dress with a clean towel then the makeup artist comes in and begins the makeup. With my job mostly done, I wonder how Ben is making out with Bernie…


Present – Bernie and Ben – The wedding


Bernie is having a hell of a time putting on his tuxedo. His hands are shaking so badly that he can't deal with the buttons. I pull a flask out of my Dress Blues, unscrew the lid and suggest, "Take a snort or two - it will help to calm you down."


I hand him the flask, he damn near spills it from his nervous shaking and I begin to button his shirt for him. He takes more than a couple good snorts - he drains the whole flask. Oh well, I don't need any courage today anyway: I am already married to the greatest woman in the world! The only nagging concern in my mind is that fucking bitch Stacy. I wonder what sort of stunt she is going to pull today. Ever getting involved with her was a huge mistake.


I remember the new rifles and begin to smile since working up a load for each one has been a real pleasure. Each load seems to increase the accuracy. Mira and Ira have practically abandoned their PSG1s which makes sense. Bernie is finally in his tuxedo and brings me back to reality as he says, "Ben, I need to go to the bathroom."


I point to the door and say, "There it is, you should be fine."


He practically runs into the bathroom but I hear him struggle so I walk to the door and ask, "Do you need any help?"


Bernie complains, "Ben, my hands aren't working right - I can't unbutton my pants."


I open the door, unbutton his pants and then leave. I'm thankful for leaving because if the sounds are any indication, he dropped a real deuce in the crapper.


Bernie practically begs, "I'm done can you help me again?"


I reply, "Flush the crapper first and then use the air freshener."


I hear the toilet flush and the air freshener spray so I open the door but it still smelled really awful. I know we ate Mabel's food at the tunnels last night so the food wasn't bad. I ask, "Bernie, why are you so nervous?"


Bernie confesses, "Ben, what if I don't make a good husband or father?"


I laugh and answer, "Bernie, do you love Liz?"


He replies, "Of course I do - and I've loved her for years."


I slap him on the back and say, "Then you're going to be a great husband because what wives really need is our unconditional love."


Bernie says, "But what about the father part?"


I grin at him and provide the best answer, "Bernie, I've seen you with Jennifer (Maria and Linus' baby) and you're great with her. You are so lucky having a baby and you're such a natural father."


Bernie smiles and says, "Ben, you're right! Sometimes I'm the only one that can get Jennifer to stop crying. Thank you."


Present – The wedding


The wedding planner comes to the door and says, "Good, you two are ready." Then she complains a little, "Mr. Blaine, I wish we had fitted your uniform."


I smile at her and reply, "Ms., this fits me perfectly according to Marine regulation 192-5."


She gives me a funny look then announces, "Well Bernie, it's time."


Bernie looks at me and says, "Ben, she's right because your uniform is quite a bit looser than at your wedding. How did that happen?"


I smile at him and say, "It's all Jens fault because she fucked the weight off of me."


Bernie begins to laugh, and comments, "I hope that Liz and I can do that again someday." He walks out into the hallway and heads for the ballroom.


I walk across the hallway, knock on the door and ask, "Are you ready Jens?"


The door opens and there's my wife looking more beautiful than ever. She smiles at me and comments, "Your Dress Blues are a little loose."


I reply, "Not according to Marine regulation 192-5."


She thinks for a moment, smiles and declares, "Wait, there is no Marine regulation 192-5."


I grin at her and say, "You're right but don't blame me for the fit because it's your fault."


She pokes me in the ribs and counters, "Don't tell me you didn't enjoy it."


We take each other's arm and walk toward the ballroom. Jens confesses, "I miss having Sharik and Destiny here."


I indicate with my head and reply, "Destiny is here. She's part of the security arrangements."


Jens has a worried look on her face as she asks, "You don't think anything will happen do you?"


She sees someone to the side, stumbles a little and swears, "What in the fricken-fracken heck is she doing here?"


Jens notices Stacy (yeah, I didn't tell her anything about what Thom shared with me) and I reply, "Liz did invite all of Leadville to the wedding and she does live in Leadville. Now come on, you messed up your steps."


Jens apologizes, "Sorry Ben, I really honestly hate that woman."


I squeeze her arm and say, "Jens, you're better than that, now smile for the camera."


Jens sees Samantha taking video of the wedding and that changes her attitude. She smiles big and holds me even closer. We reach the platform at the end of the ballroom where Jens and I separate: She goes to her side and I walk up beside Bernie (he looks much better and has calmed down). I take my place beside him, we wait and then the wedding march starts. We wait for Liz but she doesn't show. The wedding planner runs into the back of the church and announces, "Liz is going into labor!"


Jens makes a beeline for the back of the ballroom.


Bernie looks at the preacher and says, "You need to marry us on the way to the hospital in Denver."


I grab Bernie's hand along with the hand of the preacher and hightail it out the door with them. There's an ambulance waiting, the doors are open and I see that Liz is inside. I shove Bernie and the preacher inside, slam the back doors and the ambulance takes off.


Jens comes over and says, "That was a close call, I was glad we had an ambulance waiting just in case."


I hug Jens and say, "You always seem to know when things like this are going to happen before they do."


Jens smiles and agrees, "Yeah, I get lucky a lot."


I get ready to say something profound when I hear a noise I thought I would never hear again…


Present – Stacy – The almost wedding and Ben's gift


I was amazed that Ben's witch bitch let her best friend Elizabeth Morgan go into labor. I thought she was more powerful than that. With the wedding being over it was time to deliver my gift to Ben. I walk to where it was hidden, start it up and head for the front of the Delaware Hotel. The sweet sound of the exhaust and the whine of the supercharger echo against the buildings that line the street. I round the corner and delight in the shocked look on his face.


I drive up in front of them, leave Ben's old Cobra running, set the brake, climb out of the car and boldly announce, "Ben, this is a present for you."


Ben's too flabbergasted to talk but his witch bitch isn't, "Stacy, when did you steal my Cobra?"


I laugh and say, "Your Cobra? I suggest you look at the name on the driver's door."


The bitch walks around to the door and swears, "Son of a sea biscuit! Where it used to say Jennifer, now it says Stacy."


I taunt, "Come on Ben, you know how much you've missed driving this great car. It's even better now with the addition of the supercharger."


Ben looks at the car and shocks me when he says, "Stacy, this isn't my car and it's not Jens' car. It's a replica."


I continue to tease, "No Ben, it's the real Cobra that was destroyed in your garage during the attacks on the cabin. I had it taken away and restored so the only change was the name on the driver's door and the supercharger."


Ben glares at me and says, "Stacy, I don't want it and I sure as hell don't want you."


I confront him, "Ben, if your wife wasn't a witch you would be with me already. She has cast a spell on you."


Ben lunges for me but Bill is there and steps in between us. Ben threatens, "Get the fuck out of the way or you will get hurt."


Bill protects me, "I'm not going to let you injure Ms. Summers."


Ben steps up the confrontation, "No one calls my wife a witch and gets away with it! Step aside or I will break you in half."


I think there's going to be a hell of a fight when the old fart who almost broke my nose walks up with a group of armed men. He says…


Present – Thom – Stopping a fight


It was a dirty trick to take Ben's old Cobra and have it restored, then deliver it to him after the almost wedding. I was sure that Ben could take Bill any day of the week, but I couldn't afford to let things escalate. So I walk up to Ben and Bill and order, "Both of you need to stand down or face going to the hoosegow!"


Ben swears, "That worthless bitch called my wife a witch. I've had my fill of her interference so I'm going to kick her ass."


Bill replies, "I will not allow Ben Blaine to injure Ms. Summers. If he tries I will give him the beating he deserves."


I give Jennifer a pleading look so she comes over beside Ben and says, "Come on honey, getting your Dress Blues dirty for this filthy whore isn't worth the effort." Jennifer thinks for a moment then adds, "Besides, she stole the car out of our garage. Thom, please press charges for grand theft auto."


Stacy responds, "Wait a minute I did you a favor! I recovered the vehicle and restored it."


I think for a moment and ask, "Who has the title for this Cobra?"


Ben says, "It's in the safe back at the cabin."


I look at Bill, then to Stacy and ask, "Stacy Summers, did you have permission to remove the Cobra from the garage at the cabin."


Stacy backpedals, "No, I did it so it wouldn't get further damaged."


I continue, "So you are in possession of a vehicle to which you have no title, and for which you have no legal ownership?"


She continues, "Yes but only so I could have it restored - I know how much it means to Ben."


I look at Ben and Jennifer and ask, "Do you two wish to press charges?"


Ben tries to reason with Stacy, "Look Stacy, Jens is my wife and always will be my wife. You and I had a few months together, but I have loved Jens for many years. There really isn't any hope for us."


Stacy looks at Bill and says, "Bill show them the paperwork proving she's a witch."


I think I almost have things under control when Destiny walks up and says, "Stacy, you don't understand. Because she is a witch is why they are perfect for each other and why Ben can never be with you."


Stacy changes her approach and offers, "I will change, I will take classes, I will…"


Destiny laughs, it sounds like the wind rustling aspen leaves, and says, "Stacy, your destiny does not lie along the same path as Ben and Jennifer's. Your path diverged from Ben when you two parted years ago and it will never meet his again."


Stacy declares, "If I can't be with Ben then I don't know what to do. I'm not even sure I want to live."


Destiny walks toward Stacy and Bill grabs her arm (a big mistake) so Destiny snaps his arm like a twig. He falls to the ground writhing in pain. Destiny gets right in Stay's face and says, "Stacy Summers, you will stop the harassment of Ben and Jennifer immediately. Especially, you will stop the phone calls to the terrorist groups."


Stacy lies, "Calling terrorist groups, I have no idea what you…"


I interrupt, "… Stacy Summers, we know about your calls so stop trying to deny them."


Stacy continues, "That's a lie, the witch did it and made it sound like me."


Jennifer counters, "Stacy there are no such things as witches, everyone knows that."


I complain, "Well, now that Destiny let the cat out of the bag, Ms. Stacy Summers, you are under arrest for conspiring with terrorists."


The FBI and Us Marshalls take Stacy away while her security team comes over to help Bill.


I look at Ben and ask, "What are you going to do with the Cobra?"


Jennifer says, "We're going to get the name changed on the door of my car."


I comment, "I thought this was Ben's father's car..."


Jennifer says, "…And Ben gave it to me." She looked at me and continued, "However, I don't want to drive it until the name has been changed. Thom, will you please drive this to the garage for us?"


I sure as hell didn't need to be asked twice! I climbed into the driver's seat, put the Cobra in gear and headed toward the cabin. I have never driven a nicer car in my life…


Present – Ben and Jens – A mistake


I swear, "Shit, we should have had Thom take us to Denver."


Jens agrees, "You're right, I want to see the baby."


I look at Jens and ask, "Do you have a mobile phone?"


She shakes her head, "Not yet. Boy, not having a mobile phone is becoming impossible."


I walk up to one of the agents and ask, "Could you please call Thom and ask him to come back. We need to get to Denver so we can see Liz and Bernie's baby."


The agent calls Thom and relays, "He said he be right back."


Jens says with a large smile, "You know there's really no back seat in the car. I guess I will have to sit on your lap."


Thom shows up and we say, "Get us to Denver so we can see Liz's new baby."


Thom replies, "Climb on in, but where are the two of you going to ride,"

Jennifer grins evilly and offers, "I can sit on Ben's lap."


Ben gets in the passenger seat, Jennifer sits on his lap and says, "I bet if you worked at it you could catch the ambulance."


I didn't need any more motivation! I floored it and smoked the tires for a full block…