Chapter 114

Together Chapter 114

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Flashback – Masha – The mission


As we were driving to the bar, the neighborhood changed to what I can only imagined would be called a ghetto. I could not believe that Louise went to this bar in this neighborhood. We arrived at the bar where the driver asked again, "Miss, are you sure you want to stop here?"


I knew that I had to stop the animal so I replied, "Yes I do. How much do I owe you?"


The driver said, "Twenty dollars."


I was slightly shocked at the cost, but this was America and everything seemed to cost more. I pulled a twenty dollar bill out of my purse and handed it to him. He offered, "If you need me, I will come back for you."


I smiled at him and said, "Thank you, I might like that."


He handed me a card with his phone number on it, and said, "Just call me if you need me."


I got out of the taxi then he headed off and I walked toward the door of this wretched establishment. I opened the door and was shocked by the terrible smell that emanated from this place. I walked inside as many people stopped talking and looked at me.


I glanced around the room where it was easy to identify the долбо еб who raped Louise. I continued to scan the room and was shocked by one person that I saw. The долбо еб began to move toward me but before I let him get close I walked over to the bar and took a seat beside the man I recognized. He was equally shocked when he saw me, leaned close to me and asked, "What in the hell are you doing here?"


I smiled at him, made sure he noticed my head movement in the mirror of the bar and said, "That animal looking at my derriere tortured and raped my new housemate, Louise."


In typical police fashion he asked, "Don't tell me - you're here to kill him. He's the one we are assigned to watch."


I smiled at him and agreeably said, "Very well, I won't disclose that."


I got up from the bar, walked to a table and it didn't take long until the долбо еб came over to my table. He smoothly offered, "Could I buy you a drink?"


I flirted a little with him and said, "Thank you but only one. If I drink too much I get sleepy."


He asked, "What's your favorite drink?"


I replied, "Vodka on the rocks."


He offered, "I will get you one from the bar. I like your accent, where are you from?"


I flirted a little more and answered, "Thank you I am from Russia."


He went to the bar and it didn't take very long. He came back with two drinks and set mine in front of me. He asked, "Have you been in America long?"


I pretended to play with the ice cubes in my drink but what I was really doing was testing the drink with my fingernail polish to see if it contained drugs. The test came back positive so Louise was right, the bartender was in on this too. I replied, "No, not long at all."


He smiled and said, "Bottoms up", then finished his drink.


I put the drink up to my lips, faked tasting it, made a terrible face and complained, "This American vodka is not drinkable."


He looked disappointed and offered, "Let me see if they have any Russian vodka at the bar."


He walked to the far end of the bar to get another drink. I took my drink, sat beside the nice policeman from my neighborhood, placed the glass on the bar and whispered, "This drink was drugged, probably by the bartender."


He said, "Thanks, I thought I saw him put something in it."


The долбо еб walked over beside me and said, "Hey buddy, are you trying to take my woman?"


The policeman said, "Nope, she came over and started talking to me."


The долбо еб said, "Miss, the bartender did have some Russian vodka, so here's a new glass. Now why don't you come back to the table with me?"


He actually took my arm and led me back to the table. We sat at the table where I once again began playing with the ice to test the drink. Yes, it was drugged just as before.


I pretended to taste the vodka and remarked, "Now this is much better vodka. What's the term you used before? Oh yes, bottoms up."


He tipped his drink back and while he was busy looking at the ceiling, I dumped my drink on the floor, making sure to hold the ice in the glass with my hand. Then I teased, "You know the real men in Russia only drink vodka."


He excitedly said, "I'll get us a couple more vodkas."


I reminded him, "Make sure it's the Russian vodka."


As he went to the bar, I again got up, sat by the policeman and said, "That drink was also drugged."


He complimented me, "Nice job dumping it on the floor, he never noticed."


I walked back to the table as the долбо еб showed up with two glasses of vodka. I made sure to watch which one he sat in front of me, then I faked some distress, "I do not feel well. Where is the ladies room?"


He offered, "It's in the back, I can help you walk there."


I pretended to slur my speech, "That would be nice of you."


He helped me up, I pretended to stumble a little then the долбо еб puts his arm around me and began to lead me to the back. I also noticed the bartender who started to come out from behind the bar. He walked me back into what is obviously a storage room. I pretended to be drugged and asked, "Where's the toilet in here?"


He roughly pushed me on a dirty mattress on the floor and growled, "It's time to teach a Russian bitch how we do things in America."


I bounced up off the mattress and yelled, "Help rape!" Then I began to use all my Krav Maga training on him and the bartender."


The friendly policeman from my neighborhood broke down the door just in time to see me knock both of them out. He laughed then three other policemen rushed in and he said, "Let me introduce you to my friend Masha. You might recognize her as the woman who took down the bus gangs."


One of them asked, "What were you doing here tonight?"


I pulled the dagger out of my left boot and replied, "A good friend of mine was raped by this долбо еб and I was here to exact some revenge."


The friendly policeman said, "Well, there's no reason to do that now since we have all the evidence we need to put these two away. I saved the first drink you left on the bar as evidence."


I replied, "According to my friend there were more than just these two. Plus they had videos of the crimes."


One officer said, "Ma'am I'm the Sgt. here and we will get to the bottom of this and find the others. Do you think your friend will testify in court?"


I replied, "I am certain she will. This долбо еб has been torturing her for years and even threatened to kill the daughter he forced upon her."


The Sgt. said, "Are you saying he fathered a child with your friend?"


I replied, "He certainly did."


He said, "Good that gives us DNA evidence that we can also use. Ma'am we are thankful for your assistance tonight but you really should leave matters like this to the police department."


I asked, "So if I had not been here tonight, how would you have caught these немые трахает?"


The friendly policeman said, "She's right Sarge. We didn't have a female on the staff who would take the job. Now come on Masha, the patrol cars will show up and I can take you home."


The Sgt. asked one more question, "How did you know the drinks were drugged?"


I held up my hands with my fingernails facing them and said, "This Russian fingernail polish changes color when exposed to any adulterated drink."


The friendly policeman escorted me out to a waiting patrol car where I saw the two немые трахает being loaded into another patrol car. He asked, "I don't speak Russian so what's that name you kept calling them?"


I blushed and replied, "Dumb fucks."


The policeman pulled into my driveway where Louise opened the front door, ran out and asked, "Don't tell me Masha is hurt?"


I get out of the patrol car, Louise ran to me, hugged me and said, "When I saw the police car, I thought the worst."


The nice policeman explained, "Masha beat the holy shit out of both the guy and the bartender. Because of her we were able to arrest both of them."


He looked at me and asked, "Masha, is this the friend you told me about?"


Masha said, "Louise I hope you don't mind, but I somewhat related some of your story to the policemen and I told them you would testify against the долбо еб."


Louise got a serious look on her face and said, "Hell yes I'll testify! The bastard tortured me for years."


He replied, "I will talk with the Sgt. and you will probably need to come down to the police station, give a statement and pick them out of a line up."


Louise said, "Gladly, just let me know when to show up."


He said, "Well, it's going to be a long night of filling out paperwork for me so I need to get back to the station."


I reminded him, "Wasn't I supposed to have officers stationed in front of my house twenty-four hours a day?"


He confessed, "Yes Masha you were. Please don't be angry but we're a small department and we got pulled off the duty on your house to assist in this operation."


I asked, "Are all the teenagers from the gang still in jail?"


He replied, "They are either in jail or dead."


I asked for clarification, "Dead?"


He said, "That's right, if you mess with the wrong people in jail you die. Now I really do need to get going."


After he left Louise and I walked into the house and Louise demanded, "Masha, I want to know everything."


We were up late as I filled in all the details…


Flashback – Ben and Jack – At the hospital


Yeah, it was good having Jack here because it took the load off me. I'm not sure how he swung it, and was sure once I signed the reenlistment papers my help would be gone, but for now I was going to enjoy it while I could.


I found George and asked, "Sir, do you mind if I take a room for myself."


George's reply shocked me. He sounded more like an officer every day as he chewed my ass, "Sgt. Blaine when the hell are you going to sign your reenlistment papers so we can get fucking Sgt. Reynolds out of here and things will return to normal?"


I saluted and replied, "Sir, I was going to sign them tomorrow, but have now decided against that. I am not sure when or if I will ever sign the reenlistment papers."


George continued to act like an officer prick, "Why the hell not."


I grinned at him and said, "Sir, permission to speak freely?"


He glared at me and replied, "Permission granted."


I tore into him, "George, I will never sign the reenlistment papers while you're chewing my ass about it. I thought we had become friends and had a good working relationship, but you certainly fucked that in the ass. Now I'm going to find myself a room, take a hot shower and get some sleep. Permission to leave?"


George's mouth dropped open and he tried to save his ass, "Banzai, come on, Colonel Maggie is riding my ass about this…"


I grinned and interrupted, "…So you thought you could ride my ass about it? Sir, command doesn't work that way. Colonel Maggie is supposed to give you shit about things but that shit should never work its way down to me… While I'm thinking about it, I know from Jack that she praised the hell out of the work I am doing here, making you look really good and you never bothered to tell me about it… And my job is to keep the men from bothering you so you can command, at which I know I've done exceptionally well. If things change around here, I might consider signing the reenlistment papers or I might just leave and go to work for the CIA. They offered me 200K to come and work for them. Now I'm leaving and don't want to be bothered, especially by the fucking sex-crazed nurses."


George explained, "Banzai, I talked to them and told them if they tried to fraternize with you they would face charges."


I turned and said, "Well it looks like you did one thing right without my help."


Yeah I was damn pissed off right then…


 Lieutenant George found me and said, "Sgt. Reynolds, we need to talk. Why did you tell Banzai about the praise Colonel Maggie gave him?"


I sure as hell didn't like his fucking Butterbar attitude so I replied, "Sir, I only relayed the message from Colonel Maggie. She was shocked when she found out you hadn't passed the messages to Banzai."


He asked, "And you're the one that told her that?"


I grinned and replied, "Yes Sir! I did that after Banzai told me he felt like he didn't know why he was going to the trouble of doing everything here."


Lieutenant George swore, "Son of a bitch! Now Banzai's all fired up again and he's not sure he's going to sign the reenlistment papers."


I looked at Lieutenant George and asked, "Permission to speak freely?"


He pointed to Pvt. Tod and said, "After he leaves the room."


I turned to Tod and said, "Find us a nice room that we can bunk in."


Tod left, I grinned and said, "Lieutenant George, I bet you gave Banzai shit about not signing the reenlistment papers, didn't you?"


He replied, "I did. How did you know that?"


I swore, "Son of a bitch! That was the absolute worst thing you could do. Banzai knows he has both of us by the balls and you decide to chew his ass! Hell, he might never sign the papers now just to spite you."


Lieutenant George replied, "He said he got and offer from the CIA for 200K…"


I interrupted, "…Yeah I bet he did. Those fuckers are like vultures circling a carcass. They have always wanted him and you might have handed him to them on a silver platter. Do me a fucking favor and let me handle the negotiations for getting him to sign the reenlistment papers."


He asked, "Are you telling me after an offer like the CIA gave him, he would turn it down?"


I laughed, "Hell yeah! You don't know Banzai but he has more money than Carter has Little Pills. Hell he bought the sniper rifle he's using here and all the ammo for it. He even outfitted our rifles with top of the line Nightforce scopes. If there's two things that he doesn't need, it's money or ass chewing. So back the hell off him and let me take care of the problem."


Lieutenant George shook his head slowly and said, "I had no idea."


I answered, "Well now you know. But never ever talk to him or others about it because he's sensitive as hell about anyone knowing it. Now I'm going to go find him and see if I can repair the damage you've done and save both our asses."


Lieutenant George said, "He was saying something about finding a room and getting some sleep."


I laughed and said, "You sure as hell don't know Banzai! He's not going to do that until he's sure all the weapons have been cleaned."


I headed up to the roof where I found Banzai…


I was on the roof cleaning my sniper rifle and my M4. Jack walked up and before he could get a word out I cautioned, "If I get my ass chewed one more time about my reenlistment papers I'm never signing the fuckers."


Jack said, "Don't worry Banzai I gave the Butter-fucking-bar shit for chewing your ass."


I swore, "Who the fuck does he think he is! Chewing my ass after all I've done for the greenhorn fucker."


Jack replied, "You know how officers get, they start to think they are gods."


I swore, "That fucking god can kiss my ass! I'm glad you're here to take over for me because I have some plans."


Jack questioned, "What sort of plans."


I replied, "That's for me to know and I'm not telling you until I talk to Colonel Maggie."


I pull a borescope out of my hard sniper rifle case and Jack asked, "Damn what the hell is that device?"


I looked at Jack and replied, "It's called a borescope and is sort of like an endoscope for rifle barrels. I've fired this more without cleaning it than I really like so I wanted to make sure I didn't damage the barrel. Do you want to take a look?"


Jack looked through the borescope and said, "Damn now that's impressive! I can see every inch of the barrel. It looks fine to me."


I concur, "Yeah it's still doing really well. Would you like to look at your M25?"


Jack says, "Hell yeah, that would be great."


Jack field strips his M25, I put the borescope in the barrel and complained, "Jack you didn't clean this first."


Jack asked, "Do you mind if I use your cleaning materials?"


I said, "You're welcome to use the patches and solvent but not the cleaning rod. This cleaning rod is only used on this rifle…"


Damn! Banzai was being very particular with this rifle. I never knew him to have a specific cleaning rod for a rifle so I asked, "Why are you only using that rod on this rifle."


Banzai explained, "Every time you clean a rifle, the cleaning rod picks up and retains some of the dirt of the rifle you're cleaning. I don't want the dirt from another rifle to contaminate this rifle."


I smiled and replied, "That makes sense but why haven't you done that before?"


Banzai returned the smile and answered, "Because I've never had a rifle like this before."


He grabbed the borescope and said, "Let's see how the others have done on their M25s and the Barrett."


I noticed that only half the team had cleaned their weapons and I praised him, "Good idea to only let half the team clean their weapons at one time."


Banzai smiled and said, "Yeah Jack, you did teach me a few things. Of course they all wanted to clean them at once, but then…"


I finished, "… You wouldn't have had any snipers."


Lucky for the sniper team Banzai didn't find anything with the borescope on any of the rifles he didn't like.


I decided to bring up a new topic, "Banzai, the CIA agents left the bomb maker here, what do you think we should do with him."


Banzai swore, "Throw the fucking son of a bitch out the window."


I laughed, "That's what I told the holier than thou Butter-fucking-bar I wanted to do and he said we couldn't."


Banzai moved closer and whispered, "Jack the fucking asshole Taliban captured a large group of Christians and have been raping girls and boys. The girls and boys volunteer for the suicide missions just to stop the rapes."


I step back and asked, "Where did you hear that?"


Banzai said, "I hesitated shooting one of the little girls and George told me. I guess all the officers know this."


I asked, "How many of the men have you told?"


Banzai grinned and asked, "How many do you think?"


I swore, "You told all of them?"


He grinned and said, "That's right, it was tearing the other Marines up, now we're all fine with it. In fact this is one of the reasons I’m glad you're here."


I asked, "Why's that?"


Banzai said, "I want to head out, find and free all the children that I can."


I looked at Banzai and said, "I'm not sure I can go with you."


Banzai said, "Of course not, you have Masha now and can't do a mission like this. Besides it's really a one man mission."


I caution, "What if you get caught?"


Banzai laughed, "Like that would ever happen! But if it does my will is up to date. By the way, don't mention a word of this to anyone, especially George or Colonel Maggie."


I swore, "Fuck, you're doing this without their permission?"


Banzai said, "I plan on telling Colonel Maggie because if she wants me to sign my reenlistment papers she has to agree to this mission."


I mentioned, "She could trick you."


Banzai declared, "George possibly, but not Colonel Maggie."


I wasn't so sure about Banzai's faith in Colonel Maggie since she was still an officer.


Flashback – Jennifer – At home


I followed Daddy down to dinner, and as usual, Daniela has made a feast. Daniela said, "Señorita Jennifer, I am so sorry that Señora Donaldson could not come home today."


I was actually happy that mother couldn't come home but I put on a great act, "Yes it is a shame she will miss all this great food you made. I still don't understand why she insists that I’m a witch."


Daddy replied, "Not just you Jennifer, but her own mother."


Daniela said, "I think it is the work of el diablo. He has tricked Señora Donaldson into believing that the miracles of El Señor have come from witchcraft."


I asked, "Daniela, do you believe in witches?"


Daniela replied, "Some in my country do believe in brujas however I am not one of them. However I do know that el diablo's minions trick many people. I will say extra prayers for Señora Donaldson, that El Señor will reveal himself to her."


Daddy scoffed, "Witches! Who in their right mind would take about witches these days - this isn't the dark ages."


I smiled and asked, "Daddy, could this be from the alcohol that mother drank?"


Daddy looked at the beer he was drinking and said, "Jennifer, you could be right and I know you worry about how much I drink."


I stated, "Daddy, I know you're not and alcoholic, but you do drink every day and that concerns me now that mother is in the hospital. If you got sick…"


Daddy interrupted, "…Jennifer do not worry. After this beer I will stop drinking."


I jumped up from the table and surprised Daddy when I gave him a big kiss on the cheek…


Flashback – Alexi – At home


I wondered what my life would become, with the laboratory being closed. I secretly wished that 'father' could talk to the psychologist, however I knew that was impossible because 'mother' had decapitated him.


I heard some noise outside of my room. I opened the door and 'father' was making breakfast. I walked out and asked, "'Father' how are you today?"


He replied, "Alexi, I am really not sure how I am. My life was defined by my work at the laboratory. With the laboratory being gone, I am not sure what I will do."


I asked, "Can't you find a new job?"


'Father' suddenly looked happy and said, "That's a great idea! I am sure there are many places that could use my talents."


I agreed, "'Father' you are correct. You are very intelligent and should be able to find a new job without problems."


We sat down, ate breakfast and 'father' said, "I will begin to look for new work after breakfast."


Flashback – Ira and Mira – continuing


Daylight approached which meant we would take turns sleeping. Mira offered, "Ira, you sleep first and I will take watch."


I suggested, "Mira, we have enough weapons now, perhaps you could choose the best ones and we will make them our primary weapons."


Mira agreed, "Yes my sister, that task will be beneficial and will also help to keep me awake."


I crawled under some additional coats we had acquired and drifted off to sleep…


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


Roberto showed up the next morning and once again brought breakfast. But not before Gail had complained several times about being starving. I signed, "Roberto and I are going to buy everything for the kitchen today."


Maria said, "Good Gail and I will help you."


I signed, "Not today. You got to have fun shopping for the bedroom furniture, now it's my turn to have fun shopping for the kitchen."


Gail and Maria both pouted but I signed, "It won't do you any good to pout, this is my kitchen and I know exactly what I want in it."


Maria complained, "Todd, because you are a gringo they will cheat you. You will pay too much money."


I smiled at her and signed, "Maria that didn't happen on this house and it's not going to happen on the furnishings for the kitchen. I will get my price or I won't buy it."


Maria asked, "What are we supposed to do all day?"


I smiled and signed, "Whatever you all want."


Maria said, "Okay we might go to the gymnasium and see what it is like."


I signed, "That's a great idea, just don't waste your time taking martial arts lessons."


Roberto and I left and Roberto said, "Thanks for not letting them come today, I wasn't sure I could stand another day of that."


I wrote on my tablet, "We need to find a place that sells things for the kitchen."


Roberto said, "I think I know the place, we use it for the restaurant."


It wasn't really a store but it sure fit my needs. It was once again more like an area that specialized in kitchen and restaurant supplies which was perfect for me. I was like a kid in a candy store…