Chapter 116

Together Chapter 116

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Flashback – Masha and Louise – Furniture shopping


With Louise wanting to know all the details of what I did to the долбо еб and the bartender, we talked far beyond our normal bedtime. We also had a bit too much celebratory wine and now I was awakened by someone ringing the doorbell. I looked at our bedside clock and swore, "Tвою мать, Louise wake up! Michael is here to take us furniture shopping."


Louise swore, "Son of a bitch, we overslept!"


I took control and said, "Louise, you get up and get Linda ready. I will let Michael in the living room and apologize to him."


Louise went with Linda for the bathroom while I threw on my robe, went to the front door, verified it was Michael, opened the door and apologized, "Sorry Michael, we were up late last night and overslept. Please come in and wait in the living room. We will only be a few minutes."


Michael gave me a funny look and replied, "No problem, we've got the truck all day."


He came in, took a seat on the couch and I further apologized, "Sorry we don't even have any hot water so I can't make you any coffee."


He smiled and said, "Again no problem, take your time."


I dashed back to the bedroom and found Louise was out of the bathroom. I ran in, took a look at myself in the mirror and knew why Michael gave me a funny look. My hair and face were a terrible mess, I had huge bags under my eyes, and I won't even discuss my hair. That was what I got for going to bed with wet hair after my shower last night (there was no way I was going to bed smelling of that terrible bar).


I quickly fixed my hair, put a little makeup on my face and of course added lipstick. I came out of the bathroom and Louise remarked, "Masha I still don't know how you do it: You're a wreck when you go into the bathroom and look great when you come out."


I replied, "I may look great but my stomach bothers me and we don't have time to make breakfast."


Louise suggested, "Masha, there are a few fast food breakfasts that aren't too bad."


I sighed, "I guess I will just have to brave it and try one." Then I continue, "But only this one time."


Louise smiled at me and said, "Who knows, you might even like it."


We were finally ready, walked into the living room and Louise asked, "Michael, can we stop somewhere for some breakfast?"


Michael gave us a shocked look and said, "I didn't think you ate anywhere but home."


I confessed, "Today I don't have the time to cook breakfast and Louise has assured me that there are some meals at some few places which are edible."


Michael laughed, "Masha they are all edible, the question is do they meet your very high standards."


Louise saved me, "Michael, it wouldn't hurt you to watch what you eat a little more. After seeing how totally terrible Tina was, it made a believer of me about trying to cut out most if not all of the sugar from our diets."


I reinforced, "What was even worse were her diapers, they were toxic."


Michael grimaced, "Those are the last things I want to talk about while planning breakfast. Let's get going."


We all climbed into the truck. It was one of those with a backseat so Louise put Linda's baby seat in the back, made sure it was secure and I climbed in beside Linda. Louise sat in the front and bragged, "My badassed Auntie Masha kicked some serious rear last night."


I had hoped that Louise wasn't going to say anything about it but Michael said, "Yeah, I know all about it."


Louise asked, "How do you know?"


Michael said, "It was front page in this morning's paper. Their main story was about how the person they are calling the 'mysterious female avenger' assisted the police with the capture of a rapist and accomplice and implied it was the same woman that who took down the bus gang. I recognized Masha from the picture."


I swore, "Tвою мать, I hope they didn't show my outfit."


Michael said, "Don't worry, it was a picture of your face in the patrol car."


I felt better because I didn't want anyone to see me in those terrible clothes.


Michael continued, "I guess you really roughed up those rapists since they are still in the hospital for their injuries. They both had broken noses, one guy had a broken arm and the other had a broken leg."


Louise cheered, "That's my badassed Auntie Masha that did that!"


I stated, "They had it coming because they tried to drug me and rape me in the back room."


Michael said, "Yeah that's exactly what the newspaper said. Not only that, they apparently told the police about many of the other rapists who worked with them and the police already have them in custody. I guess it was a whole ring of perverts who got off on drugging and raping women."


We pulled into the parking lot of a fast food place and Louise said, "Masha, I know some items which are especially good here so let me order."


She ordered for us and Michael ordered for himself.


We drove up to the window on the side of the building. The young girl handed the bags of food to Michael but then she looked in the back, saw me and said, "Hey everyone, the 'mysterious female avenger' is in the back seat of this truck."


I was shocked when the fast food restaurant door flew open and many women ran outside to the side of the truck that Linda's car seat was on. They scared Linda and she began to cry. Michael rolled down the window and said, "Please move and let me park the truck."


They moved away from the truck and Michael drove the truck to a parking place. Louise said, "Masha, you need to get out and talk with these women."


I said, with exasperation, "Louise, can't you please talk with them for me."


Louise simply said, "Masha, you're the hero, not me."


I reluctantly got out of the back of the truck while the women began to clap. Some approached me and said, "Those men raped me! I want to thank you for helping the police to capture them." I was shocked when they hugged me and cried.


I said, "I'm sorry but I need to eat my breakfast and we need to be going."


I got back into the truck and asked, "Michael can you please leave?"


Michael answered, "No problem." We left the fast food restaurant and I thought the ordeal was over. I should have known better…


Flashback – Ben and Jack – At the hospital


With my rifle clean, and half of the sniper squad's rifles cleaned and inspected I ordered, "Okay the rest of you clean your rifles."


I watched to make sure they were doing it correctly, looked at Jack and said, "Well, it's time for me to get on the horn to Colonel Maggie and tell her about the mission I'm planning."


Jack cautioned, "Banzai, don't push her too hard, you know how she gets."


I laughed and said, "Jack we both know that I'm holding all the cards here so I can do whatever I want and she really can't do shit."


Jack followed me into the com room where George was getting his ass chewed again by Colonel Maggie about my reenlistment papers.


I loudly laughed, "Now that's music to my ears."

George turned and motioned for me to shut up. I yelled, "If that's Colonel Maggie, I want to talk to her."


George handed the mic to me and Colonel Maggie said, "Good to talk to you soon to be former Sgt. Blaine…"


I stopped her before she got going, "…Sir, I plan on signing my reenlistment papers but there is one additional agreement I want from you."


Colonel Maggie knew better than to give me too much shit, but she reminded me, "Sgt. Blaine, we met all your requests and now you want something else?"


I replied, "Yes Sir I do. It's come to my attention that the Taliban captured a large group of Christians and they actively rape them on a daily basis. I would like permission to go on a mission to rescue as many of them as possible."


The radio was silent for a short time and Colonel Maggie asked, "Don't tell me Lieutenant George provided this information to you?"


I replied, "Yes Sir it was the Lieutenant who informed me and I have since told all the men."


George began to swear, "Son of a bitch! I ordered you not to tell anyone."


I continued, "Sir, it was tearing the men up having to shoot the children. In my opinion, keeping this information from the troops was doing more damage than good."


Colonel Maggie asked, "Sgt. Blaine what if you get caught?"


I chuckled and replied, "Jack already asked me that question but we both know the likelihood of that happening is very slim. If it does happen or if I get killed, my will is in order. I know Sir that you don't like the sound of this mission. However, I'm going to do it whether you agree to it or not, so I'm giving you the chance to help me save some lives."


Once again the radio was quiet for a period of time. Finally Colonel Maggie said, "Sgt. I don't like being forced to do anything and I'm tempted to let your enlistment expire…"


I took a chance and interrupted her, "…Sir, it won't matter to me. I'm going to do this mission with the support of the Marines or without it."


Things got quiet again and I waited until finally Colonel Maggie said, "Well hell! We sure don't want you to do this without the Marines. Sgt. Blaine, I think this is one of the more harebrained missions I've ever heard of but if anyone can pull it off, you can. I suppose you want this in writing."


I replied, "No Sir, you're word is good enough for me."


Colonel Maggie said, "Sgt. Blaine you have my word, but if you get killed, I'm going to send your carcass to Thule."


We all laughed and Colonel Maggie ordered, "Sgt. Blaine, let me talk to the Lieutenant again."


I handed the mic to Lieutenant George, looked at Jack and said, "I'm going to catch some shuteye."


Jack said…


I needed to get the papers signed so I said, "Banzai, do me a favor and sign the papers first."


He smiled and said, "Sure, where are they."


I took a folder out of my pack, handed it to Banzai along with a pen, he signed the papers and I said, "Damn Banzai, I hope like hell you come back from this mission."


He smiled at me and said, "If I don't come back, I left it all to you and Masha. Now don't do something stupid with it."


I swore, "Hell Banzai why would you do that?"


Banzai said, "Shit Jack, you and Masha are more family to me than I've ever had so of course it's going to you. Now listen, if I don't come back, get Colonel Maggie to give you a hardship discharge, get back to Masha and remember me occasionally when you have a bourbon."


He hugged me and said, "I'm moving out tonight so I need to get some sleep."


Banzai left for a room somewhere and I left to try to find Tod.


Flashback – Jennifer – At home


Daddy was surprised by the kiss on the cheek and said, "Jennifer, I didn't know my drinking bothered you so much."


I sat back in my chair and confessed, "Daddy with mother sick I don't want you to get sick to because then I would have no one to take care of me."


Daddy got up from the table with his beer in hand, walked to the kitchen sink, dumped it out and said, "Daniela make sure you do not buy anymore beer when you go shopping."


Daniela replied, "Okay Señor Donaldson, but what about you're other alcohol?"


Daddy thought for a moment, looked at me and asked, "Some of those were very expensive Jennifer, would it be okay if I kept them but just didn't drink them?"


I smiled at Daddy and replied, "Only if we pinky swear on it."


Daddy motioned to me, I got up from the table, went to his side of the table and we pinky swore, "Jennifer I promise not to take another drink of alcohol."


I gave Daddy another kiss on the cheek, moved back to my chair and Daniela asked, "Señorita Jennifer, I do not know this pinky swear thing you and Señor Donaldson performed."


I explained, "Daniela it's sort of like shaking hands on an agreement, but stronger."


Daddy furthered the explanation, "When I pinky swear with Jennifer, she knows that I will never break my agreement."


Daniela replied, "I have heard that some people use the promesa de meñique in my country but I have never seen it done before. I do not think it holds much significance in most Hispanic countries."


I asked, "So promesa must mean promise and meñique is the little finger?"


Daniela smiled and replied, "Si Señorita Jennifer, muy bien!"


Daddy laughed, "I sure never thought I would be learning this much Spanish."


I added, "…And the culture of Hispanic nations."


Daniela reinforced, "Remember that Castilian Spanish, which they speak in Spain, is different than Spanish in most of the other countries."


I smiled at Daniela and changed the subject, "So is Jed ever going to visit again."


Daddy added, "Yeah, it was good to see him again."


Daniela blushed and replied, "I do not know, I am not sure he would want to see me again."


I pipe up, "Well, you won't know if you don't call him."


Daddy reinforces, "Yeah why don't you call him and invite him for dinner tonight and get him to drink the rest of the beer in the refrigerator?"


Daniela coyly replied, "I do not know."


I decided this had gone on long enough so I walked over to the phone, found his number and dialed it. When it rang I said, "Daniela, I called Jed for you."


She jumped up from the table and took the phone from me. I looked at Daddy and suggested, "I think we should leave."


Daddy and I left the dining room to give Daniela some space…


Flashback – Alexi – At home


'Father' kept his word and started looking for work right after breakfast. I washed the dishes to provide him with additional time. Once I finished the dishes I went to my room and began to study. Yes even though I would never go to the laboratory again, I still needed to study.


'Father' excitedly came into my room and said, "Alexi, I have a job interview this afternoon at a different laboratory."


I asked, "'Father', please tell me that I will not go to live there like I did at the old laboratory."


'Father' said, "Of course not Alexi, they don't do that sort of research at this place."


I continued the questions, "'Father' then what will I do when you're at the new laboratory?"


'Father' cautioned, "Alexi, I do not have the job yet so asking that question is premature. But I think we would need to enroll you in the local school."


I was not sure I liked that answer, but I did not want to discourage 'father' so I smiled and lied, "That would be interesting."


Flashback – Ira and Mira – continuing


It felt like I no sooner found sleep than Mira was jostling my shoulder. She whispered, "My sister I feel we have made a grave mistake."


I replied in a whisper, "Mira, what troubles you?"


Mira stated, "My sister we did not eliminate our tracks when we returned to our present abode. There is new noise from the encampment and I fear they will track us."


I train my auditory canals toward the opening of the cave then occulated and noticed that the sun had risen and swore, "Son of a female saluki, my sister your concerns are accurate!"


Mira presents me a rifle and says, "My sister this is the second best rifle we acquired."


I whispered, "Where is the first best rifle?"


Mira replied, "I have it of course."


We slowly transversed toward the cave opening. When we arrived at the opening we had a decision to make…


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


Roberto asked, "Todd what do you want to purchase first?"


I wrote on the tablet, "Roberto, can your cousins again provide transportation for whatever we buy?"


He replied, "Let me call them and see if they are busy."


He made the call and explained, "They are busy this morning but not this afternoon."


Then he asked, "Todd, why do you want to shop for the kitchen equipment?"


I wrote on the tablet, "I like to cook and most people tell me I'm a good cook." Then I continued with the tablet, "Let's start with the stove. I would like something like I saw in the kitchen at your restaurant."


We weaved our way through the stores as each one of them shouted how their products were better than similar products next to them. I Followed Roberto into a store, he walked up to the proprietor, they began to talk and finally Roberto asked, "Do you have any ranges like the one in my restaurant?"


The man replied, "Yes, we have a new shipment. Don't tell me you already wore out the one I sold you?"


Roberto laughed and said, "No way! My friend here is looking for a stove like the one in my restaurant for his house."


There was no haggling here. The man said, "Roberto, thank you for remembering me. I will sell you this model for 10% above my cost."


I began to look it over and the man asked, "You're friend doesn't speak?"


I showed him my neck and he said, "That must have hurt."


He began to describe all the features of the stove and I was falling in love (as much as a man could fall in love with a stove). When he was done, he quoted a price that was much less than I expected. I nodded at Roberto and he said, "Todd will take this."


I wrote on the tablet, "Now I would like to purchase some good cookware, especially a large wok with a lid on it."


The man said, "Roberto, we might have what he's looking for in my cookware store."


Roberto replied, "Todd follow me."


We walked a few shops down, into a different store and there were more and different pans than I had ever seen. I began to walk the aisle and the proprietor of this shop came up to Roberto and she began to converse.


Roberto explained what I wanted and she said, "Please follow me."


We followed her to the back of the store and I found a perfect wok with a great lid. It didn't take long until I had chosen all the pots and pans that I needed, then came the cooking utensils. With all the items chosen, she began to total the items and quoted a reasonable price. I again nodded my head and Roberto said, "Please begin to wrap them up, Todd will take them. We will pay when we come back."


I wrote on the tablet, "Now I would like electronic things, like a rice cooker, food processor, mixer, etc."


We walked past several shops, and when I saw one that I thought I would like, I headed toward the door. Roberto grabbed my arm and said, "Todd, do not use this vendor, he has a bad reputation."


We continued then Roberto pointed to a store and said, "This is the one I would choose."


We walked inside and Roberto began a conversation with the proprietor, while I began to check out the items. They came over and the old man said, "Roberto told me about you so let me show you some items that I think you will like."


He began with a huge rice cooker, I moved my hands in a way that he understood it was too big, so he showed me a smaller one that was perfect. We also settled on a great food processor and a mixer with all the attachments.


He once again quoted me a price that I liked so I nodded and Roberto said, "We will take all of those please prepare them for when we return. We will pay you then."


Roberto looked at me and said, "Todd, you've forgotten the plates, glasses and other items needed for dining."


He was correct, I palmed my face in embarrassment and Roberto said, "But those are easy, I know just the place to go."


We headed to a little store behind some other stores, the proprietor saw Roberto and she asked, "Don't tell me you need more dishes for your restaurant?"


Roberto explained that I needed some dishes, she asked, "How many place settings do you need?"


That was something I hadn't thought about, I began to think and Roberto said, "He would like twelve place settings."


I figured that was fine, we began to look at different patterns and finally settled on one I liked. She quoted me a price and Roberto practically exploded, "That is an outrageous price, I will never do business here again."


We began to walk out the door and the woman apologized, "Sorry Roberto, I made a mistake with the price. I've reconsidered and this is my new price."


Roberto complained, "We will leave unless you make it 10% lower."


The woman agreed and Roberto said, "We need it all packed correctly for travel and will pay when we come back."


Roberto said, "Todd I think we are done, but my cousins won't be here for at least an hour and a half."


I motioned that I wanted to eat and Roberto declined, "Todd there are no places here I would trust eating at. However we do have some good beer and beer is always safe if they open it in front of you."


I nod my head, we go inside a dive of a restaurant and Roberto orders two beers. They bring it to the table, open it and we begin to drink. Roberto's correct, the beer is excellent.