Chapter 118

Together Chapter 118

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Flashback – Masha and Louise – Furniture shopping


Yes, I should have known better. We arrived at the furniture store, walked inside and the women in the store began to recognize me. I know because they pointed at me and began to whisper to their friends. I am thankful that this time they didn't come up to me or cheer and clap like the women at the fast food place.


Unfortunately Louise noticed and said, "Auntie Masha they recognize you here too."


I frowned and replied, "Yes, unfortunately they do."


Michael added, "I guess the guys you took down were part of some sort of perverted rape ring."


Finally a woman came up to me and said, "Ms. I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for catching those terrible men. They have tortured me for over 20 years."


She looked to be forty (which surprised me) so I asked, "The animal I caught would have been too young to have participated in your assault 20 years ago…"


She interrupted, "…I guess you haven't seen the recent newspaper."


She held it out to me, I took it and there on the front page was all the information. Louise looked over my shoulder as we read. I was shocked when it said that the men had passed the victims down from father to son. The bartender and the долбо еб I caught told the police everything including the location of all the videos they had taken and had given the names of the entire rape squad (what the police called it). Some of the долбо еб were now old men.


Louise remarked, "I’m glad they caught them all and got the videos."


The woman that approached me confirmed, "Yes that is good news if they haven't been uploaded to the internet already."


I queried, "Why did they do that?"


The woman provided an evil answer, "They traded the videos of the rapes with other online perverts."


Since this woman approached me, several other women approached and shared similar stories.


I was angrier at the men than I was at the teenagers who attacked the bus! I looked at Louise and said, "Louise, I think I need to offer Krav Maga lessons to the women of this city."


Michael asked, "What's Krav Maga?"


Louise said, "It's a form of Israeli martial arts that Masha used on the two men who tried to rape her."


Michael commented, "It must be really effective because the paper said Masha broke their arms and noses."


I replied, "If I knew now what those two men were doing and how many women they assaulted, I would have killed them."


Louise attempted to calm me down, "Masha, you did the right thing. They now have the whole rape ring and all their computers. If you had killed them the police wouldn't have learned anything beyond just the two of them. So the arrest of the whole gang is because you didn’tkill anyone!"


I was still angry and swore, "Tвою мать. The police in this town are дураки (fools) if they didn't catch these долбо еб sooner."


The women who were around me agreed and Louise stated, "We should have a protest march!"


The other women agreed and the next thing I knew we all walked out the door and started down the street. The women began to shout slogans, "The police are idiots – kill all rapists – why did we have to suffer for so long."


I looked over at Louise and asked, "What about your furniture?"


Louise smiled and said, "This is more important than furniture." Then she continued, "Let's go to city hall!"


We made several turns, marched down the main street of this town and gained more women all the time. Things were good until…


Flashback – Jack and Ben – At the hospital


I sure as hell didn't like this mission Banzai was going on - it sounded like a fucking suicide mission to me. I searched around and finally found Tod. He was in a piece of shit room so I complained, "What the hell did you choose this room for?"


He replied, "Sorry Sgt. I was told by a Cpl. to take this room."


I figured something like this might happen so I asked, "Where is this Cpl."


Tod took me to a nice as hell room and said, "That's him Sgt."


The Cpl. was taking it easy on a bed so I ordered, "Ten-hut!"


He practically tripped over his own feet jumping up! I walked over to him, got in his face and asked, "Cpl. did you tell this Pvt., who is my aide, to take that piece of shit room he was in?"


He apologized, "Sorry Sgt. I didn't know he was your aide."


I continued to berate him, "Well now you do Cpl. And now we're taking this room as ours so go find somewhere else to stay."


He grabbed his gear and left while Tod remarked, "Wow! That was impressive."


I shrugged and said, "Tod, the next time someone other than Lieutenant George gives you any shit, tell them you're my aide…"


I found an empty room with a mattress and hit the sack as well as I could. I was damn near asleep when a Cpl. came into the room and the noise woke me so I swore, "Get the hell out of here, I'm trying to sleep."


He said, "Yes Sgt. Sorry Sgt."


I finally drifted off to a troubled sleep: I kept seeing the faces of the Christian children being raped by the fucking towelheads. I woke up, found it was just getting dark outside and I was now angry as hell.


I began to get my pack ready for the LRP (Long Range Patrol) mission I was going to do. I knew that I would have to carry everything I needed for what I figured would be possibly several weeks. We'd found a cache of weapons in the hospital when we finally took it from the towelheads so I had already searched through it and found the best AK 47 that we had. Because weight would be at a premium, I decided on taking an AK instead of my M4 so I could acquire more ammunition in the field. Hell it was accurate enough for killing towelheads. I loaded my tactical vest with as many mags as I could fit into it, added back the extra two ceramic plates I usually used and tried it on. It was heavy as hell but I would get used to it. I then began to add the frag grenades on it and of course it just got heavier. I moved and jumped some and taped the things that rattled. Unlike my first recon mission, I wasn't going to wear my ghillie suit. With it on, there was no way I could cover enough ground in the time I had. I was hoping that darkness, the lack of NV gear by the towelheads and me being sneaky as hell would be enough. Plus, I planned on holing up during the days.


Next I started to work on my pack. I loaded a crapload of extra NV batteries. I decided that I could only eat two meals a day and most of those would have to be cold so I packed fourteen MREs but ignored the heaters and all the extras I usually used. I finally loaded a basic first aid kit. I wished I could have carried more first aid gear because I was sure the children were going to be injured, but my pack was already way over weight.


I hefted it up, yeah it was heavy as hell! But again, I would get used to it. I headed out of the room to find Jack…


Banzai came into our room and I remarked, "Hell, you look like a fucking ghost!"


He pulled down his skull mask and said, "I'm hoping that the fuckers I don't shoot first will be scared to death."


I tried again, "Banzai are you sure you want to…"


He interrupted, "…Hell yes Jack. I've never been more sure of a mission in my life. I do need to give you some information though."


I shook my head and said, "Well, tell me what I need to know."


Banzai said, "Jack, I've thought about it and I really can't be bringing the children back with me each time I do a rescue. So I'm going to send them back to the hospital as I free them…"


I interrupted, "…Banzai, how will we know they aren't suicide bombers?"


Banzai grinned and said, "Since we captured the fucking British Taliban bomb maker, we haven't had a single child suicide bomber attack the hospital. This doesn't mean they aren't going to find a new bomb maker so I will instruct the children to approach the hospital with their robes open. Get that Cpl. with your spotting scope to check them out. If they don't have their robes open or if they have a vest on them then they are probably new suicide bombers."


I asked, "Anything else?"


Banzai handed me his sniper rifle in a hard case and said, "Yeah, this had better not disappear while I'm gone or I will kick everyone's ass when I get back. And don't let anyone else even open the case."


He began down the stairs and I was surprised to see the whole rest of the hospital team waiting for him on the bottom floor. They had all heard of the mission and were there to see him off (I had already put the kibosh on the betting pool on whether he was coming back or not). He flipped down his NV goggles, opened the door and was gone.


With all the Marines here I instructed, "Banzai's going to be sending the children that he frees back here and we need to make sure they aren't wearing suicide vests. Where's the Cpl. that has my spotting scope?"


He stepped forward and I said, "You need to work up a team to scan the children as they approach the hospital. If they are wearing a vest or if they aren't holding their robes open then they are to be shot." I added, "I sure as hell don't want to shoot any innocent children so let's get this right."


A chorus of, "Yes, Sgt." filled the room.


I noticed the Marines standing watch had NV gear and smiled - that had to be Banzai's doing. Hell, I was going to miss him and I hoped he made it back…


Flashback – Jennifer – At home


Daddy remarked, "Jennifer that was a good thing you did by calling Jed for Daniela."


I smiled at Daddy and replied, "Thanks Daddy. Daniela's one real regret in her life is not marrying a young man she knew in Peru."


Daddy asked, "How did you find that out?"


I continued, "Daniela told me about it when she told me I shouldn't let mother force me into dancing."


Daddy added his input, "Daniela is right Jennifer. If you don't want to dance anymore, you shouldn't have to dance."


I queried, "If I don't dance who will deal with mother's reaction?"


Daddy said, "We will deal with her problem as a family. Jennifer you're old enough now to start making your own decisions in life."


I teased, "Does this mean I can wear my gothic clothing again?"


Daddy frowned and the laughed, "Jennifer I personally think it ruins your beauty, but if you feel you need to express yourself that way…"


I stamped my foot and complained, "…Daddy, I was teasing you."


Daddy laughed and said, "And I was teasing you so now we're even."


Daniela walked into the room and announced, "Jed is coming over for dinner tonight."


I asked, "What are you going to make for dinner?"


Daniela asked, "Señorita Jennifer, would you please help me make pizza?"


I smiled and agreed, "Certainly, what toppings are we going to put on it?"


Daniela replied, "Señorita Jennifer, I am not sure."


I replied, "Don't worry, we will figure it out."


Flashback – Alexi – At home


'Father' prepared for his interview and I did not like the suit he decided to wear so I asked, "'Father' don't you have a newer suit?"


'Father' said, "No Alexi, this is my only suit. Why do you ask?"


I remarked, "I am concerned because it is sort of old looking and you should look your best for your interview."


'Father' replied, "Alexi it will have to do because it is the only one I have."


I did change the tie he had on for a different one which was more modern and asked, "'Father' might I come with you in the car?"


He smiled and replied, "Certainly Alexi, I wouldn't want to leave you home alone."


We went to the car, he drove to the new laboratory, opened the door, smiled at me and said, "Alexi, wish me luck."


I complied, he walked inside the laboratory and I began waiting.


Flashback – Ira and Mira – continuing


We traversed to the opening of the cave and occulated men at the campsite inspecting the group of self-terminated men. I looked at Mira and whispered, "They have not yet occulated our trail. We need to further observe them and if they occulate our trail we will terminate them."


Mira asked in a whisper, "My sister, perhaps an attack at this time would be a better option."


I considered my sister's response until my sister decided to assault them without me. She charged out of the cave firing her AK at the men so I quickly followed her. These men were not surprised and probably better trained and quickly returned fire. We translocated behind some boulders as bullets danced off the rock above us.


I swore, "Son of a female saluki! Mira, that attack was poorly conceived and now you have created problems for us."


Mira taunted, "Ira my sister, do not be the southern end of a north bound jackass! I was bored in the cave and now I am not bored."


I decided that if we survived this mistake Mira was going to get the trouncing she deserved.


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


Roberto's cousins finally arrived with the truck. They were a little late but I had already learned that people were more relaxed about promptness here than I was used to.


They called Roberto and he directed them to the first store where I bought the stove. When we arrived at the store, they were already loading the stove into the truck so I paid the proprietor. He mentioned, "I had your items brought over from my cookware store."


I examined the cookware, it was all here so I also paid him for the cookware.


We rode on the back of the truck as we headed to the electronic cookware store. The proprietor was happy to see us, I paid him and the cousins loaded the electronic items in the truck.


We finally arrived at the store where I bought the dishes where she was once again apologetic to us. I verified that all the dishes were present, noticed that one bowl was cracked, pointed it out to Roberto and he scolded her, "You should know better than this!"


She once again apologized, brought out a new bowel and replaced the cracked one. The cousins very carefully loaded the dishes, then secured everything and we headed back to the house.


We arrived and I was happy that Maria and Gail were not home. The cousins unloaded the truck and when they got to the stove Roberto asked, "Tod, would you like them to connect the stove for you?"


I nodded and one of them began installing the stove. I watched closely to make sure that he checked the gas fittings so they didn't leak. When he was done we tried all the burners along with the oven and they worked fine.


The cousins left in the truck but this time I made sure to pay them. Roberto scolded me after they left, "Todd, you paid them too much money."


I smiled and wrote on the tablet, "They deserved it for the excellent work they did. Plus I know if I ever need their help again they won't hesitate to help me."


Roberto suggested, "Let's go by the gymnasium, pick up Maria and Gail and go to the restaurant for lunch."


Even though I wanted to try out the new kitchen, I knew that everything needed to be washed first so I nodded my head in agreement. Roberto drove the car to the gym, we got out, went inside and found Maria and Gail. Roberto said, "We're going to the restaurant for lunch."


Maria complained, "I'm all sweaty and I stink."


Gail signed, "I don't care, I'm hungry."


Maria translated for Roberto who laughed and said, "I guess it's decided, we're going to the restaurant."


Roberto gave the women some towels to sit on so they didn't get the car dirty and we headed to the restaurant…