Chapter 119

Together Chapter 119

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Present – Liz, Bernie, Jens, Ben and Ira – At the hospital


Jens walks into the room right as I go into another contraction so I begin my Lamaze breathing. Bernie smiles and greets them, "Good that you guys could make it in time."


Jens smiles and replies, "I'm glad that we were in time."


The contraction finishes and I comment, "That was a pretty damn strong."


Jens replies, "It seemed like it from the look on your face."


I smile and answer, "I’m not sure a woman my age should be having children."


Jens laughs and replies, "Come on Liz, you know better than that - you're not that old."


Bernie who's the official clock watcher announces…


I'm taking my job seriously so I announce, "And it was faster than the last one, this one was at four minutes thirty seconds."


Jennifer smiles at Liz, comes over, takes her hand and asks, "Liz are you doing okay?"


Liz is being a trooper and replies, "Yeah Jens, I know I can take something for pain if I need to but I don't want to do it unless it's necessary."


Ira walks over and whispers something to Jennifer. Jennifer shakes her head and says…


Ira asked me if I could take away Liz's pain like I did for Mira, but labor is different than the abortion so I reply, "No Ira, not this time."


I smile at Liz and tell her, "Liz you look beautiful."


Liz laughs and counters, "Yeah right! I know I look like Bernie's been beating on me."


Bernie complains, "Liz my wife, I would never do that!"


Almost as if on cue, the preacher walks in, sees Ben and me and says, "Good you two are finally here since I need your signatures as witnesses to the marriage."


He hands us the marriage license then I almost make a mistake and sign Jennifer Donaldson, but catch myself in time. Ben of course has no problem. I look at Liz and ask, "So are you now Ms. Townsend?"


Liz smiles and says, "For now I will keep Liz Morgan for when I do reports, but yes I'm really Ms. Townsend."


Ben remarks…


I remember something so I ask, "Bernie, are you any relation to Peter Townsend?"


Bernie looks up from his timing task and asks, "Who?"


I laugh and reply, "That's right! Peter Townsend the guitar player for the music group The Who."


Bernie replies, "No Ben, that group was English and I'm not English. But I do wish I had some of his talent and money."


I reply, "Well, the station is doing great so money shouldn't be an issue."


Liz begins another contraction and Bernie instructs, "Liz, don't forget your breathing."


Liz begins breathing funny so I move beside Jens and ask, "What's Liz doing."


Jens smiles at me and explains, "Liz and Bernie took an online Lamaze course. In the class they teach breathing methods to cope with the pain."


I continue to watch and remark to Jens, "It sort of reminds me of Kapal Bhati Pranayama."


Jens remarks, "Kapal is forehead, Bhati is shining and Pranayama is breathing…"


I interrupt, "… That's right - skull shining breathing."


Jens counters, "Ben, that involves using the abdominal muscles to pull in the stomach and Liz isn't doing that. She's just focusing on the breathing instead of the pain. However the rhythm of it is the same."


Thom walks into the room and announces, "What? No baby yet! I was hoping to win my bet."


I remark, "Thom, we never agreed on what the winner was going to win."


Jens agrees, "That's right. With both of us not drinking anymore it can't be Knob Creek."


Liz's contraction is over and she complains, "What are you guys betting on?"


I look at her and explain, "The sex of your baby. I say it's going to be a boy and Jens and Thom both bet it’s a girl."


Thom remarks, "Yeah, from the way you were carrying the baby I still think it's going to be a girl."


I laugh again and comment, "Yeah we know you're some sort of baby expert."


Bernie says, "We don't care if it's a boy or a girl..."


Liz adds, "…As long as it's healthy."


Jens suggests, "I think the bet should be for a nice dinner."


Thom adds his two cents, "I like that idea."


I shoot them both down by saying, "Where do you plan on finding better food than what Mabel cooks."


Thom laughs and agrees, "Yeah your right. I still don't have any idea how you've lost weight Ben."


I look at Jens, she blushes and Liz goes into another contraction and says, "Bernie, I want to push."


Bernie looks at the nurse and the nurse says, "I need to find the doctor."


She leaves, I look at Jens and then say, "Thom, I think that's our cue to leave."


Thom agrees, "You're right."


Jens teases, "You bunch of cowards!"


I smile at her and say, "No, I just don't think Liz would appreciate us seeing everything."


Bernie agrees, "I know I don't want that."


Ira states, "Mr. Blaine I cannot be with you and Ms. Blaine simultaneously."


Thom solves the problem when he suggests, "Ira, we will go back to the Cobra where Mira is standing guard."


We head out of the room and back to the garage. Thom's phone rings, he answers it and says, "Ben, it's Gretchen for you."


I take the phone and Gretchen says, "Ben, I think we've finally found a phone that will work for you and everyone else. What were the names of the applications you need to run on the phone’s computer."


I reply, "Thank God, I was getting tired of not having a phone! The two applications I need should be in the Google Play store and are called Shooter and Strelok."


Gretchen replies, "Okay, I have one of the phones here and will make sure the applications can be installed on it. But I have no idea how to run the applications."


I reply, "Don't worry, when we get back to the tunnels I will make sure they work correctly."


I hang up, hand the phone back to Thom and he comments, "I wondered why you guys didn't have phones."


I reply, "Samantha's phone was hacked and because of that Gretchen wouldn't let us use an Android phone."


Thom asks, "Do you know who hacked her phone?"


I shook my head and reply, "We don't have any firm idea. We did keep the phone but it's in the Faraday cage in the control room."


Thom asks, "If I could get that phone, we could probably find out who hacked the phone and charge them. But I bet it's Stacy Summers who did it."


I shake my head and complain, "What in the hell did I ever do to that bitch to make her so fucking crazy."


Thom laughs and suggests, "It's what you didn't do to her. I bet you never slept with her."


I grumble, "That's right. I never did and I certainly never will!"


Thom says, "Women like that are used to getting whatever they want: She wants you and you don't want her so that's the problem."


I ask, "Please tell me this time that you're locking her away for good."


Thom grins and says, "Hell, we've decided to charge her as a terrorist so that many of the legal loopholes won't apply this time." He checks his watch and says, "By now they should already be interviewing her."


We arrive at the Cobra and Mira informs us, "Mr. Blaine I need to attend the sanitary facilities."


Thom says, "Don't worry Mira, I will watch Ben for you."


I swear, "Sometimes those two really get on my nerves."


Thom just laughs at my comment…


Present – Samantha – Visiting Bill


The surgeon comes out through the door and says, "I understand you're here to see Bill Brown."


I smile at him and ask, "How did the surgery go?"


The surgeon shakes his head and says, "It went really good. I've never seen such a clean break of the ulna and radius in my life, it was like someone snapped them like a stick. He was in so much pain we only took him to surgery to use anesthesia so we could set the bones. Mr. Brown said a woman did this to him."


I reply, "Yes it was a woman who quickly retaliated after he grabbed her arm."


The surgeon shook his head and says, "That's certainly not a woman I would want to meet in a dark alley. Mr. Brown is in recovery but he should wake up soon and be ready to leave later today."


We continue to wait…


Present – Stacy – Alone


The agents finally get tired of questioning me since I refuse to talk to them. They take me back to my cell, take off the shackles and leave. I sit back on my bed, lie down and begin to sleep.


That doesn't last long again as the agents come into my cell, demand that I stand facing the wall, put the shackles on me again and lead me into the hallway.


I ask, "Where am I going now."


They reply, "You're going to see a judge."


If they think that I will say more to a judge than I did to them they are totally crazy. They take me into the same interrogation room but this time it contains a camera and a television. Once again they fasten my shackles to the table and turn on the television and camera. I see a judge and he asks, "Ms. Summers, you are being charged as a terrorist for your contact of the terrorist cells by mobile phone and the information you relayed to them. How do you plead?"


Again, I don't say a word. The agent says, "Judge, she refused to answer any of our questions earlier."


The judge says, "No problem. Because she's being tried as a terrorist, we don't have to have her answer any questions…"


I interrupt, "…I will only answer questions with my lawyers present."


The judge stops and says, "Ms. Summers, apparently you don't understand. Because you're being held under the Patriot act, many of your normal rights have been suspended. One of those suspended rights is the presence of lawyers before questioning. You also need to understand that we can hold you indefinitely."


I smile at the judge because I know better. I have many friends in high places and I know my lawyers will be contacting them.


Present – Samantha – Visiting Bill


Bill finally comes out of the back room, sees us, walks up to us and says, "I can't believe that Destiny did this to me."


I remark, "I guess you should be more careful about who you touch."


Bill agrees, "That's for sure! I've never felt pain like that in my life."


I tell Bill, "I stopped by and saw Stacy, she's in a terrible mood. Not only that, the agents told me they have invoked the Patriot act so she's being charged as a terrorist."


Bill swore, "Son of a bitch! I need to get on the phone and call in all of Stacy's friends and benefactors before they do something really stupid like move her to Guantanamo."


I am almost shocked as I reply, "Surely they wouldn't do that!"


Bill says, "Hell they've done it before and I sure don't want it happening to Ms. Summers because once someone is transferred there, they don't usually return. Ms. Stevens, do you have a phone I could use."


I reply, "Not any more since my phone was hacked, probably by Stacy. Let's head to the van."


As we walk toward the van, John offers, "Bill you can use my phone on the trip back to Leadville."


John hands his phone to Bill, Bill pulls out a notebook, holds it in his hand as well as he is able and begins to make some calls.


As I'm driving back to Leadville I can kibitz on the conversations and I'm impressed because he's talking to some very powerful Senators and Congressmen.


Bill finishes by calling Stacy's lawyers and lets them know the good news - that they will now be able to see Stacy. He hands the phone to John and I remark, "The list of people you called was impressive, I didn't know that Stacy knew them."


Bill says, "Yeah, she made some good friends by helping to finance their reelection campaigns. So it was time to call in some favors. They are calling the judge and putting pressure on him to revoke application of the Patriot act. But it's still not going to get Ms. Summer released since she really fucked up this time."


I ask, "Bill what is it with her and Ben Blaine? Doesn't she realize that Ben is never going to leave Jennifer?"


Bill replies, "Ms. Summers is used to always getting everything she wants - it comes with being rich and privileged. She told me how incredible she felt when she spent time with Ben Blaine and how she never wanted it to end. Ben Blaine left her in the middle of the night and she's obsessed on him ever since. And now she is on the kick that Jennifer Blaine is a witch."


I seriously ask, "But then it makes no sense Stacy calling the terrorists on Ben."


Bill says, "Ms. Stevens, she didn't call the terrorists on Ben Blaine, she called them to take out Jennifer."


It finally makes sense to me and I continue, "Bill do you still have the paperwork that Stacy had about Jennifer being a witch?"


Bill replies, "Yeah, it's back at the office. Don't tell me you think it might be true?"


I reply, "Well, Destiny is some sort of spirit animal so who the hell knows."


Then I give him some bad news, "The paperwork might not be there anymore - the FBI cleaned out a lot of the office."


Bill swore, "Those sons of a bitches! John, can I borrow your phone again?"


John once again hands his phone to Bill. Bill calls the lawyers and gives them hell about the FBI taking things out of the office. He finishes and remarks, "Well, they should return everything except Ms. Summer's computer. Apparently they need it for evidence."


Then Bill continues, "I just figured that Ms. Summers was using the whole Jennifer being a witch as a possible insanity plea, but bringing up Destiny now makes me wonder if Ms. Summers could be right."


I finally remark, "I really want to see the paperwork that Stacy came up with."


Bill confesses, "Perhaps I should take Ms. Summers seriously and read it myself."